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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
16. Re: Evening Metaverse Jul 13, 2012, 14:06 DG
Quboid wrote on Jul 13, 2012, 10:37:
Actually sold for about $16m in all.
Read a few articles from Techcrunch now that have left me thinking they're pretty financially savvy, relative to most non-business sites anyway (and even a few of those tbh).

Well, either that or they're checking things instead of just coming across some factoid and posting it on the assumption that it's the whole story...

er anyway, ty for link
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
15. Re: Evening Metaverse Jul 13, 2012, 14:00 DG
Bodolza wrote on Jul 13, 2012, 12:32:
Meanwhile, Reddit, which could really use an interface re-haul, seems to be gaining in popularity.
obligatory Reddit Enhancement Suite FTW plug...

I'm not feeling any need for a redesign since using that. No major changes, everything's just about the same but better.

Reddit's still okay but it has gone way downhill. Arguably about since that time Digg were having problems and loads of their users went over, but probably more fair to say it's just due to the expanding userbase.

This comment was edited on Jul 13, 2012, 14:07.
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News Comments > Steam Summer Sale Begins
72. Re: Steam Summer Sale Begins Jul 12, 2012, 17:46 DG
Prez wrote on Jul 12, 2012, 16:34:
Shogun 2 was a maybe until I drilled down and realized how much stuff you don't get for that $7.50 including the most recent expansion.

If you are a fan of the Total War style or the Feudal Japan time period, I can virtually guarantee that will be the best $7.50 you have ever spent on a game. The DLC is largely filler stuff - for $7.50 you are getting a complete, engrossing, and gorgeous strategy game that you can and will play for dozens of hours.

Then there's the Shogun 2 Darthmod, which improves virtually every weakness the original game had, most notably the AI.
Does Shogun 2 play like the first Shogun, i.e. really good fun and not overburdened with crap like Rome? They seemed to be going downhill with every iteration of that game - on the strategy map anyway, they did seem to be getting better with the battles.

I gave up on the series with Rome, which was decent for battles but the strategy was a tortured experience (even though, or perhaps because, I like the civ games).
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Steam Summer Sale Begins
71. Re: Steam Summer Sale Begins Jul 12, 2012, 17:37 DG
sauron wrote on Jul 12, 2012, 16:49:
Anyone think Skyrim will go below $39.99? Been looking forward to it for ages but not at $59.99. It's already 33% off.
it's a bargain at full price, IMHO. But as always with the sale, but on a daily deal or buy on the last day.

As for these badges, I haven't even achieved
Launch any game from your games list in the Steam Client.
ooohhhh kaaaay...

And yeah 20 is more than I'm willing to pay just to try DayZ mod.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Borderlands 2 Rewards Borderlands 1 Vets
14. Re: Borderlands 2 Rewards Borderlands 1 Vets Jul 7, 2012, 16:19 DG
Borderlands keeps saves in the My Docs folder.

If you're going to back up anything, surely...

Anyway, despite being a Borderlands 1 owner, I'm glad this at least is trivial customisation extras. I hate all this "bonus" content (i.e. stuff removed for everyone else) only for people who preorder (yeah I see they have that too), or even worse only if they buy at some special store.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > EU to Allow Digital Software Resales?
15. Re: EU to Allow Digital Software Resales? Jul 3, 2012, 13:54 DG
nin wrote on Jul 3, 2012, 11:18:
I'll be curious if this is enforced, or something digital services can simply get around by adding something to their EULA, along the lines of "if you use this service, you agree not to resell your games".
No, for starters the ruling means there'd be no "damages" for the publisher to sue for. For seconds, in the EU, standard form contracts with consumers are considered non-negotiated (i.e. there's almost an assumption that it wasn't even read) and basically anything that is not reasonably expected is usually void.

