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News Comments > E3 2009 PC Wrap-up
19. Re: E3 2009 PC Wrap-up Jun 7, 2009, 22:45 Tomas
Love this list. Thanks for the work.  
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News Comments > APB Interview
2. Re: APB Interview Jun 3, 2009, 18:16 Tomas
Yeah, I've been really interested in this since I first heard about it. I wasn't aware of the 100 players thing, but now that I read the interview it makes sense and I can still see a lot of room for some pretty great mechanics and amazing gameplay. I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again: I'm really hoping this game is half as good as I think it could be. =)  
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News Comments > APB in "Early 2010"
6. Re: APB in Jun 1, 2009, 20:26 Tomas
I'm really hoping this game is half as cool as I think it could be.  
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News Comments > On ARMA II Bugs
27. Re: On ARMA II Bugs May 29, 2009, 01:24 Tomas
Seems like they had a hard release date.

I think you hit the nail on the head. I'm betting they had a hard budget or release date and their design had bitten off more than they could manage in that constraint. It's not by any means uncommon, but the good news is that they've shown in the past that they don't drop their support like many developers/publishers once the product hits the street. It does suck though...I agree with the comment about them needing to pull off a more or less solid release with ARMA 2 to really develop the cred that they needed. This will only hurt sales and future investment capital. However, again, I hope they do well enough and make enough sales to try again for ARMA 3. Hopefully at that point they'll be a bit more capable of pulling a game development in under budget/time constraint. It's hard...but they need to really tighten things up.
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News Comments > A Song of Ice and Fire Games
8. Re: A Song of Ice and Fire Games May 12, 2009, 22:32 Tomas
WoT multiplayer was actually kind of fun - granted I only played the free demo, but it was pretty cool how there were so many counters and other fun "pickups" in it. I'm not sure how the singleplayer was.  
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News Comments > Thief 4 Reveal Next Week?
22. Re: Thief 4 Reveal Next Week? May 4, 2009, 22:42 Tomas
Thief 3 would definitely have benefited from being in a city the size of those in Assassin's Creed. Some sort of hybrid between the two could really be amazing. But yeah, not enough info here yet to make a proper evaluation of what T4 will be.  
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News Comments > Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad
4. Re: Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad May 3, 2009, 14:39 Tomas
Sweet. I was a big proponent of RO:Ost so I'm happy to see they are sticking with that for game 2. Now I have to go find a copy of that mag...  
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News Comments > WoW on iPhone?
8. Re: WoW on iPhone? Apr 27, 2009, 01:20 Tomas
BTW, the video seems to be working again. I have to admit, if I had an iphone I'd probably want to have this too. I loved the AH. =)  
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News Comments > WoW on iPhone?
7. Re: WoW on iPhone? Apr 27, 2009, 01:18 Tomas
Hmm, maybe I'm just wrong, but haven't people been doing this for a couple of years now? I guess maybe not with a "proper" client, but this isn't the first case of someone using the iphone for logging in and "playing" WoW.

If I misunderstood I apologize. I do tend to scan things rather quickly when I only have a superficial interest in them. I've long since given up on WoW. Rest in peace my lvl 70 undead rogue.
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News Comments > WoW on iPhone?
4. Re: WoW on iPhone? Apr 26, 2009, 22:00 Tomas
What does it have to do with being authorized? If I have a PC game and play it on a mac is that wrong? I mean other than the fact that I'm using a mac? Maybe there's some weird thing in their EULA or something but it seems odd that anyone would care at all. I'd imagine they'd be elated to have more people playing their game more of the time.  
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News Comments > Killing Floor Announced
15. Re: Killing Floor Announced Mar 20, 2009, 22:20 Tomas
Just some info:

This project is not Tripwire's "Game 2" although this will be their second game released. This game is based on the Unreal 2.5 engine and was a project they picked up from a mod team who wanted to use Red Orchestra as a base for their mod. Tripwire basically counter-offered and told them they'd help them publish their game and bought the rights to it.

Tripwire's "Game 2" that most Red Orchestra fans have been dying to hear an announcement for is still in development and there is very little info about it. The safe bet is it is something along the lines of Red Orchestra, but since there's next to zero info out yet nobody knows for sure. I believe it's also fact that it is being developed in the Unreal 3 engine so the graphics will crush those in Red Orchestra and the just announced Killing Floor project (which actually looks great considering it's Unreal 2.5).

