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News Comments > New UT2004 Red Orchestra
39. Re: On nooos May 22, 2004, 18:10 J/K
No, I don't think so and I am certainly not that naive. But why on earth would doing something more original equal bad made and no fun? or put it this way.. do you really think that if it continues that most modmakers do real war and cs-like mods, each of them has such high chances of getting recognized? wouldn't something that IS fun and well made AND really different catch even more attention?
I mean.. hey , it can't be that meanwhile the only possibility to succeed is making a goddamn ww2 mod.

Now I might add, that I personally love horror settings a lot ( no, not scifi quake horror), but trust me, if all modmakers would now follow that line of genre,I would just the same as now, strongly hope that finally someone may come up with something different.
i just really think that this kind of monoculture is terrible. if the supposed young and fresh ones are already so timid and afraid to take any risks, how they're gonna end up? its sad enough that in the professional market we're gonna see even more of the same and the sequel games for the movie sequel .

on a sidenote.. I am really not talking out of my ass. I have once a long time ago worked on one of the few full HL TCs that got completed(of not the only one, apart from Gunmen chronicles).
I really know what endurance means in the mod scene and how difficult to achieve. And meanwhile I am one of those that works for a living in the industry and it certainly doesn't get easier from there on, when you are confronted with the almighty rules of the publisher.

This comment was edited on May 22, 18:10.
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News Comments > New UT2004 Red Orchestra
37. Re: On nooos May 22, 2004, 14:58 J/K
while I do agree with some of what you say, you seem to see it exactly the wrong way around. the benefit of none comercial mod making IS that you are not tied to any proven sales numbers and can freaking do whatever you want.what's the point otherwise? you do it for passion and fun, then enjoy the freedom and go wild with your imagination ( if you got one). but hey.. the red orchestra team is obviously heaviloy heading for comercial busines, (after all they are trying to sell merchandise stuff alerady)- thus they are right on track with a military shooter.
I am also not sure who the casual gamer actually is,or will be. this is a growing undustry still in its infants but soon to be entertainment as popular as cinema. there are many many casual people outside that haven't even tried games yet. not to forget that women still find little to no games that could catch their interest.

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News Comments > New UT2004 Red Orchestra
33. Re: On nooos May 22, 2004, 08:45 J/K
whatever floats your boat honey

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News Comments > New UT2004 Red Orchestra
32. Re: On nooos May 22, 2004, 08:43 J/K
"The whole concept of guys running around in powered body armour taking shots at each other is going to seem sooo dated within a very few years."

oh man.. maybe you didn't bother to read more than the first posts, but it was already stated, that none ww2 shouldn't necessarily mean Scifi Quake or UT style. its just funny , cause most replies here quite exactly prove my complaint, since the users here seem to have already a problem imagining anything else.

on a sidenote, are you aware you are talking about GAMES?
what's to be dated about powered body armour unless in real world simulations? its games.. anything goes..
and isn't it slightly stupid when some people even go so far demanding more and more realistic war games? some seem to forget, that war isn't a tv show in the first place. real realistic war ain't funny my dear kids.

oh well.. I better give this up here

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News Comments > New UT2004 Red Orchestra
25. Re: On nooos May 21, 2004, 23:29 J/K
"One doesn't have to "love WW2" to appreciate a good mod. A good mod is a good mod. Bitching about settings is annoying because it's a setting and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how a game plays. I'd take quality over originality any day. "

Yeah wonderful.. I appreciate someone made a good mod if that is so.
and what about originality with quality? I never said I'm looking for unique ideas executed in low quality.

"No, he said that if people are going to post like whiny children they should leave the discussion. Stop trying to be witty"

heh.. funny. calling me whiny kid and telling me what to do and don't, is of course very mature, isn't it?
come on..
here.. its official I say it for you and I actually mean it:
Kudos to the makers of Red Orchestra for all their efforts making a mod that I am sure many will enjoy.

And apart from that I would wish that some other mod makers put as much effort and dedication into a Mod with a totally different Theme and style and thus add another fresh color to the mod scene.

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News Comments > New UT2004 Red Orchestra
24. Re: No subject May 21, 2004, 23:14 J/K
"As for WW2 games/mods, if you don't like them, then why are you posting about them? Personally I prefer modern combat to futuristic combat. I think Quake 2 was the last real futuristic multiplayer FPS I liked alot, but I did play the original Unreal Tourney alot when it first came out. Lasers and slow moving balls of light just don't do it for me."

yeah.. sure.. ww2 is modern combat
hell.. is it even thinkable there is something else than ww2 or scifi??
when I said I thinks its sad that there are mostly ww2 or whatever "real" war mods/games, did I say I want scifi instead??
like the only thinkable settings are Quake or WW2. jeeez.

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News Comments > New UT2004 Red Orchestra
15. Re: No subject May 21, 2004, 22:17 J/K

nice, so if one has a different opinion here he has to leave the discussion? had a bad day today eh?

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News Comments > New UT2004 Red Orchestra
14. Re: On nooos May 21, 2004, 22:13 J/K
oh my oh my... why is it such a huge problem for you if somebody expresses an opinion that isn't yours?
I said already, this mod migth be great and I have nothing against it in particular, but I'd wish for more diverse mods. so what?
to o bad get over it, there are people who don't dig ww2.
and regarding "learn to mod yourself" .. you should always be careful giving advice to people that you don't know at all. you might be shooting yourself in the foot.
relax man.. you love ww2, I don't. people have different preferences. I'm not bashing you for liking that stuff, so give me a break for not being so happy about another ww2 game.

