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News Comments > Street Legal Racing: Redline Demo
31. Re: No subject Aug 16, 2004, 13:43 Thontor
And people who think they are running a SIMULATION with a gamepad are just fooling themselves.

same thing with people who think they are running a sim with a keyboard and mouse

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
16. Re: No subject Aug 16, 2004, 12:51 Thontor
69.4 years

long enough for me

honestly.. science plays little role in my choise for president.. there are bigger issues out there like economy and foreign policy

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News Comments > Street Legal Racing: Redline Demo
24. No subject Aug 15, 2004, 14:26 Thontor
ilove racing games, one of my favorite genres.. racing games of all types .. sims, the more arcade type.. all good.. long live the racing game!

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
52. Re: Hmmm Doritos Aug 6, 2004, 19:52 Thontor
mmm.. doritos.. love Taco.. salsa verde is great too.. 1400 calories? more like 1820.. thats a days worth of calories almost lol

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
123. Re: No subject Jul 28, 2004, 17:12 Thontor
While i do not believe that Jesus litterally created the universe in 7 days, i do believe that he created the universe

there is simply no way that everything couldve happened randomly, it works just too perfectly together, it all seems engineered to the point where we cant even understand it all ourselves, though admittedly we are getting closer all the time

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
117. Re: No subject Jul 28, 2004, 11:23 Thontor
For instance, if one looks at geolical evidence you can see the earth is billions of years old, and that life evolved. This is emperical, proven fact. Everything bespeaks it. When you ask a Christian about this, they say, no, we accept Genesis on faith. But they have NOTHING to back it up!

true there are some that take the Bible literally, they are ignorant to some degree of course.. and these people are a small group within the larger term known as Christianity

I myself, do not take the Bible literally.. many of the old testament stories like the creation etc are written to promote a certain reaction from a certain audience.. they were written so that people of the time thousands of years ago could relate and understand..

i do not believe the world was created in 7 days
i do not believe the whole world was flooded at one point.. these things science can easily dispute

what science has not proven wrong is that there is a God, and that Jesus was God, that Jesus died, rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven.. Science has not proven wrong that there is a heaven, that there are angels and demons..

until there is scientific proof that these things are wrong, then i will, by faith, believe in them.

dont get me wrong, i also believe that science will never be able to prove any of that.

Faith is also synonymous with fear. It is saying, "Ok, I have to believe this or I am in danger of eternal hell."

no, faith is saying "if I believe in this i will have eternal life at the right hand of God"

obviously the counter to that is if you dont you wont.. but thats not what faith is about

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
114. Re: No subject Jul 28, 2004, 10:53 Thontor
His deity was decided upon and introduced into Christianity some 200 years after his death.

incorrect, his diety was decided even before his birth, his deity was prophesized hundreds of years before his birth..

the councel you are referring to unified the faith, there were wild factions out there who disputed this..

oh i have done my research, wheather you believe that or not is inconsequential

there are holes in Chistianity..

for all we know the Apostles wrote the Gospels based on the prophecies, twisting the truth in order for Jesus to fit the mold of the messiah.

its possible..

but the key here is FAITH..

faith is not logical, it is not scientific..

i too have gone down the path of science, and my knowledge is based on emperical fact as well. but that hasnt compramized my faith, my belief that despite the holes, what i believe is the Truth

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
112. Re: No subject Jul 28, 2004, 10:37 Thontor
Jesus H. Christ in chicken basket (props to Bronco for that one), it's no wonder criminals like Bush can keep getting away with their crimes when people like you are what represents them as their voting constituency. Undereducated, ignorant and intolerant is no way to go through life. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, try actually using yours sometime.

yeah wow, thats real civilized of you

i have one thing to say.. THE AMMENDMENT SAYS THAT CONGRESS SHALL PASS NO LAW respecting an established religion

basically meaning congress shall pass no LAW promoting any religion

and congress shall pass no LAW favoring any religion

congress shall pass no LAW prejudice against any religion

putting up the 10 commandments isnt congress passing a law, having a cross on a crest isnt a law of congress

the pledge does not promote any establishment of religion, it says under God.. everyone believes in God except athiests.. saying under God is not "respecting an establishment of religion" and either way, you DONT HAVE TO SAY IT IF YOU DONT WANT

now, prohibiting someone from saying under God, that is the violation.. of the free exercise of religion even in a public school, during class

prohibiting someone from posting the ten commandments or a cross is as well.. even on government property

prohibiting the showing of the Nativity scene is a violation of the free exercise of religion..

those things are not "congress passing a law" they are "free excercise of religion" which the ammendmant promotes

P.S. "I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me - Jesus

so yes, as a Christian i believe my way the only religion that will get you to God

and i dont force anyone to believe what i believe.. i'm not forcing anything here.. you can belive what you want, but unless its the Truth, you wont be seeing God.. lets put it that way

This comment was edited on Jul 28, 10:40.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
96. No subject Jul 27, 2004, 23:55 Thontor
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

that is the first ammendment..

people who say "seperation of church and state" are ignorant of what the constituion says

nowhere does it say that goverment officials or buildings or whatever are not allowed to display their believes, nowhere does it say that prayer shouldnt be allowed.. nowhere does it say that displaying of the 10 commandments on government property is unconstitutional

in fact.. prohibiting someone from prayer, or displaying the commandments, even on government land, or in government funding institutions is unconstutional

the ACLU attacks small towns for having a tiny cross on their logo.. an athiest protests that his Christain child says "Under God" in the pledge of allegance

the ACLU and people like that are trying to take away our free exercise of religion..

all the ammendment says is that congress may not pass a law respecting an establishment of religion

so many damn liberal groups have blown this up to say that anything Christian should not be represent in any way shape or form in any form of governement.. yes, it is basically just Christianity that is attacked.. they dont mind Jewish stars or candel things, they dont mind any Muslim symbols.. but as soon as you put the Nativity scene on government property bam, the ACLU sues ya..

