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News Comments > Out of the Blue
11. Re: Out of the Blue Apr 2, 2010, 13:41 Ruffiana
Took the words right out of my mouth lol. That is insanely photoshopped. And you know what is worse? The vast majority of people (especially our teenagers and young women) think that is what she actually looks like and tries to match that impossible image of beauty. But that's not even what she really looks like, not even close.

It's a poster for a super-hero movie about a guy who flies around in a high-tech suit of armor shooting bad guys with repulsor beams. I think taking a bit of liberty with reality is okay. She's certainly more realistic than her comic-book counterpart.

Let's save the rant against photo manipulation for magazines like Cosmopolitan or Seventeen where it belongs.

I believe the 2nd image is cropped from a larger montage. You can see what appears to be an armored limb, possibly War Machine, as well as the padded suit shoulder of a figure to her guess, Pepper.

I'm sure the fire doesn't look quite as silly in context of the full image.

This comment was edited on Apr 2, 2010, 13:49.
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News Comments > Remedy "Too Small" for PC Alan Wake
14. Re: Remedy Mar 31, 2010, 21:53 Ruffiana
Yes, the 360 is very much like a PC...but developing for the 360 is still nothing like developing for all PC hardware.  
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News Comments > Settlers 7 Aus DRM Woes
31. Re: Settlers 7 Aus DRM Woes Mar 31, 2010, 21:27 Ruffiana
I personally hope that a class action lawsuit comes out of this. Itís not the fact that its right for people to sue itís the fact that the product bought is not working as advertised. Iím willing to bet that there is not a disclaimer on the box anywhere stating that this product my suffer connection interruptions and you may be disconnected and your game progress lost.

Thatís the real issue here. Ubishit is pawning a game off that does not work as advertised and to me that is a liability waiting to happen. So yes sue their asses.

Right, I would agree with this if it were working in the manner that Ubisoft expected it to. But it doesn't. It's a disruption of their service, no different than heavy clouds blocking your satellite TV reception.

Suing for that sort of thing would set a really bad precedent. There's this belief that the only way to teach companies lessons is to sue them, but that's not true. If this fiasco impacts their sales, sullies the value of the franchise, gives people bad associations with the brand or publisher...then they will learn a hard lesson.

I do feel that it's up to Ubisoft to correct this problem for their customers who have purchased this game...either by fixing their service, removing the need for it, or offering a refund. But until that avenue has been exhausted, I don't think involving the legal system is warranted or desired.
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News Comments > Settlers 7 Aus DRM Woes
30. Re: Settlers 7 Aus DRM Woes Mar 31, 2010, 21:20 Ruffiana
1. Sell game with crappy DRM
2. DRM fail
3. Hand out free games like candy as compensation

With my 11 years of experience as a Slash.Meme principal analyst I leveraged advanced synergistic procedures to optimize your process for maximum exploitation of IP properties:

1. Hand out free games like candy
2. ???
3. Profit

Theoretically, wouldn't it just be reversing those steps? IE:

1. Hand out free games like candy
2. DRM fail
3. Profit
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News Comments > Settlers 7 Aus DRM Woes
29. Re: Settlers 7 Aus DRM Woes Mar 31, 2010, 21:19 Ruffiana
I realise that a lot of you hate this DRM and I understand your reasons ... though I think that they are blown out of perspective (IMO anyway). This issue with Settlers 7 I can't comment on, but my guess is that it's the way it's been implemented in THAT game is buggy because SH5 works fine.

Of course it's being blown out of proportion. It is the internet.

But really, this is just being used as a jumping off point to rehash the same old DRM vs. Piracy arguements
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News Comments > Settlers 7 Aus DRM Woes
28. Re: Just Cause 2 Patched Mar 31, 2010, 21:01 Ruffiana
I have no doubt they'll remove the DRM eventually. The question for me is, will I buy these games after that. Ubi is burning bridges that they really didn't have to begin with. As much as I'd love to play this game, I don't want my money going to a company that would do this in the first place.

