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News Comments > Wolfenstein Leaked
24. Re: Wolfenstein Leaked Aug 5, 2009, 22:27 Ruffiana
The game's so bad that they have to leak it to generate headlines? They should stop insulting people and simply release it for free.

If you believe this, truly believe this, then psychiatric treatment before you go on some kind of murder spree in the local mall to stop the aliens from stealing your brainwaves
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News Comments > Champions Online Pricing
10. Re: Champions Online Pricing Aug 5, 2009, 13:14 Ruffiana
It's just amazing, these MMO companies think they can charge full retail price for what amounts to one month of game time. Sorry, you're not Blizzard. I'm not sure even Blizzard could pull off this kind of shit, again.

I've never played any game, other than an MMO, for a full month of time. On average, I get 20-30 hours of entertainment out of a game. If it's a really good game, I might get 60+

MMOs, especially during their first couple of months, I can easily spend 80-100 hours per month...assuming the game's good.
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News Comments > Champions Online Pricing
9. Re: Champions Online Pricing Aug 5, 2009, 13:12 Ruffiana
Yeah, a lifetime sub can be a good deal if you think you might play for a while/a lot of different months/etc. But making people decide this BEFORE the game is released? That kind of move is a real blow to confidence in the game.

There's no point in doing this after a game launches whether it's a fantastic game or a pile of crap, might as well just drop your monthly fee to $1/mo.
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News Comments > Champions Online Pre-purchase Bonuses
6. Re: Champions Online Pre-purchase Bonuses Aug 3, 2009, 21:07 Ruffiana
donít waste your money or time on this atrocity. Wait for a better MMO. Like Knights or DC online. Chumps on line is a joke.

How could you possibly know if Knights or DC is a 'better' MMO? Or are you just squawking out of your hype swollen brown-eye?

How about this for everyone else who hasn't had a chance to try it out. Get into the open beta if you can. If you can't, wait for a free trial, give it a whirl, and then decide for yourself.
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News Comments > RAGE Faster on PC, 360
16. Re: RAGE Faster on PC, 360 Jul 30, 2009, 15:07 Ruffiana
To be running at 60 fps, on the 360, at this stage in development, is a pretty impressive achievement.  
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News Comments > Champions Online Interview
6. Re: Ok maybe I was wrong.. Jul 30, 2009, 12:59 Ruffiana
There we go, classic Cryptic. Couple that with Roper's nickel and diming micro-tranactions and we have CoX meets Hellgate. Can we just have DCUO already please?

Micro-transactions are probably not going to go away anytime soon. It costs more and more to develop games every generation, but gamers expect the prices to remain the same. I paid $15/mo for a subscription to Meridian 59 12 years ago and $15/mo is still the gold standard for MMOs, despite being many times more expensive to develop and support.

Developers/Publishers have to recoup their money and make a profit some way, and one of those ways is to offer optional content for players who can and want to give additional financial support to the game they enjoy. As long as this stuff is pure fluff, I've got no complaints. When it starts being radical, game-altering content, then I'll get up on the soapbox with you.

As for DCUO, wouldn't hold my breath for it. Word is it's still pretty far out on the horizon and might not come into the market until the 4th quarter of 2010, possibly 2011. Chances are pretty damn good that they'll be doing micro-transactions as well.
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News Comments > Champions Online Interview
5. Re: Ok maybe I was wrong.. Jul 30, 2009, 12:46 Ruffiana
Actually the game is quite different from CoH in almost every way.

Mind thats not necessarily a good thing.

I think it's a great thing. Some people were never going to be happy with what CoH is, so this gives them something else to play and maybe get them to stop incessantly lobbying for sweeping changes to make the game suit their tastes.

Or, more likely they'll just move to CO and incessantly lobby for sweeping change to make that game suit their tastes.

Competition is good.
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News Comments > Ultima Online Free Expansion and Free Trial
1. Re: Ultima Online Free Expansion and Free Trial Jul 29, 2009, 13:05 Ruffiana
Oh no...Ultima Online! Wasn't this game killed by Everquest? Isn't that how things work in the MMO world, something new and shiny comes out and utterly buries whatever existed before it?

Good for you UO. Congrats on your success and longevity.
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News Comments > Champions Online Open Beta Details
10. Re: Champions Online Open Beta Details Jul 28, 2009, 21:20 Ruffiana
There's a reason Marvel shitcanned them. They don't know how to make good games. They're not bad, but they're not really good either, just sort of meh

Marvel was canceled because Microsoft hired in a replacement to run their games division, he took a look at the contract between Microsoft and Marvel, decided it wasn't sweet enough for Microsoft, and tried to renegotiate with Marvel.

Marvel flipped them the bird, they both walked away from the project, and Cryptic scrambled to find some cash to turn MUO into CO...mainly by selling City of Heroes to NCSoft and later by selling themselves to Atari.

