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Hahah ouch
May 27, 2003, 12:54
Hahah ouch May 27, 2003, 12:54
May 27, 2003, 12:54
First post on bluesnews. I just had to pitch in some on this game here, yeah.

This game has "german" written all over it. Anyone having played Neocron knows what i mean. The design is uninspired, the pacing is bad, the AI is painful, the weapons are dull and weak and are way too quiet, the voice acting actually made my jaw drop. I was utterly inspired in fact by the lack of skill at play. The commander voice is one of the most hideously disfigured pieces of voice acting i have ever heard in any game. While neocron was bad due to the german accents, this game is bad because it's plain old fashioned horrible.

Actually if there is one solid piece of argumentation i have against any chance of Breed working commercially, its the sound work. Whoever does audio for these guys, oh man. Poor guy. Volumes are low, nothing has punch, voices are painful listening, weapon audio is disproportionate to the presentation.. The whole thing is simply disproportionate.

And whats the deal with the pacing. The dropship sequence doesnt do a god damn thing. exhibit a) "Ubergun"???????
b) it takes the dropship about a minute to land after youve broken down those thingies.
c) it looks like eh. A flying house.looks like the modeller had fun with the front part and then just stopped giving a rats ass. 2/3 of the ship is made up from approx 50 polygons.

The aforementioned sence of detachment rings very true, because there is little or nothing to love here. There is no intensity to the action to revel in, no depth of game world or storyline to fall in love with, nothing to be amazed by or taken in by. The game simply doesn't do a god damn thing on any level.

I think one of the main structural failings of the game lies in its developer's lack of real direction with the game design. It seems like the focus is half and half console/PC. The interface is loosely console-ish, but includes god knows how many unimportant key bindings. The pacing is console-like in that it's slow and unresponsive. I have no problems imagining the game to be better played with an xbox controller.

Ramble ramble. I suppose i can just sum it up with "uninspired" and uninstall it. It made me laugh pretty hard though;

As the commander of humankind's lone surviving battleship, this is your one and only thought upon your return to earth in the year 2610"

not to forget the timeless:
"The devastating war with the Breed waged in the far reaches of the universe was nothing but a diversion! While the battle was raging far away, THE AGRESSIVE ALIENS TOOK OVER EARTH"

How dumb do they think we are? "Oh fizzuck! All our armies are on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE UNIVERSE! Talk about caught with our pants down guys!"

1 Comments. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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