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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
3. Re: Evening Tech Bits Dec 17, 2014, 19:59 killer_roach
jdreyer wrote on Dec 17, 2014, 19:05:
Interesting that this comes so soon after Anand's retirement. Love Anandtech. I've been a reader since the 90s when I used to print out reviews and read them on the bus to work. Never heard of Purch, but I hope Anandtech continues to be one of the leading hardware sites on the web.

Apparently Purch owns Tom's Hardware and Live Science. far, not exactly making me hopeful.
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News Comments > Steamship Ahoy - FINAL FANTASY XIII-2
7. Re: Steamship Ahoy - FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Dec 13, 2014, 02:30 killer_roach
Linksil wrote on Dec 13, 2014, 01:22:
Creston wrote on Dec 12, 2014, 21:57:
I may just pick up both FFXIII and XIII-2 on the PC when they're on sale, and play them on PC then. My PS3 is getting pretty long in the tooth.

Thanks all.

They are suppose to be patching in the graphics(res) options into the FF13 port sometime sooner then latter. I've already played through them on ps3... but both games were enjoyable enough that when it drops to a 5-10$ range it won't be a hard choice to pick up.

I haven't gone back to it yet, but it appeared as though the graphic options were recently patched into FFXIII.
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News Comments > Street Fighter V Confirmed
14. Re: Street Fighter V Confirmed Dec 8, 2014, 22:37 killer_roach
Mordecai Walfish wrote on Dec 8, 2014, 22:14:
Jivaro wrote on Dec 8, 2014, 12:10:
Theo wrote on Dec 8, 2014, 11:44:
The cool thing about this is that PC and Ps4 Players are getting cross platform play - thats awsome - especially as the PC skill levels (on 4) dont seem to be as advanced as the console users.

I wonder if that is why there isn't a XBONE/XBOX 360 version coming....MS wouldn't authorize cross-platform.

Part of Microsoft's agreement for developers on Live is that they not have cross platform play with competing platforms. Hell Microsoft made both windows and the xbox and there was never even one cross-platform title. Microsoft has been it's own enemy for a long time and now Sony and Capcom are going to show them how proper cross platform gameplay is done and why it's not bad to have a more unified playerbase/community.

The Xbox 360 Shadowrun game had cross-platform play with PC, although a) it required PC gamers to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription and b) it crippled mouse aiming to the point where console players had an advantage.
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News Comments > Street Fighter V Confirmed
11. Re: Street Fighter V Confirmed Dec 8, 2014, 20:11 killer_roach
Ozmodan wrote on Dec 8, 2014, 18:37:
I just find it to be the ultimate in stupidity for any studio to restrict a title to one console. There is no way Sony can pay them enough to replace revenues they could get from other consoles.

I think the idea from Capcom's end is to push cross-platform so that, in the long run, they can get their hardcore fans to buy the game twice - once for consoles (as most sponsored tournaments will still likely be running on consoles due to ease of setup and likely sponsorship from Capcom and Sony) and once for PC (where they can go deeper into customizing their experience up to and including optimizing their settings to provide a more stable online experience).
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News Comments > Another RPG Revival Planned by inXile
33. Re: Another RPG Revival Planned by inXile Dec 5, 2014, 22:36 killer_roach
HorrorScope wrote on Dec 5, 2014, 14:22:
Blackhawk wrote on Dec 5, 2014, 14:02:

Anachronox would be nice. Wizardry would be nice.

Yes, even though I'll take a updated Wiz 8 over Anac.

I'll gladly take either - I'm a huge fan of Anachronox, but Wizardry would be absolutely insane to see resurrected. Possibly even more so than Wasteland was.
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
21. Re: Morning Metaverse Nov 14, 2014, 14:47 killer_roach
jimnms wrote on Nov 14, 2014, 14:10:
Prez wrote on Nov 14, 2014, 12:33:
Doesn't licensing eat up all of that money? I think that streaming music is a great way for fans to find new bands and artists - I spend a lot of time shopping for mp3's and in a great many user reviews that I read a recurring theme is "I heard this band on Rhapsody/Pandora/Spotify/etc and came here immediately to buy the album..." It's hard to put a dollar value on that. Granted Taylor Swift doesn't need that kind of exposure, so it holds little value for her, but for hard rock and metal bands that get virtually no radio play it is great exposure. I found my new favorite metal band, Allegaeon that way. Most exciting metal band in years.

That's how I use Pandora/Spotify. I like how you can plug in artist you like and it will play random tracks from things you already like, like a personal radio station, and mix in similar artists. I've found lots of new music that I never would have found any other way. I still purchase digital albums so I can put them on my music player to listen to in the car, gym, etc.

