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News Comments > New NVIDIA Drivers
12. Re: 6600 Sep 3, 2005, 21:00 Sarcasmo
What do the modified 77.77s do....and if they work nice with BF2 where can I get them?

I'm using the 77.30s that come with the game because I had so many problems with the normal 77.77s.

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News Comments > BF2 Stat Padding Crackdown
46. Freaking EA Aug 31, 2005, 23:26 Sarcasmo
I finally got the game today, and you know what I'd like EA's first priority to be?

FIX THE CRASHES SO I CAN F*CKING PLAY. I've checked around on forums looking for solutions, and I'm FAR from alone. I hope EA realizes that 75% of their customers aren't even going to bother to figure out why they can't play. They're just going to shelve the game or return it.

Of about 3 different kinds of crashes I found (CTD's within 10 minutes of playing on a server, hard reboots in the menus, and freezing in the server browser forcing a manual reboot) I was able to fix 2. Unfortunately, crashing is a bit of a gamestopper. So since the issue of crashing to the desktop within 10 minutes of playing still remains, I can't play. I can't even accrue stats which would lead me to envy the stats of cheaters.

EA needs a quality assurance team for their quality assurance team if this is the sort of crap they're missing.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
18. Re: Syrup? Aug 27, 2005, 18:49 Sarcasmo
3 words Blue: Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

They'll sing your name in the streets.

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News Comments > Into the Black
6. Hehe... Aug 19, 2005, 17:28 Sarcasmo
Blue: my condolences on the Giants' upcoming loss to the Panthers tomorrow night.

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News Comments > etc.
4. 60 minutes... Jun 19, 2005, 19:01 Sarcasmo
The 60 minutes piece is indeed a rerun. Sometimes they do updates at the end of segments that are being rerun, so they may add something.

But anyway, if I remember it right they interviewed that lawyer (Jack Thompson or something? I forget) that gets so much press. I found the story mostly neutral, though it was obvious that the people at 60 minutes weren't as skeptical as you'd expect people to be about a murderer making an extremely convenient alibi.

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News Comments > The Matrix Online Movies
18. IMHO... Feb 9, 2005, 18:38 Sarcasmo
...the problem is just that they're all centered on levels and artificially extended advancement (treadmill). I mean the one idea that should immediately jump out at anyone when they know they can get thousands of people playing simultaneously is: huge wargames. And besides the screwups who made Planetside and WW2 Online, who is doing it? No one. No, there is no point to an MMO, but what is the point in an online FPS? Red team will never beat blue team, the fun is in the battles. MMO's offer a chance to make those battles on a grand scale with persistant characters that advance, are highly customizeable, and exist in a huge world where players can control territory and conceive thousands of strategies for blowing up enemies using hundreds of different weapons and vehicles...........but what do we get? Level grinds, kill 10 rats quests, no real way to affect our change your environment, and if you're really unlucky having a bad day and dying negates a weeks worth of 'work' that should have been 'play' in the first place.

Stupid stupid stupid.

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News Comments > Face of Mankind Beta Opens
18. Neocron Jan 31, 2005, 01:43 Sarcasmo
I wish Neocron hadn't kind of ruined it's premise for everyone else.

Wouldn't a good, quasi-realistic RPG be nice? Bladerunner style gameplay, dark and gritty. I'd like that. No one will do it now though.....too afraid that Neocrons failure means people aren't interested.

Neocrons problem (for me) was that I made a snazzy character in a futuristic world where I started with my own apartment......and the game sent me to kill freaking rats in the sewer. I'm sure it had plenty of other issues, but I stopped right there.

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News Comments > Evening Q&As
1. Yes please mother the hell out of us.... Jan 27, 2005, 06:49 Sarcasmo
Erase all misery from any creative work! Great idea! So Max Payne developers should've just spared the kid? Ok, so say they did does the father go off on a suicidal quest for revenge when he has a baby? Or maybe these two want to leave out the kid? Well then how exactly DO you tell the story of a family man that lost it all? Besides, no developer was thinking, "Ohhhhh....yeah, let's have the baby die that'll blow everyone's mind! BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD! Hail satan!" They were trying to move the audience and make them FEEL for the character. What do they think all the "Oh god! Oh god!" talk in that scene, and all the flashbacks and insanity were about? How do you tell a story that emotional and only have him lose his freaking date for friday night?? You don't, he had to lose not just his new wife, but his FAMILY. *Everything* he had.

I wish I could ask these 2 women if they think Goya went to far painting "Saturn devours his son." Let's just remove, from all creative works, the concept of anyone losing their children. Maybe that would appease them? Or maybe they just think that an artist should have to meet a certain criteria before they can explore those arbitrarily placed boundaries. By the way, I can't believe I have to point this out, but as two ARTISTS who work for PLAYBOY and for one of the strongest proponents of free speech in the WORLD, maybe these two should remove "Gone too far" from their vocabulary before it gets them into trouble.
This comment was edited on Jan 27, 07:06.
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News Comments > The Mod Squads - Natural Selection: Source and Sequel
7. No subject Jan 9, 2005, 15:52 Sarcasmo
I'm also glad for them, but boy it really sucks to know there's not gonna be a new Natural Selection anytime soon. (I'm assuming the source version will just be a graphical update).

