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News Comments > Tron 2.0 Demo
47. Re: What about the free lightcygle games? Jul 2, 2003, 11:39 kyleb
have not tried gltron but Armagetron does not hold a candle to tron2.0 in my opinion. tron2.0 is faster and has cool powerups and whatnot. the disk thing is pretty damn cool to once you figure out the gameplay, oh and turn the mouse sensitivty all the way down so you can actualy aim.

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News Comments > Star Trek Game Lawsuit
26. Re: No subject Jul 1, 2003, 16:15 kyleb
but seriously, the lawsuit is simply about the fact that activision bought in on a deal with viacom and part of the deal was for viacom to hold up the rest of the franchise. viacom did a damn poor job of that and activision just wants a little reimbursement for a deal gone sour. that sounds like a reasonable case in my book, although i would have to hear the details on what kind of damages they are claiming before passing judgement.

oh and i have never really been a startrek fan and honestly never played i any of the videogames until elite force 2, better than half-life i my opinion and on the quality i realy have not seen sense goldeneye on the n64. i was just looking for a decent singleplayer fps gaming experience and that is what i got. hell, it utterly blew the pants of unreal2 and that was billed as revolutionary.

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News Comments > EF2 Beta Server
3. Re: L337-ness Jun 27, 2003, 02:50 kyleb
how do you manage a "CD key in the drive" anyway?

oh and ya it is a really well made game from what little i have played so far.

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News Comments > Chaser Preview
6. Re: Not very impressive... Jun 26, 2003, 14:47 kyleb
i like the way the player models run around pointing their guns with their arms streached out at full length.

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News Comments > Tomb Raider Tidbits
9. Re: More of these games??? Jun 25, 2003, 04:08 kyleb
lol ya they do.

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News Comments > id Master Server Woes
8. Re: No subject Jun 24, 2003, 14:38 kyleb
get ase and dont worry about the master server.

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News Comments > Demo Doings
3. Re: No subject Jun 22, 2003, 20:59 kyleb
"Worthplayin' %)"

chit nucka, jo mo it.

This comment was edited on Jun 22, 20:59.
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News Comments > Multiplayer Chaser Demo
16. Re: Not too bad at all! Jun 20, 2003, 22:21 kyleb
comes of as sof2 only not as good to me, and i dont like sof2.

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News Comments > Elite Force II Previews
17. Re: Chips Ahoy Jun 20, 2003, 02:53 kyleb
the worst ones are the ones that have badass computers as well.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Q&A
13. Re: JCal on the job as always Jun 8, 2003, 18:02 kyleb
"With that out of the way, Gabe's statement is at best, optimistic, and more likely just diplomatic. I'll probably buy and play both but some people won't be able to afford both. Just like movie releases are sometimes delayed so as to avoid going up against the latest big blockbuster.. "

not really. movies are only in theaters for a short time to make cash while hl2 and the other big games will be on the shelves at full price for upwards of a year.

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News Comments > Console Mafia
15. Re: How was this game? Jun 5, 2003, 01:31 kyleb
hu, i did not care for the game much at all as it was so very linear and repetitive, and the ai glitched a lot. i managed to play all the way though it, but if i had to drive back to salieri's bar one more time i probably would have burned this disks.

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News Comments > System Shock Rebirth
11. Re: Wow Jun 4, 2003, 18:39 kyleb
weird, i just tried it and the new models look really nice but a few things are invisable, like the robots you have to shoot during training and the wrench.

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News Comments > More NVIDIA vs. Futuremark
54. ohh ya and May 24, 2003, 15:34 kyleb
what is with these bs arguments about ati being "in bed" with futuremark? do you people not understand that the whole damn industry, aside from nvidia's recent bitch ass, work with futuremark?

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News Comments > More NVIDIA vs. Futuremark
53. Re: What's the point of 3dMark2003? May 24, 2003, 15:32 kyleb
Dante_uk do you know why ut2003 is faster useing opengl? becuase the opengl renderer is not full featured, and the game is ment to be run in d3d. if you turned of the projecter shadows and whatnot in d3d it would be faster than opengl.

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News Comments > MGS 2 Substance Patch
5. No subject May 23, 2003, 20:34 kyleb
the pc version is rather bad in the sense that it is really just an emulator for the xbox version. you have to make all your configuration settings outside the game and you are pretty well damned without a good an analog control pad with at lest 12 buttons. even then the configuration utility is rather screwy and it took me some manual editing of the ini files to get my controls the way i needed them to be.

regardless, once you get past all of that it is everything that the ps2 version is (minus skateboard mode) plus the ability to play at high resolution and in 32bit color and also the snaketales addition from the xbox version. textures are rather low res just like any console port, but the special effects, high poly motion capture models, plotline with amazing cutsceens and most importantly gameplay itself make up for all the little annoyances in my book.

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News Comments > More NVIDIA vs. Futuremark
17. hey Blue May 23, 2003, 20:17 kyleb
i think for the integety of the site it would be wise to mention that nvidia also was a part of the futuremark beta program for years, which they payed "of hundreds of thousands of dollars to participate in" right up until december of last year when we saw the first previews samples of the geforcefx products that suck so bad in the newest benchmark.

it is also worth noting that members of the futurmark beta program are involved in it inorder to help create benchmarks which test the performance of microsoft's directx standards on various gameing hardware. while it is true that ati is paying it's dues to futuremark, so are many other companies includeding microsoft, intel, amd, creative, matrox, s3, sis, ali, cnet, dell, gateway and a few others as well. are we really to believe that all these companies are out to screw nvidia? or even that they would idly by stand by and let such things go down with their funding? it seems to me that, knowing these facts, it would be idiotic to think there was foul play on futuremarks side of things; best i can tell nvidia is simply trying to play us all for idiots.

it is funny that just a year ago i was saying that nvida was the only good option for a serious gamer like myself and now between this and the very fishy doom3 benchmarks floating around that seem to take absolutely no performace hit with aniostropy, i am going to have a hard time putting enough faith into trying another nvidia product for quite a while.

This comment was edited on May 23, 20:18.
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News Comments > MGS 2 Substance Patch
3. Re: In stores? May 23, 2003, 14:20 kyleb
bought mine at target here in kansas for 40$ about 2 months ago. thank god they came out with an ati patch for it as i was rather dissapointed when i realised that it said nvidia cards only on the box.

as for #1, i can see how some people may not like it but personaly i think it is a one of the best games i have ever played.

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News Comments > Robocop Demo
50. Re: No subject May 23, 2003, 04:52 kyleb
okl; for my leftyness, and i agree with Dan that mouse2 is the only way to jump.

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News Comments > Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Announced
19. No subject May 23, 2003, 04:51 kyleb
i hope fsaa works in this one.

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News Comments > Consolidation
8. Re: No subject May 18, 2003, 17:47 kyleb
you noobs have no clue, the x-band for the super nintendo was around far before any dreamcast.

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