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Nickname UttiniDaKilrJawa
Email Concealed by request
ICQ None given.
Description Just some guy.
Homepage http://
Signed On Nov 27, 2002, 17:54
Total Comments 454 (Amateur)
User ID 15391
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News Comments > UFO Aftershock to Land in N.A.
32. Re: Booyah! Oct 27, 2005, 23:05 UttiniDaKilrJawa
The reason why nobody as of yet has beaten X-Com in quality is pretty simple. Instead of keeping all the great aspects that made XCom so unbelievable these companies just keep trying to re-invent X-Com.

If anyone wants to beat the old X-Com all they need is to follow the gameplay style ( no RTS or phased turn base stuff) implement new graphics/lighting/effects and input a destructible structure/terrain system and it will reign supreme.

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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
9. Re: Movies Oct 15, 2005, 23:22 UttiniDaKilrJawa
Cant wait to get a hold of Movies my DVD edition ordered already.

Thinkin first movie might be called Duckaggeddon.

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News Comments > UFO: Aftershock Demo
38. Re: Sweet Oct 15, 2005, 13:31 UttiniDaKilrJawa
Also for any XCom downloaders out there from file planet if you get graphic corruption just run the XCom Patch icon in Xcom listing..that worked for me.

Slaughter: I figured the colors out, thanks anyway though:).
My problem wasn;t that I had got my guy incapped and couldnt understand his situation. My problem was that I had one guy incapped and 3 guys dead yet when I abandoned the mission it only counted the one incapped guy as having been killed. Goofy. Also that extraterresstial one looks interesting as well, I think I like Aftershocks visuals better but I just love that turn based groove. One other thing, does Aftershock have destructible buildings like Extraterrestrials is claiming to have?

overall I think I may definitely give this one a try now that I got around my lil hangups.

This comment was edited on Oct 15, 13:32.
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News Comments > UFO: Aftershock Demo
27. Re: Sweet Oct 14, 2005, 22:41 UttiniDaKilrJawa
Just got from round 2 of Aftershockiness.

After setting up the pauses and the rotation keys I will admit the game is quite a bit less craptastic.

Most of my gripes of the game are mere nitpickiness now.

Not crazy about the way the Soldiers group together when you move them, even when you space them apart first.

Also, had a weird instance 3 soldiers killed and one soldier got incapped but not killed. So I aborted the mission. In the end game stats it only showed that I had killed one soldier , the one that was abandoned. Thought that was kind of odd.

Might have to give this a shot after all.

Also, anyone know the name of that other UFO game being made by the X-Com fans?

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News Comments > UFO: Aftershock Demo
25. Re: Sweet Oct 14, 2005, 22:10 UttiniDaKilrJawa
@UttiniDaKilrJawa: You hold down the middle mouse button to rotate the camera as you wish. You can decide exactly what events will make the game pause in the tactical options panel. You can choose which level to see with the arrows at the top of the interface (there are four lines over each other indication the "level"). Hope that helps
Hmmm I'll have to give that a shot Slaughter...hopefully this will make a less craptastic experience.

Also, Kudos to whoever posted that XCom was on File Planet..just dl'd and got my first squad wiped out:)

Oh happy days!!!

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News Comments > UFO: Aftershock Demo
20. Re: Sweet Oct 14, 2005, 21:02 UttiniDaKilrJawa
I can sum this up in one word.


This pause everytime someone finishes an action is just maddening. It's like your watching a movie that someone hits the pause at random intervals.

Full 3d graphics are pretty though. Too bad the camera control is how shall I say it ...crap. It is way too touchy plus I wasn't crazy about how I couldn't filter out higher elevations like X-Com ( becomes an issue when your in a building or under bridge). Didn't really notice much of the AI seeing as how I was constantly being paused. Also, with the camera view I disliked the option for rotating the map around. It is very frustrating to be able to see a tactical situation from only one angle.

Between the locked in camera view, chop chop pause combat, and lack of elevation visibility filters I found this game almost impossible to plan AND enjoy.

Graphics are nice, interface looks good and logical, just the play sucks.

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News Comments > Battle.Net Redesign
19. Re: ... Oct 7, 2005, 23:08 UttiniDaKilrJawa
Let me take the time to express my deepest most inner feelings about this amazing new site.


Thanks for your support.

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News Comments > California Game Bill Signed
40. Re: A bit deeper Oct 7, 2005, 23:05 UttiniDaKilrJawa
One other point.

If it is illegal to sell mature rated video games to a minor, then it should also be illegal for a parent to expose their child to these games?

Shouldn't it be considered as psychological child abuse or treated the same way as parents buying alcohol to minors would be?

