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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Stuttering Update, SDK & Surprise Plans
110. Re: Blah blah blah... Nov 26, 2004, 03:44 Cynic9
I'm guessing they are already working on an expansion pack to release exclusively via steam or something.

Yeah, ya think?

As GameSpot reported from the Amusement Machine show this past September, Taito's TypeX board is based off the architecture of an ATX IBM-compatible PC. Since the hardware is, for all intents and purposes, identical to the PC format and uses the Windows XP Embedded operating system, PC games can be ported to the platform with great ease. TypeX cabinets come standard with AGP Radeon 9200SE (128MB) graphics cards that can be upgraded to X800XT cards, if required.

Taito's arcade release of Half-Life 2 will be a customized version of the upcoming PC release. Currently, three modes have been announced. You can enjoy the game alone in the story mode, or you can team up with players in other arcades, via network connection, to play cooperatively. And, of course, there's a versus mode where you can fight against players in other arcades as well. Furthermore, you’ll be able to enjoy the game on a wide screen and in 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
50. No subject Nov 18, 2004, 21:11 Cynic9
I wanted to make a quick comment about the Doom 3 multiplayer issue.

My money is on the fact that more people dislike the [i]performance[/i] of Doom 3 multiplayer than they do the concept of playing it. Doom 3 LAN matches are really quite amazing. If it only had better performance I think lots more would be looking at it in a different light.

Two years from now, I bet the games using the Doom 3 engine look sensational.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
47. Re: Hump & ideas about DM Nov 18, 2004, 20:43 Cynic9
I don't mind a little SciFi/Fantasy to my gameplay, but how is it remotely possible to immerse yourself into a game & feel like you are a part of it when you can't believe in it at all?

Some people might have a different opinion than you, as crazy as that may sound.

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Demo
148. Re: Hmm Oct 31, 2004, 12:30 Cynic9
::smacks Jojo with a big trout::

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News Comments > Anarchy Online for Free
16. Re: What are population levels like? Oct 9, 2004, 00:49 Cynic9
So, my question is...... what are the population levels like now? Is it really well populated? I think the only reason I didn't stick around when I went to check it out again was just because I was worried about it being too empty now.

You'll find most of the higher level people in the upper levels of the shadowlands, and if you are clan most of the low to mid hang out around Old Athen now.

But I know what you mean, until you find where the new spot is the game is empty.

Newland is real dead, so is most of Tir.

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News Comments > Anarchy Online for Free
10. Re: yuk Oct 8, 2004, 15:02 Cynic9
Whoops, sorry man. Just used to defending AO since people who don't even play it, or haven't played it for that long, tend to bash it before they know how to play it. Guess its sort of like an automated reply

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News Comments > Anarchy Online for Free
8. Re: yuk Oct 8, 2004, 14:53 Cynic9
You're crazy... almost everything except the player models look the same..

Hmm, thats a little strange since the only thing that hasn't changed is the player models. Everything else is new from the items to the lands.

and early leveling is WORSE than it was before

Again, I think you might be misleading people. With the new perk system early leveling is much better than before. A new perk every 10 levels makes it much easier to stregnthen you character.

I still think AO is the best MMO out there because of complexity alone. The number of things you can do in the middle of battle is great, but tie in all the different armor/implant/weapon/breed/profession combinations and you can sit and just recreate different types of toons for much longer than I have seen in any other MMO.

But of course, to each his own.

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News Comments > Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion Gold
14. Re: No subject Aug 11, 2004, 13:46 Cynic9
I doubt it considering the invasion should take place on RK and not in the SL.

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News Comments > Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion Gold
10. No subject Aug 10, 2004, 22:06 Cynic9
To whoever said AO wes empty.

Where were you?

I only ask cause Old Athen seems so filled lately, as well as BB in ent and platform and the like.

If you started neutral though, Newland is dead..

Sad, it used to be one of the most packed cities of the game but AO is far from empty.

