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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Today - No Exclusive
27. No subject Aug 29, 2003, 02:43 Rictor
I'm more influential than W? Since you called me a a zealot, and I seemed to be the one making the arguements during the discusion, you must be reffering to me and those like me? Are you saying that we have some sort of influence, outside the world of gaming? Or within thw world of gaming? It was the webmasters who achieved the results, not us.

And Blue+others said they would not carry the demo even after the exclusivity expired. Now, there is no exclusivity at all, so the objection is gone.

And do you realy think the extra hits generated any significant revenue? Maybe like 5-10$ extra, but so what. In perspective, thats almost nothing.

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Today - No Exclusive
10. No subject Aug 29, 2003, 02:23 Rictor
Hey Blue, will the participating websites be carrying the demo now? Since it is no longer exclusive, I think you should.

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Open Letter
356. No subject Aug 29, 2003, 02:17 Rictor
Oh yeah, communism. Have you really been so brainwashed, so as to believe than anything free is the work of subversive Russian communists? Do you download music? Is that communism?

I don't want to see big corporations (not saying Gamespy is one, just in general) getting richer and richer from my inconvenince. Have you seen Fight Club?

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Open Letter
350. No subject Aug 29, 2003, 02:05 Rictor
"To be honest, I wasn't downloading demos prior to 1993. I got my demos from game magazines. Wait, thinking back I paid for those. Seems likes its the free demo that is actually the new creation..."

You paid for the disc they came on, and the magazine which was indluded. The demo itself, was free. Had you chosen to download it, you would not have paid. If your friend had a game disc with a demo on it, you would be free to copy the demo and install it on however many machines you wanted. So it was free, minus the distribution.

"There are two fundamental flaws in this logic. The percentage who buy the product vs download the demo online for free is likely > 100%. Also, its actually possible that a demo could discourage someone from buying a product."

#1 Yes, but if someone buys the game, the publisher gets 50$ (less, but maybe 30$). I doubt that the bandwidth costs for a single download are 30$. Besides, the game publishers don't even pay for the bandwidth, so they're getting advertising for free.

#2 If the demo discourages users from buying the product, and the publishers know this, then not releasing a demo would be misleading and would be frowned upon.

You say that I am a zealot. I have to be more energetic then the opposing side, in order to affect change. If you like things the way they are, then you must put in less effeort than me, since you only have to maintain the status quo. Though be both feel equally strongly for our sides, I have to put in more of an effort, since your job requires less effort in order for your side to prevail. I feel very strongly about just letting things which I percieve to be injust pass me by. If it requires a few posts ona message board to make my opinion heard, than thats what will happen. I don't think that makes me a zealot. Make sense?

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Open Letter
330. No subject Aug 29, 2003, 01:28 Rictor
I don't know what you're talking about with the libre and gratis definitons. I have only refered to gratis, as in "not paying", never libre, though I'm not sure you have really shown the distinction.

Anyways, yes, I expect content to be free. Gamespy is not simply trying to stay afloat. They have many employees, wo are, more or less, payed to play games. If the listed sites can provide bandwidth free of charge ("not paying"), then I don't see why Gamespy, who makes revenue from their Arcade products, should make user pay. Well now, you say, they don't make you pay. Well, have you ever stood in the non-subscriber lines? It is so inconvenient, that it really defeats the purpose. The reason that newspapers and magazines cost so much, is mostly due to printing and disitribution. How many online news (RealLife news, as in in CNN, The Guardian etc) websites do you see charching for content? They may require you to sign up, but there are very rarely subscription costs involved.

The point here is not to see which website can make the best deal with the publisher. This is ultimately harmful to the end-user. The assumed norm, whether you choose to accept it or not, is: Publisher releases the demo, available at the same time to anyone who wants to download. Gamers download. A percentage of those gamers buy the product, thus creating a return on the advertising investment.

This is the way the industry has worked for over ten years, and you purpose that now, when the games industry is making more money than ever, is the time to change this?

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Open Letter
307. No subject Aug 29, 2003, 00:54 Rictor
"Are you suggesting that any company who gives away a free promotion to their own customers should make their free product at all other competing stores as well, just to be "fair"? Have you people gone MAD?"

I think you are confusing a developer and a distributor. Activision's competition is other game publishers, like Sierra or Infogrames. How, by distributing their demo on the Internet, are they helping their competitors? Activision is not competing with 3DGamers and Bluesnews, unless it starts a pay-to-download service, which it has not done.

Scottish Martial Arts: I always get 150-200 kb/s on Worthplaying, and it is never down. 3DGamers rarely (once or twice in 6 months or so) has broken links. Filefront, GamersHell and Fileshack have a nice "capacity" indicator, which basically says that "this is how much bandwidth we can support, sorry if you didn't get in". If you do get in, which most people do, the speeds are (Filefront specifically) very good.

