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News Comments > DOOM 3 Duct Tape Mod
165. Toad is an idiot Aug 12, 2004, 21:02 S_DOG34
And 94% is higher than two of the games you mentioned. Half-Life 2 has not been released yet so do not be so pretentious as to mention that.

You really are dense. None of those games have been released yet. That's why I said "bring on the real FPS games of '04" as in "I am waiting for these games to come out because they aren't out yet". Of course 94% is higher than any of those games have gotten...they aren't done yet! And btw, I stopped giving PC Gamer any respect long ago when all of their talented writers (and the editor-in-chief) left and they revamped the magazine. Sometimes change isn't a good thing.

I can prove my claim that Doom 3 deserves respect with a list of reviews. Here is a partial list of Doom 3 reviews, all of which hold the game itself, including the engine in high favor.

First off, that doesn't prove a damn thing. Black and White was praised by every publication and website ever and almost universally hated in the gaming community. And guess what score PC Gamer gave it...94%. In fact, that ridiculous review of a very lame 'game' was the reason I canceled my subscription (actually it was just the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak). Despite all that, I think that Black and White deserves much more respect than Doom 3. That 'game' at least tried to do something new.

So tell me why, 8 years after the 3d FPS genre was created, that this game deserves so many accolades when it: has less than 20 hours of gameplay, has weak AI, offers no replay value, has very limited multiplayer support, AND doesn't offer a speck of new gameplay?

The exact same damn thing happened with Warcraft 3 (except it actually added something new to the RTS genre with the 'hero' characters AND it has pretty substantial multiplayer support). It was endlessly hyped and then got rave reviews from all the magazines and websites. Then gamers responded with a resounding 'meh'. Both games have a very "been there, done that" feel to them. This is the influence that companies with heavy pedigrees like Blizzard and Id have on games.

Doom 3 is an amazing game.

Ok, give me 5 reasons, other than graphics, that Doom 3 is the best FPS to come out in the last 3-4 years. Why does it deserve a better score (94%) than any other FPS during that time?

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Duct Tape Mod
163. Re: Also defending DOOM 3 Aug 12, 2004, 19:49 S_DOG34
To put it simply, you're a fucking idiot. Doom 3 is a damn fine game. It is not perfect, but it deserves respect. And to not give Id any credit AT ALL for it just shows your own ignorance regarding first person shooters in general.

The engine deserves my respect, and it gets it. The game deserves none and gets none. I give Id credit for making a gorgeous game engine and nothing more. Bring on the real FPS games of '04: HL2, SW Battlefront, MOH Pacific Assault, et. alia.

Suck it Toad.

Only one thing is infinite, Celestial Toad's stupidity.

- Several anonymous sources

This comment was edited on Aug 12, 19:53.
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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Source/Half-Life 2 Preloads
118. Re: American Aug 12, 2004, 19:11 S_DOG34
In parts of LA and San Fran, there are 10 in a 5 square mile radius.

I think your experiences with gaming centers are the exception rather than the rule. Well, it wouldn't be the first time that the silicon valley wasn't very representative of the rest of the US. I have lived in two major metropolitan areas in my life (Chicago and Toronto)and neither I nor anyone I know has ever been to or even heard of a gaming center. I am guessing that most of the other people on this forum will share my sentiments. Anyways, how many people who are revved up to play HL2 and have been keeping up with the news don't own a PC capable of running it? I don't think there are going to be big lineups at the local 'cool shop' (a.k.a. gaming center...where you can hang out with many other cool people while playing games!) to play HL2. It is exactly the same with movies as someone else already said. IF you buy a movie you cannot charge other people to see the movie without paying licensing fees. It makes sense to me.

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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Source/Half-Life 2 Preloads
113. Re: The Aug 12, 2004, 16:16 S_DOG34
You guy are missing a major point about valve and their gestapo steam system.

This is the cold hard truth, so listen up!

Like I said before, they hired a massive legal team to come down HARD on the game center industry. No other game company other than Valve, has pursued the full legal measures to bring a lawsuit against the game center industry. They have already sent out notarized letters to many game centers FORCING them comply and pay for the game center program or get sued. This is after the game centers have bought the individual copies. If the game center doesnít give Valve 1000s or 10000s of dollars, they might be shutdown. There is a grace period though, 10 days to uninstall. 99% will uninstall unless they have ghetto computers and only CS kiddies play there. Most of these places are run by seedy people, so they donít care if they operate legally.

A big legal show down coming soon!!!

