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News Comments > Steam Summer Sale Day 3
7. Re: Steam Summer Sale Day 3 Jun 26, 2010, 18:35 DG
nin wrote on Jun 26, 2010, 17:20:
L4D2 for $10...

Might finally get that one.

L4D2 is one of those games that on paper is better in every way, but somehow isn't.

I think it just lost the basic simplicity that worked so well for L4D, and the people were better - people were friending each other all the time in L4D and if you fail a round most people kept on trying. In 2 teamwork rarely comes close and people are quitting & joining all the time, it's like going to a party only to find everyone there in a bad mood.

Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoyed it. The finales are awesome. But somewhere they lost much of what made L4D special IMHO.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Game Company Helped Scuttle UK Tax Breaks?
1. Re: Game Company Helped Scuttle UK Tax Breaks? Jun 25, 2010, 13:00 DG
What a shit article.

Anything to suggest any facts in there? Do they even have the balls to name the publisher?

Is there even a point to the article? Seriously. If it's true then out with it, otherwise you don't know it's true so STFU.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Steam Summer Sale
24. Re: Steam Sale Jun 24, 2010, 17:26 DG
tony wrote on Jun 24, 2010, 17:10:
StingingVelvet wrote on Jun 24, 2010, 16:49:
I really wonder how these sales effect the number of people buying games at $50 on release. I know Valve has said they don't, but it's surprising, and that was before they went really crazy like this.

If there is a game that is coming out that I really, really want (like Civilization V or Portal 2) I will pay full price for it to be able to enjoy it day 1.

Other games that I'd like to have but aren't a priority in my gaming needs, like Metro 2033 and Bioshock 2, I wait until they are at least 50% off MSRP.
Though actually there's been a few games I considered buying at full price but the DRM put me off. I'd then forget about it, see it on sale which results in reading a comment somewhere that the worst of the DRM had been patched out, so in the basket it goes. Like I'll probably be picking up Bioshock 2 if they've taken out the crap.

Currently looking at:
BS2; Witcher; Dirt2

This comment was edited on Jun 24, 2010, 17:32.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
2. Re: Climate Credibility Jun 23, 2010, 12:45 DG
1-0 to USA puts you guys though to the last 16 of the World Cup

Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Safety Dance
1. Re: Are You a Security Wizard Jun 23, 2010, 12:39 DG
Some good questions, but a basic fail in not showing the correct answers for the ones you get wrong at the end. What's the point otherwise?  
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > On OnLive Game Prices
104. Re: On OnLive Game Prices Jun 22, 2010, 18:14 DG
This will be something required and completely non-negotiable by the publishers. They're not going to put any risk of cannibalising their retail sales. Many will be under contractual obligations not to compete "unfairly" with retail, which means no distribution method can have lower pricing.

The 2013 date is likely due to publishers requiring a contractual term allowing them to pull rights on that date.

The finger-pointing should be at the rights-hoplders: the publishers. That said, it's kind of moot since either way it makes the Onlive service extremely unappealing, and there is plenty of doubts over other elements of the service.

While experience consistently shows that applying business sense to the decisions of gaming companies leads to a gross overestimation of their abilities, it's still a fair bet that this is far from being the approach OnLive wanted to take with this.

I'm sure they're also completely frustrated with the other restrictions demanded by publishers, like being able to block games on certain platforms (so you'll have some games playable on the TV console thing but not on PC, etc). I literally LOL'd on hearing that. The entire point of OnLive is that the platform is completely irrelevant.

Fang wrote on Jun 22, 2010, 17:00:
Yeah, I'm sure Blue would try to protect industry execs identities if they want to stay anonymous.

Usually sites are fine with "official" people being anon on the boards aslong as they don't abuse the anonymity.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > etc.
6. Re: etc. UK Game tax breaks scrapped… Jun 22, 2010, 17:23 DG
I dislike subsidies unless the subsidies are for a specific purpose and that is what they are linked to. So encouraging game development in the UK creates jobs, but why does a game company get a subsidy for creating 20 jobs and another company in another industry not get a subsidy for creating 20 jobs?

