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Signed On Apr 18, 2003, 12:43
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News Comments > America's Army Coop Plans
8. Re: Engine is dated Jul 12, 2006, 14:01 Styopa
Re: all the complaints about lack of driveable vehicles, old engine, etc.

Hm, it would almost seem that you get what you pay for.

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News Comments > BF2: Armored Fury Update
34. Re: interesting May 2, 2006, 08:49 Styopa
[i]Some people claim that inflated military power and technology have no future when put up against basic human will. This can been seen in practice when some determined, drooling lunatic blows up an expensive M1126 Stryker with a washing machine timer and an old surplus artillery round. The Ho Chi Minh trail was often pretty much people physically pushing "cargo bicycles" around. Prolly scares the piss out General Dynamics and the rest of the Military Industrial Complex. It seems like these days Europe is bored with militarism and is pursuing diplomacy instead. Anyway, let em retire the A-10. Noone is stupid enough to attack us directly (China's historical secret weapon has been the human wave attack) and we've driven them all to a guerilla war anyway. That would probably make for a really boring FPS game though. Forgive the rant.[/i]

Such things are only said by people with no understanding of military science.
Technology rarely makes you IMMUNE to attacks by a determined (particularly suicidal) opponent. Technology acts as a force multiplier and/or a casualty divisor. It doesn't mean that your soldiers can't be killed, it means that it may take 200 enemies to kill one of ours, instead of 2 or 3. (Of course, our modern, risk-averse media society acts as a casualty MULTIPLIER, where 1, 2, or 5 friendly deaths generate more anguish and media coverage than 10, 20, or 500 deaths 50+ years ago.)

Your 'drooling lunatic' may detonate his shell and flip a Stryker, but he's probably extraordinarily lucky if he even killed one soldier, while in the same span of time for his preparation, more than 100 of his buddies have died in US raids, failed ambushes, sniper actions, and to US patrols.

Does 100:1 casualty ratio mean we win? Not automagically. But the last 15 years of combat (and really, even since Vietnam) have shown that enemy forces cannot defeat the US military in direct action, it HAS to be a combination of direct action, propoganda, and a loss of will on our part.

Even 'Blackhawk Down' was only a botched raid; the casualties, while tragic, (18 killed) were militarily insignificant. The failure on the Allied forces part was
a) an unwillingness to unlease the full military force available, due to the 'unacceptable' level of collateral damage
b) a criminal level of hubris, NOT having a fallback plan (particularly including armored backup units).

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News Comments > WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger Announced
2. Re: View Apr 24, 2006, 11:19 Styopa
Russian software, ergo the T34 will kick everything's ass.

According to Russian software designers, the Dragunov is the most accurate rifle ever made, the T34 could sink battleships, and a lone cossack could probably have defeated the entire Nazi army and Napoleon combined. While drunk.

(Truth in Posting note: I'm American, and American games frequently suffer the same chauvinism: the Sherman kills Tigers at 500m, the P47 was the greatest ground-attack plane EVAR, and every WW2 US Army soldier is an uber-commando who can tear apart bunkers with his teeth. But I've never seen it quite as blatant as in Russian-origin games.)

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News Comments > Gold - Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure
17. Re: No subject Jan 24, 2006, 15:29 Styopa
Sounds like the name of a really crappy pr0n movie.

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News Comments > Subscription Free PlanetSide
28. Re: No subject Jan 23, 2006, 08:07 Styopa
Anyway, while the FPS elements were a bit weaker than say, UT or Quake, the teamplay/character elements were cool, and when you actually had a good squad of serious players who understood how the game was meant to be played (defending/attacking bases together, communicating, changing jobs, etc) it provided something no FPS has really done.

Except for Tribes, you mean. No big surprise that Planetside is similar - one of the guys from Dynamix was head of Planetside for a while I believe...
And aside from WW2OL.

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News Comments > WoW US/AU Patch
9. Re: Oy! Jan 3, 2006, 14:22 Styopa
I agree, that's what's so funny.

Essentially, Paladin players want to be warriors with healing. So where in your spectrum of usefulness would that leave warriors? What would they uniquely offer a party? Um, nothing. But Pally's never seem to think that far....

Equally, my Hunter would like to be DPS and wear plate, but that wouldn't be very game balancing either, would it?

Paladins are healers that can't get easily and quickly raped because they aren't squishy-clothy types. As a horde hunter, I'm *always* slaughtering priests because they are:
a) the key to the survival of the whole enemy party
b) wearing cloth so I get nearly 2k crits.
A party with a Paladin who knows his business is nearly impossible to fight - they have a healer that simply won't DIE.

