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News Comments > etc.
3. Re: etc. Jul 27, 2017, 14:16 Orogogus
From the article and just the title, it seems to me that House Party got axed because people complained, the same way that comments violating the rules usually get removed on Blue's boards when they get reported, not because they're necessarily the most egregious violations. Of course, people have been whining about double standards here for forever, too.

As for copyright violations -- you can violate copyright as long as the IP holder doesn't sue you. Witness Hasbro's extraordinarily lenient attitude towards third party Transformers toys.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. Re: 111 N.F.L. Brains. All But One Had C.T.E. Jul 26, 2017, 13:01 Orogogus
RedEye9 wrote on Jul 26, 2017, 12:35:
Mr. Tact wrote on Jul 26, 2017, 12:21:
Brain damage due to concussion is a serious problem in American football. That said, headlines like this are, in part, the reason news media is under increasing attack. The study is statistically invalid because a majority of the brains were donated because the person had shown signs of dementia or other symptoms. Anyone wanting to discredit it, wouldn't have to work hard. This despite the fact it is indeed a serious problem which needs to be addressed.
There is nothing misleading about the headline, study or article. I don't see how anyone could discredit the results.
The article even states “There’s a tremendous selection bias,” noting that many families have donated brains specifically because the former player showed symptoms of C.T.E.
Repeated trauma to the brain causes C.T.E., now maybe dipshits like Jerry Jones and parents who push their children into dangerous sports will take note.
“It is no longer debatable whether or not there is a problem in football — there is a problem,” Dr. McKee said.

Recognizing a "tremendous selection bias" doesn't make it go away. If this were an autism and vaccine study that relied solely on donated material, most of it from subjects who'd already showed signs of autism, you'd recognize the problem, wouldn't you?

The article does mention that even if these 110 positives represented all the positives from the ~1,300 former players who have died, an 8% rate (the article says ~9%, I'm not sure why; maybe they have a more precise total than 1,300) is still "vastly" higher than that of the general population. But it would have been nice if they had said what that general rate was.
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News Comments > Longsword - Tabletop Tactics Early Access
7. Re: Longsword - Tabletop Tactics Early Access Jul 24, 2017, 15:10 Orogogus
UConnBBall wrote on Jul 24, 2017, 10:23:
How does this not get sued into eternity by Games Workshop the instant this was thought of I am sure their lawyers got ready.

What do you see that makes you think GW? From what you said I'd assumed they'd ripped off Skaven, Chaos or maaaaaybe Orks, but no, it's a bunch of humans, dragons and undead. The units have as much to do with D&D as Warhammer, and it's not like GW owns the concept of turn-based fantasy games.
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News Comments > Sunday Mobilization
4. Re: Sunday Mobilization Jul 23, 2017, 23:37 Orogogus
If tailgating is the biggest cause of accidents, wouldn't that imply that cars are useless, not autonomous vehicles? What would be the difference between getting rear ended in an autocar and in a manually driven one?  
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News Comments > Fortnite Head Start Early Access Underway
10. Re: Fortnite Head Start Early Access Underway Jul 22, 2017, 11:13 Orogogus
Alamar wrote on Jul 22, 2017, 10:52:
DarkCntry wrote on Jul 22, 2017, 02:40:
Cutter wrote on Jul 22, 2017, 02:14:
And they want $60+ bucks to start for this? Fucking lol! There are already several dozen survival games that look miles better than this and are already 20 bux +/-. Yeah, I'd have zero interest in this even if it were free - which will probably happen in real short order.

$20 is the standard pack.....

As for Free, they will launch as a free to play game next year...everything now is just a paid-in head-start.

That link shows me a $40 standard pack...

Yeah. My understanding is that people who got in the alpha or the beta get $20 off, so maybe that's automatically being applied for them.
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News Comments > Age of Heroes VR Released
12. Re: Age of Heroes VR Released Jul 22, 2017, 03:50 Orogogus
The Half Elf wrote on Jul 21, 2017, 14:21:
5) Vive has more exclusives and is getting Skyrim/Fallout VR, while Rift is getting a Marvel combat game as an exclusive, but it seems there is software out there that allows for some cross play reguardless of the VR.

I don't think this is accurate. Right now I don't think there are any Vive exclusives, but there are a bunch of Rift exclusives. The Rift's exclusivity period is starting to expire on some games, like Superhot VR, which are now coming to Steam. But the Rift can run SteamVR games; I buy most of my Rift games there since the Oculus store is kind of garbage.

It's possible that Bethesda will go out of their way to make Skyrim, Fallout and DOOM Vive exclusive because of their lawsuits with Oculus, but I don't think it's been confirmed. The guys at Valve are on record saying a what a bad thing exclusives are for the VR industry.
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
12. Re: Evening Tech Bits Jul 21, 2017, 13:50 Orogogus
Creston wrote on Jul 21, 2017, 09:20:
When have you ever known the stock market to focus on ANYTHING except next quarter's profits?

