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News Comments > Bethesda Blocked Game Sale Because of "New" Designation
17. Re: etc. Aug 12, 2018, 17:42 HoSpanky
deqer wrote on Aug 12, 2018, 15:57:
Example scenario:

<Gamer customer contacts Bethesda>

Gamer says: Items are missing from the package contents. WTF?

* Bethesda invests resources to acknowledge and investigate.

Bethesda says: So, that's why. Your game isn't actually new, even though you thought it was new. It was re-shrinked-wrapped and you were mislead.

Gamer says: No no. It's new. I demand these items.


So, I'm guessing Bethesda has had enough of these scenarios to occur that they've started to take action on sellers like Pete.

this...this is actually a good point, and the most logical reason for Bethesda's behavior. I'm not saying they're always logical, I'm saying THIS MAKES SENSE from a support cost perspective. SORT OF. How much does it cost them to hunt down and stop sellers, is it more or less than the CSR call time for people saying they should have stuff that isn't in the container?
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Bethesda Blocks Used Game Sale
58. Re: Bethesda Blocks Used Game Sale Aug 12, 2018, 12:36 HoSpanky
Something tells me Wraith is an Indie dev whose game/games didn't sell well and he's absolutely sure it's down to people selling used copies.

ANY product you buy/sell is more than just the components. A game on a disc, or a food processor. The REAL cost was in the design of the thing, not the physical execution of it. Do you think the cost of a car is just to cover the parts/labor involved in building THAT ONE CAR? No. It also covers the hundreds of millions of dollars spent in DESIGNING that car. When that car is resold, the designers don't make a penny. THIS IS HOW IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN.

Yes, it's true that resold games offer a similar, if not identical, experience for the next user. At this point, the game is older, and therefore less desirable (with a very, VERY few exceptions). Getting to play a game RIGHT when it comes out is part of the perks of buying new. If we're talking about a physical copy, WHICH WE ARE, it also mean it won't come scratched, and may even come with some fun physical goodies in the package. Or maybe there are codes for items in the box, which means the second person doesn't get those things.

If it's about "the content doesn't degrade, but a car does", well, we allow used book sales. The content doesn't degrade on those either. Sure, the pages might get worn, but the words contained in them don't change. Just like a game disc may get scratched, but the game will remain the same.

Wraith, your arguments probably FEEL valid...but they aren't. As you said yourself, it's a thin line,'re on the wrong side of it.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Gatherings & Competitions
3. Re: Gatherings & Competitions Aug 11, 2018, 15:47 HoSpanky
Well, the game is free on steam until they shut off the servers next month. Might as well give the game a spin for yourself and see if itís bad. From all reviews, itís apparently a good game that no one noticed because overwatch came out at the same time.  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
2. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Aug 11, 2018, 00:32 HoSpanky
YourNick wrote on Aug 11, 2018, 00:26:
Sounds like a bunch of short sellers being sore about losing money they've gambled. Tough luck!

yep, I don't feel sorry for them one tiny bit.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
1. Re: Morning Tech Bits Aug 10, 2018, 14:23 HoSpanky
I donít give a flying fuck what they call them, I want to see benchmarks.

Even then, I probably wonít be getting one. A 1080gtx is a fucking monster, having no issue pushing *anything* at 60fps or higher at 1440p. While a small part of me wants the latest and greatest, a much larger part needs to have a damn good reason to upgrade. For a 1080p screen, the 1060 can manage 99% of whatís out there with ease.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Torchlight Frontiers Announced
8. Re: Torchlight Frontiers Announced Aug 9, 2018, 15:35 HoSpanky
I agree with ItBurnís list of flaws. I had an engineer or whatever you can do that has a parade of critters with him. Boosting a skill made no discernible difference, and thatís pretty unfortunate. Weapons do barely more damage even when theyíre 10 levels higher than the previous one.