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News Comments > Game Movies
29. Posts from Dagok Jul 3, 2004, 16:42 Cynic9
Look at his previous posts.

The typical big-mouth know-it-all.

Whatever, I'm going to just ignore him.

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News Comments > Game Movies
7. Re: Idiotic... Jul 3, 2004, 01:11 Cynic9
Yeah, release promotional items for a title that nobody will ever see. Stupid.

Yeah, damn stupid.

Who wants to see some of an artists work. That is just totally stupid.

Seriously, its work they have done that will be shown to other developers/publishers. How is that stupid?

Seeing how in previous posts you said you worked at Electronic Arts, I figured you would have known that.

Guess not.

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News Comments > Painkiller Expansion Planned
25. Re: . Jun 25, 2004, 23:14 Cynic9
Flash is a pretty nifty application, actually.

A damn good way to get some high quality multimedia on a site when done correctly.

I guess I always prefer people to offer HTML (light versions) for those that don't like Flash, but give me a fucking break with the crybaby stuff.

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News Comments > Saturday Interviews
4. Re: No subject May 15, 2004, 17:32 Cynic9
Someone has no sense of humor.

I just got home from work, and realized that was probably a joke.

Selling computers all day to people who swear to be tech savvy isn't easy and makes me not have one >.<.

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News Comments > Saturday Interviews
1. No subject May 15, 2004, 14:40 Cynic9
The Lineage II Interview on Lineage 2 Vault talks with Dhevrin of NCsoft about plans for Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle, the sequel to the MMORPG that has more subscribers than the Earth's actual population.

Wow, that's the most idiotic thing I've heard all day.

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News Comments > Final Fantasy XI Expansion
8. Re: First Expansion? Apr 28, 2004, 19:28 Cynic9
I'm probably wrong, but I thought that an expansion had already come out for the Japanese version, and it was included with the initial American version

You are correct, it is called Rise of the Zilart and comes with the American version.

why would you quit because of that?

That graphics look amazing.

Graphics don't make the game. I tried to like it, I really did. But the interface and camera control is just plain god awful.

It's like running a game on a supercharged PS2 and that is two thumbs down for me.

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News Comments > Consolidation
13. Re: No subject Apr 25, 2004, 14:38 Cynic9
Doesn't this look a little more like an owner who keeps screwing people over is finally getting the axe.

IL and MJ. I see a pattern.

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News Comments > F.A.K.K.2 Map
4. No subject Apr 18, 2004, 22:10 Cynic9

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News Comments > Interplay Eviction?
23. Re: Interplay Apr 16, 2004, 01:33 Cynic9
I remember when Interplay was a fresh company and was one of the more innovative companies. *Sigh* It's sad watching a company you used to like slowly stagnate over the years and lose their way. Kind of like Electronic Arts. EA though has managed to make it big despite losing their original vision. Strange universe.

Interplay has been one of the original "big" developers since the beginning of the PC gaming era. IMHO it would be a shame to see them go. They have published great titles and taken nice risks.

I always hate seeing publishers of my favorite games get heat.

This comment was edited on Apr 16, 01:34.
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News Comments > Starsiege TRIBES & TRIBES 2 for Free
15. Re: Can't even talk about it! Apr 10, 2004, 18:23 Cynic9
Tribes was awesome and I liked Tribes 2 even more.

I got your number, I GOT ALL YOUR NUMBERS!!


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News Comments > Sam & Max Sequel Axed
50. Re: Yup... Mar 3, 2004, 17:05 Cynic9
Not all the developers are small companies anymore. The adventure company made quite a bit from making Syberia, and Funcom has grown into a much bigger company because of TLJ and AO.

Point is, just because they aren't Ubi Soft, EA or LA, doesn't mean that adventure games are dead.

I have seen people say a genre is dead for a long time, but games like TLJ and Syberia still were high on the sales chart list when they came out.

I tried to dig up the sales chart from the 2 but NPD's site is different then it used to be, probably have to register.

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