So what you're saying is you won't buy this game specifically because of the DRM, but even if they removed the DRM you still wouldn't buy it. Why? Because it had DRM and you want to punish them for it? Wouldn't it send a much better message if their sales went up after they removed the DRM from their game?

I think the morale high ground here is to not buy or play the game until it is offered in a manner that you find, no DRM.

This comment was edited on Mar 31, 2010, 21:30.
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News Comments > Remedy "Too Small" for PC Alan Wake
8. Re: Remedy Mar 31, 2010, 20:52 Ruffiana
I'm sorry but the X360 is virtually a PC anyway.

Developing for a single console is nothing like developing for the PC...unless you're developing for a in one hardware configuration, one operating system, all running the same versions, same drivers, etc.
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News Comments > etc.
3. Re: Porn Star Belladonna Loves Final Fantasy and World of WarcraftÖ Mar 31, 2010, 18:04 Ruffiana well as being paid to have a stranger shoot semen on her face while she pretends to luuuuuv it.

What's our fascination with porn stars and video games? Or any celebrity for that matter. Would this be article worthy if it was revealed that porn star Belladonna likes watch television?

Hasn't the game industry become mainstream enough yet that we don't have to get all tittery when it's revealed that it's not just basement dwelling virgins who play video games?
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News Comments > Settlers 7 Aus DRM Woes
16. Re: Settlers 7 Aus DRM Woes Mar 31, 2010, 18:00 Ruffiana
I hope Ubisoft bites the fucking bucket because of this bullshit. People pay money for your fucking games, and they're UNABLE to play their game because of your retarded DRM.

How has this not turned into a giant lawsuit yet? (here in the US anyways.)

God help us if people can start suing for disruption of services. Every time there was bad weather, we'd be suing the shit out of satellite television, cable, internet or phone services, electricity. Every time a flight was canceled because of mechanical problems, we'd sue the airlines. Roads closed because of ice or snow, sue the city.

I do think this is a good time to start lobbying for standardization of how DRM is described on game packaging, so that people understand what might be required to actually play a game they've bought and hopefully can make more informed decisions about whether or not they're comfortable with the particular copy protection that game uses.

I could see a whole ESRB like industry born out of this.
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News Comments > Settlers 7 Aus DRM Woes
14. Re: Settlers 7 Aus DRM Woes Mar 31, 2010, 17:55 Ruffiana
The real issue is how many people know about the DRM? You figure joe casual gamer isn't going to be as informed as people like us. Anyway, they'll be figuring it out damn quick. The funny thing is you can imagine how the poor retail clerks are having to del with irate customers returning games when most store have a no return policy on open games.

If I wasn't aware of the DRM, than brought it back for a refund or exchange and they said no, I'd go ballistic. I'm certain we're going to see several class action suits against retailers and Ubisoft before long, and rightfully so.

How long before Ubisoft crashes and burns at this rate, I wonder.

That's the policy of the retailers. They do it to presumably to prevent themselves as being used as a source of piracy. Pretty much the same reason why they stopped renting PC games many years ago.

However, I do believe that the policy is you can exchange opened software for another perhaps you should just keep taking back newly opened software and telling them "Nope, this one doesn't work either" until they finally cave in and give you a refund or store credit.
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News Comments > Settlers 7 Aus DRM Woes
12. Re: Settlers 7 Aus DRM Woes Mar 31, 2010, 17:43 Ruffiana
You said nin, I canít agree more. If people are so desperate and stupid at the same time to fall into buying a game from Ubishit then they deserve what they are getting. I wanted to try out Settlers and a few other titles but as long as Ubishit is screwing us over I will not be supporting them.

It couldn't possibly be that the vast majority of people buying games don't know who Ubisoft is or even what DRM is. Maybe they're fans of the Settlers series, saw that a new version was out, bought it, and are now having trouble getting it to run. Ignorance isn't stupidity or desperateness. These people don't deserve this.