They comment as such in the quote -
therefore, even if the licence agreement prohibits a further transfer, the rightholder can no longer oppose the resale of that copy.
However, bear in mind there can be a service element to a digitally acquired game. That's a different relationship and non-transferability is likely a lot more defensible.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Diablo III RMAH Issues
85. Re: Diablo III RMAH Issues Jul 2, 2012, 13:51 DG
eunichron wrote on Jul 1, 2012, 17:53:
[lots of stuff]
Cheers, I don't go around on D3 forums or anything so hard to see what the base line is meant to be.

I was thinking I had half-decent gear (for the earliest entry-level into Inferno) but lacking in skillz, but those stats are way above mine, yeah I'm Barb. If I lose the gold find stuff I'm at, before powers:
8.3k dmg
25k HP
420/sec regen life
5.6% life steal
19% block chance
23% dodge chance
66% dmg reduction (armour)
~260 average resistances

Trouble is, trying to nudge those stats up on the AH costs insane gold. Even gear with lesser affixes at lvl60 costs 5x as much as my lvl56-58 stuff. To get real gear it's in the millions.

I only have 1.3m gold and sack loads of loot that isn't great so may or may not sell at all on the AH.

FWIW, putting back on the high GF gear my gold find on Hell goes to about 185% with 5 nephalem valour and it was definitely bringing in a ton more than I can do on Inferno. The basic gold drop doesn't seem to be noticeably higher in the early parts of Inferno yet in Inferno it's unrealistic to be able to get that nephalem stack going, and in Hell I can rip through everything in half the time and not die.

I'm thinking that whilst going for gold worked better than magic find up to lvl60, in the last bit of Hell the nephalem valour kicked in and suddenly rares drop like candy. Plus at these prices one decent Inferno drop would obliterate the gold found in the time?

My guess at this point is I'd probably have to farm Hell gold for a bit in order to make entry-level into Inferno, where I switch to farming for rares.

But I'm not sure I can be bothered coming home from work (which is really heavy-going at the moment) and doing that, and sure as shit I'm not going to hit the RMAH.

edit: also I think lag is a problem as yesterday I couldn't even kill a goblin. I had him down to a sliver of health then he ran off, stopped again, and even though I was mashing away at him, he opened his portal and buggered off.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Diablo III RMAH Issues
59. Re: Diablo III RMAH Issues Jul 1, 2012, 17:34 DG
Started Inferno today.


I actually got owned by a normal mob. I hadn't figured on needing to use powers on a regular mob. I got through a few champions and two elite packs, but I wasn't expecting to have to use powers on regular mobs.

They die okay enough, I mean, on Hell my enchantress was one-shotting them and now barely scratches them, but they go down in 3-4 swings and she's overdue for an upgrade.

But damn, even a little scrape from a zombie thing takes a chunk of health off. Must be at least 2000hp a scratch? A mob that on Hell couldn't take down HP faster than I could regen it even without the battle cry, now has me running away even with battle cry. TBF maybe I overdid the resistances thing, hence being able to deal with the magic the elites are throwing around whilst getting wasted on physical damage.

Maybe if I farm Hell for a while I could make enough gold to gear up. I guess need to do Hell because so far in Inferno the gold drop doesn't seem to be any better, and a *lot* worse if I can't get nehalem valour. Actually maybe the +115% gold find is another thing I'll have to sacrifice...

But, nope. I work hard enough at work and farming feels like more work, only less satisfying and unpaid. Why the fuck would I do that? Are these guys doing massive amounts of farming in need of a job or what? And no, I'm not going to buy off the RMAH because that's not gaming entertainment either - and it's certainly not good value.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > On Sale
2. Re: On Sale Jul 1, 2012, 08:26 DG
15 for ARMA II, still too much just to try out the Day-Z mod.  
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Diablo III RMAH Issues
39. Re: Diablo III RMAH Issues Jul 1, 2012, 08:24 DG
jdreyer wrote on Jul 1, 2012, 05:44:
How has it destroyed the game? I voted with my wallet and didn't buy this (will play TL2 instead), so I'm wondering. If you don't spend actual money will you be way underpowered?
Hmm, I only hit lvl 60 this week and beat Hell (2nd hardest, excluding Hardcore mode) last night without much problem. There was only a brief period throughout that I had problems and I'm now sure that was lag. Only using the gold AH.

