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News Comments > Fallout 3 Sells Big
122. Re: Fallout 3 Sells Big Nov 7, 2008, 20:25 DedEye
So far enjoying it a lot; it's better than I thought it would be. Really kept a lot of the flava from the first 2 games. I've done the main quest to Rivet City, now checking out other areas, level 11. Seems darker with less humour. Not a bad thing. Very good immersion (for me anyway, ymmv). Seems to have tonnes of modding potential.

I'm wondering if I can do things like get married and pimp my wife, or sell my partner to slavers. I kind of doubt it.

I'm a little disappointed the number of skills were pared down. Definitely a lot easier than F1&2; I died a lot in those games. The only time I've died so far is misusing the mininukes. They should have made fast travel like the first 2, with a chance of a random encounter.

A key ring; hey, can I get one for Oblivion?

Inventory/merchant menus should be drop down, or icons across the top, so I don't have to "clickety-click-click-click" through the menus.

I've had only a couple crashes, on exit and fast travelling, none since the patch.....which was itself an interesting experience. Levitating objects, including a priest at a wedding in Rivet City (thought he was hanging at first lol). The physics are interesting...sometimes comical, sometimes disturbingly realistic, although I believe inadvertently in this respect.

We'll see how it plays out
Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Fallout 3 DRM Follow-up
13. Re: Fallout 3 DRM Follow-up Oct 31, 2008, 09:07 DedEye
I have Nero installed and no lock ups either. About 10 hours of game play so far.

The only crash I get is if I exit the game without exiting to the main menu first. Just like Oblivion.

I'm using a SB Audigy, quite old and of course Creative hasn't issued new drivers in eons. Oh, WinXP.

So far enjoying the hell out of it.
Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Far Cry 2: Lose A Buddy, Lose Content
33. Re: People are gonna complain... Sep 6, 2008, 10:59 DedEye
Superfly Johnson

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Fallout 3 Q&A
12. Re: No subject Jul 30, 2008, 11:53 DedEye
I didn't find it biased at all; the guy answered the questions that were asked. Every comment he made about animations, AI, etc. was exactly my experience with Oblivion. Every NPC in Oblivion walks around like they have titanium rods stuck up their collective butts. That is not bias, that is fact, same with the brain dead AI.

How sad that such an amazing opportunity is being squandered.

I think this also illustrates the failings of North American corporate culture. It's not what you know or how competent you are, it's who you know and how well you suck up to the management above you. That's why we sit here scratching our heads wondering who the hell made these decisions.

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Fallout 3 Movie
64. Re: No subject Jul 16, 2008, 20:08 DedEye
Whether a game is good or not is of course highly subjective in nature, and popular is not necessarily superior. What corporations are interested in is what sells.

I've played Arena, Daggerfall, MW + expansions, and Oblivion. They've all had "cookie-cutter" elements, but given the sizes of the gameworlds and I would assume a budget that has to be adhered to, one can understand why this is so. Did I enjoy them? Sure I did, but like many others, I too have both F1 & 2, and from my perspective at least, Bethesda's RPGs pale in comparison. They are ok to good, but what is so apparent are the missed opportunities that would have made them great.

I will buy F3, but I hope I don't end up hating myself for it. I'm cheering on Bethesda to do the right thing and make an epic title. Based on my prior experience with their games however, I remain skeptical that there is going to be any dramatic shift in their game design philosophy, and that's a real shame if this is so with F3. One can always hope.

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Mass Effect
76. Re: No subject Jun 3, 2008, 09:14 DedEye
I bought the game last Thursday.

I love the fact that I don't need the disc in to play.

I had a couple of CTDs but my gfx drivers were rather old. Updated to the 175.80s and have had zero issues in many hours of play.

Great game!

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Bethesda Softworks and Splash Damage
22. Re: No subject May 22, 2008, 20:15 DedEye
Still impressed Bethesda would attempt Fallout, given the unparalleled hostility in most Fallout fans.

Because let's face it... all the fans really want is Fallout 1 in a new box.

I don't think the fans are looking for Fallout 1 in a new box. They do want a sequel that will stay true to 1 & 2's style of play, humour, RPG system, and ability to really play through in a number of different ways.

The hostility is there because that doesn't appear to be happening.

I've played every Elder Scrolls game since Arena. While most are good (and some mediocre), they don't come close to the first 2 Fallout games (in my "unpaid" opinion of course ).

I hope they make FO3 an epic game, but I remain skeptical. Prove me wrong Bethesda!

This comment was edited on May 22, 21:32.
Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - The Sims 2: Free Time
7. Re: More like Waste of Time Feb 29, 2008, 08:59 DedEye

My g/f likes these games and it got her interested in PC gaming.