I'm sure plenty of people will try to fill that void, but we'll be playing someone's attempt at recreating what the NS team has so much experience with already.

This comment was edited on Jan 9, 15:53.
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News Comments > Gold - COPS 2170: The Power of Law
16. Re: C.O.P.S. Dec 11, 2004, 19:18 Sarcasmo
You win at life forever Wasyl, thanks for the link.

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News Comments > Gold - COPS 2170: The Power of Law
11. C.O.P.S. Dec 10, 2004, 19:09 Sarcasmo
Are you guys talking about that old 80's cartoon?

I wish I could see some episode, or at least the intro to that. Would bring back lots of memories.

Did anyone else always think it was wierd how that black cop used to aim his gun with his elbows bent and the gun 10 inches from his face? For some reason that's still an image in my mind after all these years.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 SDK Soon
1. omg Nov 17, 2004, 17:37 Sarcasmo
Natural Selection 2 plz kthxbye

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News Comments > World of Warcraft Open Beta
75. Re: Verification email? Nov 8, 2004, 22:15 Sarcasmo
That's the part I'm dreading. In the very first stress test I never got an email from Blizzard, only Fileplanet. Luckily back then all I needed was the signup URL from Blizzard.

The thing is, I don't filter any email at all, so without a doubt in my mind it was a problem on Blizzard's part.

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News Comments > WoW Final Stress Test on FP
38. Re: Er... Nov 2, 2004, 02:09 Sarcasmo
I never said fileplanet was paying Blizzard (though I would assume that since they're running a business Blizzard counts free publicity as free money).

(From the Blizzard FAQ)

"Blizzard is not charging a fee to play the final stress test or the open beta. However, to help defray the costs associated with distributing a large number of files and to keep our focus on finalizing World of Warcraft, we have partnered with FilePlanet for the distribution of the final stress test client."

(Frome your flame)

And to address your idiotic statement about offsetting the cost of development? What the hell do you think they makes games for? To make money you toad!

I'm not sure I understand your point (it's possible that I'm too much of an idiotic toad). That statement was the only statement in my post, so what were you addressing before that? Anyway, the entire point behind my post IS that Blizzard wants customers to jump through hoops to help them 'defray' the costs of developement, which should be already included in their DEVELOPEMENT budget. And these wonderful customers are the ones who, yes, will eventually MORE than defray those costs by buying the game, which is why Blizzard shouldn't be making them jump through hoops! See what I mean now?

This comment was edited on Nov 2, 02:10.
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News Comments > WoW Final Stress Test on FP
17. Er... Nov 1, 2004, 20:36 Sarcasmo can't defend this sort of deal between Gamespy and Blizzard by saying the beta costs money to run. Developement of a game costs money, and part of the developement of any multiplayer game or MMORPG is testing the netcode or testing it for thousands of players.

So to phrase this in a more honest way, what publishers want is for their customers to offset the costs of developement while simultaneously providing the brute force of numbers needed to complete developement in the first place. Give me a fucking break.

This comment was edited on Nov 1, 20:38.
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News Comments > Sunday Q&As
1. Wow.... Sep 19, 2004, 13:27 Sarcasmo
Thrilling all new high-tech weapons!? Improved teamplay!? WOW! A bit more vapid, non-descript hype like this and I might go from being genuinely excited about specific features like voice comms and persistent characters that gain experience, to being uninterested or even completely cynical about this title! In fact, I wish EVERY PUBLISHER would interview their OWN DEVELOPERS like this! It would be great for my wallet!
This comment was edited on Sep 19, 13:36.
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News Comments > WoW Testing Sign-ups Open
41. Just so I'm clear.... Aug 29, 2004, 15:58 Sarcasmo
...non-subscribing fileplanet members have to wait like chumps, right? Because I used my gamespy ID to sign up, and all I got was a page telling me I was on the list. No emails no keys no download locations.

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News Comments > Rome: Total War Demo
7. Re: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Aug 23, 2004, 10:34 Sarcasmo
I've actually had this error with two consecutive downloads.

20% on number 3 :/

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News Comments > Rome: Total War Demo
5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Aug 23, 2004, 10:27 Sarcasmo
1607: Unable to Install InstallShield Scripting Runtime!??!!? WTF??

That's what I get when I try to install!!

*crawls into a fetal position and cries*

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News Comments > New DirectX
4. Ugh... Jul 29, 2004, 20:30 Sarcasmo
Everytime they release a new DirectX they say it increases security and my paranoia rises. WTF does that mean? Why does a program for rendering 3D graphics and audio and all that technical crap have anything to do with security? It makes me think this is some sort of newspeak for DRM. I think they want to secure my computer from me and my pinko communist ideas about copyright laws.

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