Inferno may be another story. There's a huge leap in prices on the gold AH for inferno-quality items.

But probably the real issue is how the RMAH encourages bots, and the response from Blizz has basically been to nerf players' grinding. Diablo players expect to need to do a lot of grinding to beat Inferno. When they increased the repair costs it was a bit of a joke, though they've since halved them and increased the loot drop tables so it's not as bad as when the brouhaha kicked off.

That and the relatively ignored issue that crafting is too expensive, partially because the rolls aren't very good and partially because you can't point the affixes towards what you want, so it's random.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Civilization V - Gods and Kings Demo
17. Re: Civilization V - Gods and Kings Demo Jun 29, 2012, 17:45 DG
The whole spearmen occasionally defeating tanks is debated to death on civ fan forums all the time.

Main thing is really it's just an avatar of a low-tech, cheap military unit against a high-tech high-resource one. I mean, if you're going to say it's the same spearman you created 2,000 years ago... While we're at it, the tank unit is maybe 4 tanks while it'll be 100 spearmen or whatever.

Sure they could probably change the graphic more as the eras progress and turn it into guys with pistols and molotovs or whatever, but then it'd be harder to keep track of whats going on.

Regardless, yeah a spearman could take out a tank. Tanks are crap at unconventional warfare. Hide up a tree, drop down, open hatch and stab everyone inside. Or dig a pit trap. We lost tanks to civilians with molotovs in Iraq. Shit, we lose tanks just moving them around because they fall apart.

There was a point in Civ IV when it was clearly happening too frequently, but it should always be possible for a spearman to defeat a tank.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > New AMD/ATI Drivers
7. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 29, 2012, 17:19 DG
eunichron wrote on Jun 29, 2012, 15:25:
An aside, whatever happened to hardware roundup reviews? You know, when reviewers would get 10+ pieces of the same hardware from different vendors and pit them against each other to find out which was the best bang for the buck, highest performing, most stable, what have you. They seem to be non-existent these days.
Because they're all exactly the same chips. They're often all the same PCB also, especially at launch. Not sure on the position now, but years ago Sapphire used to be the one actually making a huge chunk of all cards.

Most of those that are not the same PCB, they're all compliant with the AMD/Nvidia spec, so they're effectively identical.

Usually it's a few months down the line, which is when the weird coolers start coming out, that the cards actually have differences in PCB design. Even that's not really significant as all still in spec.

The only real difference is how good they are at soldering chips onto PCB, which affects reliability rather than performance. Otherwise it's down to the custom coolers. Oh and warranty.
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
14. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 25, 2012, 15:15 DG
Make the call - most folk are quick to voice dissatisfaction, few to give praise.

On Diablo 3, is it just down to me getting into the late 50's level or has the AH (EU here) gone strange? I'd never paid more than 50k for an item and suddenly it's hundreds of thousands for trivial stuff like an enchantress focus. And the prices are all over the place, something goes for maybe 250k then something slightly better is into the millions.
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News Comments > Saturday Tech Bits
2. Re: Saturday Tech Bits Jun 23, 2012, 17:56 DG
Yeah Libre Office is more than adequate for my home needs. However if I take work home it doesn't cut it, it has to be MS Office. For example the formatting in Word documents always gets screwed up (I don't care which software is at fault, work uses Office).

But I'm not paying 80. I'd maybe get it for 30.

I have a hard time imagining just about anyone paying 80 for Office at home. Maybe small biz users who'll get it as a tax deduction, though I suspect most of them would just pirate or get Libre Office.

(and no that doesn't mean I pirate fwiw, I take a laptop)
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Digital Diablo III Now Spends 72 Hours as Starter Edition
80. Re: Digital Diablo III Now Spends 72 Hours as Starter Edition Jun 22, 2012, 10:44 DG
Thinking about it, I'm wondering if the level of CC fraud is so bad they've had warnings that they could be cut off by the payment processors?  
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > Digital Diablo III Now Spends 72 Hours as Starter Edition
78. Re: Digital Diablo III Now Spends 72 Hours as Starter Edition Jun 22, 2012, 10:34 DG

What can they be thinking at Blizz HQ? I mean, this must have obtained approval from several people and not had that much dissent from the ranks either.

