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Signed On Sep 28, 2002, 21:13
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News Comments > More Elder Scrolls Online Beta Invites
13. Re: More Elder Scrolls Online Beta Invites Feb 5, 2014, 02:00 Raven737
I would like a beta key for Elder Scrolls Online Smiley
If anyone has an extra etc, please send it to me, thank you (^_^)
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
1. Re: Morning Safety Dance Sep 9, 2013, 10:20 Raven737
Well... whatever.

This comment was edited on Sep 9, 2013, 11:48.
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News Comments > Titan Quest Patch Plans
14. Crash Fix Jul 3, 2006, 01:26 Raven737

well my problem was that after just closing the game normally i could no longer load my character, when i tried it crashed to desktop with some error...

well i found out how to fix it, it appears that the map data files (fow or whatever) wich save the areas you have explored got corrupted somehow..

so if you have the problems, go into your Documents/My Games/Titan Quest/SaveData/Main/CharName/WorldMapName/Normal/fow
and delete all files and subfolders in that directory...
fixed things for me (loading fine after that)

of course i hope this will be fixed too so i don't have to do that anymore

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
59. No subject Jul 18, 2005, 02:04 Raven737
Since i had (or was very strongly encuraged) to install the 73. something drivers for Battlefield2, i also had problems with games running at 1600*1200 on my Nvidia card.

With those drivers i am sometimes getting a BSoD after playing Guild Wards on 1600*1200, but only when i play for a long time and then try to exit the game, not during gameplay.

I have a PCI-E card with WinXp btw

if it happends some more i'll probably just try to up/down grade my graphics drivers and hope it stops.. i would hate to turn down the resolution

This comment was edited on Jul 18, 02:06.
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News Comments > Anarchy Online Free
15. yea well... Dec 15, 2004, 20:09 Raven737
only valid for one year at most, if they want to can start charging on Jan 1 2005 and my quess is that they will stop the 'free' version prior to 1/1 2006, my quess would be at the two month mark

still might be interesting to try it, sort of like an open beta

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Stutter Patch Follow-up
8. Re: Need Help! Nov 24, 2004, 10:23 Raven737
Run around, two gun ships should appear, try to shoot them down (look for a rocket ammo box), one will shot at you and shoot a hole in the wall if i remember right (right near the rocket ammo box)... hope it helps

well the patch would have been too late if it was out a week ago, wtf didn't they fix it before release, i don't believe you can miss something like that in beta tests

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News Comments > Battlefield: Vietnam Patch
4. Graphic bug fixed? Oct 7, 2004, 15:56 Raven737
Did they fix the graphics bug on 9xxx ATI video cards?
probably NOT, with ver. prior to 1.2 i can't play the game at all, after a few minutes it starts messing up the graphics, this is with the newest Cat4.9 drivers.
This game sucks, i still love BF1942 + DC though

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News Comments > Painkiller Patch
21. No subject Apr 15, 2004, 01:15 Raven737
no virtual drives mounted/emulated, debuggers and/or auto-update applications running

WTF?!? it's getting more and more, no debuggers? no auto update applications? does that mean they want me to turn off norton anti virus and windows auto update? well FU K THEM! just for that i will only use cracked exes for safedisk games from now on.

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News Comments > EA Signs Gas Powered Games
13. 2006? Mar 22, 2004, 16:22 Raven737
Damnit! I don't want to wait to 2006, what kind of crap is that? If they said summer 2005 it would have been ok, but 2006? WTF!!

That rts better be awesome and by that i mean it better get up to the level of the original total annihilation.

Still 2006 is so long away, maybe they want to release in late 2004 but say 2006 just to be sure.... well i can hope for that anyway

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News Comments > Steam Plans
16. Re: Steam sucks Feb 26, 2004, 05:21 Raven737
An important difference between the original Half Life and HL over Steam, including modifications such as Counter-Strike, is that, read agreement:
Steam and your Subscription(s) require the installation of the Steam client and the automatic download of software, other content and updates thereto onto your computer ("Steam Software"). You may not use Steam Software for any purpose other than the permitted access to Steam and your Subscriptions. You understand that Steam may automatically update, pre-load, create new versions or otherwise enhance the Steam Software and accordingly, the system requirements to use the Steam Software may change over time.

So thereby steam can update, Ďenhanceí, or install new versions of itself or any application it may deem necessary to run.
In other words, it will install or update on your computer anything it wants without asking you.
So the reason I trusted HL was because it was bound by itís original EULA that did not allow any of the previous. Steam does and therefore I simply cannot trust it.

