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Signed On May 17, 2003, 23:56
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News Comments > Gold - Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45
69. No subject Mar 8, 2006, 16:35 Ventry
Released on Steam?
No money for you then.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2: Episode One Update
20. No subject Feb 27, 2006, 15:24 Ventry
Released on Steam??
No money for you then.

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News Comments > Dear Diary - SiN Episodes Goes Beta
29. *sigh* Feb 24, 2006, 18:34 Ventry
Released on Steam?
No money for you then.

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News Comments > Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Preloads
25. sigh Feb 15, 2006, 16:52 Ventry
On Steam???
No money for you then.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2: Episode 1 Facts
31. Re: heheheh Feb 13, 2006, 16:57 Ventry
"Who cares, we will all buy it"

I can't stand Steam(ing pile).
If it's on Steam.... No money for you then.
Might slip on my eye patch and AAAARRRRR me hearties.

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News Comments > Strategy First & Steam
28. released on Steam? Dec 9, 2005, 18:34 Ventry
No money for you then.

This comment was edited on Dec 9, 18:35.
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News Comments > Rag Doll Kung Fu Preloads
23. No subject Oct 6, 2005, 19:30 Ventry
"Distributed on Steam(ing... you know the rest)"

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News Comments > DNF in December?
7. No subject Oct 4, 2005, 19:13 Ventry
Has DNF clocked up the decade of development yet??
I remember seeing a small screeny of DNF in PCZone magazine early '96.
The joke continues. At this stage it doesn't matter how good the game is (or isn't) the question is going to be on everyones lips: "Is this worth 10 years of development" and the answer can only be "NO!".

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News Comments > Rag Doll Kung Fu Steam Plans
58. No subject Sep 19, 2005, 20:02 Ventry
Released on Steam(ing you know the rest) eh?
No money for you then.
I STILL have 3 friends who are STILL waiting for Valve to explain to them why Steam is telling them they're brand new celophane wrapped HL2 CD keys are in use??

This comment was edited on Sep 19, 20:03.
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News Comments > Day of Defeat: Source Date
70. No subject Sep 10, 2005, 19:53 Ventry
I'll speak with my wallet.
Stick it up your arse Valve.

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News Comments > HL2 Aftermath Retail Plans
135. Re: Enough with the insults, just a question May 25, 2005, 01:58 Ventry
Steam allows you to backup some or all of your games (with complete patches and what-not) into compressed files. The option allows you to backup the files to span CDs or DVDs, but also allows for 1 gigantic file if you want.

Tried this 2 months ago and it DIDN'T WORK.
The Steam(ing pile of shit) told me I had about 6.3Gig of data to back up.
I set it to dvd sized files.
After a LONG time of compression it popped up a window that said "backup finished".
It had compressed the 6.3Gig down to 1 file 3.5Gig in size.
Fine and dandy I says and burnt it onto a DVD.
I installed my new HD, reinstalled XP and then Steam(ing pile of shit).
I then copied the backup back into the "backups" folder in my Steam(ing pile of shit) install path and ran the backup file.
It showed me a list of games backed up within the archive and I ticked them all and clicked restore.
It was working for a LONG time again and then asked for "disk 2"


Complete fail. Would not procede without the imaginary "disk 2".

Sent a support ticket to valve via Steam(ing pile of shit) forums and still waiting for a reply. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.......

You fanboiz can kiss Valves ass all you want.
HL2 is great
Steam(ing pile of shit) SUX

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News Comments > HL2 Aftermath Retail Plans
92. Re: Wow May 23, 2005, 19:31 Ventry
"HL2 fans are really defensive people. If Steam was shipped with any other game they'd be screaming about Steam ruining the gaming industry and multiplayer. Face it, they'll defend anything HL2-related."

That's right. They're called FAN BOIZ.
They wouldn't care if Valve bent them over a chair and gave them a "cream" enima.
They would still say "Valve is great".
I love Valve's games BUT, Steam(ing pile of shit) is the biggest blight on the face of gaming EVER.
Retail stores here in Australia, dispite what consumer law says, now have stickers on HL2 boxes that say that if you break the plastic seal on this box there is NO REFUND.
This is because of the MASSIVE amounts of returns HL2 has suffered as a direct result of Steam(ing pile of shit).
Although I have had little problems others have had LOTS of problems and have wanted a refund and rightly so.

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News Comments > Steam Updates
17. Re: Steam'd again. May 6, 2005, 20:00 Ventry
QUOTE Beamer: "I've never had a problem with Steam, and it doesn't bother me."

Well it's easy to be a smug A-hole when your one of the LUCKY ones isn't it?
For THOUSANDS of people Steam(ing pile of shit) is a NIGHTMARE to which Valve are not willing to provide a refund for any time soon.
Consider yourself lucky and have a bit of consideration for those who are NOT SO LUCKY.
BTW: I am one of the lucky ones BUT, I have many friends who aren't.