It's total lunacy, if I was their landlord I'd seriously be considering sending someone out to check for some kind of chemical leak into the aircon or water. Wait, they've been developing this game forever right? Is it possible they have lead plumbing?
Avatar 14793
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News Comments > EU Diablo III Patch Live; Repair Costs Draw Fire
56. Re: EU Diablo III Patch Live; Repair Costs Draw Fire Jun 21, 2012, 08:53 DG
Completed nightmare yesterday. A more fun than normal but still a bit boring. Is it normal to not get a single rare from bosses the entire playthrough? Getting one from elite packs but not from bosses.

Some might remember me asking about my problems with elites. Literally not had a problem since posting, not sure what happened there though I did up my HP a bit which just gives that margin for a potion or more usually to get that kill and a health orb.

That said I have my suspicions the sudden massive HP loss is due to lag - playing during the day I'm teleporting quite a lot and seeing a half second delay between doing an attack and seeing it on screen. The HP still goes down quite fast but doesn't just disappear. I'm wondering if when I was playing in the evenings it just wasn't getting half of my commands, and I wasn't seeing damage being done until too late. Surprising though on a 20mb connection which usually gets ~20 ping on TF2.

Also I got a bit lucky with the AH and the patch. Logged in and what was now easily the best weapon on the AH for my level was buyout at 30k (didn't have ASI so prior to the patch it was well down the list). Gave my enchantress my old weap (also now pretty good as it didn't rely on ASI, and actually had decent int stat) and she's pretty effective now. Yesterday I'd done a fair bit of damage to an elite pack but had to run away and regen, came back and she'd finished them all off, clever girl.

Still looking for some depth to this game though. It doesn't feel like an RPG, it's just going through it collecting gold and buying better shit on the AH. Farmville has a lot more depth.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Civilization V: Gods & Kings
5. Re: Ships Ahoy - Civilization V: Gods & Kings Jun 19, 2012, 15:51 DG
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Jun 19, 2012, 11:30:
In the UK we have to wait another two days.
They just lost a sale due to that. I'm off work this week, saw the post and thought "thank you very much", but nope.
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News Comments > Microsoft Unveils Surface
28. Re: Microsoft Unveils Surface Jun 19, 2012, 07:37 DG
You know MS might have actually done something well when it's being ignored on Slashdot, LOL.

One glance at the pic and I stunned myself by thinking I might actually have a look and consider buying that. That keyboard in the detachable cover (it's attached by magnets) is a big win.

They probably screwed up in oh so many ways and I'd probably be looking for someone putting Android or whatever on it, but first impression is waaaaaay better than the waste of space I was expecting.
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News Comments > On BF3 Cheating
17. Re: On BF3 Cheating Jun 18, 2012, 14:40 DG
Thing that surprises me is the cheat abilities. Half that shit shouldn't even be possible - evidently the game is doing stuff client-side that any game with a half-assed consideration of security has done on the server.

  • uberdamage - Why is the client able to determine damage?

  • autospot - why does the client even KNOW where people are in order to spot them? Shit, no wonder the BF games are so laggy, every client knows everything about every other client that it has no need to know about!

  • massmurder - tell me this is some server exploit? Such weak sever code is bad enough, but if it's all in the ability of a client that's a total joke of a developer.

  • The response by the dev is a total joke as well. The best way to combat cheating is to look at stats? Wipe first then ban for second offence? They're only even trying to get the most flagrant to buy a second copy.

    The cheaters find a way to hack the game. DICE applies a fix. The cheaters find a new exploit.
    Well no shit when you're taking an approach where the client has all kinds of info it doesn't need and is making the determinations that should be done on the server.

    This is really confirming my suspicions about the quality of DICE development after my foray into the BF series with BF2142. They are totally and utterly shit.
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