If we want to hold one select group of the populace accountable with bad legislation shouldn't all members of the populace be subject to the same rules for the sake of fairness.

This comment was edited on Oct 7, 23:06.
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News Comments > California Game Bill Signed
39. Re: A bit deeper Oct 7, 2005, 23:01 UttiniDaKilrJawa
I'm not sure I really follow what's big issue with this. You buy a rated "R" movie you (technically) should be carded if you don't look old enough. Then again, limiting my 12 year old niece's ability to buy Grand Theft Auto SA is considered blasphemous apparently.

The big issue is this:

Game retailers can now be fined 1000 dollars for each time that they sell a game to a minor, regardless of it being intentional or not. Yet all other purveyors of mature media ( movies, CD's,etc ) could sell their works to minors and never be subject to ANY legal action. If one type of mature media is to be regulated then they ALL need to be regulated.

Yet, people say 'games are more interactive, they take up 20-40 hrs of time and can corrupt the minds of the young with the longer play times than a regular movie!!'. Any DVD/video tape /CD can be replayed over and over again. Therefore ANY mature media can create 20-infinity hours of 'harmful' viewing/'corruption'.

Also, the point of this bill is not to safeguard the youth of California/America. It is not to censor out 'harmful material from impressionable minds. The point of this bill is to make an easy grandstand effort to appeal to the 'morally correct' voter so they will all come vote for the politicians.

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News Comments > No DNF This December
28. Re: I heard Oct 5, 2005, 21:44 UttiniDaKilrJawa
Besides are new releases about DNF being done...REALLY necessary.

Think about it , when it does get released everyone will know.



I rest my case.

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News Comments > etc.
3. Dead Viet Guy Sep 24, 2005, 22:38 UttiniDaKilrJawa
This is just starting to get weird.

Why is it that almost once a month we hear of some guy from the Oriental/Asian countries dying after playing video games for an extended period of time.

Yet , in just about every other part of the world you NEVER hear about this kind of thing happening? Still, in all the other countries we have people playing just as hard as the poor unfortunate dead Asian/Oriental(s).

Kinda makes ya wonder.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
3. Re: Donít Modify the Xbox, Because You Sep 19, 2005, 21:33 UttiniDaKilrJawa
I don't think the guy got in all the trouble he did because he modded the XBoxes.

He got in all the trouble he did because he loaded the modded Xboxes with pirated Xbox games.

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News Comments > Into the Black
3. Pledge Unconstitutional... Sep 14, 2005, 22:24 UttiniDaKilrJawa
Thats sad, but I don't worry about that and neither should you.

Give it another 10 years and the Constitution is going to be deemed Unconstitutional as well :P.

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News Comments > Retailers Appeal to Governorator
3. Re: Welp ... Sep 14, 2005, 22:19 UttiniDaKilrJawa
Now if only parents would treat the Mature rating like politicians do.

Then it might work.

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News Comments > Civilization IV in October, Preorders Now
2. Re: No subject Sep 8, 2005, 12:21 UttiniDaKilrJawa
I like the sounds of the preorder version too.

What I don't like is the way the release was bumped up.

Given Take-Two's recent financial woes, I would be almost willing to assume that they shaved 2 months of bug hunt time to shove it out the door for instant cash.

I'll have to wait for some post launch reviews before I purchase.

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News Comments > Suffering Movie Plans
7. Re: MTV Sep 8, 2005, 12:11 UttiniDaKilrJawa
Don't ya miss the old days of movie making.

Writers/Producers create an original story and then try to make a movie about it.

Now it seems its all rehash,sequelitis, remake, and conversion from video games.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
60. Doggy Tactics Sep 7, 2005, 00:30 UttiniDaKilrJawa
Can't remember where I heard/read this at , might not even be true.

But anywho, I recall coming across a peace of information for controlling dogs by grabbing the extra skin across the back of their neck and pulling up HARD. From what I remember this will get most dogs to stop doing whatever they are doing.

The reason as to why this works was explained that most doggy mom's carry the pups around by the back of the neck. Hence when they feel that pressure they think 'mom!' and knock it off.

For whatever its worth.

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News Comments > etc.
2. Re: WoW-less Sep 6, 2005, 16:41 UttiniDaKilrJawa
Remove head from ass...then speak.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
4. Re: Xbox 360 tough to hack. Sep 6, 2005, 15:26 UttiniDaKilrJawa
Start the countdown timers boyz....

Microsoft dun threw the gauntlet down.

Hasn't anyone learned. The quickest way to get something hacked, just claim that it can't be done.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
30. Re: good day Aug 31, 2005, 13:22 UttiniDaKilrJawa
Whatever happened to teaching science in schools and teaching theologies in churches?

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