It's a shame that legitimate customers are having trouble, but I have faith that Ubisoft will sort this shit out soon. Otherwise, they will be educating a lot of people on the finer points of DRM and copy-protection free versions of software and they will be creating a whole new batch of newly educated, potential consumers who will not buy another Settlers game or Ubisoft game because of their experiences with this one.

It's one thing for DRM to require auth keys, CDs in the drive, whatever other hoops you might have to jump through...but when the DRM absolutely prevents legitimate people from playing the game, that's gone too far. At the end of the day, someone who's paid for your game should be able to play it.
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News Comments > Legal Briefs
3. Re: Legal Briefs Mar 31, 2010, 16:41 Ruffiana
I'd say fair and reasonable pricing and copyright laws trump any piracy threat better than anything.

Copyright laws are meaningless to most people, and no legal pricing beats free. As long as something is freely available, that is of equal quality to what someone is trying to sell, then you'll have piracy. Digital formats just make it much, much easier to copy and transfer media.

People can't freely download and watch a movie in 3D on an IMax screen. They can't even download a DVD quality movie to watch at home, for free, at the same time the movie is released. At best, you can watch a pirated shaky-cam version of the movie.

So good for you Cameron, you've figured out that movies have a primary market that can offer consumers something they literally can't get elsewhere. But guess what...the music industry also has this market with concerts and live performances, and they've been doing it a hell of a lot longer.
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News Comments > Activision Reorganized
9. Re: Activision Reorganized Mar 31, 2010, 14:20 Ruffiana
Really. 1/4th of one of the largest game companies in the world really needs to be dedicated to the Call of Duty series?

It does when you're planning to milk it for all it's worth by cranking out a franchise title every 6 months or so.
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News Comments > Eye-Controlled Games
2. Re: Eye-Controlled Games Mar 29, 2010, 20:34 Ruffiana
'special glasses' for eye movement...'special glasses' for 3D...

Let me know when these cool new techs don't require 'special glasses', cause I'm already wearing special glasses that allow me to see clearly beyond a foot.
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News Comments > GameStop Used Game Lawsuit
84. Re: The used game market is just capitalism at work. Mar 27, 2010, 00:27 Ruffiana
If I buy a book or DVD, I can resell it no problem, but in the case of this PC game, I am prevented from reselling by the publisher. Is there a right to resell something you buy?

From my perspective, there is no difference between "used" game and "used" movies. However, the movie industry has a primary market in movie theaters and a secondary market through licensing agreements with television. They're in a much better position to absorb missed sales from used DVD trade. By the time it gets to that point, it's all gravy. Does that make it okay? No, not in my book. But I don't think it's going to lead to any radical shifts in how movies get made. Games don't get that luxury. They've got one market for recovering the money required to make them. Can that change? Sure, but it's not likely to change without fundamentally changing how games are made now. And frankly, I like games now and really don't want to see their development change in response to the business of making money rather than change in ways to make better games.

Books are a bit different. It doesn't require hundreds of people and millions of dollars to write a book like it does for a movie or video game. However, it does require quite a bit of money to print a book. Proportionally, it's more expensive to create and distribute the physical book than it is to conceive and create the narrative word. So there is an inherit value in owning a physical book. Even when a book is available for free, on the internet, there is a market for having that written word in a physical format. Books degrade over time. They get torn or dropped in the bath tub. There's a reason to want a new book over a used book, especially of the difference in price is nominal and that used book is really used.

I find the "used" game market to be more financially impactful of game sales and the business of games than outright piracy. That's a potential consumer who has money, is willing to spend it on a game they want to play, but are ignorant of where their money is actually going and what impact that has. But, on a personal level...I get it and I don't hold any animosity towards someone who buys "used". My animosity is towards the people who sell "used" games, because in reality what they're doing is re-distributing a game in a way that ensures no money is going back to the people who make that game.

