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Nickname Cyfun
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Signed On Mar 25, 2003, 03:08
Total Comments 34 (Suspect)
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
2. Re: Huh? Jun 28, 2005, 21:06 Cyfun
You said it.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
8. Re: ATI CCC Jun 20, 2005, 19:32 Cyfun
I wouldn't worry about the CCC. Pretty much everyone I know hates it with a passion, so even if ATI does package it with all the Catalysts, you just know that some enterprising person out there will bring back the vanilla Control Panel in a modified driver (Omega, DNA, etc).

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News Comments > Gold - US FlatOut
9. Physics Jun 3, 2005, 19:34 Cyfun
There are several patches out there that change the game physics to be more realistic, and therefore better. I couldn't give a rat's ass about the US PC version cause I already got a European copy, but I am looking forward to the Xbox version.

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News Comments > Driver to Return
4. Re: drIVer May 17, 2005, 15:05 Cyfun
(can I be the first to suggest drIVer?)

Lol, you just know Reflections saw that and was like, "omg, that's so much better than DRIV4R."

I'm just waiting for someone on the modding scene to port the original Driver to xbox. That and the original GTA.

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News Comments > Xpand Rally Bonus Tracks
3. Re: lamest tracks ever Nov 27, 2004, 00:14 Cyfun
Ahh cool, I love da jumps. Now all I need is a addon car that looks like an orange '69 Dodge Charger.

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News Comments > Knight Online Free
6. Knight Rider Nov 26, 2004, 12:46 Cyfun
Heh, when I first read the title, I thought it said Knight Rider Online

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News Comments > MTX Mototrax Demo
2. Re: So.. Nov 23, 2004, 13:49 Cyfun
Good question

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News Comments > Halo PC Patch
7. gah Nov 17, 2004, 02:38 Cyfun
Okay, this is retarded. The few people who aren't playing HL2 right now are playing HaloCE, not HaloPC. The increadible few who actually are playing HaloPC are playing it for the single-player experience, not the pathetic excuse for multiplayer. To top it off, the bug that occurs is already rare, and would require a malicious individual (Bill Gates) to cause it.

So we shall toss this on the top of the humongous pile of reasons for why M!Cr050f7 5UX0r!

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News Comments > NFS: Underground 2 Patch
21. Re: No subject Nov 11, 2004, 22:52 Cyfun
Not if the licensed vehciles can't take even a bit of damage. I have half a mind to go buy an RX8, slide into a telephone pole doing 60mph, then sue EA and Mazda for false advertizing cause my car took damage.

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News Comments > FlatOut Demo
37. Re: As mush fun as 1NSANE Nov 4, 2004, 02:00 Cyfun
I too am an alumni of Interstate '76, Carmageddon, and 1nsane, and I look forward to FlatOut being next on the surprisingly short list of good PC racing games.

This demo has plenty of obvious annoyances and bugs (autopilot, lack of seatbelts, and sounds copied from other games to name a few), but I'm confident that most of them will be fixed by the time its released.

Its obvious that FlatOut could easily be the HL2 of car games. There are just two main things that will decide it's success: network code and support for custom tracks/cars. I'76 and 1nsane (and Half-Life) were great games right out of the gates, but the reason that they stayed popular for so long (to this day, I still play them all, BTW) is that they had impeccable network code and they supported custom addons.

1nsane, unfortunately, wasn't too friendly to customization, and after numerous crippling bugs went unfixed for years, most of the community moved on to greener pastures. Its still possible to play it on GameSpy, but one must jump through many hoops just to get it to work reliably. 1nsane is a perfect example of a great game that had lots of potential but lived a very short life thanks to an appalling lack of developer and publisher support (I blame Codemasters much more than I do Invictus).

This comment was edited on Nov 4, 02:06.
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 = Fool's Gold
50. gaben...? Aug 29, 2004, 01:14 Cyfun
How can people say that this isn't Gabe's fault? Its not like this is the first time he's had HL2-related security problems *cough*9/30/03*cough*.

