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Description What...does my life story go here?
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Signed On Oct 23, 2002, 22:09
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News Comments > Army Threatens Punks
86. No subject Jan 13, 2005, 16:13 Phaelog
Wow. One whole site as your source. Dunno how that other site sliped in there. Sure as hell wasn't in the quest for looking for a diversity of opinion. And look at the backers for "honest reporting"...surprise, surprise.

This comment was edited on Jan 13, 16:15.
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News Comments > World of Warcraft Open Beta
123. No subject Nov 10, 2004, 22:05 Phaelog
EQ2, the game that's so amazing and engrossing that loser children will only troll up WoW threads only every few hours!

Now for some late breaking news!

You heard it here first, folks! Cheese loves Blizzard so much he'll take a shot in the mouth inbetween bukkake sessions with SOEs dong. If only there were more faceless, internet mongoloids with access to daddy's computer and lots of free time with this kind of dedication! Oh wait....fuuuuck.

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News Comments > Nexus N.A. Delay
5. Huh? Oct 19, 2004, 02:49 Phaelog
<rubs eyes>....a publisher resisting the onset of 4th quarter syndrome? Lo, the apocalypse has come!

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News Comments > DNF Gets Physical
45. RE: 43 Sep 27, 2004, 16:27 Phaelog
"But 3DR has kept shut for a long time."

I didn't even have to look hard for this testament to future glory because it's right up there in the cooresponding HL2 thread to which you're comparing to DNFs "lack of hype." Remember kids, don't smoke rock before you post!
"We're confident that DNF will be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, game of 1998. And this confidence is not misplaced." - Scott Miller, 1997

"Duke Nukem Forever is a 1999 game and we think that timeframe matches very well with what we have planned for the game." - George Broussard, 1998

"Trust us, Duke Nukem Forever will rock when it comes out next year." - Joe Siegler, 1999

"When it's done in 2001." - 2000 Christmas card

"DNF will come out before Unreal 2." - George Broussard, 2001

"If DNF is not out in 2001, something's very wrong." - George Broussard, 2001

"DNF will come out before Doom 3." - George Broussard, 2002

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News Comments > Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion
1. No subject Sep 16, 2004, 04:30 Phaelog
Well this little annoucement made me the winner of a $100 bet (that the next Square MMORPG would have either the word "final" or "fantasy" in the title.) Drinks are on me!

This comment was edited on Sep 16, 04:31.
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News Comments > Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Patches
4. Multi where it's at! Jul 28, 2004, 17:37 Phaelog
I've never even played the SP portion of the game. This is THe pick-up game on my LAN when there are only a few people over at my place. I humbly suggest that if you have a couple friends available for gaming you seek this title out when it hits the bargain bin or eBay or beating up kids for the lunch money.

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News Comments > EA Signs Gas Powered Games
14. Re: No subject Mar 22, 2004, 16:32 Phaelog
Get your head out of your ass and get a grip on reality

For someone who is apparently intimately familiar with the anal landscape, perhaps you should worry about leaving your own stinky cavern first. Or maybe your nose deep in EA's moist folds. You seem to be the expert. Let us know which.

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News Comments > City of Heroes Beta Status
9. Re: #8 Mar 16, 2004, 19:41 Phaelog
You just described almost every PvE online RPG out there. That said, I think I'll wait for the villians expansion that has been alluded to (profits permitting) before checking this out.

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News Comments > Competitions - Cyber X Games Implode
3. No subject Jan 12, 2004, 14:59 Phaelog
When you need to find new and innovative ways to fuck up your day, turn to Steam!

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News Comments > Federal GTA Lawsuit
121. Re: Moog Operator Jan 6, 2004, 04:14 Phaelog
"The best economy in two decades."

You're an idiot. Spending time refuting this is akin to arguing with a wall.

"Middle Eastern( Libya and soon Iran) contries giving up their WOMDs and moving towards democracy."

Libya hasn't givin up shit yet (assuming they have anything besides a bare bones program and a desire to develop nukes). Likewise with Iran. I guess we'll just ignore Israel, India, and Pakistan and the nukes they have because it'll make your little sound bite less sexy.