Pretty much. If you're at the top of the heap, these streaming services really don't do much for you. You can get large numbers of people to pay you good money for your product, so to do anything less is simply leaving money on the table. For those who aren't platinum-selling artists (which, in 2014, is anyone not named Taylor Swift, actually), you want to get as many people as possible listening to your songs in the hopes that further down the road they'll buy your CD, or, in lieu of that, a T-shirt or a concert ticket (which, considering typical royalty payouts, might be better for the average published artist than the CD would be).
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News Comments > Ubisoft Titles Return to Steam
18. Re: Ubisoft Titles Return to Steam Nov 7, 2014, 22:17 killer_roach
Slick wrote on Nov 7, 2014, 21:21:
Mashiki Amiketo wrote on Nov 7, 2014, 21:17:
Holy fucking shitballs. I knew it was going to happen. $70 fucking dollars in Canada for it, welcome to '99/2000 all over again. $59 on GMG. Yep...

it's been like this for about a year now on consoles. CANADA! the only place to actually RAISE the price of the PS4 by $50. guess their metrics told them that canadians would just pay it anyways without much fuss. it's criminal that i can't change my PSN account to AMERICA even though i'm fucking living there now. just thank your lucky stars you're not living in Australia, or it'd be about $90 i'm told.

that being said, there's always ways around it xD

Considering the exchange rates, it's more surprising they haven't dropped the price in the US and held the Canadian price steady. The yen is dropping like a stone, although falling faster against the greenback than the loonie.
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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
4. Re: Saturday Consolidation Nov 1, 2014, 18:01 killer_roach
JediPunisher wrote on Nov 1, 2014, 15:00:
Microsoft could be working on a cheaper, slimmer Xbox One.

Who gives a crap how slim and trim it is? We're not going to be carrying it around with us.
What we really want is a big thick more powerful XBone capable of 1080p/60fps.

When the PS4 is a fraction of the size and still is more powerful, then I'm thinking that Microsoft needs more help than some new silicon lithography.
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
3. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Oct 14, 2014, 00:35 killer_roach
NKD wrote on Oct 13, 2014, 15:09:
One day companies will learn that embracing fan projects, not threatening to sue them, is the way to go. Especially for IPs that you've let sit idle.


That being said... Interplay. </reply>
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News Comments > Morning Crowdfunding Roundup
5. Re: Morning Crowdfunding Roundup Oct 14, 2014, 00:34 killer_roach
Cpmartins wrote on Oct 13, 2014, 21:44:
If it wasn't roguelike I'd probably bite it. Never liked the concept, even when it wasn't the buzzword it is today. Looks ok though.

If I really want to play a roguelike, then I'll just play Rogue.
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News Comments > Saturday Legal Briefs
7. Re: Saturday Legal Briefs Oct 11, 2014, 23:40 killer_roach
Task wrote on Oct 11, 2014, 22:18:
Its sort of ironic considering 38 studios game is actually a cult classic now for on the cheap, with a very positive reception. I mean where does that money even go? Former 38 studios or Big Huge Games and EA?

Money is probably mostly going to EA, with some going to the state of Rhode Island.

Really what happened was one governor approved the deal, another governor took office, and wanted to be rid of the deal as quickly as possible. Moral of the story is that government is a less than trustworthy business partner who can make or break you at their whim.
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News Comments > FINAL FANTASY XIII Released; Only Supports 720p
16. Re: FINAL FANTASY XIII Released; Only Supports 720p Oct 9, 2014, 21:06 killer_roach
PropheT wrote on Oct 9, 2014, 20:54:
JeffD wrote on Oct 9, 2014, 18:56:
FF13 is far from being one of the worst FF games. I found it quite enjoyable and I liked the fighting style more then I probably should. IMO micromanaging 5+ classes is just tedious.

I don't think it's far from being one of the worst; I think it's easily THE worst, hands down.

The story isn't particularly good and really goes nowhere (I really don't remember 99% of it even though I finished the game). The characters are either flat or completely unlikable. The first half of the game is dominated by a Press A to Win design, while the latter half is mired in the terrible paradigm system making even random encounters a chore.

I honestly cannot possibly comprehend how managing the paradigm system is preferable by anyone to multiple classes in any way, shape, or form. You're still dealing with that in a certain respect anyway, because of the strengths and weaknesses of your party making certain paradigms more desirable for that character.

The game gets a lot of hate, but this is one case where I think it actually gets less than it deserves.

