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Jun 18, 2003, 17:43
Re: SWG Jun 18, 2003, 17:43
Jun 18, 2003, 17:43
I can understand that, but check it out if a friend gets it or something. I can sympathize with not wanting to shell out $50 for something like an MMO that you haven't seen, but the typical rules still apply - the negative voices are always the loudest. The people you DON'T see posting yet are the ones having fun playing the game and aren't posting outside the SWG forums because they respect the NDA.

But, to each his own.

Jun 18, 2003, 15:46
Re: SWG Jun 18, 2003, 15:46
Jun 18, 2003, 15:46
You guys in beta crack me up. You do know the NDA isn't lifted yet, right? Yeah I'm sure it'll be lifted in the next few days, but seriously, do you comprehend the meaning of a contract?

Whatever...don't listen to these yahoos. Judge the game for yourself, because it feels different (to me at least) than anything out there.

Re: one lost doom 3 sale
Nov 10, 2002, 14:16
Re: one lost doom 3 sale Nov 10, 2002, 14:16
Nov 10, 2002, 14:16
I'll second this comment:

"man this is just a terrible demo. im sorry to say but id has lost my purchase. the lack of features, terrible performance, and just shoddy overall feel are embarassing to id. well i guess they couldnt keep it up for ever. i would say dont even bother downloading this demo. its just sad."

This is exactly the kind of moron I was referring to in my post. This guy actually thinks he downloaded a RELEASED DEMO. Retards like this should not even be allowed on the internet. He clearly fumbles about downloading anything he sees online, with no prior thought put into what he is actually downloading. Money says he has probably at least 5 trojans and 6 virii on his machine at any given time.

Dude, do us all a favor and join AOL where you will be properly babysat.

Freaking Morons.

3 Comments. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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