"Two countries (so far) freed from mass-murdering( Saddam killed 400,000 of his own people. Guess that doesn't bother some folks) dictators."

Oh right, like we really give one fuck about the Iraqi people. Were was this when Rwandan Tutsi's were being rounded up and executed. While airlifting our citizens out we didn't even bring Rwandans employed by Western governments in their embassies & consulates. Nice touch! For something more current check out a member of our "coalition of the willing", Uzbekistan. The guy in charge there makes Mr. Hussein look warm and fuzzy. Don't pretend we were in there to bring democracy to the people. The "reason" offered by the government was chemical and nuclear weapons we haven't found. That's a whole other discussion right there.

"Yup. The right sure screwed things up."

Yup. Just look at North Korea. I wonder if we'll even pretend to consider the current offer from NK. Nahhhh.


We covered this one.

"sexual oppression"

Haha. Three words. Sanctity of Marrage.

"a failed US economy"

I wouldn't blame the economy on either major party but the current administration has not helped....well at least not helped the lower or middle income families.

"religious oppression"

See the arguing with the wall analogy.

"wealth hording"

Again the wall provides more stimulating debate.

"unstable governments who support terrorism with WOMDs."

Pick a name from some countries up there. Almost anyone will do.

Feel free to direct any response to the affor mentioned wall. I'm sure the two of you will have a real meeting of the minds.

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News Comments > Magic: The Gathering Battlegrounds Trial
7. No subject Dec 18, 2003, 21:56 Phaelog
I was expecting this game to be complete ass and was pleasently surprised. The game is similar to its namesake in so much that certain mechanics are analogous (Counterspell works the same), and the cards come from the CCG but the game really could have had any motif put on it. There's some forthought required to play better than your average bear, though I claim to be no expert. Thinking about picking up a copy over the holidays or maybe on sale after New Years. Too many other games to play for me right now.

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News Comments > RoN Expansion Rising
3. Price "dropped" to $40? Nov 20, 2003, 17:15 Phaelog
I got this game on the secondary market and I think it's a very good game but advertising a price drop to $40 like some faux-magnanimous gesture of generosity is rather silly.

That aside the government system in the expansion sounds good. I can only assume it will feature the models in Alpha Centauri plus maybe some more. The scenarios sound like they will be similar to Civ 3: Conquests.

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News Comments > T3: War of the Machines MP Beta Demo
31. Re: What did you expect? Nov 20, 2003, 17:00 Phaelog
The movie was really not that bad. In fact I believe T3 has one of the best big blockbuster ending, Hollywood could ever allow for this kind of movie. I didn't expect it to end that way... just perfect and so fatal.

Since the morons responsible for putting this expensive gomer pile on film said repeatedly during pre-production they wanted to do a T4 as well as a T3 the ending was no shock at all, mearly part of a continuning trend in movie making today to make the obvious set up for a sequel.

I liked the first two terminator films (and for all you aspiring thespians looking in this movie for some display of "the craft" remember its a fucking action movie) and T3 had a few genuinly funny lines and one great action scene (the car chase, which looks like were the majority of the film's budget went) the movie was blah. The rest of the action ranged from lackluster to standard, the "chemistry" between Conner and what's-her-face was like watching one of any number of bad sitcoms on TV, and the huge, swirling, hypermass of continuity errors with the first two films would have required me to not just turn off my brain but to hammer at it with a brick in order to find it worth my $9.50 and 2 hours.

This comment was edited on Nov 20, 17:05.
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News Comments > IG3 Resurrected
7. Holy shit Nov 19, 2003, 12:59 Phaelog
That's damn good news. I'm wondering what work needs to be done if its comming out deep into next year though. Regardless, I'm happy to see this game won't be taken from me after all.

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News Comments > Gone Gold - XIII
16. No subject Nov 13, 2003, 19:30 Phaelog
Not a Family Guy viewer, eh?