The future of the game center industry is in jeopardy BECUASE OF STEAM and VALVE. This is not a stretch. Both IGAMES and Valve have hired lawyers to begin the process. This lawsuit will predict how future game companies can enforce additional licensing fees on anyone that makes money while renting or leasing time playing games, even after they purchased the software. Around 1991-1992, I think, there was a similar lawsuit between sony and blockbuster. Blockbuster won hands down BECAUSE renting games was covered by law, section 92 of some software law. (I forgot the name, sorry)

Most of you guys probably wonít care because you constitute 1% of the gaming populous. But if you every have time, go ask your local game center and ask about valve. I do this all the time, they are great guys. If they are honest, then you will know how critical these legal moves by valve will effect gaming in the future. Then you will know that steam is very very bad for the future of gaming and it stunts the growth of gaming.

Biting the hand the feed them!!!

You have to remember that most people won't be able play HL2 for years till they get their mommy's business 3Ghz Dell. Thatís where the game center industry comes in. They have supported Valve though the years, sponsoring events, making CS a global competition phenomenon. But now Valve is suing them?!??!?!? Who really supports the CPL and their CS leagues? Who has sponsored valve events and kept the interest in playing CS? Itís the game center industry thatís a part of Valveís success. BUT they are too greedy to realize that game centers help them. At least EA and Microsoft are smart enough to know this and allow for game centers to operate within there financial means. Shit, they even sponsor game center events!!! They love them!!! They even visit the events and play!!!

By the way, Iím American. Itís the "American Way" to sue people. Itís AS AMERICAN as your mom's apple pie.

I don't think I've ever read a post that made less sense. Can anyone else find a single coherent argument in there?

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Duct Tape Mod
160. Re: Also defending DOOM 3 Aug 12, 2004, 01:01 S_DOG34
Besides, what have you done for us lately Id?

Doom 3.

Exactly. Not much.

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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Source Beta Begins
18. Re: I am the greatest Aug 12, 2004, 00:51 S_DOG34
I wish someone could recreate the multiplayer experience that the original Rainbow Six game had. Now that game took serious skills to be good at. Half-Life 2 will probably rock the house, but I'm not banking on CS source or even CS 2 to be anything special. My guess is that the best MODS will be totally new.

Henceforth, I refuse to play any game that doesn't not require flashlight proficiency at least 50 percent of the time. Steady and consistent illumination is what takes real skillz bitches.

That is the funniest damn thing I have read in quite a while. Just as many of us predicted, the hype machine known as tech-demo charlie...errr...Doom 3 has come and gone in little over a week. You've got the world on a string Valve...don't pull an Id.

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Duct Tape Mod
158. Re: Also defending DOOM 3 Aug 11, 2004, 12:55 S_DOG34
Remember, if had not been for i.d. sofware and Carmack, you would not have FPS games.

Ok...Id made the first FPS game, I will definately agree to that. But to say that FPS would not exist if Id had not developed them is pretty short-sighted. If Id had not come up with the FPS then someone else would have. There are too many talented game developers out there to think otherwise. Besides, what have you done for us lately Id? I think the gaming community would be better if they just made game engines. They could crank them out at a faster pace and be more in tune with available hardware (and maybe they wouldnt have to charge $55 for the damn thing). What it really comes down to is the fact that other companies always end up making the better game with Id technology. Whatever...bring on the flames.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - DOOM 3
267. Re: What is going on? Aug 5, 2004, 12:50 S_DOG34
Anyway how the fuck are you going to revolutionise the FPS genre? EVERYTHING has been done to it, Doom3 is just going back to basics in gameplay.

That's what people were saying before the original Half-Life came out. Just because you can't think of anything new doesn't mean there isn't something new.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - DOOM 3
262. Re: The halflife Doom debate Aug 4, 2004, 18:34 S_DOG34
If you aren't playing for fun, (as you state you aren't) you are playing for the wrong reasons.

