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News Comments > Torchlight at Retail In January
4. Re: Torchlight at Retail In January Nov 5, 2009, 18:35 DG
Yeah I don't generally play these kinds of games so I stuck it on normal and am just walking through, barely even using health potions.

I'm enjoying the game anyway, if I have any grumblings it'd be the volume of loot - particularly the amount of obsolete stuff (at least you can send the pet away to sell it though). Secondly the pace of obsolescence, so far there doesn't seem to be much value in enchanting as weapons and armour are lasting about 1 quest before they're sold.

As if to emphasise my newbishness, a few Q's:
- do skills stack? I.e. Dual Weld level 1 is +6% while L2 is +12%, does that mean once I've hit L2 I now have a 6+12=18% bonus or is the 12% the total?
- does dual-weld apply to a sword + pistol or do they have to be same type of weapon?
- does the "damage per second" include the modifiers like electric, poison etc damage?
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Modern Warfare 2 Midnight Madness
17. Re: Modern Warfare 2 Midnight Madness Nov 5, 2009, 18:26 DG
I generally avoid using terms like 'geek' and 'nerd' (that whole thing about people living in glass houses and throwing stones...), but when I imagine a bunch of guys standing in line outside an electronics store in the middle of the night, Donald Gibb as Ogre from "Revenge of the Nerds" screaming "NERRRRRRDDDDDDDSSSS!!!!!!!" comes immediately to mind.
FWIW, the only game I've got on a midnight launch was GTAIV (360) and most people there were with a group of friends and had clearly been waiting in the pub. And most of the stores were about as busy as I'd ever seen them.
(Edinburgh Princes street)
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Torchlight Mods
23. Re: Torchlight Mods Nov 4, 2009, 15:26 DG
seems this game continues your demo saves, might just have to buy this, though I really dont have the time  
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > DirectX 11 for Vista Released
20. Re: DirectX 11 for Vista Released Oct 28, 2009, 16:59 DG
I thought some games check for a specific version of DX and prompt you to install it if you dont have it. They can then load the particular DX regardless of what's never.

That's just a guess due to some games insisting on installing their unpopular version, regardless of how old they are, unless I've previously installed that game on that OS install.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > ATI Ending DX9 Support for Many Cards
13. Re: ATI Ending DX9 Support for Many Cards Oct 28, 2009, 16:48 DG
In my experience it's generally a bad idea to "upgrade" drivers for cards 2 or more generations old from either ATI or Nvidia. They stop paying them any attention; performance falls and bugfixes often don't apply at all (OK, except control centres).

I think ATI is merely announcing what both companies have already effectively been doing for a long time.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > PC Gamer UK: Dragon Age "RPG of the Decade"
65. Re: Game Reviews Oct 27, 2009, 16:17 DG
The combat clips show a lot of stupid NPCs moving into your area-effect spells and such, that'll get tired real quick. Dog And Bandits 360 has several retarded moments like cut scenes of players talking while on fire, and NPCs saying "and they look armed" about your band of blatantly hardcore psychos.

This comment was edited on Oct 27, 2009, 16:22.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Fort Zombie This Week
2. Re: Fort Zombie This Week Oct 26, 2009, 13:54 DG
That looks... Awful.  
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Civilization Network for Facebook
5. Re: Civilization Network for Facebook Oct 22, 2009, 14:52 DG
that could seriously work if they get it right (though very probably not for me)  
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
3. Re: Morning Tech Bits Oct 22, 2009, 14:49 DG
Yeah I've found that getting a new HDD at the same time as a new OS works out pretty well. Dual run for a while until I decide what I'm doing. Time gap between OS's usually means enough performance/space improvements to warrant an upgrade anyway, and a new OS is convenient timing for that.

I found I didn't have any need to clear down the old drive for ages anyway since plenty remaining space on it for new backups.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Uncut Left 4 Dead 2 Aus Ban Holds
13. Re: Uncut Left 4 Dead 2 Aus Ban Holds Oct 22, 2009, 14:37 DG
I don't really think its the kind of ethical situation where a foreign company should be viewed negatively for bowing to lawful censorship of a democratic country. Arguably Valve has no place trying to influence the Au censorship beyond their commercial considerations. What is your perspective of foreigners trying to influence your government? Maybe you don't mind if their goals happen to align with your own, but generally?

Responsibility for holding Australian censorship to account rests with Australians.

This comment was edited on Oct 22, 2009, 14:39.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > On Sale
9. Re: On Sale Oct 17, 2009, 17:59 DG
does DoW2 require GfWL? (I'd not be playing MP)  
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
2. Re: Saturday Consolidation Oct 17, 2009, 17:48 DG
That's pretty lame MS (and yes I have a 360 and no I dont have "unauthorized Xbox 360 Storage Devices")  
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > More Fallout Legal Fallout
16. Re: More Fallout Legal Fallout Oct 17, 2009, 17:44 DG
The "article" isn't really worth anything IMHO, read it carefully and it makes no sense.

It borders on being newsworthy from another perspective, in that the bias is to the point of seeming crafted. It's too assertive and enthusiastic about Interplay being in the right and Bethesda being in the wrong. It confuses legal argument with moral opinion, making a point that almost but doesn't quite work and then uses it to support a much wider assertion, e.g.

Why would Interplay keep the original Fallout rights and sell Fallout for so cheap unless this was built in as part of the package deal? The original Fallout games are only worth something in relation to sales generated from the release of FAllout 3. Therefore, Interplay did not harm Bethesda in any way by selling the original Fallout games.
So it starts by saying that In. must have a contractual right because it would make business sense for them to include it. Maybe the contract does have this right, and for this reason, but there being a reason for them to do so does not mean it actually happened. Regardless, it does not then follow that "Interplay did not harm Bethesda in any way".

