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News Comments > Battle for Middle-earth II Demo Details
2. No subject Feb 8, 2006, 11:22 Rictor
I think this may officially be the biggest demo released to date. Or at least the biggest one I remember. Jesus, I remember when full games fit on one CD.

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News Comments > Cold War Demo
9. No subject Oct 11, 2005, 00:21 Rictor
Your grammar and punctuation make baby Jesus cry.

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News Comments > Splinter Cell 4
9. No subject Oct 4, 2005, 15:01 Rictor
Puppy Helmet!

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News Comments > Fahrenheit Demo
5. No subject Jul 26, 2005, 23:23 Rictor
I like, I like. It looks to be an original and interesting game. The teaser trailer and making of videos definitely show that the game has potential.

Aside from escaping or getting caught, is there a third option? I tried cleaning the blood off the floor, but the mop is dry and I can't figure out how to get it to work.

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News Comments > Morning Screenshots
2. No subject Jul 13, 2005, 12:12 Rictor
In any case, they look absolutely amazing. I dare say better than the majority of in-development games I've see, and of course better than anything currently on the market.

Very realistic.

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News Comments > Saturday Screenshots
5. No subject Jul 10, 2005, 15:48 Rictor
Both the Armageddon and especially the Metronome screenshots look great. Metronome is coming to PC, right? I seem to remember reading otherwise, but I can't be sure.

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News Comments > Spy Games?
7. No subject Jun 17, 2005, 20:31 Rictor
Death to Sequels:

really? It's probably true, but I'm not sure about Orwell specifically. He was personally a socialist, and I heard somewhere, once, that they weren't really too popular with the US.

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News Comments > BF2 Demo Exclusive?
21. No subject Jun 8, 2005, 01:42 Rictor
Remeber the Call of Duty fiasco? Yeah, and look how that ended up.

'nuff said.

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News Comments > U.S. Army Stays Unreal
31. No subject May 10, 2005, 21:07 Rictor

Not providing the whole story is not lying. Lying would be telling untruths about the part of the story that is told.

Semantics. You know very well what I meant. The difference between misinformation and lying is negligible, and in any case ommiting information is no less propaganda than outright lies. Think back to the last time you saw a commerical for migrane medince, and think about why they are legally obliged to disclose the sideaffects.

While the U.S. military is certainly guilty of wrong doing in its history, it has also done a lot of good things. However, regardless of past actions, history teaches that having a strong military is a necessity. America has many enemies including ones who take up arms against it and would do so were it not for its military. No amount of placation or rational or other appeal is ever going to change that.
There is a difference between the military and militarism. Having a standing army to defend national borders is certainly a good thing, as well as a national right, and that is not what I am against. A culture of glorification of the military and its ideals, on the other hand, has never done anything but harm. The military is a profoundly political force, since war is a continuation of politics by other means, and militarism is a specific subset of nationalism. And honestly, looking at movies, TV and games, can you in all honestly claim that glorification of the military is not precisely what is taking place, and on a very large scale no less.

By the way, the Unites States is not currently threatened, not even potentially, by any nation in the world. When I say threatened, I mean that in the sense of an attack on the soil of the US, and in fact I apply that to every nation. Overseas "national interests" don't count. Preventing terrorism, while certainly a noble goal, does not mean invading soveregn nations, unless the legitimate leadership of that nation played an integral part in the attack, and even then it is only an matter of bringing the leadership to justice, nothing more nothing less. Preventing terrorism, if the concept of national sovereignty means anything at all, basically amounts to placing a shitload of police and military forces at your borders, because that's the only place where a nation has legitimate authority to act.

Take out a map of the world. Throw a dart at random. Provided it doesn't land in water, that place has a greater chance of being attacked than America. That has been the case for well over a hundred years.

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News Comments > U.S. Army Stays Unreal
21. No subject May 10, 2005, 20:11 Rictor
To say that America's Army is any more disturbing than anything else out there is just being plain ignorant of the world you live in and the games you play.
There's a difference between killing Zerg or Combine, and an actual military shooter, especially one endorsed by the Army. The difference is that one presents a fictional environment, while the other is an existing organization, which in that case amounts to propaganda. No one actually goes out and kills cops, or floods a city of joins Clan Starwolf as a result of playing games. The same can not be said for America's Army.

Given that the Army uses its games to attract recruits, being too realistic will ironically have the opposite effect. If the Army gets too realistic with its games, it will have a harder time convincing young people to "play army" for real.
In other words, lying. Using misinformation to attract individuals to a certain organization or set of ideals; isn't this the very definition of propaganda?