Don't be a dumbass. I said I want more than a fun (for a few hours) game when a huge (i.e. once every five years) game comes out. For fuck's sake hearts, solitaire, and the other games that come with windows are fun. So expecting Doom3, one of the two biggest games to come out in the last five years, to offer something, anything, new to a very tired FPS genre is asking too much? I think not. I am not disappointed because Doom3 wasn't fun (like I said, it's fun for a few hours, then it gets very tired) but because it offered nothing new. You're telling me that a game this long in development by one of the supposedly great game developers should be let off the hook when it doesn't offer a speck of new gameplay?
And since when did tired middle-aged black jeans and pantera t-shirt wearing nerds, perpetually stuck in a 1980s high school, become the self-proclaimed gods of computer gaming? But of course, you're right. I shouldn't ever expect a game to meet or *gasp* exceed expectations. And guess what my expectations for Doom3 were...nil, zilch, nothing. And guess what else...Doom3 met my low expectations. Since the original Doom came out, Id has not made a damn thing except engines. Quake introduced 3d gaming...blah, blah, blah. So what? That is evolution, not revolution.
I can think of exactly one game that I have played in the last 10 years that was not at any point fun (black and white...*shudder*). Almost every game ever made is fun in some ways (and I'm excluding crap like barbie surprise adventure and the like). So does that mean that every game is a great game? No. Does that mean that if I dont purchase and love every game ever made that I am not a true gamer? No. Does that mean that if I want a game to be more than throwaway fun then I am expecting too much? No.
Go home, feed your pet snake and/or tarantula, play Doom3, masturbate, and go to bed. And to quote you
Holy fuck you are really dense.
Thanks for playing though.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - DOOM 3
260. Re: The halflife Doom debate Aug 4, 2004, 14:44 S_DOG34
You have to be very sad in life to think this is just mediocre.

I guess we will just have to agree to disagree then. I's easy to be let down by games. Nowadays it seems like every game is a sequel, so that already brings alot to the table before the game ever comes out. Add to that the screenshots, updates from developers, movies, demos (sometimes), and you have an enormous hype machine that didn't exist 10 years ago. I think most of us aren't looking only for fun games when huge releases come out. We want to be blown away. Maybe it's unfair to put game developers up to that kind of a standard, but the console games seem to offer fresh takes on old themes all the time. Hell, I just spent almost 70 hours on Tale of Symphonia for GC and I don't remember the last time I had that much fun. And it was Zelda Windwaker before that. I love PC gaming and I want it to return to glory. So, I played Doom3, beat it, and thought 'Well, it was pretty good, but it wasn't that good.' My opinion coincided with what a number of people here posted...we are disappointed. We're not bashing Id, not bashing the people who like the game, we're simply saying 'Hey, I was hoping for something alot more interesting that would keep me coming back for a while'. Whatever...people are not just bashing the game because they enjoy not liking things and have miserable lives. And I specifically recall someone saying that Doom3 was the best FPS ever made, which in gaming terms equals the second coming of christ. Now that is the kind of thing a young first-time gamer might say.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - DOOM 3
258. Re: The halflife Doom debate Aug 4, 2004, 14:06 S_DOG34

You like all games huh? I can't imagine why anyone would disagree with you then.
And what does age have anything to do with people not loving Doom3 (I grew up with Atari and NES, so stfu before you start in on that)? I believe some pretty valid points have been made for why Doom3 isn't the second coming of Christ. What is Doom3 as a stand-alone product without the hype and Id's pedigree (they make good game engines at least)? Would you play the un-modded single player game again and again? In 2 years...5 years? Probably not. For fuck's sake accept the fact that some people think the game is only mediocre.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - DOOM 3
254. Re: yea right... Aug 4, 2004, 12:02 S_DOG34
No such logic was stated or implied except by you. Look for this little thing called a subject line. I know it's hard to see right there at the top of a post in bold but do try.

You are retarded right? I mean, you are typing from the common room of a mental institution correct? Okay, since you lack the ability to reason, I will walk you through it. It will be a long and complicated process....that must be why you missed it. You said:
For all those who are enjoying the game just remember those people who are posting silly and mundane negative comments are demoralized because they can not afford the game. Not only can they not afford the game they can not afford the latest video card etc. Whenever you see a negative quote from someone who has obviously not even touched the game just remember someone has to make that burger or deliver that pizza that lets you keep playing while all they can do on a five year old Pentium III is post a negative comment. The world has moved on but we still need street sweepers.
So, you're saying that the only people who don't like the game "can not afford" it. My comment stands that according to you only poor people wouldn't love Doom3. I figured with your Ph.D. in philosophy from Harvard that you would have been able to follow that logic. I guess us poor people give you too much credit. You should look into taking some debate/logic classes at your local senior center...they would help you out a lot. Provided that you could stand to be seen with poor people.

And btw, what the hell does the subject line have to do with your argument? If the subject line says 'I like cheese' and the text in your post is about genetic counseling then the two aren't really related are they? Your subject line was 'yea right'. Other than the fact that it's misspelled, I don't think that has much to do with our little debate.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - DOOM 3
237. Re: yea right... Aug 4, 2004, 01:49 S_DOG34
For all those who are enjoying the game just remember those people who are posting silly and mundane negative comments are demoralized because they can not afford the game.