Valve was hacked once, it can be hacked again, but what if next time itís hacked the hackers donít just steal some unfinished source, but instead reprogram steam to automatically install every subscriber with a virus!
The virus could simply allow backdoor access to your system, or maybe it will reformat your hard drive. And you know if it does happen, there is nobody you can run to for help, your on your own, your screwed, there is nobody to sue, Valve does not even have an incentive to provide acceptable security measures, after all they canít be held liable for anything.

See when I buy a new car and I have to sign something that says ďThe manufacturer of the vehicle can not be held liable for any damages to you or others through the use of this vehicle.Ē Then I thinkÖ yea sounds ok.

But if the paragraph above it reads ďThe manufacturer of this vehicle reserved the right to remotely take control of the vehicles steering at any time it deems necessary. The purpose of such action may include testing the practical performance of certain safety measures on human occupantsĒ then are you still thinking its all good and alright?

Steam comes with a build in updater that has the power to not just update but to install any component it want to, and if that is a virus because Valve has been hacked once again, well then itís a virus, and valve can not be held liable. Thatís why itís no ok.

But whatever, go use steam, be happy with it while you can, just remember, when you get screwed there is nobody you can run and cry to.

Steam IS a DRM client!
Its entire purpose is to provide a secure platform for subscription based distribution of selected products.

Subscriptions need to be enforced, that means if you pay for a subscription of HalfLife2 then it needs to be validated, the validation information is cashed but valid only for a limited time (3 days), and thereby allowing offline play of singe player content without the need to be online, and this validation can be achieved via the use of email.

After a certain time (3 days) however the cached validation becomes invalid and needs to be renewed. If you are online you will not even notice this, if you are offline however you have to revalidate over email.
This means that if you bought HL2 over Steam you need to be online to play it, even in single player, or you will need to validate it via email at certain intervals (3 days
The same pertains to future offline LAN games, validation will be required and will be valid for only a limited time.

Againm have fun, let's just hope your internet will always work and Valve never goes offline to provide you with current validation...

This comment was edited on Feb 26, 05:28.
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News Comments > Steam Plans
8. Re: Steam sucks Feb 26, 2004, 03:31 Raven737
The reason Iím against it is because it has build in DRM!(Digital Rights Management)

You have no control of the software you run through it and by it, and with its constant automatic updates you also have no idea what it's doing to your computer to supposedly 'protect' the 'good' consumer.

If you read the steam license you will notice that they have the full right to install anything without direct consent (well by agreeing you are giving them direct consent) on your computer to provide a so called 'secure environment'.

Of course you should also notice that they can in no way be held responsible for potential problems steam might cause on your computer.

Basically if they want they can, for example, install a services in windows so that forces you to validate and authenticate any application before you can install it.

Maybe they also thin your mp3's are illegal, so they could just delete them for you... how convenient, don't you think?

Their EULA is so broad and abusive that they can seriously do almost anything to your computer without a single worry.

If they installed reformatted your hard drive, well too bad, by using steam you full accepted and agreed to that 21 page EULA because you obviously read and understood it all, right?

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News Comments > Steam Plans
4. Steam sucks Feb 26, 2004, 01:05 Raven737
Yea, me and all my friends still play the old CS just so they don't have to put up with steam.

It's just what all consumers have asked for!

We don't want to be able to just start a game and play!
NO, that would be too easy!

We want to go through an entire activation scheme, but not just once, noooo no no that would be boring!

Steam will be good enough to force you to reactivate every 3 days! And you can even activate via email... are we all happy yet?

I think so.

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News Comments > Dungeon Siege Bonus Pack
29. Re: Stupid WindowsXP crap Feb 8, 2004, 15:13 Raven737

You must work for Microsoft eh? hehe

ah well it's ok, it's only a few bytes to fix the OS incompatibility hehe

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News Comments > Dungeon Siege Bonus Pack
27. Stupid WindowsXP crap Feb 7, 2004, 21:06 Raven737

does it bother anybody else that this is for windows XP only?

bastard M$

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy: DF - BHD: Team Sabre
6. Mod Tools Jan 20, 2004, 23:31 Raven737

It's supposed to have mod tools, most don't care, but for Novalogic this is a first in the entire history of the company (not counting map editors).

