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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - EverQuest II
47. Re: No subject Nov 9, 2004, 17:52 D4rkKnight
EQ2's launch was as smooth as ever, all you nay-sayers can stfu now.

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News Comments > EverQuest II to Ship, Beta to End
27. About EQ2... Nov 6, 2004, 05:23 D4rkKnight
I needed a break from WoW after Beta, it was very easy, and I hit level 29 in a few days. The PvP was fun as hell, and we had some major wars (like 75+ people fighting sometimes) but the PvE had just lost its charm. I dont remember one single challenge during those 29 levels, and I was loosing interest in the constant questing, it seems thats all you do is look for more quests then go kill stuff.

I want to see interesting locations, temples, dungeons, exotic hunting areas. WoW had some of these, but they were all replicas of each other, with very little artistic style thrown in. I cannot speak for EQ2 in this regard, but I played EQ1 a ton and I know the land, so it will be very fun to get to see whats changed since then.

I look forward to EQ2 because its harder, and it DOES enforce groups...this is a social game and the concepts work best when your in groups of friends or guildies.

Obviously there's times when you want to solo, and the dev's have stated you will be able to solo, no matter the class (I hear priests are the best solo'ers ) , it just wont be as fast as group exp, which is supposed to be the main attraction...its like that to encourage you to group.

The Dev's have been listening to the fans as well. They have started a major overhaul to allow diversity between classes and races, to individualize each character. They already have an awesome character generator (that allows you to adjust stuff like bone structure in the face), and now they are adding stuff like:


Sturdy - Your durability is the stuff of legend. This trait makes you more robust by increasing your total health.

Hygienic - Plague and illness are for the weak. This trait enhances your vigor by allowing you to avoid the effects of disease.

Healthy - Others marvel at your recuperative ability. You improve the rate at which your health recovers.

Insightful - You have traveled far and wide. This trait aids your journey to enlightenment by making you wiser.


The EverQuest II Tactics Advancement Path lets you pick certain types of enemies for which your character feels a particular dislike. By learning about these opponents, you gain special abilities that allow you and your party to do extra damage against them in battle.


Dark Elves -

* Shadow Shroud The world is a dangerous place and life as a dark elf is never easy. By slowing your breathing and freezing in place, you are able to hide and escape detection by most foes.

Erudite -

* Ward of Glyphs Years of arcane study have imbued the erudites with an innate defense against magical damage. By steeling your mind, you can call a protective ward into existence and guard yourself against harmful spells.

This comment was edited on Nov 6, 05:25.
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News Comments > EverQuest II to Ship, Beta to End
14. No subject Nov 5, 2004, 23:05 D4rkKnight
I bet that extension was planned from the very beginning as a way to help sony's PR, which, if this thread is any indication, sucks ass.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Steam Backups
5. No subject Nov 4, 2004, 21:51 D4rkKnight
I thought this was already addressed months ago.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
25. No subject Oct 30, 2004, 15:09 D4rkKnight
Poodles are too smart for their own good, and they know it.

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News Comments > C-S: Source Content Plans
4. Re: Prodigy rocks Oct 27, 2004, 05:44 D4rkKnight
Good news? They better be porting more maps, we are paying for this now and its since they removed multi from HL2 this is a part of that purchase.

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News Comments > WoW Date Update
24. Re: sigh Oct 25, 2004, 20:41 D4rkKnight
Well I was assuming you played at E3...its a great game, they dont need hype they already proved its good, I dont feel like explaining it if your going to play it yourself in a few days.

Ill say this though...the cities, the general areas, they are standard zones like in any MMORPG, then they have the single area zones, then the PVP, which is a very large part of the game, not just guild duels, much much more then that.

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Expands
109. No subject Oct 25, 2004, 20:27 D4rkKnight
you'll get your money back. In the next 12 months some great mods will start to come out for it, and you'll be glad to have bought a game with such a powerful engine

I wouldnt be so sure about that, with Half-Life 2 right around the corner, the modding community will have a choice, stick with Doom3 (It is a more limited engine with better graphics) or use the Source engine.

As we all know, HL has the larger mod-base, even now theres probably about 8 or so mods in the make and many more without info out yet. I dont doubt that other developers will license the Doom 3 engine, but the number of mods on it doesnt look to be that many judging from its progression so far.

BTW, whats a good Doom 3 community site that talks about mods in the make right now...I havnt heard anything about Doom 3 mods, but then again I havnt pursued them...on the other hand I run into HL2 mod info all the time without looking for them, and that game isnt even out.

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News Comments > WoW Date Update
21. Re: sigh Oct 25, 2004, 20:08 D4rkKnight
Not really, Guild Wars is still technically an MMORPG, regardless of what they say. Its not about killing 999999 monsters and getting cool items...Over the course of a few hours you will probably kill about 40-50 monster, nothing like D2's numbers, and its very focused on strategy and tactics rather then run around killing everything in sight.

