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Signed On Oct 10, 2002, 08:36
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Stuttering Update, SDK & Surprise Plans
21. Re: a surprise for the community Nov 25, 2004, 12:21 garry
I don't think it would be that bad.

$10 a month and you get bored with all the games in the month then don't re-subscribe would save you a huge deal of money.

People who stay subscribed would have to play the game for 5 months to break even (based on one game). Then they would be funding the development of new content/games.

It really isn't as bad as people like to make out. The option to pay a one off $50 for one game will always be there.

That said, I'm pretty sure the suprise is going to be some kind of deathmatch based on the comments from the devs on
This comment was edited on Nov 25, 12:22.
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Deee-luxe?
32. Re: Multiplayer HL2 Sep 24, 2004, 10:32 garry
Well yeah - of course if something is huge - and can be climbed on - it will be accounted by the server.

I don't think this will be a problem though. CS:Source has about 20 barrels lying around the place that are server side - and there's a few other things that are server side too - a tire and about 5 crates.

I don't know what doom3 were playing at with their netcode (2 barrels takes the same netcode as 28 players?) - but Half-Life seems to do it right.

In CS:Source there are lots of objects that aren't kept track of server side - simple things like milk cartons and glass bottles that doesn't interfier with the players movement/view.

Also bear in mind that there are quite a few 64 player CS:Source servers with no lag at all.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Deee-luxe?
27. Re: Multiplayer HL2 Sep 24, 2004, 08:16 garry
Here's a couple of points for you.

Half-Life deathmatch was VERY fun for people before all the mod's came out - this is what we were all playing.

Half-Life deathmatch's FPS are totally dependant on the machine you play it on. You'll probably find that it performs better than counter-strike now.

The server doesn't render the screen. Do you really think that the server has to render the screen?

Not all physical objects have to be server side and in sync.

The fact that half-life 2 has big levels and pyshical objects doesn't mean you need more than a normal dsl connection to play.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Movie
2. Re: don't care Aug 15, 2004, 15:20 garry
You know, there's lots of games I don't care about - but I don't comment on them, because I don't care.

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News Comments > DOOM 3 on Win98/ME
3. Re: No subject Aug 5, 2004, 11:49 garry
What about a nice strong american virus

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News Comments > New Multi Theft Auto
4. Re: MTA Aug 2, 2004, 08:10 garry
You should probably work on making it fun to play.

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News Comments > New Multi Theft Auto
2. Re: MTA Aug 2, 2004, 05:26 garry
It's not that amazing.

They were only able to do this because rockstar left their old multiplayer code in the game.

Besides, Rockstar said they didn't just want to tack deathmatch to it, they wanted to do something completely different - which knowing Rockstar - they will.

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News Comments > Robocop Trial
8. What are you talking about Jul 31, 2004, 13:21 garry
This is the most awesome game I've ever played!

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Imminent?
91. Re: No subject Jul 29, 2004, 08:09 garry
"On a different note. I see tons of people shouting about moids this mods that for the new source engine because it is half life 2. They fail to realize why there were so many mods for the first half life was the fact that hundreds of mod makers were so used to it from being Quake 2 based. Thus the easy transition.

They made the half-life 2 engine with half-life 1 in mind. It all works in pretty much the same way - so the transition between hl1 and hl2 modding will be a peice of piss.

Modding isn't something they tacked on later - it's been made with modding in mind.

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News Comments > WON to be Lost
22. Re: Awwww Valve Jul 16, 2004, 06:04 garry
So your issue isn't with steam, it's with a counter-strike patch.

Shut the fuck up.

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News Comments > WON to be Lost
18. Losux Jul 16, 2004, 03:27 garry
I can't belive you're complaining that you can't play it under an unsupported OS anymore

Install windows problem solved

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News Comments > On DNF
17. Re: No subject Jun 7, 2004, 12:22 garry
They probably moved onto the new Unreal engine - that would explain the delay and why they couldn't/can't release screenshots.

You know how the Duke team loves their unreal engines
This comment was edited on Jun 7, 12:24.
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News Comments > Far Cry Delayed
13. Re: This is like the 4th time Nov 5, 2003, 18:23 garry
project igi would have been good but the story was a bit far fetched

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News Comments > Far Cry Delayed
4. No subject Nov 5, 2003, 16:59 garry
I heard somewhere, I think it was on BBC NEWS 24, that that chris auty guy only took the job on Far Cry because in england they only have 56k internet so he needed to get out of the country to play Counter Striker at a better speeds.

They did an item about how he revolutionises everything he touches, he grabs it, buts it in a box, then makes the thing BIGGER than the box. Not scary bigger, but bigger so he can really see what he's looking at. Then he takes it out the box, and places it on the lap of the head designer at the game place on his way out.

He is really doing some fantastic stuff and PERSONALLY I think he is the next Oliver Twins.

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News Comments > Steam Update
1. No subject Nov 1, 2003, 15:52 garry
what? no 'we hate steam it fingers kids in the ass' comments??

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News Comments > On DOOM 3 Framerates
5. prediction Oct 22, 2003, 18:43 garry
I predict at least 5 different petitions on this URGING and DEMANDING and finally threatening to BOYCOTT doom3 if they STEAL OUR FRAME RATES.

btw plz move it up to 75 carmack you skinny robot voice how 2 shot rocket dick lick.

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News Comments > More Delay Rumors: Far Cry?
1. No subject Oct 22, 2003, 13:06 garry
LOL they so had my hopes up too.

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News Comments > Vietcong: Fist Alpha Delayed
1. No subject Oct 13, 2003, 15:27 garry
This is fucking bullshit, FUCK Pterodon. They always delay everything. FUCKING Pterodon MUST FUCKING DIE!!!!!!!

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News Comments > Op Flashpoint Beta Patch
1. watz new tho d00dz Oct 13, 2003, 15:24 garry
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.92/1.94

*** 1.94

- Various crash opportunities fixed.
- Better handling of virtual memory address space. When this space was exhausted, it could cause a crash or olive
green screen.
- AI waypoint delays and other AI degradation was possible on very fast CPU.
- Command line option -nomap was sometimes ignored.

- Fixed terrain lighting direction bug.
- Autocentering force did not work properly on some joysticks including MS Sidewinder FF 2.

- Unit killed inside a vehicle sometimes did not respawn.
- Gunner aiming was unstable.
- Visual glithes in the ingame browser.

- Command "private" did not work when variable name contained any upper case letter.
- Event handlers were not saved properly (affects some 3rd party addons).

*** 1.92

Stability and security:
- Whole partition could be deleted when DirectPlay server creation failed (this could happen when TCP component was
missing or it was blocked by a firewall).
- Different file-acess technique is now used when memory mapping fails. This should prevent Cannot memory map file
errors. This alternative technique can be also enforced for all files by using command line switch -nomap
- Some crash opportunities fixed.

- Faster response in various game setup screens.
- Testing of server-client mod compatibility is now possible.

- Event handler "init" is now launched on all machines in MP game.

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News Comments > BF1942 Patch Delayed
4. No subject Oct 11, 2003, 04:50 garry

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