The justification for their receiving some of MY money is for creating 20 more jobs and both have achieved it, so I fail to see why one should be favoured over the other. It's arbitrary and does nothing more than incite a battle of subsidies with UK and Canada trying to outdo each other on how much money they can throw at a corporation and their private shareholders.

That said, I'm not sure how far the subsidy had progressed and it is wrong to promise one thing, allow people to base decisions on that and then go and sweep it out from under them. If some companies have gone ahead and made investments with the subsidies playing a significant part of their decision they can rightfully consider themselves cheated.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Next Doctor Who Episode Saturday in UK
4. Re: Next Doctor Who Episode Saturday in UK Jun 22, 2010, 17:10 DG
We're like shareholders and this is like free bubbly at the AGM.

You are a customer. You pay for the bubbly

(or rather we have no choice but to pay the BBC if we want to watch any TV)
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Next Doctor Who Episode Saturday in UK
1. Re: Next Doctor Who Episode Saturday in UK Jun 22, 2010, 11:52 DG
Just to clarify, this will be free to people in the UK (due to BBC restrictions from being publicly funded, i.e. we already paid for it through the licence fee) and paid-for elsewhere.  
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
1. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 21, 2010, 12:25 DG
Funny you mention it, looked out the skylight as I was returning to bed around 1am and noticed the sky was still blue (far from daytime, but about enough to walk around without a light).

We get slightly more than 17 1/2h here (Edinburgh) this time of year though it's a somewhat miserable 7h during December.

(though it says 15h for NY, and 9 during December )
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2 Sale
1. Re: Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2 Sale Jun 19, 2010, 17:11 DG
ME2 worth the buy on PC or just rent it on 360? (edit: I enjoyed the first which I rented on 360, so I guess I'm actually wondering whether PC or 360 version is better. Prob wont get to play it until fall)

Also, what's the deal with the DRM on Steam version now?
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
4. Re: Internet Kill Switch Jun 18, 2010, 14:01 DG
US President Barack Obama would be granted powers to seize control of and even shut down the internet under a new bill that describes the global internet as a US "national asset".
Um, LOL?

The internet isn't the property of the US to control. Any realistic suggestion of this being a plausable event would simply result in everywhere else removing reliance on the US networks.

The result is the US has more control over the US internet and less internationally.

If that wasn't possible, or hadn't been put in place yet and the US "switched off" the internet, they'd be open to really quite a lot of lawsuits.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
6. Re: Morning Consolidation Jun 15, 2010, 13:05 DG
Not sure why Engadget bemoaning the $20 cable when in the other vid they're saying you can just use any USB stick or even just do it via xbox live.

The vid also makes clear what the big diff is, other than wireless N. Big ass fan directly on the CPU, being directly fed by a big grill plus big grills on the top and bottom. It's looking close to a nice Micro PC setup now, much better than the very silly 2x40mm fans at the back ducting from the CPU.

I suspect also there's been a die shrink, since power pack is lighter. Probably the biggest deal to some people.

Tumbler, I think it makes life easier if you connect HDMI to the TV and optical to stereo/amp.

This comment was edited on Jun 15, 2010, 13:12.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
26. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 13, 2010, 10:32 DG
Um, I'm pretty sure the superbowl thing was good humour and Olympics was the serious answer. Not sure which of those is bigger, pretty sure they are the two biggest by a very big margin over the rest though.

Actually, comparing would be quite a difficult task as WC has discrete games to count while Olympics has near constantly numerous events going on concurrently. Do you count peak eyeballs, average eyeballs, discrete number of eyeballs that watched at least x hours, total aggregate eyeball hours...

The football hasn't gotten very exciting yet. Some of it is down to the ball which seems to slice very easily as it's very light. Plus since it's early days they're most nervous plus nobody is desperate for wins yet.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
2. Re: Morning Mobilization Jun 10, 2010, 17:26 DG
In UK it's typically £5 (~$7) for 500MB. This is relatively new though, they used to be more generous, with bigger allowances and being much more lax with the "fair use" policy (i.e. had to go over for consecutive months before they'd charge).

Specific phones can sweeter, for example T-Mobile's is 3GB if on an Android phone and O2 do 1GB for an iPhone. This "upgrade" allowance is automatic for the right phone and at no extra cost. But these are specific deals those networks made with the phone manufacturers to secure exclusives and at some point that agreement is going to expire.