Hopefully it will be fully featured with model importer/exporter terrain import/export etc... and not just a rip of map editor repack with added weapon property editor or crap like that

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News Comments > X≤-The Threat Patch
56. Point is: Jan 19, 2004, 12:57 Raven737
Anyway point being is that the reason you can't access their forums without registering, and can't access the tech-support forum without having bought the game is because they think that you won't know that it has extreme technical problems and are suckered into buying it, hence me trying to tell people that have not bought it how bad it really is right now.

They show you screens, even give you a non-interactive demo that runs great to get you to buy the game, and then you find out how bad it is, of-course without access to tech-support forum or patch change log without buying the game they hope you won't actually know until it's too late.

This is not a game anyone should be spending money on!

Developers that use such insidious tactics to sucker people into buying their pre-beta crap are just evil!

This comment was edited on Jan 19, 14:31.
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News Comments > X≤-The Threat Patch
51. Re: Earnings Curve Jan 19, 2004, 11:57 Raven737
Well once you have enught money you would probably buy a space station to manufacture goods, a solar plant is good to start out with, it produces resources that you can then sell.

Most space stations however also require at least one type of raw material to convert into the final product which you have to buy. The more money you get however the more space stations you can build, so that for example you can build a factory space station for all raw materials for all the other factories. you can also build mines that mine certain raw materials such as ore. The more space stations you have the more income you get which you can use to build more space station to get more income, in theory pirates should attack you but it never happened to my transports or space stations.

This however is also where it get's boring, there is absolutely no competition, i never saw prices change in any sector, never saw anybody else build space stations, so it was then too easy. You may as well just use a cheat or something to get all the money in the first place as there is no real challenge, just time, involved in getting it through trade, only thing you have to watch out for is that you should place your factories in the right sectors where they have easy access to all required resources, make sure all transports are armed and your set.

The economic aspect of building your own space stations is a good idea and the only thing that kept me playing for a little while, but it also got very boring very quick, I rather play some other economic simulation without the 3d space crap if it at least runs well.

Also i don't think it's my system because i can run all other games that i recently tried perfectly at high resolutions with FSAA (if game supported it) such as: Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat, Beyond Good and Evil, Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time, Age Of Mythology: The Titans, Spellforce Order Of Dawn, Dungeon Siege Legends Of Aranna, Unreal 2 XMP, Wolfenstein Enemy Territories, Delta Force Black Hawk Down, Freelancer, Armed and Dangerous and some other i can't think of, all at highest resolution without any performance problems at all, the only games that bug me are X2 and DeusEx2 that both run horrible.

Ok i did upgrade to the latest drivers, reinstalled DirectX9 and Then reinstalled 3.10 Cat drivers (yes i used driver-cleaner), and it runs a little better but not by much, i use Fraps 2.0 to check my frame rates in game, as the demo mode runs ok (like average of 50 fps) but the actual in game runs very bad, now around 12-18fps with only main view and if i have multiple views it goes down into the sub 10 again! I switched around resolutions but frame rates stay as low regardless of resolution or FSAA. Again WHY THE FU#K does it have to be SO slow?! if Freelancer can run perfectly fine the X2 should be able to do the same!
I mean it's SPACE how fu$#i%g hard can it be to render EMPTY SPACE + BACKGROUND + SHIP?!!

Also the reason Iím ranting, complaining and telling people NOT TO BUY X2, is not because I have nothing better to do, but because I expected great things from the game long before it came out, I loved Freelancer and this seemed even better from what I read, so I bought it, played it, and now after second patch Iím very pissed off, I mean if it was near something that was playable, if one of the 3 main aspects of any game such as: 1:Control 2:Graphics 3:Concept where good I would be ok with that game, I don't need awesome graphics if the concept good and well implemented, i don't need great graphics if i the controls are intuitive and responsive. Now X2 fails in all 3 areas.
1.) control, horrible, very very horrible, after setting controller dead zone to 0 in registry, mouse control was better, but insane oversteering made me use map + autopilot only, so it utterly fails.
2.) graphics, ok they are not bad if it's at such an extreme performance cost it does not count, Freelancer looks better and runs better, so it can be done.
3.) concept, the entire concept is good, the implementation is not, the way it is right now it's just boring, combat is frustrating, economics are static, story is forced and lame (at best).

This comment was edited on Jan 19, 12:27.
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News Comments > X≤-The Threat Patch
28. Re: The problem is... Jan 18, 2004, 20:15 Raven737

I DID register and downloaded BOTH patches the same day they came out, hoping with each patch that it would miraculously fix all problems and make the game as great as it was intended to be just to discover that both patches utterly failed!