This comment was edited on May 21, 22:17.
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News Comments > New UT2004 Red Orchestra
11. Re: On nooos May 21, 2004, 21:04 J/K
I care if I don't like it
Now seriously.. as I said.. I have nothing in particular against this mod , I do however find it very sad, that ever since CS and MoH, Mods hardly ever touch any other subject than similar to CS or War/Military.

I just can't get rid of the feeling that Mod teams often jump on this bandwagons cause they think this is what is popular and anything else won't get enough attention.
Now, where are the places where an upstarting Modder can get an impression on what the "community" might be interested in? right.. on boards like this.
Therefore its not only valid, its even needed that those who actually do have interest in more diverse Mods, do also express that.

I simply want to encourage those who might right now consider doing something different.. something unique.
That's all.

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News Comments > New UT2004 Red Orchestra
8. Re: On nooos May 21, 2004, 20:48 J/K
ever crossed your mind that some people are just simply not interested in the ww2 setting at all.. or at least not anymore? sure, if I would dig ww2 shooters I migth enjoy this mod, but since I couldn't care less about another ww2 mod or full retail game, why would I try? I have nothing against this particular mod itself, and would be all happy with it, if only there were enough other mods that have a real different concept to offer.

This comment was edited on May 21, 20:49.
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News Comments > New UT2004 Red Orchestra
6. Re: On nooos May 21, 2004, 20:40 J/K
yeah.. ww2... oh my. its all fine and some people sure dig it, but sometimes you think the mod community has become the desert of imagination. its a world of CS and WW2 clones over and over.
anybody got a link to a real interesting unique UT4 mod?
Chaos does unfortunately not look so convincing ... at least on the screens.but the effort is appreciated.

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News Comments > You Are Empty Website
14. Re: Hmmmmm ..... Apr 21, 2004, 16:15 J/K
"If your sperm are anything like you they must spend a lot of time swimming in circles."

oh well.. I apologize and admit I didn't get the joke.
but hey.. I have the flu and my head feels like mashed potatoes.
you on the other hand certainly aren't the king of humor, otherwise you would have done fine without this attempted insult.

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News Comments > You Are Empty Website
6. Re: Hmmmmm ..... Apr 21, 2004, 13:13 J/K
the title is just a working title.

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News Comments > You Are Empty Website
5. Re: Hmmmmm ..... Apr 21, 2004, 13:11 J/K
farcry. exe?
generally it would be nice if people who try leaked betas(which might even be aplha) restrain from making such elaborate judgements like " it sucks". ever thought you are playing versions you are NOT meant to play??

I for one saw a couple of screenshots a while ago, that at least showed that the game looks very unique. haven't seen anything that original in a long time. unfortunately expect for one, none of these shots show up on their site.
only this one
gives a bit of a hint on their rather unusual character design.

This comment was edited on Apr 21, 13:14.
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News Comments > Painkiller MP Demo May 3
23. Re: Rollercoaster of Thrills, Suckass Apr 21, 2004, 07:31 J/K
finally somebody else says it Currently I am much more stunned about the blind rave far cry gets, than about the game itself. yes its pretty and yes its fun for some of it, but it does indeed have some seriously idiotic game design decisions, that start to reduce the game to being pretty and not much more for me.
alone the fact that you have vehicles all over the place, but actually using them is a pain in the butt, not only because the steering isn't exactly smooth, but because they are simply useless.
you are much more likely to be killed instantly when driving anywhere where enemies are.
I could go on and on, but I don't want to risk spoilers for those who didn't play much of it yet.

and the engine itself, although impressive for the outdoor rendering, is pretty uneven when you don't ignore how bad it often runs indoors.

I do like the game, but I don't like how the reviews I have seen so far give it an almost blind praise.

This comment was edited on Apr 21, 07:36.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy: Painkiller
38. Re: Cool! Apr 12, 2004, 20:44 J/K
far cry a thinker? eh.. not really first of all far cry is pretty, and then its pretty, but is it really such a hell of a game? no it has really great aspects and it has some parts which are so dumb from a gameplay design point if view, it actually hurts. but I won't go into that here, cause that would mean posting spoilers.
what is great about painkiller is that its very focused. it doesn't try to do much or anything complex, but it does what it is very well. a fun mindless shooter for quick short gameplay. get in any time, get out any time and enjoy the gore.
oh.. and those who assume that everybody who occasionally loves to play simplistic games are therefore simpletons, don't do a great job of complex thinking themselves

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News Comments > Painkiller CD Woes
35. Re: yeesh Apr 9, 2004, 14:53 J/K
correct. developers usually have no control over issues like the copy protection that is used.

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News Comments > Fixed SÖLDNER Demo
41. Re: Fileplanets Apr 6, 2004, 17:36 J/K
helps if you click his profile

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News Comments > S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Movie
17. Re: Wow, talk about overkill Apr 5, 2004, 17:52 J/K
Oh sure,, we really really need another CS Clone. come on, gimme a break. and HL2 does have monsters all the way, although they seem to be mostly all kind of crabs I fear.
Anyway.. I'm all for monsters as long as thy are original.
If someone doesn't like monsters, then better stick with one of the billion CS or "real" war themed games.

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News Comments > A Far Cry from German Approval
28. Re: No subject Apr 1, 2004, 19:30 J/K
I worries me in general that sex can be anyway considered as even only remotely problematic as violence. I mean.. HELLO?? Wake up, its 2004 years of humanity growing only by the wonderful act of sex.
Apart from abusive sex ( and anything can be abused)it is obviously something very positive since it keeps us from total extinction and above that its pure pleasure for all participants ( if done right).

you can't really say the same about violence.

This comment was edited on Apr 1, 19:31.
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