Someone who illegally distrubutes copies of a game or someone who freely downloads a game is much more personally insulting to me as a developer. It's the giant fat middle finger of "your game is good enough for me to want to play, but I'm too damn cheap to want to give you any money for it" that I find infuriating. The insinuation that whatever you do to earn money, your $50 is more valuable than the years of hundreds of people's lives, hard work, sweat, and tears that went into making it. As the creators of games, I feel it should be our unquestionable right to decide who does and who does not get to play what we've worked so hard to make. And the requirements for it are pretty simple and straightforward. Pay us. Pay us so that we can justify doing what we do and can continue to make games for people to play.
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News Comments > GameStop Used Game Lawsuit
80. Re: GameStop Used Game Lawsuit Mar 26, 2010, 23:33 Ruffiana
Let's say I have a perfect copy of <insert the name of a game you bought and finished a couple months ago>, up to the last byte. Would you pay me the original price for that today ? No ? Why not ? It's identical to a brand new copy collecting dust in some shelf elsewhere!

No, because I'd rather that money go to the publishers and developers who made the game that we both want to play.

To counter your arguement, lets say that I have a brand new, never been opened, still sealed in the original shrink wrap copy of Half-Life 2. Would you give me $50 for it?

I also have a brand new, pricstine condition, never been driven, stored in a hermetically sealed garage 1965 Shelby Ford Mustang. Would you care to buy it off of me for what my grandfather paid for it...the original retail price?

How about this used, 2009 car I have with 250,000 miles on it. It's a really awesome car. I've driven the shit out of, but now I'd like to get a 2011 model. I'll let you have it for 5% off of the MSRP I paid.

I also have a "copy" of Battlefield 2: Bad Company. By copy I mean I have the box, manuals, the little DVD with it's fancy printed label. It doesn't actually work because there isn't anything on the DVD, but actually playing the game doesn't really have any value. It's the plastic and paper that we buy and own. All yours for $59.95.

Okay, maybe there is some value to being able to actually play the game, so I'll make a deal with you. I'll sell it to you for $20. That's what Gamestop would give me for the plastic and paper once I'm done playing the game, ergo that's the fair market value.
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News Comments > GameStop Used Game Lawsuit
70. Re: GameStop Used Game Lawsuit Mar 26, 2010, 21:41 Ruffiana
Because they are getting $15 instead of $0, and because the whole point of that $15 was to make buying used games less appealing to consumers and less profitable to resellers, which this case proves is working exactly as planned.

Once this becomes better known, instead of charging $55 for a game they paid $25 for, they won't be able to sell it for more than $40. That cuts Gamestop's profit in half. Gamestop either accepts this and the reduction in profits, or they pay significantly less for used copies, making consumers less willing to sell.

They don't want to make a profit on used games. They want to cripple the used game market.

But it's okay for Gamestop to 'buy' a game for $20-$25, and turn around and 'resell' it for $50 pocketing $25-30 every time? It's somehow noble for Gamestop to want to make a profit off of someone else's work without those people seeing a dime.

People really surprise me sometimes. They're willing to save themselves $5 and completely screw the people making the game for them, and if those people have the audacity to want to make some money from every person that plays their game...they're greedy assholes.
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News Comments > GameStop Used Game Lawsuit
1. Re: GameStop Used Game Lawsuit Mar 26, 2010, 12:02 Ruffiana
Why would EA execs be high-fiving over this? They're getting $15 instead of $50.

GameStop is the one laughing all the way to the bank here.
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News Comments > F.3.A.R. Revealed?
19. Re: F.3.A.R. Revealed? Mar 24, 2010, 19:38 Ruffiana
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News Comments > Diablo II Patch, Ladder Reset
7. Re: Diablo II Patch, Ladder Reset Mar 24, 2010, 18:39 Ruffiana
I expect a lot of hubris and outrage about how this patch will kill Diablo 2 once and for all and everyone will switch over to Torchlight or something...but then I am coming here from an MMO forum.  
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