And I wonder what your definition of Ďsmoothí is, anything below 30 is not smooth, anything below 24 frames per second is considered unplayable, and if your saying you had higher frame rates then that your lying.

Sure I did turn shadows off, and it helped, turning off bump-mapping also helped a lot, but it still NOT playable and that on a 3.2GHz system with 1.5 GB of ram and a 9800XT, and btw, turning bump-mapping off made the game look very ugly as you then notice how low quality the actual textures are.

Further, I did play daikatana long enough to know that it was more polished on release then X2 even after itís second patch.

Now the reason iím complaining so is because just a Ĺ year ago that I played Freelancer, which I can play at 1600*1200 with 6x FSAA and 16x AF with a frame rate locked at the monitor refresh rate only because v-sync was on, and for me thatís 75fps, regardless how much was going on in game, opposed to X2 where you run 5fps with everything on and the game goes into sub 1fps slide show when 3 people happened to shoot at the same time.

As for reviews, any web site that gave DeusEx2 a good score and didnít mention any performance problems is obviously not doing very good or honest reviews.

However, if you thought DeusEx 2 Invisible Wars was Ďsmoothí for you at 1024*768 with shadows on then you will probably be happy with X2 performance.

Even if I would pretend that X2 didnít have extreme performance issues, itís suicidal AI and weapon balance issues still make this game utter crap. I have watched several of my transports running into each other and killed themselves as they lined up to the jump gate, all my enemy fighter kills where done without firing a single shot as I quickly learned that they will just run into you and kill themselves if you just make a few turns or just stop, of course in retrospect I think that this may have been indented so people donít get frustrated when trying to fight other fighters at utterly miserable frame rates.

It may, at best, be passed off as a beta release, but with such bad performance and absolutely no improvement in two patches I must believe that the games problems are actually intrinsic game engine flaw that simply cannot be rectified.

I also do agree that the world is too static to be truly interesting as an economic simulation, I mean I never saw new space stations being build, with the exception of my own, so I never had any true economic rivals, as critically missing part for any economic simulation. In combination with the horrible performance that makes any combat truly obnoxious, this game just is not good.

Again if you are thinking about buying this game, DONíT!
Buy Freelancer instead, itís cheap, looks better, runs much (MUCH!) better and most importantly is FUN to play. The only thing Freelancer is lacking is that it does not have as involved of an economic system out of the box, but it has plenty of mods that allow you to do anything X2 allows you to do.

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News Comments > X≤-The Threat Patch
4. No subject Jan 18, 2004, 13:59 Raven737
The only reason they only allow registered users to use the tech support forum is:

1.) so that all other people don't see how many problems this game has.

and the reason only registered users can download the updates is:

2.) so that all other people don't see how none of the problems are fixed by any of the patches.

so anyone who is thinking of buying this game won't know how shitty ot really is, i mean the idea of the game is grat, but the actual game is so bad that i would enjoy playing Daikatana more then playing this game.

for those unfortunate enught to have bought this game, let me give you a little tip on how win in any combat situation even when your only getting 4 fps (frames per second) on your new P4 3.2 EE with 1.5 GB of ram and a 9800 XT:

get a frigate, put two 250 000 shields on it, then when being attacked, slow down to a full stop and wait 90 seconds, after that duration all enemy ships will have run into you and you will have won the battle... good job!

i mean those robotic frogs in daikatana had better ai then this game, and at least daikatana ran at good frame rates.

I reinstalled the game just to see if the 1.2 patch makes any difference... and it does not! nothing important is fixed at all. Sure now you have multiscreen support, but not for ATI cards... own a 9800XT? well no multiscreen for you... did they dix the damn stupid AI? hell no!

i want my fucking money back for this sorry excuse of a pile of crap!

whatever you do DON'T BUY THIS GAME!

This comment was edited on Jan 18, 14:02.
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News Comments > Legend Closed?
12. No subject Jan 17, 2004, 00:19 Raven737

that free multiplayer add-on for Unreal II is really good, are the Legend guys the ones that made that? if so this would be very sad since it showed that they tried everything, made a 'good' game, and then even added a free very good mutiplayer add-on, how much more could one ask?

well after reading on gamespys 'worst moments of gaming history' about atari's bad judgment in the past, i guess it's not really surprising they made this choice...

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