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News Comments > Gears of War 4 Adding New Maps
3. Re: Gears of War 4 Adding New Maps Oct 29, 2016, 14:09 HoSpanky
Yeah, people report the same issues for Forza Horizon 3, and in *that* case, it was caused mostly by people running some "disable all tracking" software, which breaks how windows store games connect to their validation/telemetry servers.

I think the batch of Xbone/PC "play anywhere" titles that have been announced will likely also be the last. MS routinely abandons the PC as a gaming platform, usually due to their own software doing weird stuff. But their game forums are also packed with people who shoot themselves in the foot (disabling telemetry) then complaining that the game doesn't work. I think the games SHOULD be capable of telling people WHY they're not launching, as that would help immensely. Launching , then almost instantly dropping back to desktop is infuriating to troubleshoot.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Turtle Rock Evolves Past Evolve
9. Re: Turtle Rock Evolves Past Evolve Oct 26, 2016, 10:28 HoSpanky
Angrius Maximis wrote on Oct 26, 2016, 10:08:
The Evolve world is more developed than Overwatch...but gamers just love their trash titles

"Trash titles", while trying to take a jab at one of the most polished games in existence. The backstory for Evolve is possibly amazing, but no one CARES because the game just isn't fun for more than a day.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > etc., etc.
2. Re: etc., etc. Oct 25, 2016, 10:24 HoSpanky

"Blizzard does not announce Vanilla servers"
"Blizzard sues the pants off Nostalrius"
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > SAG-AFTRA Picketing EA Today
28. Re: SAG-AFTRA Picketing EA Today Oct 24, 2016, 16:47 HoSpanky
Steazy wrote on Oct 24, 2016, 16:34:
jdreyer wrote on Oct 24, 2016, 15:46:
While I agree with everything you've said and I sympathize with the VAs... there are still lots of other people in the industry (pretty much everyone) who also deserve some level of proper compensation and protection as well. And in the case of any actual junior developer I'd say those people need it before the VAs.

Then they should unionize too.

Yes, all the programmers, artists, game designers and producers should build a time machine - go back to the 30's - dominate a fledgling industry - unionize - and then come back and bully around a completely different and established industry?

<trolling>How would you feel if UAW decided that auto workers deserved royalties for repairing your car in GTA Online because RockStar mo-capped a union guy for the animations, and you had to repair with real money so rockstar directly made a profit off of their work! </trolling>
They don't have to go back to the '30s to unionize. They have to get their shit together and DO it. It's absolutely legal to unionize, but if they can't get a large majority of developers to join, it's useless. The reasons unions don't tend to form anymore is because people have lost their willpower to get paid what they're worth. Right now, many are just happy to get paid at ALL, and companies are preying on that as much as possible.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > SAG-AFTRA Picketing EA Today
25. Re: SAG-AFTRA Picketing EA Today Oct 24, 2016, 16:22 HoSpanky
I'm honestly surprised at the number of posters that are pro- SAG-AFTRA. I *expected* several people to say "hey I don't get residuals, despite working in a completely different industry!". If you get stock or profit sharing, then you have the equivalent.

It's all down to how REPLACEABLE you are. Good voice actors get quite a bit of work, and stand out from others in the same game. Look at WoW, it's got an unfortunately wild fluctuation in voicework quality. There's a female Tauren that talks a LOT in it, and her voicework is uncomfortably horrible. And then there's the guy who voices Runas the Shamed, who along with Havi (same voice actor), are the most memorable characters in the expansion. Runas doesn't have a long story arc, but it's horribly tragic, and without the *excellent* voicework, no one would have cared.

Thanks for having my back JD, I now realize I didn't point out clearly that I meant vocal cord damage from screaming, not from talking.

Avatar 15603
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News Comments > SAG-AFTRA Picketing EA Today
6. Re: SAG-AFTRA Picketing EA Today Oct 24, 2016, 12:01 HoSpanky
I agree with two of their points:

One, they want to know the name of the game they're being contracted to work on. A respectable voice actor doesn't want to accidentally add "Floppy Cock Massacre Brony Parade" to their resume. It's a two-fold move from the publishers, to keep unannounced games off of voice actor resumes, and to keep them from negotiating higher pay for higher profile games.

Two, game companies routinely demand voice-destroying audio from these people. When your career is based around the functionality of one part of your body, and someone asks you to "dig deeper, we need to feel your anguish, and we need 5 hours of it so the sound effects don't seem repeated" can do serious damage to your vocal cords, and that shit can be permanent. Insisting on a form of hazard pay for those roles is legitimate.