Cant really compare it to Diablo.

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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
1. Halo 2 leak Oct 20, 2004, 22:10 D4rkKnight
we've spent three tortuous years preventing story leaks, hoarding screenshots not because we want to but because they'll reveal twists and surprises. Now a few jerks have ruined that for everyone. It's one thing to sneakily pirate software quite another to yell spoilers from the rooftops. As Napoleon Dynamite would say, "IDIOTS!"

I doubt Halo 2's storyline is anything special, dev's love to talk about this stuff as if its the end of the world for games, and that press release is full of so much bullshit.

The underdground army? Microsofts battle stations? three torturous years? Please stop with your exxagerations, we get the point your angry over the leak but whats done is done maybe you should take better care over who has access to your builds, then you wouldnt be in this situation.

too anyone who has played the their story really that engaging, or are they just spouting bullshit?

This comment was edited on Oct 20, 22:12.
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News Comments > Jump to Lightspeed Date
31. Good old SOE Oct 20, 2004, 15:47 D4rkKnight
You know whats funny, back when I used to play EQ they would always release these patches (this was after SOE took over for Verant), and they would always fuck more things up in the patch then before it, and subsequently they would have to patch the patch, and this cycle continued throughout the entire game.

That was like 3 years ago, I just recently visited their forums to get info on their newest expansion, and I learned, aside from the fact that the task system is total bullshit and doesnt help you gain solo exp for shit, that they screwed up almost all the new epics, and they released a patch to try and fix some of the problems. Guess what, that patch followed suit exactly like the patches of old EQ.

My point? SOE Seems to be performing exactly as they were many years ago. I thought they would have changed after 3 or 4 years experience, but it still seems they cant manage to fix one problem without breaking the stuff that used to work fine.

On top of all the nerfing and general disregard for their player-base by the GM's, I have pretty low expectations for EQ2.

This comment was edited on Oct 20, 15:49.
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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Source Update
2. No subject Oct 20, 2004, 02:22 D4rkKnight
Is this the patch that adds aim bot support?

Oh sorry thats next week, what was I thinking!

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News Comments > Jump to Lightspeed Date
5. Re: No subject Oct 20, 2004, 02:20 D4rkKnight
If any studio can do it SOE can.

That was a joke, right?

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - PlanetSide: Aftershock
6. Re: this game Oct 19, 2004, 20:53 D4rkKnight
Finally, the devs need to add jetpacks, skiing, and spinfusers...

Um okay, I dont know if your joking or not but...why dont you just go play tribes, because this is not tribes, so why would you expect these things?

This comment was edited on Oct 19, 20:55.
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News Comments > More Half-Life 2 Preloads
23. Re: PCGamer sez .... Oct 15, 2004, 01:59 D4rkKnight
Sorry you are correct in saying AFTER RC4 they had 3 showstoppers, that site has that press release as well, and its the same source that verified RC5 was sent that we now know is true, now that source say's gold is close, so you have to take that into account.

However, a few days have passed since that statement about the bugs, so its very possible they are done now.

This comment was edited on Oct 15, 02:04.
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News Comments > C-S: Source Update
7. No subject Oct 13, 2004, 15:50 D4rkKnight
When are they gonna get off their lazy asses and fix the built in wall hack?! Stupid valve, how can you expect your game to be fair when you allow workarounds to see through walls, in beta, AND in final.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Yager
10. Re: Doom Schloom Oct 10, 2004, 03:25 D4rkKnight

They basically say its a good space shoot-em-up, and if it was 30 bucks cheaper they would recommend it

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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Source Steam Release
94. No subject Oct 8, 2004, 04:00 D4rkKnight
CS:S is as fun as you want it to be, if you go in expecting good old CS with upgraded EVERYTHING you will be satisfied 110%.

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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Source Steam Release
85. No subject Oct 7, 2004, 21:34 D4rkKnight
1. Theres quite a few maps, I've seen about 6 or 7 so far, unfortunatly no assault (BTW the maps are redone, not just thrown into a new engine, they re-created them to make them more immersive)

4. You dont have to wait, you can download it right now, but you cant play it until release. The point of slow connections was to preload it so that you dont have to be downloading like 4 gigs come release...but you are going to have to download about 6cds worth of content if you purchase through steam sooner or later.

5. The games not out, so nobody can give you a HL2 box...

6. Theres no cheats...yet, there werent any for the entire beta period (except console commands which they removed) so dont expect any now. The headshots are a part of CS, insta death is very apparent in this game, and it seems even harder now then it was before in HL1 engine (I've been playing since beta was released)

This comment was edited on Oct 7, 21:35.
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