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
57. Re: Books vs Movies Jul 27, 2004, 18:30 Thontor

AH-hahahahahahahaha!!! "Fair and Balanced Journalism", my ass...

See you in Hell!

quite fair and balanced actually.. Moore had his say, Oreilly had his.. both said what they wanted to say.. both viewpoints were presented for the reader/viewer to decide which they prefer.

This comment was edited on Jul 27, 18:31.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
21. doom movie.. Jul 26, 2004, 13:35 Thontor
man, i'm sure glad that movie did not get made.. it would have looked pretty bad with the effects at the time..

technology today would make the movie much better.. if a movie were to be made today, with a respectable budget, it would probably look great

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. Re: ban doom 3 Jul 18, 2004, 12:12 Thontor
*sigh*... somehow i have a feeling that this kinda sight is a bunch of BS.. a joke i guess.. the creator of the site basically seems like hes trying to fit the mold of the stereotypical Christian. Not to say there arent self proclaimed Christains who do create sites like that..

just my opinion that when people do things like this they are turning people from Christianity more than bringing to the faith, which is the whole point.

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News Comments > Consolidation
5. backwards compatability Jun 22, 2004, 16:33 Thontor
no backwards compatability would be a huge mistake for microsoft with the next xbos.. i think thats one of the reasons ps2 did so well is people were able to buy it and have the option of playing their old games, or buying older games that they hadnt played for really cheap..

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
7. Re: Petals around the rose Jun 7, 2004, 11:42 Thontor
too easy.. once i saw the name of the game, and that it had to do with dice.. i knew what it was askin fore.. first try, and every time after, i've gotten it right..
This comment was edited on Jun 7, 11:43.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
47. Re: the creation thing... May 11, 2004, 19:02 Thontor
[i]out of interest then, do you believe in the big bang and evolution, leading upto the current state that we are in at the moment, guided by god over the millenia. or do u believe that he created us just a few thousand years ago?[/i]

i certainly dont believe that He created us in just a few thousand years, there is just too much indisputable evidence to the contrary.

as for the bing bang, yeah, i think the theory holds a lot of weight

and for the theory of evolution? lets say i believe in "survival of the fittest" those offspring with the traits necessary for living will live, the others will die. The ones who live will pass on those traits to their off spring etc.. over millenia, these changes are dramatic. so evolution? totally plausable theory. do i believe evolution is anti-Christian? no, cant say i do

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
42. the creation thing... May 2, 2004, 11:10 Thontor
speaking as a Christian, and a scientist to a degree.. i have to agree with the lot of you that this park, and the guy who created it are a little extreme.

they take the creation story literally.. when it is not meant as such. Storys amazingly similar have been found which are older than the story in Genesis... the writer of Genesis probably used a story people could understand and relate to at the time to get his point across.. certainly anyone who takes that kind of stuff literally is quite close minded..

that being said.. if anyone here has any basic knowledge of science, when you get down to the biological, chemical, and subatomic levels.. it constantly amazes me as to how complicated everything is, yet it all works perfectly together.. when i study these things, all i can think is it is way to purposely designed to fulfill a purpose.... there is no way that this stuff could have developed randomly over time. It justs too perfectly engineered. I believe that someone or something, God if you will, must have had a plan in mind and guided things along..

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News Comments > MechWarrior 4 Fan Pack
4. Re: Screenshots? Nov 23, 2003, 10:57 Thontor
do a search of the mektek forums.. their in there somewhere... i dont know why they dont have em in a more prominent spot

but i can assure you the mechs are very whell done, excellent modelling and animation.. very professional
This comment was edited on Nov 23, 11:13.
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News Comments > MechWarrior 4 Fan Pack
3. Re: Demo Soon Nov 23, 2003, 10:47 Thontor

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News Comments > UT2004 in 2004
3. Re: Another one bites the dust Oct 30, 2003, 13:34 Thontor
Deus Ex 2 is still on schedule i believe.. so thats another one to look forward to

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy I: Final Fantasy XI
22. Re: Stay Away!!!! Oct 28, 2003, 20:11 Thontor
i cant speak for myself, but a friend of mine participated in the beta and he cant stop gushing over it.. he insists i buy it though i'm not one to pay the monthly fee..

some quotes from him:

"'ve gotta check it out"
"the beta rocked my world"
the fee is "pocket change"
"once you experience it, the monthly fee won't matter to you"
"you'll get the first month free with purchase of the game. after that you will be hooked"

i still probably will not buy it, i've never been a fan of RPGs much less MMORPGs where you have to pay for it.. but i thought i'd point out at least one person i know who was impressed by the game

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