One can't help but think that if MUO had show more promise that both Microsoft and Marvel would have worked harder to reach some kind of compromise, but it was still very early in development at that point in time.

Whether you liked CoH or not, it is unarguably a successful and well regarded MMO, and Cryptic was responsible for that success from conception, through development, and into for the first 3 years of live support.

This comment was edited on Jul 28, 2009, 21:26.
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News Comments > Champions Online Open Beta Details
5. Re: Champions Online Open Beta Details Jul 28, 2009, 18:20 Ruffiana
They said the date was "most likely going to change," but it looks like it didn't.

That would be the one I was thinking about. Very unusual to see someone qualify a date like that and then actually end up sticking it.
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News Comments > Champions Online Open Beta Details
1. Re: Champions Online Open Beta Details Jul 28, 2009, 17:35 Ruffiana
Wait...didn't they say it wasn't going to begin on August 17th?

Still think they're cutting it way too close with this beta if the launch date is still Sept. 1st. Looks like it's going to be a rough launch.
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News Comments > CA Game Law Appeal
6. Re: CA Game Law Appeal Jul 22, 2009, 20:59 Ruffiana
Give it a break already. How much precedent do they need to see to stop wasting taxpayer money on grandstanding this issue?

Yes, it's a good idea to keep kids from playing games that may be inappropriate for their age, but that's a parent's responsibility, not the government's.

No damnit, it's not a good idea. Saying that it's a good idea is labeling games as dangerous, something that children should be protected from, and that's just flat out bullshit.

Games should be reviewed and labeled appropriately for content in a way that gives parents the ability to make choices for their own children...that's it.
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News Comments > Op Ed
8. Re: Op Ed Jul 20, 2009, 14:05 Ruffiana
Really? Because I pressed many of them at the same time in quick succession to write this reply...
Try typing that reply without taking your hand off the mouse...

I agree with the general sentiment of the article. Having to design a game around a limited controller forces you to make hard decisions about what's really important for the gameplay, and what can be simplified, automated, or eliminated.

This comment was edited on Jul 20, 2009, 14:07.
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News Comments > City of Heroes Issue 16 Plans
4. Re: City of Heroes Issue 16 Plans Jul 17, 2009, 21:46 Ruffiana
Sorta miffed, the only reason they are FINALLY doing this is to match the same feature in Champions Online. And I'd bet 10 bucks this Issue comes out around the same time Champions Online ships.
For years they told players that they COULD do this as it wasn't hard per-say just very time consuming, and didn't fit within the budget allotted to the devs to actually do it.

Let's see. They said they could do it, but that it would take a long time to do. If it's coming out now, then that means they've been working on it for a long time.

Thus, according to you, Paragon studios must have known what Champions launch date was going to be for a 'long time' in order to coordinate releasing this feature around the same time! That's beyond genius, that's prophetic.

Look, Paragon studios was founded by the 15 Cryptic employees who were working on City of Heroes/City of Villains when Cryptic sold the IP and game to NCSoft. NCSoft offered those guys a job where they could continue to work on the game they'd been working on, and they all opted to leave Cryptic and do just that.

Marvel Universe Online was in development at Cryptic for a while before that switchover happened, so the people who were working on City of Heroes before then and core group of people who are working on it now were all part of the same company. 15 of them were continuing to work on CoH/CoV and the rest were working on MUO, which is now Champions Online. All of that is established fact.

It's no surprise that both games have a lot of similar features. The company working on Champions Online is also the company who launched City of Heroes/City of Villains and supported it up until NCSoft acquired the which point some of them continued to support it. They all read the complaints and suggestions about their game on their forums. They'd be idiots to not take something as commonly requested as this to heart.

What I personally find surprising is that Cryptic at some point decided that the best way to implement those features would be to dump the game and start over on another very similar game from scratch. As a City of Heroes player who subscribed to that game for years, that kind of rubs me the wrong way. I feel like some of the people at Cryptic didn't think the game that I've enjoyed playing was as lofty as something like Marvel, and they were perfectly content to just milk me for my $15 a month while they put the bulk of their focus into developing the new, shiny, prestigious Marvel Universe Online. I really think this whole Champions Online was them scrambling to repackage the game into something that they could make back some of their money on after the Marvel/Microsoft partnership fell through. They've admitted that some of the Champions Online game is built on the things that they had done for Marvel that wasn't tied directly to the IP. So the Canadian wilderness of the Weapon X program becomes the Canadian wilderness of Champions Online.

Meanwhile, the former Cryptic employees who are now part of Paragon studios opted to put the features the players asked for into the game the players were actually playing. Those guys could have stayed with Cryptic and worked on something else, or gone elsewhere, but they chose to join NCSoft and continue working on the game. Whether I always agree with the choices they make and the directions they take, I at least know that those guys want to be working on the game I've enjoyed playing.