Oh and, then theres BitTorrent, which, after a few hours, has great speeds (100kb/s+) and is always up. I think that there are many sites, including the above listed, which provide the same service (or better) than Fileplanet, for free.

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Open Letter
294. No subject Aug 29, 2003, 00:37 Rictor
"We are definitely trying to hurt the distribution of this free product. We don't want to work out a deal ourselves for an exclusive, though this is likely possible. We expect everything for free."

#1 If you state that its a free product, then it should be available, by definition, to everyone at the same time and under the same conditions, for free.

#2 So you think that every gaming site should work out an exclusive? Maybe we can have 10 different demos, and the developers can spend 6 months getting all the exlusives ready. Get real. Or, they could release 1 demo, free of chare to everyone, and the EVERYONE is happy.

#3 You suggest that these sites are harming the distribution of a free product? And Fileplanet, they're not? All of the above sites have always hosted demos for free, while Fileplanet requires you to pay for the same amount of convenience.

Once again, let me repeat this. It is EXPECTED that demos are free. I don't care if Webster's defines it that way, that is the way the gaming public defines it, and has always defined it. And you suggest that we let a few greedy webmasters change that defintion? Demos, though they may be fun, are a merketing tool. They are not (or rarely) a service meant only to entertain the gaming public. The companies put out the demos so that people will buy their products. This is the same as paying money to watch a TV commerical.

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Open Letter
285. No subject Aug 29, 2003, 00:23 Rictor
Blue, and whichever webmasters of the participating sites are reading this: I urge you to ignore the trolls, the rants, the circle logic etc, and stick to this. This is the among the first signs of joint action I have seen on the part of the game community to stop something which is unfair. The websites listed provide (I assume) a very large, something like 70%, of the total bandwidth deidacted by gaming sites for demos. Without them, a bottleneck will occur, and we'll have 5 hour waiting lines at Fileplanet, just like for the Planetside trial. Stick to it, this is something worth seeing out.

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Open Letter
241. No subject Aug 28, 2003, 22:56 Rictor
"hey wheres dan? i think that guy from bluesnews found him near jane and finch and is raping him in a near by ally"

Ah, I see we've got some Torontonians here. :):)

#240: Yeah "business is business" can be used to justify alot of crappy things. Business or not, I think that its unfair. If you let them, how far do you think businesess will go to make a profit? What Fileplanet is doing isn't illegal, its just unfair..

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Open Letter
238. No subject Aug 28, 2003, 22:46 Rictor
Its cool that you're still going to carry the news. Very sportsman-like and all that. I respect the decision, and I can see where you're comming from. As I've said, maybe a bit in-effective, but keeping your integrity is more important.

And 234: Just because the world isn't fair, doesn't mean you should let anything slide. According to that theory, since the world isn't fair, all the murderers, rapists and such should be able to do whatever it is they do, without opposition. The world is not fair, but you should constantly strive to make it so.

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Open Letter
222. No subject Aug 28, 2003, 21:59 Rictor
Hey Blue, I have a few suggestions for you. First of all, you should include the Bit Torrent websites who support this action, on the list. Especially Filerush, since they deal almost exlucively in demos. The more websites are listed, the stronger you case becomes, and I think that the FileRush staff has certainly deserved it.

Secondly, as I've said, you should consider not carrying news of the demo. This way, if people don't find it on 3DGamers or Worthplaying or wherever, atleast they won't be pointed to Fileplanet with a big neon sign. I respect your choice to be a fair player, but I think a case can be made for counter-productivity here.

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Open Letter
209. No subject Aug 28, 2003, 21:37 Rictor
Hey Morgan. You can deicde for yourself where the line is. You think I'm just an idealistic hippy? Ok, your choice. as I've said, its my choice not to let them take from me what I think is not theirs to take. I'm not concerned with "fighting the man". I'm concered that if I keep letting them, the companies will keep pushing and pushing, until I'm paying for the privilege of walking down the street. So go ahead, buy your Starbucks. And go ahead, pay for demos. And at the end of the month, when you wonder where you hard earned money has gone, when you simply wan't to download a demo of your favorite game, I'm sure the world will be more than happy to give you your money back. After all, you made them rich in the first place.

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Open Letter
188. No subject Aug 28, 2003, 21:15 Rictor
Simple question. Why is air free? Where is it defined that air is free? You just take it to be free since it is the expected norm right? Well, would you ever pay for air? Do you think it is right to profit from something to basic? Would you support a company that markets air, and everyone who won't/can't pay for it get shafted?