Anyhow, just some info for those curious as to what is going on. I was personally really bumbed at first since I thought this was the RO2 game they'd been developing. The good news is it is not, and it still might be something really cool so now I'm much happier. You can get more info on their new Killing Floor forums (which is where I got all of this).
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News Comments > THQ & PhysX
27. Re: THQ & PhysX Dec 22, 2008, 06:59 Tomas
After DX10..I'm not as excited about future DX releases as I might have been in the past

So long as DX11 supports XP I'll be interested. =) I've always been a slow adopter of new versions of windows. I was using 2000 until SP 2 came out for XP and even then I was loathe to "upgrade." I will admit though that after these last few years I've become more or less accustomed to XP - though the first thing I do with a fresh install is turn off all the XP gui stuff and get back to the nice classic win2k look and feel.

Oh, and to at least superficially stay on topic I would assume the reason we don't see physics mattering more in games isn't because the technology isn't there, but rather that from a design standpoint it's a huge pain in the butt. People complain about poor level design as is...imagine what things become like when players can blow up your levels. What a nightmare!

This comment was edited on Dec 22, 2008, 06:59.
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News Comments > 96% of Games Unprofitable?
25. Re: 96% of Games Unprofitable? Nov 22, 2008, 13:38 Tomas
Since I used to be in the games industry and my last title was a multi-million dollar indie game here's a few things I'd consider "facts" about making games. I don't expect most of you to believe me because this is, after all, BluesNews, the place for people who think they know how the world works. =)

It's not as hard as you think to get investment for a project if you have the right people talking. It's the same with the movie industry - there's a lot of well-to-do persons who think the idea of "making a game" or "making a movie" is awesome. They know nothing about how the industry really works but they do have money and the idea that they could be "making a game/movie" is a really cool thing to them and is a more powerful force than the possibility of losing their money. So getting funding, even if the shot at profit is really low, isn't really that hard, it just takes hard work. I've seen both movies and games funded several times so I know you can do it if you have the right people involved.

Movies don't make money. Well, most don't. Games don't make money. Well, most don't. So why do people make movies/games? Because we love the good ones and its extremely exciting to think you might be part of making that awesome product and the hoards of cash that come with it. Look at how many good and bad game studios fail after their first title or two. It's not necessarily because they made bad games and it's obviously not because they made tons of money. It's simply because their investment money plus the cash from sales finally ran out. Games simply aren't that profitable in most cases these days.

There are of course the studios that do make it and you can usually tell which they are after their first project, but even those studios are often only one title away from shutting down. If you need facts just look at the entire history of the games industry. This is why the big guys buy up little studios and eventually take over in both industries. Their plan is the same as the movie industry. You put out X products a year knowing that most of them won't be very profitable but you also know that you only need one or two big sellers and you're fine for next year.

Anytime you see a good game come out that is successful watch for that studio to get bought up by a big studio. Some will try to remain independent and if they have great management they might be able to do so for a while. The reason they are such tempting targets is because finding a solid development team is really hard. A mostly great team often isn't enough. Having great guys in most departments but incompetence in one or two areas can really hurt your overall sales and chance at survival.

While I think the 4% number is a bit misleading it's probably not that far off. I wish I had some data on the costs/sales of every game this last year. I'd bet that it'd end up being pretty close to that number. Remember that there are a LOT of games you've never heard of and many didn't even get released. Additionally, nany don't miss profitability by much so that 4% figure is not quite as bad as it sounds. Again consider the investment mentality. You try to spread your portfolio because you know some are going to be winners and some losers. Games and movies are the same. Most investors know that 9/10 of their investments will not return a profit but it's still worth their investment because the one that does turn profit makes up for the other nine.

I've brought this up before but it seems relevant again today. There's a reason we see derivative games over and over. Those studios that do make money are run by business people who have the data and know which types of games made money and if you want to make something that isn't on their list of proven recipes you're going to have a really hard time getting it approved. This is all because of the fact that many great games will never make money.