Every time a hot dot com makes its IPO with profitability nowhere in sight, with a business model of hoping that Facebook, Amazon, or some other giant company buys them out.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
22. Re: Out of the Blue Jul 17, 2017, 19:09 Orogogus
jdreyer wrote on Jul 17, 2017, 18:40:
Actually it can be nullified. Great Britain and Japan both average less than one police cause fatality per year. We average 1000.

I think it's slightly higher than that for the UK.


It looks like about 40 since 2000, so a little more than 2/year. And their population is about 5 times smaller. So it's more like a hundredfold difference than a thousandfold. Go us.

I think Japan is, like, zero. As far as I know their police don't usually carry guns.
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
7. Re: Morning Metaverse Jul 17, 2017, 18:02 Orogogus
I would have appreciated notifications, and user IDs, back when I was in college and people would just leave their clothes in one of the two shared washer/dryers on our dorm floor. But I guess IoT devices on a campus would be some of the first to be hacked.  
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News Comments > U.K. Sales Charts
2. Re: U.K. Sales Charts Jul 17, 2017, 15:51 Orogogus
Four of those aren't available on Steam: Sims, Overwatch, Sims 4: City Living and Battlefield. So yeah, people are buying those elsewhere. And I expect GFK doesn't have access to Steam sales data, so that would knock out PUBG and the two CS titles on the Steam list. It would also explain why the Steam list has Stardew Valley up, since it was on sale. Shadow of Mordor was, too, but that game's been on $5-8 sale half a dozen times already, so I'm not sure why it got propelled up so high this time.

Aside from that, I think you can write up Football Manager as GB gamers being different. And on the Steam side, Fire Pro Wrestling World is probably a US thing.
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News Comments > MechWarrior Online Patch Tuesday
14. Re: MechWarrior Online Patch Tuesday Jul 17, 2017, 15:28 Orogogus
Earth Defense Force, EDF 4.1 being the latest iteration. It's a Japanese console/PC shooter, decidedly not a AAA release.

Videos of the Depth Crawler, a cute little Tarantula-like quad walker:

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News Comments > MechWarrior Online Patch Tuesday
11. Re: MechWarrior Online Patch Tuesday Jul 17, 2017, 15:08 Orogogus
I think the challenge was a lot lower back in the day just because the terrain in MW2 (and 3) was so flat, making animation less of an issue. Still, there are games that have 4-legged walkers. I know the latest EDF game had one, and that game has hilly terrain and caves to deal with. And there are Star Wars games with AT-ATs, although I don't think they go walking over any hills.  
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News Comments > MechWarrior Online Patch Tuesday
9. Re: MechWarrior Online Patch Tuesday Jul 17, 2017, 14:17 Orogogus
Primalchrome wrote on Jul 17, 2017, 11:40:
Much better even in beta than the old MechAssault games.

Do you mean MechCommander? Comparing to MechAssault seems about as relevant as comparing to... I don't know, the card game. Either of the old Crescent Hawk games would be a closer match.

Re: MWO: its large stable of 'Mechs notwithstanding, there's almost nothing else out there currently being updated. MWO, Hawken and the Mechwarrior:Living Legends mod, and I think that's it.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
24. Re: Evening Metaverse Jul 15, 2017, 23:11 Orogogus
Mr. Tact wrote on Jul 15, 2017, 13:25:
Orogogus wrote on Jul 15, 2017, 11:57:
I think the last point is more cogent than the lack of competition.
So, you think there are more ISPs which provide content than ISPs which have a broadband monopoly? We'd have to agree to disagree on that point. An even better transport analogy would be, imagine if one car manufacturer's cars were allowed to go 70 mph on the interstates but others were only allowed to go 45 mph. How long do you think that would last before the people rose up against it in mass numbers?

I think the monopoly is less relevant than ISPs providing content. The costs of laying infrastructure make the monopoly inevitable to some extent. And even if there were more competition there's nothing to suggest that the new ISPs wouldn't all go into business of providing content, or at least making deals with companies that do generate content. There are a lot of network and cable television channels, but nearly all of the non-premium stations have commercials.

The monopoly situation sucks for pricing and customer service and it's a big problem, but I don't think it ties directly into net neutrality.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
21. Re: Evening Metaverse Jul 15, 2017, 11:57 Orogogus
Mr. Tact wrote on Jul 13, 2017, 09:02:
Yes, in a perfect world, normal capitalistic forces would drive ISPs to be more responsible towards the consumers. However, you can't have the competition factors which might drive ISPs to be consumer focused when in a vast majority of locations there is a monopoly for broadband delivery. This becomes especially problematic when the ISPs and the content providers are owned by the same people.

