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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
1. Sasser Sep 21, 2004, 14:16 WebDemon
Now that this loser has a job, maybe all the companies worldwide that lost millions because of his fucking worm should sue this little shit for every penny he earns from now until doomsday. This piece of shit should be in jail NOT gainfully employed.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Star Wars Battlefront
28. Re: No subject Sep 21, 2004, 14:01 WebDemon
It's got it's good and it's bad. Good=Star Wars Bad=everything else in the game. Overall it's amazingly craptastic. It's looks nice but nothing special, the AI is even stupider that BF1942's which is hard to believe, and the vehicle control on some vehicles is bleh. Damn shame too, I couldn't wait to rain fire and brimstone with an AT/AT on Hoth, instead I ended up bored silly. The console whores will probably love it becuase they don't have 500 shooters to compare it with but as for it being good on the PC, well no. Stick to Battlefield, play the SW mod for UT2K4, and hope that they continue to improve the Galactic Conquest mod for BF1942. It has potential to be awsome mind you, provided A LOT of tweaking is done but I gotta say to you all pass on this one. I hereby declare Just another example of Lucas milking the Star Wars cash cow again to coincide with the release of his newly ruined original trilogy.

This comment was edited on Sep 21, 14:11.
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News Comments > Valve versus Sierra
112. Re: Sierra sucks Sep 20, 2004, 20:43 WebDemon
"To keep the retailers happy. If they charged less, EB/Gamestop/Best Buy/Circuit City/whoever sells games would lose a whole lot of sales. Charge the same price, however, and Steam becomes just another method of distribution with no clear advantage over going to Gamestop and buying the game in person."

All it will take is for one dev release a major title via online distribution and the final sales numbers will speak for themselves. Yes the price to DL HL2 WILL probably be too high if no the same as retail. That was probably an attempt to head something like what's happening off. A case like this is going to make a lot of devs look into their distribution contracts in the future and should Valve win, this might be the touching off point for Online distribution. Personally if I had a choice between $49.95 at retail and $29.95 online, guess what I'm going to pick. The prices used are just as an example but you can see where this is going. This, like the RIAA, is an attempt to maintain their hand in the cookie jar, or better still, slow things down enough so that they can play catch up and figure out a way to gouge consumers in this new medium. Hence we have 99 cent music downloads which are still laughable because you'd be paying about the same to DL a whole album as you would pay retail. This is going to be a long, ugly fight. I wouldn't expect to see HL2 until this is all resolved.

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News Comments > Valve versus Sierra
62. No subject Sep 20, 2004, 14:31 WebDemon
Another example of a lumbering Dinosaur fighting it's inevitable demise. Online distribution of games and music came of age years ago. Companies like Vivendi are the reason that we can't utilize it unless it's illegally like file sharing. What stuns me time after time is that rather than read the writing that's been on the wall in 12ft high letters written in blood for years and adapt, they'd rather spend millions in courts across the country just to keep the old status quo alive. Look at the RIAA, they haven't even made a dent, despite sueing 11 year old girls and grandmothers. If Valve wins this case, it's going to be a BIG wake up call to a lot of corporations that change is here. And if they think they'll be getting $49.95 for a downloadable product with no CD, no manuals, nothing, then they'll be in for yet another shock. The days of the middle man and the huge mark up at retail(EB games) are numbered me thinks.

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News Comments > Mortyr 2 Demo & Movie
11. Re: No subject Sep 17, 2004, 04:03 WebDemon
"Didn't even know anybody was making this."

Would you fess up?

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Release Candidate
44. Re: No subject Sep 17, 2004, 03:43 WebDemon
"illiterate ramblings on why the illuminati doesn't want us to play HL2"

Hey lay off man. The Illuminati is a good band and I think they're touring right now so I don't think that they've got time to keep us from HL2 anyway.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
4. Re: SpaceShipOne Sep 15, 2004, 06:16 WebDemon
"I am SO excited about SpaceShipOne"

Yeah me too. After the last flight, the sheer magnitude of this really sank in with me. It almost feels how I imagine it must have in the Golden age at Edwards when it was still Muroc Dry Lake, and guys like Yeager, Crossfield, Ridley, and Murray were Gods. All those years before mercury when everything was happening at a breakneck pace (Literally). The ramifications of Rutan pulling this off agian, and then doing it more and more as his designs progress are going to change the face of civil/commercial aviation much like the jet engine did. The change within 2 or 3 decades will be dramatic. Think of the change in the last 30 years. Not much save for computer technology and safer, more efficiant jet engines and composite materials. Bigger aircraft are just around the corner from Airbus but in reality, the Jet engine was the last "quantum leap" forward in Aviation (barring space tech). Face it, the guy has done with less money than it cost Boeing to desing the 777, what costs NASA Billions to accomplish. I've followed Burt Rutan for since Voyager and I'm convinced that the world hasn't seen an aircraft designer like him since Jack Northrop or Howard Hughs. A success this month is going to put him and that little plane in the history books as a milestone AND a major turning point. Mark my words, it just FEELS right, like it's time for this move forward. This may not translate into "spaceflight" for us all in our lifetimes (I'm 35 now), but technology for, and research into hyper-sonic flight is about to leap ahead light years. I'd say inside of 30 years, New York to Tokyo in 45 minutes will be a day to day reality. It always exciting to watch history unfold. Now, if we could just get to mars...