The costs of development these days has become so large that it is very hard to survive with a product that only appeals to a niche market. Many creative and some of the best games made fall into this hole. They aren't going to appeal to the masses. Sure there are a few exceptions but as a whole this is a truth. It's the exceptions though that make that group of guys with an idea and the drive to make a new studio time after time and try to make it work. Few people go into a new project thinking that it's going to only make a few sales and appeal to a small number of people. We all think what we like is clearly the best thing and therefore everyone should like it as well.

As for the 60% of the budget being spent reworking or redesigning a game I'd say that is also true. However, in most of those cases I'd say that the more redesign or reworking that goes into a project the less likely it is to make money or even be "good" at release. If the design was's often cheaper to drop the project and start over. It may seem counter-intuitive that dropping a huge investment in a project to simply start something new is cheaper but it's often true. The costs and complications of changing something that wasn't ever designed to be changed are usually far greater than expected. This is why sometimes adding that feature post release that the whole community is clamoring for isn't as easy as it sounds. Just because that feature is commonplace or is in other games and isn't that complex doesn't mean it is easy to implement into the architecture of every project.
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News Comments > Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Announced
12. Re: Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Announced Nov 3, 2008, 16:50 Tomas
And really...why no Russian and Japan yet?

As a side note I'm still disappointed that they changed the LAN feature. We used to have big LAN events all the time but not everybody owned their own copy - however a bunch of the guys ended up buying it over time for the single player and to play at home...but now we don't play anymore. Seems like a bad decision for Relic to me. All they did was ended a lot of guys interest in the game and stopped any future sales that were going to come from us getting new players to try it out. (We have a bunch of PCs at my house which were all installed with the game so people could come play with us)

This comment was edited on Nov 3, 2008, 16:54.
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News Comments > Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Announced
11. Re: Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Announced Nov 3, 2008, 16:50 Tomas
I think the reason games won't move away from WWII is simply because it was the most interesting period of war ever. With countries constantly changing the face of military tactics and technology there are just so many interesting facets to tinker with. Agreed on the modern war point - while it's less explored in many ways it's just less interesting in most cases. WWII plays a lot like a chess game where we keep adding a new pieces every few months to counter your best pieces. It's like a game designers perfect playground.  
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News Comments > New Mount & Blade Patch, Trial
4. Seriously, try this game Nov 3, 2008, 16:45 Tomas
I still feel bad for anyone who likes anything to do with fantasy or medievalness who doesn't try this game out. Sure it's not the fanciest AAA title but the combat is so fun. Now that they've released the modding tools I'm pretty excited for all the free new games I'm going to get to play for the next few months. BTW, you should have bought it back when it was 12 bucks!  
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News Comments > Call of Duty: World at War Beta Live
10. Re: Call of Duty: World at War Beta Live Oct 28, 2008, 23:49 Tomas
I thought maybe it was just me but yeah, the textures are really low res and it feels a lot less impressive graphically than COD4 but runs about the same. I haven't had much time with it yet though so I'm not sure whether its the new replacement for Friday Night Frag Fest yet.  
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News Comments > DX3 Dev: Deus Ex was "Kinda Slow"
60. Re: DX3 Dev: Deus Ex was Oct 22, 2008, 19:59 Tomas
*sigh* Worst news bit for Deus Ex 3 ever. I was cautiously optimistic before but now I'm not sure this will even be worth picking up. How can the lead dev make a boneheaded statement like that? Did he even play the first one?

This is the game that had my younger sister sitting beside me watching me play for two days straight because it was so "slow" and unmemorable. I can't name many games that someone else actually sat next to me and watched me play from start to end.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
12. No subject Oct 9, 2008, 03:00 Tomas
Congrats! Been here since 1998 myself. Not sure how I missed those first years and survived! Here's to hoping that the next dozen are just as great. =)

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News Comments > X3: Terran Conflict Delayed Again
13. No subject Oct 6, 2008, 16:10 Tomas
How did you guys play X3 without the manual? I had to read and re-read that thing like 10 times to understand and figure everything out. There were a few things I just didn't get and it took a lot of looking around to figure out. It's definitely a complex game but I always enjoy the X stuff even though I never really do the story or get that far in it (I usually duck out around 30-40 hours or empire building but that's par for most games for me). All in all I'll probably buy this one too when I can afford it.

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