I think the last point is more cogent than the lack of competition. Steam, Google and Amazon have more competition than my local ISPs do, but it wouldn't be okay at all for Steam to prioritize CS bandwidth over PUBG, or Google to screw with search results for iPhones or apps competing with Hangouts, Calendar, Gmail, etc. It's slightly skeezy that Amazon puts its own products at the top of search results, but one click changes the sort results and that's that.

Of course, given the lack of competition WaltC's argument is just insulting. It's like if airports were allowed to run their own flights and proceeded to dick over the other airlines. Well, you can always drive, says the tool of the corporate machine.
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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
4. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Jul 14, 2017, 23:56 Orogogus
MoreLuckThanSkill wrote on Jul 14, 2017, 22:53:
This title is misleading. The FBI was already investigating him for probably just being Chinese at a research university, and stumbled upon this inside trading. The browsing history is just icing on the cake, the spouse phone calls and following purchases in the mother's name are all the SEC needed.

Eh... there are a lot of Chinese in graduate programs. It doesn't seem like it would be a productive line of attack.

But yeah, he didn't get busted for his browsing history, he got busted for actual insider trading.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
12. Re: Evening Metaverse Jul 13, 2017, 10:55 Orogogus
My Internet service has absolutely gotten worse since 1997, when I first signed up. They are 100% throttling YouTube (and I assume Netflix, Hulu, etc.) -- after work, if I try to load YouTube videos, half the time they sit and buffer until they give up and default to something absurd like 144p. But this problem went away when I switched to Google's public DNS, and recurs if I switch back.

And it's also gotten more expensive, on the order of $25 -> $60. Every two or three years it goes up again because yet another promotional rate has expired, even though the last time I applied for one was in 2005.

Granted, it's also gotten faster, but I'd call it a net loss.
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
38. Re: Morning Safety Dance Jul 11, 2017, 21:27 Orogogus
Beamer wrote on Jul 11, 2017, 20:54:
[VG]Reagle wrote on Jul 11, 2017, 19:50:
GET a JOB. Stop doing drugs. Stop getting welfare. Obama is not your daddy. Here is hint for all of you Hillary loving Lib tarts. Trump is your president. Get on your knees and whoreship the greatest president to ever live. Repeat after me, I love &#10084;&#65039; big daddy Trumpster! Long live Trump!

Nice for you to stop posting negativity, anti-SC, and REMOVED posts long enough to tell us that we should worship a president, because that's a good thing.

It's hard to tell because not everyone follows their medication schedule, but I think he was being sarcastic. I don't think anyone on either side tells people to worship their guy. Usually you make your candidate out to be a reasonable person trying to do the right thing and the opposition to be insane animals.
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
14. Re: Morning Safety Dance Jul 11, 2017, 13:10 Orogogus
Beamer wrote on Jul 11, 2017, 12:31:
Timmeh wrote on Jul 11, 2017, 10:47:
RedEye9 wrote on Jul 11, 2017, 09:28:
It only gets better.ACLU Files Suit Against White House Election Fraud Commission

Yes because Democrats love to cheat and hide it then call everyone else a cheater.

That's the truth.

If the facts were on the table the illegal votes for Obama and Clinton would be far higher than anyone would believe. In fact a recent study showed that as many as 6 million illegal votes were cast for Obama in 2008.

That number is probably between 5-10 million for Clinton in 2016. If you are a democrat leftist Saul Alinskyite radical you clearly want that covered up forever.

I... I'm not convinced you know what a "fact" is. I am convinced you believe too much Alex Jones, though.

It's wonderful that you mention "the truth" then cite nothing.

It's just, you have to be willfully stupid to believe that it would be possible to put in 6 million rigged votes. Like, tens of thousands of precincts complicit, no opposing observers at any of them and none of the thousands of people involved blowing the whistle on a nationwide conspiracy that managed not to raise any statistical red flags.

If the Democrats had the logistical skills to insert 6 million rigged votes for the presidency, did they just forget to jigger the House and Senate votes, or the governorships?

I mean, basic, basic critical thinking skills here.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
26. Re: Re: Out of the Blue Jul 9, 2017, 02:41 Orogogus
jdreyer wrote on Jul 9, 2017, 02:25:
Orogogus wrote on Jul 8, 2017, 21:30:

You don't want kx to talk about his religion so much, but you can't leave it alone, either.

Seemed to me he was heading that rider off at the pass.

I thought kx's reply was more interesting than people bagging on his religion and baiting him yet again. It's not greatly different from right wingers who like to go on about the terribleness of Islam.
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