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy: The Hobbit
1. Love that description... Nov 11, 2003, 11:57 Phaelog
After reading Vivendi's sales blurb about the game I can almost here the guy at E3 describing it as "Splinter Cell with a midget".

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News Comments > Homeworld 2 Mod Tools
13. Bring on the Argo! Nov 1, 2003, 05:06 Phaelog
Yea....some B5 shit would kick ass. Someone make it happen. I wouldn't mind punching a hole in the Andromeda with the Argo's guns either a la Space Cruiser Yamato.

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News Comments > Zero Hour Map Friday
1. Whoopie Oct 22, 2003, 12:40 Phaelog
Another map to experience tunnel spam on.

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News Comments > Final Fantasy XI Ship Details
22. Re: Death Oct 9, 2003, 22:28 Phaelog
"They probably (no duh) expect a pretty large user base. If they let you have 3 free characters, and the rest were $1/month, pretty much everyone would have 3, so their database size would triple."

Yet out of all the myriad online RPG developers out there only ONE has even mentioned data storage as a concern. Additionally as has been mentioned here, before, and on what was a huge thread in the SWG beta forums, that space was negligable.

"By charging a nominal fee they're keeping their costs lower, and increasing revenue. I say "nominal" because, for the people who actually play with multiple characters, $1 is nothing. That's $12 a year. I spend $12 on lunch."

And in your zeal to justify their business model you have a.) missed the goddamn point which you apparently took the time to quote but not read and b.) supported my position. I'll say it again for completness sake. During the beta it came to their attention a way to seriously disrupt what they have said is the core feature of the game. Their barrier to said disruption is a solitary dollar which, as you said, is nothing. Now use your brain here...that means their affor mentioned reason for the cost per slot is bullshit. As I said before, if their gonna lie to us they can at least give us the credit of possessing some modicum of intelligence. On a small tangent, sure a buck is nothing. Also, as I said already (hmm..I see a pattern here) would you drop an extra buck on every meal you ate? On every and any transaction? The people of Washington struck down a bill that would tax coffee drinks by a whole 10 CENTS so they can help put a dent in some $8.2 billion in state debt and provide money for education. 10 cents. The key is (obviously) how much people want something which leads us right to...

"Now, for a company just starting out with their first MMO game, you're going to want to do everything you can to get people to play your game. That probably includes not charging your players extra for *anything*. Square, on the other hand, knows that millions of people out there love Square and Final Fantasy games, and they'll handily pay anything just to get their hands on it."

Umm...I said just that. Reading and comprehension is the key here.

"It's called business. This is also called the "business high-road post" in your sadly typical "why all game companies are out to ream their customers" thread."

Golf clap for you, genius. My first post actually had more to do with the fact that PEOPLE are willing to lube up and receive than whether a company is "out to ream their customers". They can charge whatever the fuck they want; it's their property. They can proffer up whatever reason (or in this case bullshit) they want as well. I can still call them on it.

Of course, feel free to just ignore all of this too and spam out some more rote responses from your "Defending blatent company lies for lackies" guide. I'm compeled to the same. I think we know what kind of sadly typical post yours is, and the stench is overwhelming

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News Comments > Final Fantasy XI Ship Details
14. Re: Death Oct 9, 2003, 14:40 Phaelog
Now that's some funny shit:

"The conquest system is central to the game, and players will want to participate in the conquest campaign, otherwise their character and nation will suffer. The conquest campaign is so influential that many people sought to sabotage it in the beta by starting new characters under a rival nation and simply dying over and over. This was easy to do in the beta, but the retail version of the game will require an additional charge for extra characters, hopefully reducing this sort of misanthropic behavior."

So I'm being told by Square that creating a character under a rival nation and dying repeatedly can ruin the central feature of the game and that a fucking dollar is going to be a barrier between good play and breaking the game? What a crackerjack group of asshats over there. For fucks sake if your going to lie to me do a decent job at it. They must think we're all stupid in the extreme. Of course, I think that about people in general so I guess this'll work out nicely then.

This comment was edited on Oct 9, 14:48.
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