The wife and I played to the third or 4th world, stopped because something else got our attention, and we never returned. And I donít feel like I missed anything, which is the most damning thing I can say about it. At least with Diablo 3 I wanted to see the cutscenes and how the story ended.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Dead Cells Exfoliated
1. Re: Dead Cells Exfoliated Aug 6, 2018, 22:58 HoSpanky
Picked this up during the summer sale. Itís so goddamn good, I canít explain it. The combat feels great even at the beginning, with limited weapons. It just gets better as it goes, although luck-of-the-draw factors heavily into how far youíll get in a given run. I now routinely can make it to the second boss..but sometimes my weapon combination doesnít cut it for him.

Itís pricey for an Indie, for sure. Itís not so much castlevania as it is ďRogue Legacy with way, WAY, impossibly better control.Ē It just FEELS right, itís hard to put into words.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > etc.
6. Re: etc. Aug 3, 2018, 14:22 HoSpanky
I thought flash sales were fun, but they rotated on a predictable schedule. The new setup makes it look like you would presumably be able to check every 6 hours and not miss any, but I preferred the old set rotation time for everything in the flash sale.

Even better, some of the flash sales would be mispriced due to accidentally doubling down on their percentages off, and you could, if you caught it within the first few minutes of the flash sale, snag pricey games for a dollar or two. Iím betting theyíve fixed their algorithms for that, but I got a couple games for embarrassingly cheap due to it. I feel a LITTLE bad, but if I recall correctly, none were indie titles where the devs depend on every copy sold.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > World of Warcraft Cinematic
3. Re: World of Warcraft Cinematic Aug 3, 2018, 14:02 HoSpanky
jdreyer wrote on Aug 3, 2018, 13:55:
Remember when these Blizzard rendered CG trailers used to be an event? Now it's just *shrug*

The one for Legion was fantastic. Not only was it incredible to watch, but the game picks up where the trailer ends.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Origin Access Premier Premiers
8. Re: Origin Access Premier Launches Jul 31, 2018, 09:47 HoSpanky
DangerDog wrote on Jul 31, 2018, 05:32:
and just like that, you'll never see EA release a game that doesn't have it's content spread out over months.

just about everything has to be designed around being a "live service" where they trickle out the content to keep people paying for the service, maybe sports games like Madden would be exempt because they'll get you to keep paying for next years roster.

I think part of it is to entice users to hang onto games instead of reselling them (for console discs). Going digital kills resale, which is what they want, in the end, but plenty of people still buy games on disc.

While I do love how fast games load from SSD, games are routinely coming out in the 50gb range now. RAinbow Six Siege is 100gb! I have a 1tb SSD and every time I want to add a game, I have to remove 5 older ones. So I can understand why some people want to buy their console games on disc...even if it still installs half of the data to the HD, thatís still a significant storage savings.

As for this service, Anthem is the only game from EA that I have any interest in, so the service isnít a good plan for me. I canít believe Iím saying this, but Microsoft has more compelling stuff coming (to pc!) in the next 6 months than EA.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
3. Re: Morning Mobilization Jul 30, 2018, 13:16 HoSpanky
That first article is...crap. They act like poor cell coverage in the middle of nowhere is somehow a surprise. It offers NO answer to how to make rural cell coverage into something profitable to the companies that run them.

The only important thing in the entire article is the part saying that poor cell coverage will lead to fewer farmers over time, as today's kids assume they will have internet connectivity. So, that means Agriculture groups should be the ones funding expanded cell coverage.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Extending No Man's Sky Refunds
12. Re: Extending No Man's Sky Refunds Jul 26, 2018, 13:38 HoSpanky
Cutter wrote on Jul 26, 2018, 11:36:
jdreyer wrote on Jul 26, 2018, 11:13:
I'm a bit compfused. Didn't they just advertise the multiplayer bit last week? Then this week they're pulling it?

No, they're saying it won't be available on GOG for at least 6 months for some inexplicable reason. Sean Murray is just a enormous scumbag.