It's like saying, Joe owned a dog so why would he sign a lease unless it allowed his dog to live there? Therefore, the dog did not bite the landlord or chew the furniture. 2+2=5.

Then it draws on what a bad guy Beth. is, and the impression I get is of propaganda. It's worded to encourage bad blood in similar way to how you start gossip by telling someone that you heard some gossip.

...And then it starts with the caps. Not forgetting the length.

I would call shens, it is clearly crafted with a motive but Blue says right there it's "from an Interplay investor" so I guess I missed the point of posting it was to indicate the level of a circus it has become.

(Disclaimer: I'm not familiar with the case and hey maybe this guy is totally right, doesn't change my points above)
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > On Sale
10. Re: On Sale Oct 16, 2009, 14:06 DG
hmm I was going to jump on SR2 as had good fun on 360 (rented to completion) but now not so sure.

I wouldn't say it's better than GTA IV - the "experience" doesn't come close - but it is often a lot more fun.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Legal Briefs
1. Re: Secret ACTA treaty Oct 16, 2009, 12:59 DG
That's not so uncommon an approach for delegated legislation and draft proposals. The "usual" committee begins work and consults with professionals, usually specialists but with some variety and from a variety of backgrounds, using a consultation document at various points. True, sometimes this is published, not not to do so is not unusual.

It's only really when something is put together is it the norm to publicly publish for comment as an exposure draft.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Final 2 L4D2 Campaigns Revealed?
24. Re: Final 2 L4D2 Campaigns Revealed? Oct 12, 2009, 16:15 DG
I got L4D on the first 1/2 price sale and at that price it was a bargain. True I expect I would be a lot more annoyed at the limited content had I paid full price. Personally I got most enjoyment out of the every varying teamplay, sometimes I'd be basically the only reason we'd make it through and other times I'd be the weakest link. One of my most memorable games it took 3 1/2 hours to get through BH Expert and not one of us left, we vowed one final try (for the n'th time) and damn well nailed the finale with all 4 making the escape. I nearly fell off my chair laughing when all 3 got their ach for finishing their first expert mission and 2 also got the ach for their first time completing BH...

FWIW I liked the limited number of weapons and Specials. The number of campaigns was just right to launch with. But for the coop game it needed more campaigns to flow in (should have been 2 full campaigns by now IMHO). On the upside there are some very good fan-made campaigns, which are widely played now that Steam shows them up.

Dev, at least from when I got it a friend's campaign game was easy - just setup a private lobby, invite friends then set it public and others join. I didn't play vs much but the first time I played L4D we did the same thing for a vs game. What it completely fails to do (last I looked) was let you get 4 mates in then find another group to play against. This was what turned me right off Vs mode, every time I tried to play I'd be a complete newb on a team with maybe 1/2 good players against an organised team. Sure in every game there's the lamers who just like to rape noobs but with L4D there's not much option but to do this if you want to play with mates, unless you have 8. This is compounded by games taking forever.

This comment was edited on Oct 12, 2009, 16:19.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Censored L4D2 Backup for Australia
10. Re: Censored L4D2 Backup for Australia Oct 7, 2009, 16:17 DG
Eh? Censorship isn't exactly liberal. Liberalism (from the Latin liberalis, suitable for a free man) is the belief in the importance of individual freedom

'Course, factual definitions and politicians rarely go hand in hand...
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
6. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 3, 2009, 19:15 DG
Back home the parents got one of those metal mail boxes to attach to the gate, not to prevent shredding but to stop the dogs barking at the postie. Occasionally he would come while the dogs were down the garden, leaving him... smothered - though he reciprocated plenty. That's retrievers for you

He did say he appreciated the box though because it saved him some time.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
17. Re: No subject Oct 2, 2009, 13:43 DG
Well I'm in no position to be a grammar nazi but here's my take:

The device may be referred to as a remote controller in that the device is controlling the TV. Once device hence singular controller - plural here would be for two+ remote controllers.

You would not correctly refer to multiple devices as "remote controls": you are not making any reference to how many devices there are but instead referring to functional "controls".

This is probably clearer if you substitute "controls" for "buttons": "pass the buttons" may refer to any number of controllers.

a remote has controls
a remote does control
a remote is a controller

This comment was edited on Oct 2, 2009, 13:47.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > OnLive has Funding, Patents
12. Re: OnLive has Funding, Patents Sep 30, 2009, 14:40 DG
Due to latency and cost Onlive just seems implausible to me, btu both those issues have been debated widely enough, it's wait-and-see time now.

Those two (major) issues aside, if you're looking at it from a console perspective the rest could be very sweet. On the PC gaming side, well it's back to the console vs PC debate: you're losing out on mods, tweaks, diversity in server configurations, and so on. You just get the keyboard + mouse control. Maybe - if it took off just watch all the publishers race to the bottom to "maximise potential market share", which means a joypad.

Granted until they get there they would be using existing PC games and there is potential for existing PC mods to be imported, but once it gets big there is no way for mods to get started.

FWIW patents don't necessarily signify anything, any "innovator" should be protecting their investment. Admittedly though the proportion being spent on patents hints to me that they're looking to sell up and have someone else put the money into and carry out the operations as a trade, or have 3rd parties carry out the operations under licence.

This comment was edited on Sep 30, 2009, 14:44.
Avatar 14793
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