Their complaint about royalties sounds dumb to US. But everyone else in a similar field (movie stars, live tv and cartoon voice actors, musicians) get paid extra when their project proves to be lucrative. I can see why they feel "left out". What these voice actors don't understand is that UNLIKE those other professions, the voice actor is NOT front and center. They are a peripheral item. In most games they're at the same level as Flavor Text and Ground Clutter. They add a small bit of grounding to the game world. MOST games. In voice-heavy titles like The Witcher, Mass Effect and the Uncharted games, I could see validity to the voice actor's self-importance. Jennifer Hale IS femshep, and if they'd switched voice actresses, players would have been in an uproar (but it wouldn't have actually hurt sales).

Remember the huge deal there was about Peter Dinklage's bored voicework for Destiny? Bad voice acting CAN bring a good game down. I don't think they're COMPLETELY off-base here, but it looks like whining from the outside.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
2. Re: Morning Consolidation Oct 21, 2016, 13:04 HoSpanky
Flo wrote on Oct 21, 2016, 11:59:
PS4 Pro Has Extra 1GB of RAM.
Welcome, console players, welcome to the hardware upgrade race
I thought developers were not allowed to release games exclusive to the pro version but let's not kid ourselves,
original PS4 owners will be second-class citizens.

Games can't NOT work on the original PS4, but I do expect games that run pretty badly. I see it going just like any console generation change, except a longer period of games for the "old" system keeping the newer games from really cutting loose. From what they're saying, it's essentially got two GPUs (in one, no SLI shit here). The CPU is the same, so this will only affect graphical performance. Sony refuses to say it, but this thing was purpose-built for PSVR.
Shame that it won't help PSVR's biggest issue, tracking. The butteriest framerate in the world won't help alleviate nausea when the controls and headset space-shift constantly. Sony opted to use old, failed tech that they likely had warehouses full of, rather than something that tracks properly. A single Lighthouse sensor would have been a FAR better option, or the rift's camera setup. Both of those track INSANELY well.

Hopefully MS has a better plan for VR with the Scorpio, even if it's just "buy a rift!". PSVR's poor tracking will likely make the uninformed think that's how ALL VR works, and then decide that the tech just isn't ready yet.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Accounting VR Game for Free
12. Re: Accounting VR Game for Free Oct 19, 2016, 17:34 HoSpanky
Acleacius wrote on Oct 19, 2016, 11:34:
I must be missing something obvious and asking a dumb question here but why do VR games require a VR headset? Doesn't it just give the perception of 3D. It's not like a room isn't a room, in a VR game. It seems more like deciding whether you want speakers or headphones, the game will still play.

This question shows up on literally every VR-only game's message board. VR isn't a SLIGHT change to a game, it's massive, but it's really hard to describe. The interface is so completely different that you're pretty much asking why you can't write a novel using a steering wheel instead of a typewriter. Your physical head movements in the real world determine where you are and where you look in the VR world, and there isn't a controller for a flat screen that can properly convey intent.

If you want an idea of the difference, check out a game called Home Improvisation. You'll find the controls to be fiddly and obnoxious and almost impossible. In VR, you're still given the same task but since you've spent your whole life moving objects with your hands, it's insanely intuitive, and easy to make small adjustments. You have all 3 axes available, not the two a mouse can handle, plus rotation at any angle.

In games that use weapons, they follow your hands EXACTLY. Not "kinda", like the Wii, but exact motions. You can actually, finally, properly parry a sword, for example. Also, as hard as it apparently is for people to grasp, your lizard brain is convinced what it's seeing is real. YOU see the graphics and say "nope, that's cartooney, I know it's not real", while deep down in the part of your mind you don't realize is doing things, it says "oh man, I'm winded from swinging this sword, lean against that tree that totally exists".

You really, REALLY need to find a place doing demos. The Microsoft Stores have Vive demos, and Best Buy has had Oculus and PSVR demos. It's really impossible to explain why it's so amazing. It takes about 3 seconds in a VR game for you to realize that what you THOUGHT it'd be like isn't even close to what it does.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Valve on Illegal Skin Gambling
12. Re: Valve on Illegal Skin Gambling Oct 18, 2016, 13:05 HoSpanky
ViRGE wrote on Oct 18, 2016, 12:44:
descender wrote on Oct 18, 2016, 11:54:
People always love to blame Valve's for some reason... you could also "gamble" exactly like this in literally any other game that allows in-game item trading. It's not their fault that people use their in-game trading system for things like this. They could use CS:GO skins to barter for hookers on craigslist if they really wanted to and Valve would still not be to blame.
It is their fault when they turn a blind eye to it and don't take measures to stop it.