Personally, I really liked playing a paladin occasionally, but for me it just got too boring in combat - click to attack and then you're just managing buffs until you either win or die. Z-Z-Z-Z-Z. If the patch adds something interesting (note I didn't say "improve") their role in combat, I may go back to playing my Pally alt.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Battleground Europe
4. Re: Fun game Nov 11, 2005, 13:15 Styopa
It really isn't a game for everyone, particularly people that have developed into computer games with a love of deathmatch and current action-oriented shooters. Even Counterstrike - a relatively more "realistic" shooter - pales in comparison to WW2OL. I'm totally not knocking folks that like that, but I found that once I'd worked my way through the learning curve of WW2OL, all the other online shooters just seemed frenetic and pointless.
And yes, there are stretches of boredom in WW2OL, but when you're participating in a squad attack, there's nothing like it. Your 40-50 tanks attack a town from one direction, scout cars roving the flanks to inhibit early enemy contact while two other forces of similar size converge from other directions. Teamspeak crackles to life as people start reporting enemies observed, as the defense wakens to its desperate situation. AT gun fire from the town begins to be felt as vehicles take fire closer in. A squadron of Stukas, orbiting a few km back, sweeps forward, intent on precision bombing the few identified points of resistance. The black puffs of AAA fire appear in the sky, while higher still He111 medium bombers are found by defending enemy fighters who are in turn bounced by your own CAP. Planes swoop and dive, contrails across the sky, trying to complete their mission and get home alive. The action on the ground heats up - your armored assault has dominated several sectors of the town's perimeter, and the infantry races forward to grab a toehold in the town's depot. Radio reports the sudden appearance of an enemy counterattack, and your casualties mount. A Stuka, it's bombload spent, trying to find safety by skimming home only meters above you, is unluckily found by a heavy AA round and shatters, the chunks of wing and fuselage raining onto your position. Smoke grenades pop amongst the clutter of buildings: the infantry are now mostly on their own, fighting doorway to doorway and house to house against the defenders that are seemingly everywhere.

And pretty much everything you see (except some tripwire defenses) is run by a human. It's truly frikkin glorious.

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News Comments > America's Army Plans
14. Re: Maybe I want to join the Army Nov 3, 2005, 10:26 Styopa
Well, if you understood the game, the enemy ALWAYS looks like OPFOR to the player, and friendlies look like US soldiers (rather Orwellian, that).

Believe me, the US military knows that other people are going to be shooting back, that's why learn to be so damn good at what they do.

Thus the slogan: Join the Marines! Travel around the world! Visit interesting, unique, and exotic places! Meet interesting, unique, and exotic people....

... and kill them.

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News Comments > New ATI CATALYST Drivers
8. omega May 18, 2005, 11:19 Styopa
Well, I've not been happy with ATI since they pretty much left the guy writing the Omega drivers out on a limb. "We support the community" yah, but you couldn't pony up dough or web bandwidth for that guy to host his drivers which are light years ahead of the reference ATI releases?

Hm, that bites. Looks like he's turned a corner thanks to fan support, but that bites.

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News Comments > Diplomacy & Squad Leader Games
7. you don't know what you're talking about Aug 4, 2004, 16:10 Styopa
then you don't know Paradox.
These guys make possibly the most historically interesting and detailed worldwide strategic simulations...I think they'll do a decent job of porting these two games.

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News Comments > RtCW Sequel!
43. Re: Quake 4 ? Jul 19, 2004, 09:29 Styopa
"According to as well as some other sites HL2 is shown to be shipping on 9/01/2004 ish. Maybe it will be gold this month."

Unless the code gets 'stolen' again. AHAHAHAHAAHHAHAH

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News Comments > Cold War Conflicts Demo
3. Re: Cold War?!?! Jun 2, 2004, 09:07 Styopa
"Where's my WW2 tactical first-person shooter?
sucky release, very slow start, but now it's quite a game.

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News Comments > Space Colony Demo
11. note to self Sep 5, 2003, 11:55 Styopa
Avoid games whose description contains the word "wacky".

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News Comments > DirectX 9.0b
26. Yeah, sure. Jul 24, 2003, 17:16 Styopa
"Honestly, if you have good hardware and use the proper drivers, WinXP shouldn't give you a problem."

Gigabyte GA8INXP Mobo
Radeon 9700 vid card
latest everything.

"driver stuck in loop" lockup, kick to 640x480 256 color resolution.

Widely experienced by ATI/Nvidia users, Intel & AMD - ONLY in Win XP.

Yeah, WinXP is the cat's meow. Wish I could degrade to Win98 without hours of resintalling all my crap.

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News Comments > WWII: Frontline Command Demo
17. Re: Needs an option to pause for orders Apr 18, 2003, 08:44 Styopa
Bah, RTS is an invisible kludge that covers for opponent AI, because they never work as hard programming intelligence into the HELPER AI. The enemy AI naturally gains an advantage that the human player can neither cope with, nor compensate for.
Compare a small-unit skirmish: the computer can micromanage the actions of every soldier on it's side, while the human is stuck with a linear order-input function.
Now in real life, a commander could micromanage as far as possible BUT HE WOULDN'T *HAVE* TO. On the one hand he could say "Lieutenant, put two guys in the church, 1 in the ditch, and the AT gun where it will fire down the road" OR "Lieutenant, take your squad over there and hold the right side" and the Lieutenant would do it, acting within his own initiative to accomplish the task.

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