But whatever, to each their own. If dozens of 'fantasy' themed MMOs can all exist simultaneously I'm sure that 2 or even 3 'super-hero' MMOs can as well.
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News Comments > Op Ed
7. Re: Op Ed Jul 16, 2009, 12:30 Ruffiana
God damnit! Is WoW killing itself or not! Someone tell me what to believe!  
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News Comments > id Not Creating IP for BethSoft
3. Re: id Not Creating IP for BethSoft Jul 14, 2009, 13:10 Ruffiana
Is there really that much difference between the Quake and Doom IP? Aren't they both space marines vs. demons?  
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News Comments > Champions Online Open Beta Correction
10. Re: Champions Online Open Beta Correction Jul 9, 2009, 23:03 Ruffiana
So, wth. Is the open beta date going to be earlier, giving more than 2 weeks of open beta before launch, or is it going to be less than 2 weeks of open beta before launch?

Let's face facts's already July 9th, so if open beta happened right now, they're looking at just short of 2 months of open beta. To me, that doesn't seem like nearly enough time for an MMO.
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News Comments > CoH Sells Story Slots
7. Re: CoH Sells Story Slots Jul 8, 2009, 19:04 Ruffiana
I'll be surprised if CoX is still around 2 years after Champions Online and DC Universe ships.

Frankly, MMOs succeed or fail on their own merits. And once they've established a community (which CoH undeniably has), they're almost impossible to kill off.

Ultima Online is still active. As is Everquest and Lineage...despite having their own sequels. World of Warcraft utterly failed to shut down any previously existing 'fantasy' MMO by simply coming into the market.

Based on a long history of shiny new MMOs utterly failing to destroy venerable ones, I just don't see Champions Online or DCU being a 'CoH killer'. I'm sure they will draw players away, but they will both go through the same problems of balance changes, nerfs, rapidly stale content that plaques any game people play for thousands of hours, day in day out, for years. Also, Sony doesn't have a stellar record of running MMOs (not to say they can't, just that it's not a given) and StatesJack has already moved on from Champions to STO to their other unannounced MMO. Much like he moved on from City of Heroes to Marvel. Though some would claim that's a good thing.

All in all, chances are just as good that new players drawn into playing those MMOs will become disillusioned with them and seek out another similar game, so there's a good possibility that COH could actually benefit from those games bringing new players into the genre's playspace.

So, it's not much of a stretch to predict CoH might be going through a decline 7-8 years after it launched. It just celebrated it's 5 year anniversary--which makes it a successful MMO by any yardstick--and by the time CO/DCUO come out and another 2 years goes by, you're looking at game that's 7-8 years old...minimum. But the bigger question is, why do you care? And why would you care enough to want to post about it on a non-related site? I've never understood the need we seem to have to want to see a game that's failed to meet our expectations (most of which are insanely unreasonable) fail utterly and spectacularly. We're all individuals, and we all like different things. Can't we just accept that some games simply may not be our cup of tea, but that doesn't make them bad games?
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News Comments > CoH Sells Story Slots
6. Re: CoH Sells Story Slots Jul 8, 2009, 18:46 Ruffiana
Uh, what now?

Is this as shady as it sounds? I'm not familiar with the whole CoH thing, but this hardly sounds like something that involves any cost at all on their end. Does it involve significant storage on their side or something? It seems like a pretty low way to capitalize on user-created content--basically selling the work of their userbase.

Anyways, it can't be all that bad. How does this stuff work exactly? If it is shady, I'd hate to see this turn into a trend.

Everyone gets 3 slots for publishing custom missions, ie making them available for anyone in game to play. You can create, save, and test as many custom story arcs as you want. You can even publish them, play them, and then pull them back down to publish something else. But if you want to put something up and keep it up indefinitely for everyone to play and rate, then that takes up a slot.

There are ways of earning more slots in game by having those published missions receive high ratings from players...but that's hard to do with hundreds of thousands of player created story arcs competing for attention and ratings.

Most of the people on the forums who are really into creating and publishing missions seem pretty excited about this. I've seen a lot more complaints about the content being sold in the super booster packs.

There's bound to be some sort of cost to storing this data and making it available for everyone to play. I believe the current size limit on custom mission arcs is 100kb. Multiply that by 3, times 130-150k people and that's roughly 40 to 50 gigs of data to store and serve up. Pretty easy to see how not having some kind of limits could get out of hand.

More importantly though, if every player is capable of publishing dozens of crappy, half-baked story arcs for free then being able to search through and find actual good player created content becomes impossible. If people are paying for those publishing slots, then they're much more likely to be using them for legitimate, well-crafted story arcs.

This comment was edited on Jul 8, 2009, 19:17.
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News Comments > Champions Online Open Beta in August
2. Re: Champions Online† Open Beta in August Jul 8, 2009, 18:37 Ruffiana
Open Beta August 17th. Launch date, September 1st.  
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