Get over yourself. I would start in on you for such idiocy, but you're too much of a dunder-head to understand what I would write. Maybe when I am done delivering a pizza (because if you don't love Doom 3 you must be poor...nice logic buddy) to your basement apartment under your parents' house I will give you my full attention.

Btw...PC Gamer still exists? Those guys couldn't review their way out of a paper bag since the editor and all of the talent left (3 years ago?).

To the people who hate Doom3, which oddly enough hated far cry, painkiller, quake3 and probably bitched about CS, don't worry. HL2 will most likely be out in a month and you can bitch anew!

Who ever said they hated Doom 3? I believe some people are dissapointed and one guy said he would give the game a 7.4/10. With the exception of my rant on the guy who said Doom 3 was the best FPS ever (...yeah...) no one has attacked the people who love the game. Why are you guys all attacking the people who think the game is mediocre?

Valve can suck my left nut over all their craziness over the past year, but I'll eat my hat if HL2 doesn't turn out to be a better game than Doom3. Just a prediction.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - DOOM 3
227. Re: No new technologies? Aug 4, 2004, 00:31 S_DOG34
The real question is, 'How good would this game be without such great graphics?'

The greatest FPS of all time...for shame my man. You're the same guy who stood up at the end of 'Independence Day' and shouted, "This movie is better than Star Wars!"

I think companies should build engines around games, not the other way around. Still, it's a beautiful if repetitive FPS.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - DOOM 3
191. Re: Finished. Aug 3, 2004, 20:09 S_DOG34
"That's like giving me a girl with one boob and no vagina. Yeah it's fun, for about 5 minutes."

Yeah, that's probably about how long it would take your virgin-ass to blow a load. "OMG, a girl looked at me...oooooo."

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News Comments > DOOM 3 at G4
61. Re: No subject Jul 31, 2004, 01:53 S_DOG34
I don't know if anyone is reading this thread carefully, but apparently some BB stores have gotten the OK from activision to break the embargo on D3 and have put it on shelves early. Worth checking/calling your local BB tomorrow morning.



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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Imminent?
109. Re: So what's the word on steam? Jul 29, 2004, 12:54 S_DOG34
Great, so take it out on the publisher, not the damn developers, especially not developers like Valve who have given so much to the gaming community to be treated like shit for missing a release date.

As several people have already said, it wasn't that Valve missed the release date (by a whole year...*cough*). People are mega pissed because Valve kept confirming the date up until weeks of the release. And what REALLY REALLY pissed me off (and probably a few others) was that when the 30th came and went Valve said nothing. Wtf? If every member of the dev team suddenly came down with the bubonic plague and all their computers spontaneously combusted they still should have said something, anything, about their situation on the 30th. Sit back and really look at what a colossal fuck-up that was. If they were intentionally trying to piss people off they could hardly have done a better job. Deadlines/release dates are serious business to most of us. If we miss a deadline we get fired or fail a class. As such, we get pretty pissed when companies miss a deadline. Valve pulled the equivalent of 'the dog ate my homework' excuse.

Sorry professor, the dog ate my paper last night. Well, actually he ate it two weeks ago. I'm just telling you this now because I've been really busy. I know that the paper was due last week, but I'm going to have to rewrite parts of it, so I will hand it in next month...Ok?

The release date slip won't kill me. I waited umpteen years for it, so what's another year. But if people are uber pissed, I totally understand their complaints.

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News Comments > Reznor on DOOM 3
140. Re: No subject Jul 21, 2004, 17:56 S_DOG34
Haha space captain. The mental image I get of you furiously pounding on your keyboard to defend your 'honor' is priceless. For as well liked as you are on these forums I bet you are one helluva winner in real life.


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News Comments > Reznor on DOOM 3
63. Re: Now for my actual comment... Jul 21, 2004, 12:32 S_DOG34
Judging by the number of comments on this post, I would say that this tidbit of news is interesting to quite a few people.

Right...because long threads on this website are always on-topic and intelligent. Get a life dunder-head.

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News Comments > Reznor on DOOM 3
58. Re: Now for my actual comment... Jul 21, 2004, 12:25 S_DOG34
"Carmack on why the development team decided to use 11-point font instead of 10.5 in the Doom 3 manual."

Seriously...this Doom3 stuff is getting out of hand. I think we're really stretching for gaming news here...guess it's a product of the slow summer so far.

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