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News Comments > Guild Wars: Nightfall Dated, CE Details
11. No subject Aug 24, 2006, 15:37 D4rkKnight
Is this gonna cost $50 again?

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News Comments > Stronghold Legends Demo
13. No subject Aug 23, 2006, 19:54 D4rkKnight
This game uses the second games engine, not a bad thing the engine was never the problem. The nuetral estates that you can capture seem to be back, not bad either gives you contested lands outside your castle to fight for.

I did not like the king of the hill gameplay in that demo, normal castle siegeing is where the funs at and I wish they let us play a demo like that instead of throw troops into the center of the map kinda thing.

Dragons and mythical creatures...dont like them, at least the race that was given to us in that demo, I hate the stupid werewolf things that convert your troops thats goddamn annoying.

I liked the look of the frost race, but the whole summoning beasts and dealing with dragons and stuff was lame. Not really impressed with this demo, but I did play it until the game was over and enjoyed the little fights I got into, whenever the enemy sends mythical creatures the fighting just got boring, watching my troops getting burned by a dragon I can barely hurt, or converted while paralyzed like I mentioned before, more annoying then anything else. I much prefer the normal units of the past stronghold games then these mythical beasts.

The economy aspect of the game is very toned down, I built only basic food and resource buildings and never had any issues or complaints about popularity...the economy micromanagement ruined the second game but its pretty much taken care of now. Overall I'll look forward to this game, but it needs alot and i mean ALOT of work on the whole mythical creatures aspect to balance them out and make them enjoyable not only to use but to fight against.

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News Comments > Company of Heroes Demo
25. No subject Aug 22, 2006, 21:05 D4rkKnight
Soldiers was the last best WWII RTS (patched and running BTRH or Direct Engagement of course), hopefully this one can one up it because the soldiers unofficial sequel has been turned into an arcade type RTS game to appeal to the mainstream...of course this is based on the demo but it doesnt come even close to the greatness that was SHOWWII.

This comment was edited on Aug 22, 21:08.
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Gold
6. No subject Aug 15, 2006, 23:24 D4rkKnight
Do you get direct control over your units like soldiers as well?

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News Comments > Titan Quest Patch Plans
12. No subject Jul 3, 2006, 00:41 D4rkKnight
And then theres the people who are lucky enough to have the game work perfectly for them and label everyone else a whiner...

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News Comments > Silent Heroes Announced
2. No subject Jun 28, 2006, 00:09 D4rkKnight
spectacular game, the original that is...dont think it caught on over here, hopefully if they dont port this over it will at least be compatible with the US version.

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News Comments > Rome: Total War Alexander Dated
4. No subject Jun 11, 2006, 23:55 D4rkKnight
Focus on stategic multiplayer campaign for MTW2, not this crap!

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News Comments > New BF2 Map & Mode?
43. No subject Jun 10, 2006, 22:26 D4rkKnight
Using the unlocked rifle with the cutaway barrel you can do pretty good for yourself as a sniper. Your still not gonna insta kill everyone with one shot, a headshot sure but body shots take two hits. I think its a decent balance for a game where snipers could dominate if given the opportunity

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News Comments > NWN Support Ending?
45. No subject May 31, 2006, 01:05 D4rkKnight
Originally the game wasn't even going to have a single player storyline, just some 'tutorial modules'.

And I think this point should be stressed, because I do remember all that before the game came out. It was the negative reactions from the fans that had them including an OC, which turned out to be lackluster. To say NWN cannot be judged by its custom content is ignoring the entire reason this game was created.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Hitman: Blood Money
5. No subject May 31, 2006, 01:01 D4rkKnight
What do you mean the game telling you where to go? The missions are pretty open ended, the only one that "tells" you what to do is that first amusement park mission, which is just a tutorial really.

The only problem in that respect is alot of times the only solution is to simply kill your target, no fancy techiques or anything...but some levels, namely the opera and there are others, have very well thought out assasinations that feel oh so good to carry out.

This comment was edited on May 31, 01:02.
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News Comments > NWN Support Ending?
42. Re: ... May 30, 2006, 18:17 D4rkKnight

No... it doesn't. Community-made material cannot represent the official package.

Yes, it does. The original intent of this game was for its continued life through community support and Bioware/Atari patching. It has more then pulled through on its goal, and has secured its place in RPG history as a gem.

The demograph of this type of game is expected to reach further then the OC, visiting sites like NWVault and participating in a community of adventures and addons. It has exceeded anyones expectations, no matter how grand, in this respect.

It has enjoyed a reign of the largest community support for a CRPG ever in the history of video games, and as such, it has more then earned its spot in RPG history as a classic, not only accomplishing just this feat, but expanding beyond most RPG classics to provide countless more content then any other could hope to achieve.

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News Comments > NWN Support Ending?
34. No subject May 30, 2006, 03:49 D4rkKnight
With all the custom content in NWN, it definitly deserves its place amoung the other RPG classics you listed.

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News Comments > Op Ed
1. Why there are no indie video games May 27, 2006, 21:41 D4rkKnight
Good article, online distribution seems to be the best method of sparking indie game development, but as he mentioned this only applies to PC's, and without a box on a shelf how many copies can you really sell?

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Patch
50. No subject May 24, 2006, 03:45 D4rkKnight
I like that logic...just because lotsa people play it doesnt mean lotsa people are actually playing it.


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News Comments > Oblivion Thieves Den
9. No subject May 23, 2006, 03:11 D4rkKnight
Sounds like they actually made a plugin worth paying for.

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News Comments > etc.
4. No subject May 12, 2006, 18:44 D4rkKnight
Well its pretty much confirmed that Diablo 3 is in the works, and we know another is Burning that leaves a new WC or SC.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
11. No subject May 11, 2006, 18:26 D4rkKnight
I'm imagining a bunch of guys playing smash brothers with the motion controllers, jumping around like monkeys trying to beat each other up in a video game.

But in all seriousness it would be wicked in the Zelda game, sword fighting and all, for smash brothers I think i'd stick to the normal controller, which Wii will have btw, theres a picture of it out there, looks like the old SNES controller.

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News Comments > Saturday Tech Bits
1. No subject May 6, 2006, 19:47 D4rkKnight
long live open office.

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News Comments > Bethesda on Oblivion's Rating
52. Re: No subject May 5, 2006, 04:30 D4rkKnight
Does anyone remeber Daggerfall. It had boobs out of the box and a parent lock.

It had a M rating out of the box though

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News Comments > Guild Wars: Factions Live
10. No subject Apr 28, 2006, 20:32 D4rkKnight
Its a standalone expansion pack. Come on now you cant draw equivalence to a brand new game if its the same stuff just expanded. I, and many others, bought GW expecting these small expansion packs they promised. If that cannot be accomplished because of cash flow reasons, then a full fledged expansion is fine.

I already payed my $50 for GW. I have no intention of paying it again until they truly make a sequel.

This comment was edited on Apr 28, 20:33.
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