Exactly. The Internet is getting too commercial. I resent that everything nowadays is part of a corporate agenda. I resent that cofee costs 5$ cause it comes in a fancy cup. I resent that pretty much anything is open to commercialization, and if you don't have the money to pay for it: too bad. These companies are rich enough, without having the screw me for their daily bread. This is why I download music. This is why I download films. This is why I will not pay for demos. And you know what? The vast majority of people under 30 think like me. Companies have the right to try to profit from you, can't blame a guy for trying right? But you are advocating letting them get away with it. And thats no gonna happen cause, evidently, people won't stand for it.

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Open Letter
177. No subject Aug 28, 2003, 20:59 Rictor
Its the principle of the thing. There are certain things which, when commercialized, cross the line as to what is and what is not open to commercialization. People do not want to pay for, say, air, no matter how good it is, pure it is, and especialy if the company involved makes the air avaiable only from them, at a price. Demos are by defeinition free and who gives these people the right to profit from something that is supposed to be free. The air example is a bit extreme, but its the same principle.

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Open Letter
166. No subject Aug 28, 2003, 20:39 Rictor
Hey,AIX Hood: I too noticed that the Bit Torrent websites like yours are missing. I don't think that it an intentional blow against you, just and oversight. I for one really enjoy you hosting demo files, since they are the fastest way to go most of the time. I can only recommend that Filerush also not host the demo, since this significantly reduces the chances of someone getting the file. I don't think people realize just how many folks rely on BT to download files. Well, they will now :):)

Another point I have to make, though I hate to do it: wouldn't this action serve to increase Fileplanet's sunscriber base and profit them, since people will be (more) desperate to download the demo, and as it is not available anywhere else, where are they gonna go? I don't think this number will be anywhere near the number of people who miss out on the demo, since most people aren't dedicated enough to go around the Internet looking for it if it is not readily available. I think that there is a good share of people who don't even know the demo is comming, but rely on news sites to inform them of the demo availability and download loactions. In that sense, I think all you guys (the websites mentioned in the open letter) should also not carry news of the demo. I know you said that you will, but I don't think its a wise move

All in all: Bravo guys

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News Comments > Call of Duty (Exclusive) Demo Plans
22. No subject Aug 26, 2003, 15:59 Rictor
And there's usually a way around te key aswell. We'll see. I can wait a week or two if it comes to that, but I think that won't happen. Remember the Freelancer demo? That was "exclusive" too, until people bitched enough and Gamespy released it for free the same night.

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News Comments > Homeworld 2 Gold
3. Woot Woot Aug 25, 2003, 14:59 Rictor
Wow. HalfLife 2, Worms 3D, Prince of Persia, Homeworld 2, Max Payne 2, Deus Ex 2 (possibly)...we're in for one hell of a holiday season :):)

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News Comments > Ultima X: Odyssey Announced
26. No subject Aug 22, 2003, 12:42 Rictor
I agree with small garlic

They cancel UO2, which loookd to be way ahead of its time, then a few years later decide to start development again on almost the same thing? WTF?

The gaming public got robbed of a great game, and the Origins team got fired, effectively getting rid of the last opf the original crew. Not that I've ever played the Ultima games, but these people obviously knew what they were doing, and they got fired for it...

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News Comments > Freedom Fighters Demo
20. No subject Aug 21, 2003, 21:02 Rictor
You have to raise the American flag instead of the current Russian one. When you're on the top of the building, with the helicopter, its right there. It took me a while to find it too, probably because its so obvious:):)

I love the fact that you get to run and gun, snipe and use the bazooka. Lots of variety just in one level. The Tank (actually I think its an APC or something) is pretty easy to take out. The first time, I didn't even use rockets. Just stay out of its firing arc and chuck grenades at it. About 4 kill it I think.

Oh and, the friednly AI is the best I've ever seen. Really good job on that.

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News Comments > Freedom Fighters Demo
18. No subject Aug 21, 2003, 19:33 Rictor
I've played it and finished it, and its a pretty good game. My only complaint is that the aiming isn't "right", I don't exaclty know how to describe it. That, and the game tends to get really slow FPS for like half a second here and there, you guys know what I'm talking about, right?

I died several times by the first group of guys, then I started being more slow and tactical. I take out 1 or 2 guys with ALT-fire, and then send in my squad to do the rest. If anyone hasn't figured this out, F8 access your med-kits. You can use them on yourself or on your teammates (when they're on the ground and need medical help) and they really help out ALOT. I couldn't imagine finishing the demo without them. By taking it slow and steady, aswell as letting my squad take alot of the heat (no more than me, but I'm not about to be the sole target here) I have managed to finish the demo in 1 try. It really is alot of fun, espcially with a few surprises here and there to vary the action a bit. Combined with the beautiful graphics, nice colour scheme and intense action, I'de recommend the game to all action fans, its a nice distraction for a while. I think I'll be checking out the full game, it shows real promise.

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