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
11. No subject Sep 14, 2004, 14:57 WebDemon
Is it me or was ATI's comments on SLI laughable? Sounds like a company frightened by something it might have missed to boat on.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
7. No subject Sep 11, 2004, 13:53 WebDemon
Simple solution, build your own media center PC like I did last year and problem solved. They can legislate THAT right up their collective asses. What's next? Pulling the record button off of the VCR? It all boils down to control over your TV. Up here the CRTC is looking into "ala carte" cable, where you pick and only pay for the channels that you WANT. Problem is, the cable companies are going nuts because they're screaming that this system will kill off a lot of the specialty channels and the ad revenue that comes with them because nobody watches half the shit that they are paying for. A couple of years before that they tried "negative billing options" which were simply channel bundles used to push the shit nobody wanted. ie: if you wanted to keep Discovery channel, then you had to get crap like Home and Garden, Golf TV, and The Women's Network. If not, then you lost Discovery. Except for the core channels, just about everything fell into bundles. Nice scam, but consumers tore them a new ass and took it to the CRTC which put them in their place in short order. It's just like music kids, the old business model is crumbling and they're doing EVERYTHING they can to maintain the staus quo.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Preloads, Part 3
29. No subject Sep 11, 2004, 13:25 WebDemon
I've got a bridge and some magic beans to sell anybody that thinks paying the same price as a hard copy for a download is good value for money. The Steam version needs to be cheaper just by way of, no distribution, no cd, no manual, no box, nothing but some data that they probably won't allow you to burn to cd anyway. Then again there are the sheep that actually pay to download demos and think it's a good deal so. Sorry kids, but for $60 plus dollars or more, I want something in my hands to show for it.

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News Comments > BF Vietnam 1.2 Details
3. No subject Sep 10, 2004, 16:37 WebDemon
BF:V had great potential when it came out, but it never really played as well as bf1942 for some reason. I don't think I've played it since about 3or4 months after it came out because I went right back to Desert Combat. That Mod just seemed to dial 1942 right in. Bring on BF2!!

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News Comments > Carmack on Retirement
12. No subject Sep 9, 2004, 13:25 WebDemon
Good on him. He's young, rich, and has some other things he wants to persue. Hell, many is the day that I thought about the same thing. If I had that kind of scratch I think I'd call it a day too and just enjoy the rest of my life with my family. Nobody writes and engine like Carmack though. His packing it in would be like losing the Jimi Hendrix of gaming. There'll be an amazing body of work left behind but we'll always wonder what might have been.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Status
24. Re: No subject Sep 7, 2004, 13:43 WebDemon
I'll believe it when I see it. NO MORE HALF LIFE NEWS UNTIL GOLD!! I can just see it now, "uuuhhhh, VU sent our RC back because... blah blah blah.. stolen this or that...blah blah blah... send up of another tray of juicy babies...blah blah blah... Gabe's farting destroyed the first dozen levels...blah blah blah... Q1 2005 release.

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News Comments > MoH: Pacific Assault Demo
27. No subject Sep 3, 2004, 16:24 WebDemon
It was just the usual, heavily scripted MOH game although with a great facelift. Everything turned up as far as it allows and it looks great but you better have the system for it. Intense battle but like I said scripted to death. That's my only real beef with the MOH series, they're more like playing a movie than a game. Considering that we've always seen the movies that they lift the scripted scenarios and dialogue from well before the game comes out I'm not surprised. The Pearl Harbor map is probably chock full of things right from the movie. Hell I'll bet you end up shooting down planes from a bombed out tower ala Tom Sizemore. Why not? You were Tom Hanks on Omaha Beach in Allied Assault and you even got to spend a little time as Jude Law in COD. They are always a fun ride though. More of the same really but it'll be fun to blast through nonetheless.

Still it's awful frickin big for a demo this short, but it looks like it'll be out in a DVD edition as well that looks to be pretty expansive, and probably expensive too.

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News Comments > MoH: Pacific Assault Demo
19. Re: 530 Megs for... Sep 3, 2004, 15:15 WebDemon
"5-10 minutes of playtime"

You're kidding right? Oh well, at least it's demo before release.

This comment was edited on Sep 3, 15:20.
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News Comments > MoH: Pacific Assault Demo
17. No subject Sep 3, 2004, 15:04 WebDemon
Holy crap 534mb used to be a whole game! This'll probably come out on half a dozen cd's too. Pulling 422/sec from Filefront WITHOUT a subscription but lets not go there again. Hope this is good.

And yes, system spec sigs are lame.

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News Comments > Mac KOTOR Gold
15. Re: No subject Sep 2, 2004, 21:00 WebDemon
"Or compositing which gives you Shake, one of the best compositing applications around, or Maya, the most popular 3d modelling and animation package around"

Maya IS the best considering on the Mac, it's a port of a program that's been on PC and Irix since '98/'99. And there's plenty out there that blows Shake out of the water. Most of which doesn't run on a Mac.

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News Comments > Mac KOTOR Gold
10. No subject Sep 2, 2004, 15:47 WebDemon
Macs are overpriced shit computers that are built solely for people who wear hockey helmets and take the short bus. They replaced my G4 at work with a Pentium finally and I gotta say, Avid has never run better. At apple Design is king and little else.

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News Comments > Gold - Star Wars Battlefront
7. Re: Could be a hoot Sep 2, 2004, 14:48 WebDemon
Yup agreed, demo first or no sale. Something along the lines of an official Star Wars BF1942 type game should be getting a lot of press but it isn't. Star Wars games tend to be hit and miss as to whether they're good or not too so I'll wait and see. It's got the potential to be great though.

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News Comments > DICE Traumatized
17. No subject Sep 1, 2004, 12:35 WebDemon
Frank already said on the DC forums a while ago the 0.7 was going to be the last DC release and that he was leaving it up to the community to finish if they so desire. He wouldn't go into the reasons for not finishing at the time but everybody already knew Trauma's worst kept secret. These guys made BF1942 a whole new game in a lot of respects, and they made it better. Having played DC since it's first release, I have high hope for BF2.

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