The price is right but the data really should be 3GB. 500MB is the size of the HQ trailer for the Dark Knight (64mb), and should really be the basic, entry-level package, for low-use customers. But they're still advertising it as "unlimited internet*"; "*fair use policy applies" (and detail on that fair use is often very hard to find)Yet the ads are talking about how you can download music, movies, youtube etc.

And IIRC only T-Mobile has a facility to bulk-buy an extra allowance for the month. All the others, and even on TMob if you don't notice, charge through the nose for going over. Personally I think they're worried that using Facebook and email (not forgetting instant messengers) is going to hammer their extremely high-margin text messaging.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
18. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 10, 2010, 17:03 DG
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > I Hate Mountains for L4D
9. Re: I Hate Mountains for L4D Jun 7, 2010, 17:36 DG
I installed KF and was reminded of the bad bits from 1990's PC games right away. It looked terrible - not just not fancy graphics or whatever, but just... bad. Then it kept screwing up on loading or the menus, then it worked but each time I joined a game it fell over...

I really liked L4D but they did not execute the lobby system well (and I definitely think it was the right way forward for the game, if only they'd done it right). This was compounded by the lack of incentive for people to buy servers, which meant relatively few freebies were thrown up as advertising, which was further compounded by all Valve's EU servers being in Germany. So you mess around for ages getting the map you want (and, cross fingers, a decent team) and then mess around some more to get a decent server, and each time you get a bad one most people quit without thinking of just voting back to lobby.

In the beginning for L4D1, when it was really really busy, the flaws weren't so much of an issue 'cuz there were so many good options it couldn't really miss a decent enough game. Soon as games got a little hard to find, the problems become an issue far more often than not.

Oh and then there's what happens when it updates. In TF2, the only problem I've had is servers shutting down mid-game to install a patch, at which point my Steam starts updating and 5mins later I'm back in. In L4D, Steam updates itself then tomorrow I can join a server.

(This is from my UK perspective, YMMV)

This comment was edited on Jun 7, 2010, 17:44.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Half-Life E3 Tease Faked
23. Re: Half-Life E3 Tease Faked Jun 7, 2010, 17:16 DG
09/10/07 for Steam
10/10/07 for NA retail 360 & PC
19/10/07 for EU retail 360 & PC
11/12/07 PS3

However IIRC something didn't quite go to plan. Can't remember if there was a slight delay on the PC release either in NA/EU; or, something rings a bell that it was released early in EU.

This comment was edited on Jun 7, 2010, 17:26.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Why Didn't You Buy GSB?
16. Re: Why Didn't You Buy GSB? Jun 5, 2010, 17:03 DG
Ruffiana wrote on Jun 5, 2010, 16:41:
Why doest that sentiment only apply to indie developers?
'Cuz they're generally perceived as being relatively innovative, more financially vulnerable and a bigger cut of the money goes to the devs rather than the publishers.

Not saying that's necessarily my view or that it's true, just that there is a reasonable rationale. It's a similar sentiment to the whole "buy local" thing, I suppose.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
13. Re: Nuclear Option Jun 4, 2010, 14:08 DG
The nuke idea is to impact the sea bed rock so it collapses and seals the well. Basically the "hit it with a kiloton hammer" approach.

But, it could also open up the well with a fissure that would be basically impossible to seal. High pressure oil and gas would just surge out at vastly higher volume than presently. This in turn would erode the weakened rock... Not forgetting that you've just blown up all other options.

Currently they have a broken pipe that has a (albeit failed) device on it designed to stop the flow. I'm no engineer, but I'm pretty sure that offers a lot more opportunities to stop the flow or at least has less risk of it getting worse than setting off a bomb and hoping.

They can't just crimp the pipe because of the amount of pressure. They tried clogging it up with drilling fluid, mud, clay, golf balls, rubber and cement and it didn't work.

It's looking like they've been successful with the containment cap which will syphon off much of the leak, while the permanent fix is the relief wells being drilled (which will basically be a functioning well that takes over the flow and pressure, so the leaking one can be plugged relatively easily).
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