They used the built in multiplayer network functionality built into Steam. I donít think GoG Galaxy has anything like that, so theyíll have to build their own, which will take a while. Rather than delay multiplayer for everyone another few months because of a platform with likely a LOT fewer copies sold, they released it now and are working toward getting it available for everyone. I imagine at that point theyíll switch the Steam version over to whatever they make so people from both stores can play together.

But hey, better to assume someoneís doing it to be an asshole than it being a technical hurdle, right?
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Steel Division 2 Announced
1. Re: Steel Division 2 Announced Jul 26, 2018, 13:16 HoSpanky
For just a second, I thought this was Steel Battalion.  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
5. Re: Steam Top 10 Jul 22, 2018, 17:49 HoSpanky
Iím excited about MH:W, but Iím gonna wait on reviews of the port first.  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Steam Ban Spree
14. Re: Steam Ban Spree Jul 20, 2018, 18:36 HoSpanky
I occasionally go thru the VAC forum on steam to laugh at all the ďI learned my lesson, Iíll stop cheating please give me my account backĒ crybabies. Itís astounding how many people still cheat and are surprised VAC catches them.

VAC doesnít Ban you immediately upon cheating because that actually helps cheat makers.

This comment was edited on Jul 20, 2018, 18:52.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Onward Free Weekend
3. Re: Onward Free Weekend Jul 20, 2018, 18:00 HoSpanky
Bodolza wrote on Jul 20, 2018, 13:08:
Movement is quite slow and very smooth. There's little chance of sickness in this one.

I played it last night with two friends. Very easy to panic in a fight and screw up reloading your gun, which was pretty great.

I had no issues with the movement, but one of the guys had serious problems. Heís extra-easily nauseated. Try it out for free! You can just do it in a botmatch to not worry about real people wrecking you.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
1. Re: Morning Consolidation Jul 19, 2018, 17:24 HoSpanky
Thereís a Forza Horizon 3 version in the sale that comes with every expansion and car pack for $40. Itís a fucking great game now (it had some serious issues for a while), and the Hot Wheels expansion is worth the $40 by itself.  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Hacknet Free on Steam
4. Re: Hacknet Free on Steam Jul 12, 2018, 22:56 HoSpanky
It was a bad attempt at humor, apparently. Iíve not played the game, know nothing about it beyond the description. If thatís the real ending then maybe donít play it, as I meant ďyou actually destroy your machine because the hacking commands REALLY worked and fried your rigĒ.  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Hacknet Free on Steam
1. Re: Hacknet Free on Steam Jul 12, 2018, 20:41 HoSpanky
The ending is a real mindfuck: you wipe the corporationís drives and force their CPUs to run at double speed. But then your computer stops working and you discover you formatted your own hard drive and your processor melted the board. It was real the whole time!  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Fortnite 5.0 Kicks Off Season 5
7. Re: Fortnite 5.0 Kicks Off Season 5 Jul 12, 2018, 11:38 HoSpanky
Desalus wrote on Jul 12, 2018, 11:32:
Has there been any indication as to when Save the World is going to be free-to-play? I've been out of the gaming news loop for a few months.

I saw some mention that halfway thru season 5, STW should be going FTP, but that you wonít get free v-bucks once that happens. I assume youíd have an option to ďbuy inĒ to get the same rewards as current users. ALL THIS is hearsay, I have no info direct from the devs.

When STW goes on sale to $20, which itís done at least 3 times, itís a pretty good deal at that price point. You cAN spend more to get v-bucks faster, but thatís honestly only for super impatient players. Thereís SO MUCH good stuff thatís handed out or bought with currency thatís only obtainable from gameplay. Itís a good ďIíve got a half hour, lemme knock out a missionĒ game, since itís all self-contained randomly generated maps.

from the patch notes:
Starting July 17, Save the World will be on sale on Xbox, PS4, and PC for a limited time. Super Deluxe and Limited Founders packs will return for the duration of the sale.
Avatar 15603
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