I'm a happy man

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > PC Gaming Alliance Formed
90. Re: No subject Feb 21, 2008, 21:34 DedEye
Way back when, I went from a sega genesis to a 386. For me it was because games for PCs were different, and the control scheme was, and still is, far superior.

The games were generally more mature and covered far more topics and settings. Since consoles have become so popular, that line is now blurred. Many "adult themed" games are now available on the console, and this is to be expected given that gamers are aging and there are a number of different platforms on the market now. I have to say I am really disappointed and worried about the trend to "consolize" and make poor ports to the PC that I've experienced over the past couple of years. It simply doesn't take advantage of all the platform has to offer and is a deliberate decision on the part of the publisher to maximize profits and minimize costs. Back in the 386 days, PC versions had more features, not less. Why has this changed?

There are still games that I love that are, for now at least, only on PC. Every non-arcade flight sim for example. Which brings me back to controls. I can plug in a variety of controls and gamepads into my PC. How am I supposed to connect a programmable stick, throttle, and rudder pedals into a console? So let's make a console that accepts keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals. Let's see, it now has all this, a hard-drive, system memory, CPU, and GPU. Sounds like a PC to me.... a non-upgradeable, proprietary machine that is good for only a few specific things.

The PC as a platform is amazingly flexible and versatile, which is why it will likely remain my platform of choice. Contrary to popular belief (if it is), it does not cost a lot of money to maintain a decent rig. It will if you want a Ferrari, but you know, I think a Corvette is damn fine.

I remember spending a number of hours trying to free up 600kb of memory by fiddling with config.sys and autoexec.bat before successfully running Aces over Europe. I remember rebuilding Windows95 every 2-3 months. I waited a year before u/g to XP. I haven't had to rebuild the o/s once, even through a couple of u/g's. I can't remember it ever being this easy to play games on the PC as a platform. I waited to hear what Vista is like before taking the plunge. Glad I did, and so much for swimming Is there buggy software? Yep, there was back then too, even on the consoles (game breaking crash near the end of Sega's Outlander for eg.), but that's not the fault of the platform, that's the fault of the people making the software for it. Maybe it's a lack of tighter standards. If so, hopefully this group will address that.

I also recall way back when overhearing conversations about people d/l cracked games from BBS'. That, sadly, has not changed either, and still remains a poor argument for abandoning the PC as a platform.

So ends my stream-of-conciousness ramblings.

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > PC Mass Effect in May
79. Re: Great game Feb 12, 2008, 20:26 DedEye
I'm excited to hear this

I'm wondering if the PC version will have capabilities for any kind of user made content such as missions, quests, or campaigns? NWN/2 rocks in this regard.

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Duke Nukem Forever Follow-up
24. Re: No subject Feb 6, 2008, 20:10 DedEye
At this point I'd have to hear that this game is akin to the second coming of Christ to even look at it.

Give it up George, you ain't got a chance. Hell I'll be retired before this thing is released.

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Mark Rein - Consoles "Stealing" Hardcore PC Gamers
127. Re: Price comparisons....unrealistic? Feb 2, 2008, 16:46 DedEye
...damn you Albertans, shakes fist. Well at least I am not freezing my balls off...

lol! that cracked me up

It warmed up to a balmy -20C today

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Mark Rein - Consoles "Stealing" Hardcore PC Gamers
104. Re: Price comparisons....unrealistic? Feb 1, 2008, 09:12 DedEye
I'm not exaggerating on the price. Google A-computers in Edmonton and look for yourself. They also offer "bare bones" system for very good prices.

The CPU was $180, P/S $35, board $70, RAM is dirt cheap, $100 right now for 2Gigs 800mhz. We have GST (5%) and we don't have other sales tax, but you have that on everything. I don't u/g every part of my machine. I still have SB Audigy/5.1 speaker system/DVD burner/CDROM/case that work great; why would I replace them? Up until a couple years ago when it died, I still had the floppy drive from my 386 ($20 to replace).

Why would I need to have an SLI rig? As I said, the one I have can pretty much run everything at 16x12 with max detail. Much like a/v equipment, if you want the (b)leading edge, you're going to pay for it.

The X800 is still a good card BTW. Compare the fill rate of an X800XT to some of the newer, albeit lower end, DX10 cards. The only games it won't run are ones that absolutely require DX10 (Bioshock atm) and that was only momentary as it didn't take long for the community to come out with a patch to do so (which in turn smells of shennanigans re: DX10 req's.). Will that change? Of course, but by then DX10 and Vista will be more mature and I'll finally make the leap. Until then, I don't need to u/g my o/s either.

