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Re: dullsville
May 6, 2003, 15:32
Re: dullsville May 6, 2003, 15:32
May 6, 2003, 15:32
"Is it Morrowind boring or is it Freelancer boring?"

Hard to say. I played Morrowind for weeks before I got bored. Eventually I quit cause it was too easy after I scored that robe with the nutty regen. Even without wearing
the robe it was easy cause without cheating at all I enchanted this 2 handed daedric sword with fire, cold and
shock damage which when combined with my various other enchanted items made me steamroller anything that came my way. Morrowind's big fault, imho was balance. Anyways...
can't comment on Freelance cause I've only played an hour
of it so far. Hmm maybe that shows something hehe.

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May 6, 2003, 14:59
dullsville May 6, 2003, 14:59
May 6, 2003, 14:59
I got in the Beta about 2 months ago and was all happy to fire it up and get started. I was greeted with nice graphics, a fairly clumsy interface and then it was like...hmm what now ?
Went to a station but couldn't get a mission. Realized that
hmm I guess I could mine asteroids. Holy crap was that mind you I was in beta for earth and beyond,
amd actually had fun for quite a while before boredom set in. With EVE it was like maybe an hour. I logged back in
my beta account about 2 weeks ago and could not believe they
were supposedly 'gold' at that point. I kid you not, I had
about 15 errors occur during the < hour of time I could stand being logged on.
You can criticise me for not giving it enough time - well
you'd be right. But a game should draw you in, it should interest you and make you want to play more.

82 Comments. 5 pages. Viewing page 5.
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