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News Comments > Valve & VU Games Suits Settled
68. 1 down many to go. Apr 29, 2005, 19:50 Ventry
A lot of people here have been slamming VU and other publishers for "ripping off" the developers.
Not much consideration has been given to the fact that Valve have been "ripping off" literally thousands of customers with Steam(ing pile of shit).
I have been lucky. Apart from the recently introduced "no offline" bug and the fact that the inbuilt backup function completely failed, I have had little trouble. NOT SO for many friends of mine particularly one just recently who bought HL2 went to sign up to Steam(ing pile of shit) and was told his CD key (out of a fully sealed box) was in USE. Begs the question how this could of happened eh? (was it hacked off of Valve's servers or did a key gen proggy get lucky?)
He complained (obviously) and was told he had to:
A) Send his cd's to the USA (we're .au)
B) Send a copy of his receipt
C) Send a copy of the bar code from the box.
D) Expect a MINIMUM 5 WEEK turn around.
All of this TOTALLY REEKS.
The number of returns retailers are getting with HL2 has got so bad that here in Australia (at least my part of it) that said retailers are now willing to flaunt the consumer law and place stickers on the front of HL2 boxes that state in varying different ways:
"If you break the seal of this box you forfeit your right to refund so, be sure you can run this title"
Which, of course, is totally against consumer law here.
They are (I presume) banking on the fact that the average consumer won't be bothered taking them to small claims tribunal and just take the loss.
I had my copy given to me as a present so, Valve got someones money BUT, I can promise the will never get a cent out of me EVER as long as Steam(ing pile of shit) is in use.
I believe there will be literally thousands of others who will feel the same.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
1. Court Rules Against DVD Copy Preventions Apr 27, 2005, 18:18 Ventry
"The ruling overturned a lower court's decision in favor of the defendants, co-producers Alain Sarde Films and Studio Canal and distributor Universal. The suit was filed in 2003.

The defendants also were found guilty of violating French consumer protection laws, which state that a vendor must notify consumers of a product's essential characteristics.

The only notification of the copy prevention software on the DVD in this case were the letters "CP," short for "copying prohibited," in small print on the cover, a warning that the court found insufficient."

There is NO mention of STEAM(ing pile of shit) on the box of Half-life 2 at all.
The Steam(ing pile of shit) that Valve thought was going to make them a packet is, eventually, going to cost them a packet.
The backlash is comming.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 EULA Legal Issues?
159. Re: No subject Feb 8, 2005, 18:53 Ventry
Mr. Beamer.
You are NOT a very realistic person are you?
If you stop "sucking" Valve off for 5 mins and read up in the gaming media you will see that there are THOUSANDS of Very Pissed off people who have purchaced HL2 and cannot play said game. Their mails have been swamping magazines the likes of PC Gamer UK & US, PC Zone & PC PowerPlay Australia.
The people who are affected by this WILL speak and WILL have their day and Valve WILL pay a price for this.
As PC Gamer said: If Valve DIDN'T have the expectation and rep they have they would never tried Steam(ing plie of shit) as it would have been buisness suicided.
I expect Valve and Vivendi will be spending a great deal of time in the comming years in court.
Oh yes indeed.
Half-life 2 : great
Steam : total crap

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 EULA Legal Issues?
91. No subject Feb 7, 2005, 17:26 Ventry
I am aware of 6 class actions in the works against Valve and Steam.
I hope they bend Valve over the "legal bench" and butt fuck them good and proper.
Steam is BAD for gaming NO MATTER WHAT.

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News Comments > Source Engine Update
14. No subject Feb 3, 2005, 17:38 Ventry
After spending some time in CS:S I would have to say that aim bots aren't a real problem BUT, wall hacks and radar hacks ARE.
The number of times I was killed by players comming around the corners already facing my position when there is 4 or 5 other positions I could have been in was astronomical.
I randomly selected the positions to be in and low and behold they come around the corner facing me and killing me the moment they have line of sight.
No one is that lucky to have guessed correctly that often.
I also notice that it was the same certain players who did this time and time again.
This was also acros a wide variety of servers.
I do FAR better on lan than internet.

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News Comments > Counter-Strike Bot Cometh
8. No subject Jan 14, 2005, 18:15 Ventry
Hiding behind boxes doesn't do any good anyway with all the cheating that goes on in CSs.
Even with Valves VAC.
Wallhackers are rife throughout the CS gaming network.
That's why I don't bother with CS.

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News Comments > More Steam Bans
43. Ah yes Steam(ing pile of shit) Dec 23, 2004, 17:55 Ventry
it hassles the legit customer.
it causes grief to the legit customer.
I have a few friends for whom this pile of shit flatly refuses to authorise their purchase game.
I have another friend who was banned unjustly and he has PROOF and is currently talking with his solicitor because Valve refuse to answer his comunications.

there are pirate versions available that....
are NO hassle at all to get to work.
work online EVEN on steam(ing pile of shit)servers without the need to create an account.
can use the SDK and single player without the involvment from steam(ing pile of shit)
run better than the legit version.


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