I'm not saying PCs are absoultely cheaper. I am saying if you shop around, you can get great parts for relatively cheap, and you certainly don't need to spend $2k a year to keep your rig at a point where you can play modern games with high details settings. I actually spent more than I planned to by getting the GTX card, but I had the extra dough. Plus, as others have mentioned, you can do a whole lot of other things with a PC. K+M is just one example of controllers that are superior on the PC. Last time I checked, I can't hook up my Joystick/throttle/rudder pedal setup on any console, and I can't see myself being able to get out of a spin with a gamepad (if there are even any flight sims with a realistic flight model on consoles).

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Mark Rein - Consoles "Stealing" Hardcore PC Gamers
81. Re: No subject Jan 31, 2008, 21:33 DedEye
I build my own machines and I never get the latest stuff, you could easily spend over $3000 a year to keep on top of the curve.

Where are you getting your gear?

I u/g my rig a few months ago and got an asus board, E6750 core 2 duo 2.66G, 2gigs 800mhz ddr, fast 500gig hdd, an 8800GTX, and a new power supply to run it for $1000. I run most of my games (except Crysis ;))at 1600x1200 with everything cranked.

This is from a local shop in Edmonton run by a couple of young guys.

This u/g will probably last me about 2-3 years. I might buy a new monitor next year, they're cheap these days, but the NEC CRT I have is still wicked, even though it's pushing 5 years (really can't believe how good the picture still is :)). I've cloned the o/s over and it's at least 3 years old now. No issues, but yes a little technical knowledge required. With Win95-98, I used to rebuild the o/s every couple of months. XP is pretty good.

I put the P4 3.2Ghz + ATI X800XTPE in my other rig, (my g/f likes to play WoW among other games...w00t :D) and sold the Athlon 2400XP+ + Geforce Ti4200 for $75.

I too have tried to play FPS with a hand controller. It's like trying to play them with a joystick; doesn't work for me.

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Valve Releases Steamworks
94. Re: ... Jan 30, 2008, 22:41 DedEye
Your posts are much better examples of such preconceived notions and assumptions.

I was kind enough to provide an example; please extend the same courtesy. I strive to derive from observation.

Written like a true hypocrite. It certainly accomplishes no less than your own posts here. These posts are certainly significant enough for you to reply to them. Any discussion of an issue on a public forum including this one can have an impact. You would obviously be surprised at just who and how many read these forums.

I'm here because I know people who share the same past-time I do come here to share experiences, ideas, and opinions, which is valuable to me. Yes, even yours >U I'm not here however trying to change people's minds or change EULAs, which from your actions it appears you are. How does sharing my opinion make me a hypocrite?

First, just because something is common doesn't make it right. Second, consumers have many more avenues for redress and compensation for other goods than they do with video games and other software, and that needs to be fixed. No or almost no retail stores in the U.S. will even accept opened videdo games or other software for refund so consumers don't even have that option when they are dissatisfied with their purchases. And, it's the same story with most game publishers and developers regarding refunds.

I never said it was right or wrong, I said that's the way it is.

The problem is that you shouldn't let your own satisfactory experience cloud your judgement and overlook the fact that other Steam customers are not so fortunate.

I hear a lot of positive things about valve and steam these days, not an uproar about how crappy it is.

No, it doesn't as I am simply returning the favor.

Well, I don't think I've called you any names....yet, but for posting my opinion I'm an apologist and a lackey

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Valve Releases Steamworks
80. Re: ... Jan 30, 2008, 21:05 DedEye
@Bhruic: valid points and absolutely correct except for the last quote. My apologies for obviously not portraying my point more clearly.

For clarity, the point of my last paragraph is, rather than coming on Blues News and ranting on the forums, which accomplishes little, why not do something more about it? You don't like a product? Make your own or support a competitor, start a boycott. Don't like the laws? Get involved in politics and try to change them.

If you still feel it's childish, I would very much appreciate insight as to why you feel this way.

No, it's simply another specious post from a Valve lackey.

A nice example of preconceived notions and assumptions.

Would you like to see my collection of games? It's in the hundreds and goes back to 1990.

For the record, I've been playing games on the PC platform for about 18 years. I have about as much loyalty to a software developer/publisher as they have to their customers. At some point in time, I've received crappy service from all of them, and yes, I complained loudly. I have no love for Valve and clearly remember the travesty that was the half-life 2 release and being unable to authenticate my store bought copy. I used to pre-order every "blockbuster" that was coming out and have been subsequently burned enough to curb my enthusiasm and wait to see what the general consensus is before I buy. It has always been "buyer beware", and not just software.