I mean, anyone who knows anything about password security knows NOT TO USE THEIR OWN F*********N NAME! He could of at least made it 'gabeN'.

Now can you honestly say that if you were screwing around on HL2Fallout forums and just for the hell of it, spent 10 minutes trying to guess his password, only to get it right after only 3 tries, you wouldn't take advantage of the situation?

This comment was edited on Aug 29, 01:19.
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 = Fool's Gold
19. gaben Aug 28, 2004, 13:22 Cyfun
FFS, he set his own password to 'gaben', so this can easily be blamed on him.

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News Comments > Site Seeing - Knight Rider 2
7. sequels Aug 20, 2004, 15:55 Cyfun
Well, its a proven fact that sequels are rarely better than the original, but I doubt that KR2 could be worse than the KR1.

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News Comments > Car Game Tease
1. Vehicle-based action game? Aug 9, 2004, 23:19 Cyfun
What on earth is a vehicle-based action game? Is that just auto-combat? And what could possibly be the "best selling simulation" that they refer to? Whatever it turns out to be, I doubt it'll top good ol Interstate '76.

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News Comments > Xpand Rally SP Demo
7. Re: Another mirror Aug 9, 2004, 10:36 Cyfun
Is it just me, or does the demo being 'revoked' want to make you play it all the more?

Edit: Thank God for

This comment was edited on Aug 9, 10:38.
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News Comments > NFS Underground 2
48. Drags Apr 24, 2004, 03:26 Cyfun
In my experience, the hands-down worst part of NFSU is the drag races. First off, the lack of ability to steer your goddam car is BS. The levels where you have to steer around those guard rails are ridiculous because you end up hitting them 75% of the time no matter when you start to turn, and don't get me started on the AI civilains that are impossible to steer around. Secondly, its near impossible to get a perfect shift off the line, simply because the throttle is too so insanely touchy (why the hell is the perfect launch RPM 400 RPMs above redline, anyway?). Third, the fun level of the drags is inversely proportional to your car's power. Once your car has some decent ponies under the hood, it takes pure luck to get Perfect Shifts from 1st to 3rd gear, and then once you get to redline in top gear, you still have a half mile left on the strip and the damn AI are passing you and you can't go any faster or else you'll 'splode!

I agree that this is without a doubt the prettiest car game out there, but I don't understand what the point of having a pretty car is if you can't look at it in a replay. You don't want to stare at it while racing, cause then you'll just plow into some idiot in a van crossing the road. I would spend an extra $10 on the game just to be able to take a few pictures of myself while out drifting. I wanna know what ucking fidiot decided that this should be the one car game that doesn't have replays. For crying out loud, even GTA3 and GTAVC have a crummy replay mode, and they aren't even considered car games by the developer. Thats why there is no out-of-the-box racing wheel or joystick support. A 3rd party program was eventually made to fix this, though.


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News Comments > NFS Underground 2
14. ; ) Apr 23, 2004, 11:18 Cyfun
Is this the sequel that makes the game fun?

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News Comments > Consolidation - GTA San Andreas Official
25. $)@#% Mar 2, 2004, 04:29 Cyfun
GTA3 was set in the 90s, Vice City was set in the 80s, so, logically, San Andreas will be set in the 70s. How much you wanna bet that in one mission, you'll be in a dark green fastback "Stallion" chasing a black "Sabre"?

P.S. PS2 sux, PC rules, Xbox is a'ight. Rockstar needs to get their head out of their ass and ditch Sony already. From the get go they limit themselves to the PS2's miniscule 32Mb of RAM, and then cars disappear whenever you turn around, even in the PC version!

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News Comments > New MTA
1. No... Feb 26, 2004, 14:12 Cyfun
This isn't MTA, its MTAMA, and its for Vice City, not GTA3. MTAMA a mIRC scripting and administration tool that lets you, among other things, add much needed game modes to your server.

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News Comments > Monkey Island 5?
20. Re: Dang... Feb 24, 2004, 00:48 Cyfun

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