...yes and no. Valve did not start or run these gambling sites. People can gamble on ANYTHING. If they remove the ability to trade items, it'll kill the game's popularity and another game will pop up with largely the same concept.

It's illegal for kids to gamble on ANYTHING, but you don't see the NFL being held accountable for people gambling on their games. This is just someone being mad because their kid did something stupid and they want to blame someone else for it.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Saturday Patches
1. Re: Saturday Patches Oct 16, 2016, 05:37 HoSpanky
The Forza Horizon patch does clean up performance at high framerates quite a bit, although there are still small hitches noticeable when driving at high speeds. Still performs smoothest at around 30 fps.  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Shadow Warrior 2 Released
3. Re: Shadow Warrior 2 Released Oct 13, 2016, 13:21 HoSpanky
Very positive reviews for this, despite it being a very different game from the first. Co-op! Loot!

Not gonna lie, I had zero interest in this game until today, and I'm also annoyed at missing out on 20% off.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > New Vive Controller and PS4 Controller Coming to Steam
3. Re: New Vive Controller and PS4 Controller Coming to Steam Oct 13, 2016, 12:38 HoSpanky
Twitter link goes to a blank page for me.

New Vive controllers are inevitable, and will likely ship with the second version of the headset. We haven't seen anything about a new headset but I have no doubt it's quite a ways through development. The new controllers are a GOOD thing, though, as they'll add value to a "full" upgrade:

If they sell the new headset by itself, people with gen1 setups would buy JUST the headset, leaving their other as a useless item they can't sell without the rest of the equipment. This hurts the secondary market that's hoping to get into PCVR for $500 or less. Selling new controllers, along with new lighthouses that maybe can track over an even larger area, would make a "full upgrade" more likely.

As for that "killer app", that's still to be seen. Vanishing Realms would BE that killer app if it got more than one person developing it. It's fucking fantastic, even with its snap-to keyholes and non-traversable stairs. The combat needs a bit more tweaking, but it largely works. It's proof that these games that are hellbent on all the little fiddly bits, and then aren't much of a GAME, are going about it wrong. VanR is a fucking adventure, and it's literally the ONLY game of its kind right now, which makes NO sense.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Beyond Good & Evil for Free
7. Re: Beyond Good & Evil for Free Oct 12, 2016, 14:51 HoSpanky
Mreh, it's free to me, as I've had an Ubi account for a while. They make a small number of games I very much want to play, and currently none of them have required that I purchase them directly through their service. The Uplay software is only running when I intentionally start it up, it's pretty well-behaved.

Is BG&E worth getting a Uplay account for? Pfft, no. As others have said, it can be found for free. It IS absolutely worth playing, and I'm stupid excited that Ubi is finally admitting it's worth expanding its narrative. I'll gladly buy a key for it from Amazon and play it thru Uplay.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Thumper Released
3. Re: Thumper Released Oct 12, 2016, 14:07 HoSpanky
I don't understand how this is a racing game. Clearly there's no steering, as the vehicle makes insanely tight, perfect turns throughout. There are a couple obstacles shown but I don't see how you would avoid them. It looks more like a rollercoaster with maybe some minimal button inputs for things that cross the track but that's it.

I've seen multiple games that look this way and I don't see where the gameplay is. Anyone played this that's able to tell me what the fuck is going on in it?
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
2. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Oct 12, 2016, 14:00 HoSpanky
Ugh, the comments on the BREIN article are...well, posted by people who have no concept of "earning" anything.

If movies are easy to watch for free, especially new ones that may be struggling to break even, all that does is lowers the chance of it seeing a sequel, or of that studio taking another chance on an odd film. No one cares about that, tho, they're "sticking it to the man!". I don't believe the ads saying it hurts the makeup artists and set builders; they got paid for their work before the movie was even announced, and won't make a cent off of the success of the film. But the NEXT film might not happen.

