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Signed On May 8, 2003, 19:58
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News Comments > DOOM III Trailer
242. Re: LitCigar May 15, 2003, 23:35 LitCigar
Quite frankly, it's not Xombie that's guilty of this, it's you self proclaimed id fanboys. I've read this entire thread, and while I don't necessarily agree with Xombie, he has been nothing but courteous and argumentative in his posts. I haven't seen him use a single harsh word anywhere. Unlike some of the people on "your side", who have been plain rude.

Don't shit in someone's yard and then blame someone else for it, ok?

Oh, I'm sorry, my bad. Whatever was I thinking, since that was the subject of your post, basically that all of the "fanboys" whom you address as being rude. My bad, next time I'll try to make a response as you wish me to oh great forum mod. Whatever was I thinking responding to one aspect of a post an not every single point.

I agree Xombie is being rather courteous for the most part. There, I commented on the main point of your post. I think you can now pull the knickers out of the bunch they've been in since this horrible tragedy occurred.


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News Comments > DOOM III Trailer
225. Re: hkm May 15, 2003, 17:54 LitCigar
I see little discussion going on here. I do not understand why you cannot keep an open mind about all of the forthcoming games.

Actually admitting that you're the president of the united states does not actually make you the president. The fact that your action fit the characteristic of a fanboy are what make you a fanboy.

I'm not a fanboy, nor do I have anything more than a passing interest in many of these games. You are not raining on my parade, but are in fact debating one hype against another which I find to be quite silly. I thought that I might as well voice my comments regarding this "debate" since I've taken the time to read through all of these posts to see what all of the fuss is about. Its good to see that you have an opinion, it just seems rather hypocritical to be taking a critical opinion based upon the press of one game while you take a completely and naively positive view of another based upon little information.

No, this is not taking into account the fact that we've seen videos. I'm typing completely based upon your past posts on this subject prior to E3. At least now you have something a little bit more concrete to base an opinion upon. It is just my hope that in the future you'll wait until you have evidence before jumping on the hype bandwagon.

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News Comments > DOOM III Trailer
223. Re: hkm May 15, 2003, 16:14 LitCigar
Well thats good for you. I just find it interesting how you cannot contain your deep loathing for DOOM3 and as such you see fit to post your hatred for it in any thread regarding the game. The fact that you mention HL2 in almost every one of these posts as being some sort of DOOM killer makes you a HL2 fanboy...and over what? The Gospel truth that the developers that have been quoted on the myriad of articles about the game? I'm not knocking HL2, I just don't see why you have this desire to rain on the parade of those individuals that have an interest in DOOM3 by citing hyped up press releases for HL2. It just seems to be very trollish.

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News Comments > DOOM III Trailer
221. Re: hkm May 15, 2003, 15:29 LitCigar
The problem isn't the presence of these supposed "id fanboys" that everyone is making reference to, its the fact that there are currently individuals who seem to be on this board for the sole purpose of causing disruption. As I've read through post after post, I've only gotten the impression that "The_Dude" could possibly be an id "fanboy." I'd really like to know what your definition of a "fanboy" is. The vast majority of these individuals offer up only the challenge that you can't make a concrete decision about the merit of one game over another based upon second hand information coming from the mouths of obviously biased developers. There is also the clear point that this isn't a case one game being "better" over another, but the fact that this is about two games attempting two very different things and how differing tastes will dictate whether someone enjoys one more than the other.

I find it interesting how no one here seems to think that Xombie and his constant praise for Valve because of one noteworthy and memorable game created in the past is a fanboy for valve or the half life series. I mean, christ, I don't see any of these individuals who are giving DOOM3 at least the time of day / are taking a wait and see approach before they snap to rash judgements speaking id's praises on every thread that deals with a game that is "obvious competition." Xombie on the other hand seems intent on mentioning how much id sucks or how HL2 is going to kick DOOM3's ass whenever he gets the chance.

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News Comments > DOOM III Q&A
288. Re: 300 post bump May 8, 2003, 18:04 LitCigar
You can't read, can you?

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