I made the points I did simply to refute many of your "irrefutable" arguments, and also to make the point that, much like hardware, I go for the best price/performance ratio. I don't care if it's ATI/Nvidia, Valve/MS/whatever or Ford vs Chev. The question I ask is, am I getting value for my money and bang for my buck? The answer to that is undeniably yes with respect to the software licences I have bought to use valve software. Yes, like it or not, that's what we buy, a licence to use the product.

Do I like the way it is? Not particularly, and certainly there are large areas for improvement and things I'd like to see changed. I also don't disagree with everything you say, especially regarding broad based and generalized licencing agreements. However, I feel I still got my dollars worth out of valve, and overall my experience with their customer service has been positive. YMMV.

If you think that post is even reasonable let alone the best, that only demonstrates just how irrefutable my points on the subject are and how moronic you are.

Using personal attacks simply diminishes your credibility. Your arguments are based on many assumptions and a large dose of personal opinion, which you of course have the right to have and voice. That doesn't necessarily make them correct and a long ways from irrefutable. Lackey indeed lol.

The problem as I see it is that, for the most part, you're not really "listening" to what others are saying on this board, and the ones that you do listen to you summarily dismiss because "you are right".

Myself, I appreciate other people's opinions because it makes me examine my own and how I arrived at them. A different perspective is always welcome, whether I agree or not.

Now it's time for me to go play TF2. I've probably got more posts in this thread than in all of the other years I've been a member here, so I am done. Not that I don't come here often, I just don't usually say much

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Valve Releases Steamworks
69. Re: ... Jan 30, 2008, 08:40 DedEye
The problem is that is not real choice. It is a limited choice that is being unnecessarily forced upon consumers by Valve simply for greedy reasons. Valve is so damn afraid of losing money to unauthorized copies of its games, that it won't put customers' needs first and make Steam optional or much less restrictive.

I get the impression from your posts that you seem to think that you have a right to play Valve games. You do only if you agree to the terms and conditions of its use. Valve owns the IP and created the product. They have a right to sell the product, and/or access to it, within legal boundaries. The fact remains that you do have a choice, and I don't see that access to valve software is necessary for life and limb, so I don't see any basis for having a right to use the software.

That you feel it is unnecessary is personal opinion without the benefit of walking a mile in someone else's shoes. It's quite apparent that developers spend millions on protecting their products and IP, so singling out a particular developer in this regard is patently unfair. You can expect more types of schema such as this because developers will continue to try and mitigate "losses", real or not, from software piracy. That much is clear.

With respect to greed, is it not the purpose of corporations to make money? Show me one that isn't greedy. Again, you are singling out one particular organization.

If you want to change it, make a better product. People will gravitate towards the better way, you can squash Valve et al, and probably make scads of dough while you're at it. If you don't have the capital to start a business, talk to your political representative and get involved in politics; do something about it.

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Valve Releases Steamworks
53. Re: ... Jan 29, 2008, 20:58 DedEye
For a little more than what it costs me to take my girl to a movie, I got the OJ box and see that I've already got about 12 hours of entertainment out of it. I can tell I'll be having much much more Plus, I didn't have to go out in the -30C weather to buy it.

We all know moving sucks, and at least one thing is bound to go missing. Sort of like my half-life CD. Well what do you know, I can d/l it off steam and still play it....years later

Right now with Steam, it's Valve's way or the highway.

You're right. At this time however it is Valve's product, and they apparently have the legal right to ask for certain terms and conditions regarding its use. We as consumers have the option not to buy it. Myself, I think it has a pretty good price/performance ratio.

Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Free Battlefield Game Planned
32. Re: wtf? Jan 21, 2008, 14:37 DedEye
You are right on everything but the fact that BF2142 sucks. Its actually BY FAR the best battlefield game.


Avatar 14820
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News Comments > Your FPS Brain on Drugs
32. Re: No subject Jan 16, 2008, 20:29 DedEye
Pidy da foo' who tries to market this kind of stuff to gamers. Kind of a cynical and jaded lot

The ingredients look like they're off the side of a can of "gym" nutritional supplement.

re: health and fitness. Can't forget lifestyle.

For example, you can be in peak condition and be the finest human specimen on the planet, but if you've made the lifestyle choice to spend hours at the beach getting that awesome tan, you're putting your health at risk, specifically increasing your relative risk of skin cancer.

Then there's the environment. I wonder how many different toxins I've been unknowingly exposed to over the years, that just happened to be around. The town I grew up in sprayed mosquitoes. I don't know what it was, but it didn't smell good. I don't use the stuff, but I wonder what's in a bottle of Febreeze? It doesn't just "disappear" into the ether after you spray it.

fpsBrain! Just what your case of industrial disease needs! .... snake oil

Avatar 14820
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