As far as gore, what do you expect? They want to keep a T rating for one, and two, WHY SHOULD THEY SHOW STUFF THAT WOULD HURT THEIR CAUSE? If you're trying to sell something, are you going to show all the bad parts?
Whatever happened to holding advertising, which AA certainly is, to some standards of truthfulness? Hell, Advil commercials are required by law to list all the side-effects, why not hold that same standard for the military, and in fact all advertising? gives the definiton of militarism:

1. Glorification of the ideals of a professional military class.
2. Predominance of the armed forces in the administration or policy of the state.
3. A policy in which military preparedness is of primary importance to a state.

America's Army certainly promotes #1, in fact that is it's primary goal, and arguably it promotes #3. Some people might of course claim that this is a good thing, that militarism is the backbone of a healthy national sentiment. But for some odd reason, I can't quite seem to agree with them, having at some point in my life glanced through a history textbook.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
1. No subject May 9, 2005, 10:41 Rictor
Hear that? That's the sound of "concerned mothers" all across America having one big, collective heart attack. I'm counting the seconds until Rockstar's unreleased game is blamed for Columbine.

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News Comments > Hellgate: London Announced
7. No subject Apr 26, 2005, 21:09 Rictor
Solely from the screenshots, it looks like Vampire: Bloodlines.

The graphics are OK, nothing really too impressive, especially for a game that is probably at least a year or so from being released.

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News Comments > Prince of Persia 3 Announced
6. No subject Apr 25, 2005, 22:05 Rictor
More Sands of Time, less Warrior Within please. SoT was clearly superior, mostly because they didn't try to turn Prince of Persia into every single other stupid platformer. That, and they tried to make the the mood "dark", which failed so miserably it's laughable.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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News Comments > Psychonauts Demo
16. No subject Apr 12, 2005, 01:17 Rictor
Absolutely amazing. It brings back fond memories of Beyond Good and Evil.

Definitely going to check out the full game.

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News Comments > (Scant) Dimitri Details
1. Re: No subject Apr 6, 2005, 12:01 Rictor
At least Lionhead (and specifically Peter Molyeneux) always innovate, something that is by and large missing from the industry these days. More power to them.

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News Comments > 3D Gamers and IGN/GameSpy
56. No subject Feb 9, 2005, 16:57 Rictor
Well, I can see how this would be good for Frans and the 3DGamers crew, but pardon my skepticism for not being exactyly confident in Gamespy/IGN's good intentions. We'll see how it turns out, could be nothing. 3DGamers has been my main download site for a while now, so hopefully nothing much will change.

Quick question for Frans: did they make you sign a non-compete?

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News Comments > China Game Crackdown
4. Re: woot Jan 27, 2005, 08:32 Rictor
oh don't act like we're much different. The game industry is cracking down on filesharing as much as anywhere, and games can and do get banned, if not for political reasons then for political ends. Australia and Germany in particular ban games rather easily based on violence levels and whatnot, but in the end its still amounts of censorship. Ask any nutjob Senator and he'll tell you exactly what the Chinese tell you, that these games are being banned in order to "create a good environment for Chinese (American) youth"

Personally, I can see more sense in banning Vietnam games, in which millions were killed (by the player and the player's faction) than banning Manhunt, in which a comparably miniscule number of people die as a result of the player's actions.

But thats just me.

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News Comments > Game Movies
12. No subject Dec 31, 2004, 00:16 Rictor
Looks cool, but I'm convinced that they've got Coach Z doing the voice-acting, at least for the guy over your comm.

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News Comments > Conflict: Global Terror
5. No subject Dec 10, 2004, 17:45 Rictor
Apathy curve:

that's nice. Now give me the total body count from terrorist activities, and from various "legitimate" state actions, like, oh lets say Nicaragua. They may be numerous, but relatively speaking "terrorist" attacks are not really too devastating.

Somehow, when a nation commits atrocities (and I'm speaking generally here, not only reffering to the US) its all OK, but when the same is done by another group, oh look out, the terrorist menace is coming to get you.

Aside from all that, I just wish game devs would take more than half an hour to come up with stories. I mean, c'mon, the entire plotline for this game could not be more generic if they tried. At least add some depth, Good vs Evil shit like this just appeals to the lowest common denominaator, though I guess that sells games these days..

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News Comments > The Punisher Demo
21. No subject Dec 9, 2004, 00:16 Rictor
Caelistis and nin:


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