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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Trailer
339. Re: RE: 264. Examples May 21, 2003, 19:17 scrotty
What is the deal with the 2d green blood splatter? Lame!

I have to agree with that one. I'm really excited about HL2 after seeing the E3 videos, but that 2D green blood is completely out of place. I'd prefer no blood spatter at all to that 1998-ish effect. Hmm, maybe it's an homage to the original Half Life.

This comment was edited on May 21, 19:24.
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Trailer
212. Re: RE: #193. Re: MIRROR NEEDED May 17, 2003, 20:29 scrotty
The Fileplanet movie is still a shaky-cam movie, but it is of the entire Half-Life 2 presentation. In addition to being nearly tweny-three minutes in length, the colors are more consistent, the resolution has been increased (640x360), and it does include the verbal description of what you are seeing by a Valve employee/spokeman. -Ray

So, if I've already gotten the 9 GameSpot videos, is the quality sufficiently improved to bother with this one?

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Trailer
199. Re: Source Engine Critique May 17, 2003, 15:52 scrotty
Thinking the faults are valid, but wondering why he holds it solely against HL2. - Ray

Yeah, I was kinda thinking the same thing. Especially since it seems to be a HL2 fan site. Although he does temper his criticism with enthusiasm, as well.

(By the way, sorry for re-posting the link. I didn't check far enough back to see if it had already been posted.)

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Trailer
197. Source Engine Critique May 17, 2003, 15:10 scrotty
There is a short article at ( that discusses some perceived shortcomings of Valve's Source engine.

Mind you, I'm not concerned about the items the article touches on: the 25 minute E3 video speaks for itself. Nonetheless, it's an interesting read.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Trailer
154. Re: Strider AI (Was: No subject) May 16, 2003, 00:24 scrotty
I think we should get an AI programmer's opinion on that. I'm not a programmer nor have I ever been good at programming. Because really I'm not sure where video game AI and scripted actions really blur.
I think that the strider's actions were part of its AI, rather than part of a scripted event, as Valve has been touting the strider as an example of their AI programming. Wether the AI is a true type of AI or an if=>then formula, I'm not sure. - Xombie

It's very tough to gauge from the short video whether the strider scene demonstrates AI or scripting. One way Valve could have employed AI was to give each agent, in this case the Strider:

1) A set of primary goals. Say, killing all humans and staying alive.
2) A set of possible actions. Moving, shooting, couching, jumping, etc.
3) A way to assess its current state. "I'm at 80% health. There are three humans attacking me. I am in range to gore human #1 with my right leg, and can shoot human #2 with my gun, I can't attack human #3 without moving forward 30 feet." Etc.
4) A way to evaluate, given its possible actions and current state, what the best action to take is.
"Since my health is okay and with little effort I can kill human #1, that's what I'll do." Or, "My health is really low, even though I could kill human #1, that would expose me to more attacks that could kill me. Therefore, I'd best run away."

Given sufficient primary, secondary, tertiary (etc.) goals and actions, Valve _may_ have made the Strider "smart" enough to say, "I can kill human #3 if only I could get past this damn overhang. So, [new goal] I should try to get past the overhang. I could do this by blasting it with my hyper-cannon (or whatever it's called). Oh darn, my hyper-cannon didn't completely destroy the overhang. But I still want to get to human #3 and I see that I could, given my knowledge of my of body, crouch under the overhang. That's what I'll do..." And so on.

I'd say that until you can play with the game yourself and see whether the Strider does the same thing every time regardless of its surrounding environment, it's tough to determine if that sequence is scripted or not.

Someone in an earlier posting wrote about the soldier who gets gored by the tentacle thing. He noticed that the soldier acted differently (by pointing the weapon at you and speaking instead of just attacking). He reckoned that that might be a giveaway of a scripted event. I'd have to agree. However, in the case of the strider, I don't see such an obvious tip off.

This comment was edited on May 16, 04:11.
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Trailer
146. Re: Stupid Followers May 15, 2003, 21:52 scrotty
You are all a bunch of cowardly, thoughtless followers. I was there when Half-Life came out. I was still there when all you pussies gave up hope. I still believe in Team Fortress 2. I think you band-wagon homos should all be shot!

Heh heh. Fanboys are so cute!

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Trailer
120. Re: best game ever May 15, 2003, 14:41 scrotty
vacs wrote #111: "seriously, I didn't know what people were talking about until I saw the 9 Gamespot videos."

I downloaded the HL2 interview GameSpot released last week. It contained no images except the concurrently released static screenshots that everybody's seen by now.

In the interview, the developers were essentially stating that, "HL2 is not about the graphics - it's about the story." I was thinking to myself, "Oh well. I was hoping that I could have both a good story and good graphics. I guess I'll get my eye candy from Doom 3."

Well obviously the HL2 developers were being coy. While the new engines for Doom 3, Deus Ex 2, and HL2 may each have characteristics that trump the others in specific areas, it's clear from the 9 GameSpot videos that HL2 isn't going to lag far behind (if at all) in yummy goodness.

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