Honestly, I liked it better than VII. That being said, VII might be my least-favorite game in the series. Still, XIII remains one of the worst games in the franchise outside of the NES games (which, honestly... all pretty much sucked from the perspective of contemporary gaming), though.
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News Comments > METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES w/4K Support in December
7. Re: METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES w/4K Support in December Oct 6, 2014, 21:30 killer_roach
Slick wrote on Oct 6, 2014, 20:49:
i don't always pirate, but when i do i prefer to pirate a single $30 shareware map.

kojima wanted to bump up their numbers for this quarter? felt like trying out "pre-DLC"? nothing makes sense, i'm sad that anyone paid for this garbage.

you know i hear valve ripped out the first level from HL3 and are hocking it for $30. can you imagine the audacity? not even the almighty valve could get away with that shit, what makes kojima think different?

Considering that people have beaten HL2 in less time than it takes the average person to play through this "shareware"...

Also, I doubt the PC release will be $30. More than likely it will adopt the $20 price point the PS3 and 360 versions already occupy.
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News Comments > METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES w/4K Support in December
2. Re: METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES w/4K Support in December Oct 6, 2014, 19:21 killer_roach
PHJF wrote on Oct 6, 2014, 19:13:
The only logical conclusion is that Phantom Pain will be coming to PC, which is... rather shocking.

I would consider it pretty close to a done deal at this point. Kojima's FOX Engine was built around PC architecture, and the Metal Gear series has occasionally flirted with Windows from time to time... with Rising and now Ground Zeroes coming as reasonably contemporary releases, one could assume that Phantom Pain will hit PC as well.
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
2. Re: Xbone in Japan Oct 4, 2014, 00:13 killer_roach
Creston wrote on Oct 3, 2014, 23:22:
The Xbox did not fail in Japan, is not continuing to fail in Japan, because people here don't want to buy a product from a foreign company. It is failing because of something intrinsic to the product in question - something that simply doesn't appeal to Japanese consumers.

It's failing, and try to stay with me here, because... it's a giant piece of underpowered shit.

Beyond that, what "success" Microsoft had in Japan with the 360 may have tainted the brand over there. Since their big set piece in Japan was a lot of independently-developed Japanese titles that tended to look more like doujin projects than anything, the reputation was that the Xbox was the console that the creepy otaku bought (even bigger titles like IDOLM@STER didn't exactly change this reputation). As a result, it's not a huge surprise that mainstream gamers there aren't buying the One, and the people who bought a 360 still don't have any content yet that really is geared to them.
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News Comments > Pillars of Eternity Delayed
5. Re: Pillars of Eternity Delayed Oct 2, 2014, 20:07 killer_roach
Cutter wrote on Oct 2, 2014, 19:13:
Obsidian is behind schedule. Gee...what a surprise.

Considering what happens when they try to hit an imposed deadline... I'm fine with a delay. (Alpha Protocol, Fallout New Vegas, and KotOR 2 all say hi.)
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
9. Re: Evening Metaverse Oct 1, 2014, 22:23 killer_roach
Parallax Abstraction wrote on Oct 1, 2014, 20:17:
It stands for Queer or Questioning depending on who you ask. It's supposed to represent people who are still determining their orientation as I understand it. I work for an organisation that represents post-secondary unions so I've heard a lot about it. Additionally, there is I which stands for Intersex and 2S which stands for "two spirited", which I haven't gotten a concrete explanation on but apparently it has something to do with Native culture. It can become a very long acronym.

It also depends on the acronym used. Typically in LGBTQ the Q refers to Questioning, although the acronym LGBTIQ usually means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Intersex, and Queer.
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
1. Re: Evening Consolidation Sep 27, 2014, 19:06 killer_roach
Strange preorder bonus for Forza Horizon 2 - a car where they put the engine from the Audi A8 and shoehorn it into a mid-size station wagon.  
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
5. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 26, 2014, 11:53 killer_roach
Mordecai Walfish wrote on Sep 25, 2014, 19:04:
Remastering games that are less than a year old seems like an odd move.. are they gonna "remaster" the pc version too?

More than likely the "remaster" just gives them the visual content the PC version has had since launch.
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News Comments > Evening Crowdfunding Roundup
3. Re: Evening Crowdfunding Roundup Sep 26, 2014, 11:51 killer_roach
Creston wrote on Sep 26, 2014, 09:06:
Inspired by great games like The Banner Saga, FTL and XCOM.

Do those three actually have anything in common, combat-wise? "Our combat system was inspired by Zaxxon, Mario Kart and Farmville!"

Looks like they are taking the combat largely from XCOM, the management largely from FTL, and the game engine from The Banner Saga (Stoic has said they're supporting the project).
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