It costs A DOLLAR to rent a new movie from Redbox, unless you're a moron and don't return it the next day. Seriously, they ask for pocketchange and still people would rather cast their vote in the "you don't make movies for me" pool.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Overwatch Launches PvE Mode and Halloween Skins
5. Re: Overwatch Launches PvE Mode and Halloween Skins Oct 12, 2016, 00:22 HoSpanky
Logged in with a couple friends, picked up a fourth and ran this a few times. It's tough, they intentionally give you non-spam characters to play with. We're all rusty, so on Normal we tend to get to the second Reaper appearance and get wiped. On Easy, it's pretty much a guaranteed win.

Blizzard's traditional polish is in full force, with a narrator that tells the "story" as it happens, including changes depending on who got the killing blow on minibosses, general level of damage to the door. The demon ravens from HOTS are present, and the new holiday skins are pretty great.

I donplay it a whole lot, but then, I never did, even at the beginning. Prolly fire it up twice a month, getting 2-3 hours in each time.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
4. Re: bright lights Oct 11, 2016, 14:09 HoSpanky
PSVR's camera and controllers approach feels like they had a huge warehouse full of them from when they failed previously, and they used them instead of better-tracking devices just to dump old stock and not have to invest in new tech.

They could have used Lighthouse tech, putting a single cube up instead of a camera, with controllers that track insanely well, but that would have been something truly NEW. It's an incredibly more precise system, although mirrors and certain fluorescent light bulbs can confuse it. For the incredible precision VR demands, there will always be environmental things that will fuck with it, and people may have to adjust their decorating accordingly.

If Sony doesn't come out with a better-tracking solution by the time Scorpio comes out (along with Oculus Rift support), they're gonna become the VR pariah.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > ReCore Demo
9. Re: ReCore Demo Oct 5, 2016, 18:04 HoSpanky
Caladell wrote on Oct 5, 2016, 17:50:
For me personally, it's the fact that it doesn't ask you where to install. I had tried renting a couple movies a while back because they had a 99c sale. Anyway, it just kept erroring on me. Looking up the error code, I saw a lot of people getting that code, but no one knew what exactly it was. Mostly due to the fact that it was one of those generic error codes, which basically said, something's wrong.
So, a couple weeks went by, and I periodically searched for the issue. Finally found the culprit. The store was set to download to a drive on my computer that didn't exist anymore. The setting for that is in a really odd location too.
If it worked correctly, it would have immediately told me that the drive was unavailable, or at least said there wasn't space, then prompted a new location. Instead, it just threw up an error.

Another thing which is a minor annoyance, is that Windows has forgotten all app icons that I have downloaded from the store.

There are more issues that other people have experienced, but that's what I've dealt with.

That's odd. I hate that it literally hides the files it downloads, I couldn't figure out why my boot drive has 10gh free when it's a 120gb SSD with JUST the OS on it. Doing a quick file listing showed only 35gb in use. Was the windows store, I had downloaded Killer Instinct and Apex and hadn't thought about the part that I'd never set up a default install location. Now the Windows store has its very own drive to load up and hide shit on, and I don't have to worry about it.

Most of the hate that I can see is people angry that it exists at all. They're super pissed that Microsoft dares to have a digital storefront. Half the people on this site hate windows 10 because they somehow think it's way more evil than their cellphone/tablet, and so they hate the Windows store by default.
I don't hate it. I'm not super excited about it, but it has a handful of games I want.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Gears of War 4 Specs
21. Re: Gears of War 4 Specs Oct 5, 2016, 17:55 HoSpanky
TangledThorns wrote on Oct 5, 2016, 17:37:
No interest since the previous sequels never came to PC.

I'm not sure if the story will have many ties to the original trilogy, aside from Marcus. I'd bet the intro video probably very cleanly explains the prior events. Trust me, you don't want to have to slog through GoW2 anyway. Missing the third one is a bit of a shame, it constantly pulled off "impossible" things (for the 360's hardware), has their wittiest writing, although the main antagonist never made any sense...

Bah. These are silly bro-tastic shooter games intended to be played co-op, and that's my plan.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Gears of War 4 Specs
13. Re: Gears of War 4 Specs Oct 5, 2016, 13:55 HoSpanky
Whooo...Due to a micropc dying, I had a spare Msata drive that I snapped onto my mobo and designated as the "drive the MS Store is OK to abuse". It's only a 250gb tho, and along with FH3, Apex and KI, this is gonna come close to filling it up already. Considering swapping in a 500gb drive, but that'll depend on if this first round of Play Anywhere games is the ONLY round of them.  
Avatar 15603
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