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Nickname Zephalephelah
Email Concealed by request
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Description Banned
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Signed On Sep 19, 2002, 07:51
Total Comments 1556 (Pro)
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News Comments > Free Command & Conquer
4. Re: Awesome Aug 31, 2007, 22:50 Zephalephelah
I remember the cut-scenes completely blowing me away with their scope and professionalism.

I also remember loving the nod bikes

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News Comments > Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Demo Nears
6. Xbox? Aug 31, 2007, 22:48 Zephalephelah
Are you serious???

Noone should ever play a FPS without a mouse ever.

I purchased an Xbox to play Halo & when I completed the game, I promptly returned it for a refund. Just turning and looking around at that slow-ass rate made me decide that I was right to stay away from consoles all these years. Until there is a mouse or better, there's no reason to ever play a FPS on a console gaming system. Ever.

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News Comments > Gold - Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars
86. Re: meh... Aug 31, 2007, 13:57 Zephalephelah
and you're still a trolling retard.

Not only that! But he's the kind of pathetic little faggot that will google your name and research you like stalker.

He found out that I wrote some fan fiction for a game once and thought that somehow that knowledge would hurt me. I'd like to meet that mother fucker on the street and see how much his faggoty ass little poop-sniffing machine deals with me when he's not hiding behind Blue like a mother fucking coward bitch boy!

Anyway, grudgebearer. Not only are you allowed to change your opinion; you are allowed to spend or not spend your money in any fashion you choose.

He's just pissed that he chose such a gay name as that of some forgotten faggot band from the 80's. Talk about a downward spiral, that piece of shit is probably a fat old man by now that couldn't keep his body together. I'm talking about nin, in case you somehow missed it.

LOL!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAH I sign my name like a girl. Look at me!!!!

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News Comments > Kwari Announced
4. About Time!! Aug 31, 2007, 13:49 Zephalephelah
I'm gonna fuck some people up & take their mother fuckin' money; piss on their corpse, and laugh in their dead face!

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News Comments > Gold - Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars
74. leifhv Aug 31, 2007, 04:07 Zephalephelah
I thought the humor was good leifhv.

How about you find a game that was released recently to so-so acclaim and find out how much they are selling that game on ebay for.

In fact, look up the price for a 680i chipset MOBO from Asus or look up the price of a Nvidia 8600 anything; both of which are now no longer at the top of the pack. The price for either is less than half of what they were when they were full brand new retail.

I didn't say I had old, bad stuff. I said I have a huge amount of really good stuff that is simply not purchased new. Buying new is about as stupid as using money to wipe your ass with. But hey, if you're this stupid & plan on buying the game on release day then enjoy that you just wiped your ass with a $20 bill. Me, I'll be saving that money to spend on something else.

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News Comments > Gold - Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars
70. Re: lol Aug 31, 2007, 01:59 Zephalephelah
So I guess by this logic you in fact don't own an automobile? Or you own one, have left it sitting in an air-tight garage for decades and plan to sell it?

Who buys a brand-new game? Are you serious? Get a job you fucking bum.

This thread delivers.

One guy too cheap to buy a new game.

Actually, I purchased my car for $1000 less than bluebook from a rental car agency because they have to turn those cars around when the mileage gets too high. That was around 55,000 miles for a 2002 version of the excellent automobile I purchased. There were some minor dings and scratches and lots of other people had already farted in the seat before me, but not only did I save $15,000 off the price of brand new, I also saved that additional grand off bluebook because I was smart enough to realize that rental car agencies is probably the best way to buy a car because they aren’t interested in profit from sales as much as a dealership.

Regarding the “too cheap” comment, well, whatever. I have a fantastic HD Display in my living room. I own my own home, absolutely zero mortgage. I have state of the art (but used) golf clubs, cameras, guns, fishing tackle equipment, and probably a whole lot more other stuff that you can only dream about because you purchase at full-price retail.

I’m not talking cheap stuff either. My camera tripod alone retails for over $1000 with the arca-swiss ballhead. The magnesium putter I have is $300 retail. My HD Display is almost 56 inches & has a 126 degree full-viewing angle, true to life black levels, and my stereo system is 1500 watts of real power from Peavey, an industry standard for concert equipment.

Too cheap??? How about too fuckin smart to pay $50 for a fuckin’ game…

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News Comments > Gold - Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars
61. Buying the Used Route Aug 30, 2007, 21:13 Zephalephelah
I can always tell when I'm right on target. I realize that sometimes I don't always get the bullseye; but this time I know I did.

Why? Because no one had a response. I'm sure some thought about it. But they just couldn't see anything at all wrong with the idea of buying ET:QW for 1/2 price or less. Probably because I'm 100% correct. Anyone who buys a brand new game is a dumb piece of shit that should be killed so the rest of the human race has a better chance to evolve to the next level.

Anyone that buys a brand new, top-of-the-line video card should likewise be killed & along with their entire family as well. I mean, why in the hell would someone spend $400 or more on card that will cost half that when the next card comes out? STUPIDITY!

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News Comments > Red Orchestra Free Play Today
28. Good Game Aug 30, 2007, 19:13 Zephalephelah
I bought it off Ebay for 3 bucks. I almost paid more for shipping!

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News Comments > Gold - Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars
46. I'm glad its gold, but still I wait... Aug 30, 2007, 19:02 Zephalephelah
retail price of $49.99 for the regular edition and $59.99 for the Limited Collector’s Edition.

Unless you are intelligent & wait to buy the game used. It might be February before I buy it; but I'll get it for $20. You might think it's cool to play it for a few months before that; but then again you'll be paying double or more. Meanwhile, I won't be the moron that complains about whatever needs to be patched. By the time I get the game, it will already be patched.

Also, there was a great deal of hype for Doom3 & that game sucked ass. Maybe this won't even be in my computer. But I will have read lots of reviews and heard if it was really good or not. You stupid idiots will more than likely just buy the game based on the hype. Whatever floats your boat; probably a small boat since you pay retail for everything...

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News Comments > BioShock SM 2.0 Hack
11. Re: Blue Aug 23, 2007, 01:36 Zephalephelah
Bad Comedy = Enahs saying, "Anybody else think Blue should just make a subdomain

The B-I-O-S-H-O-C-K keys on his keyboard are probably about worn out."

Good Comedy = Elf Shot saying, "Can't wait for the hack that makes this work on 3DFX cards!"

Enahs, NEVER EVER try out for last comic standing. It's not a sit down job & you're ignorant as well as stupid & ugly. It just won't work. Keep your day job bitch.

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News Comments > BioShock Widescreen Workaround
24. Re: FOV Aug 23, 2007, 01:34 Zephalephelah
Tears from the bitch boy...

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News Comments > TF2 Soldier Movie
24. Re: Gameplay vid Aug 23, 2007, 01:31 Zephalephelah
No... I'm not. If I wanted a demo for Havok with that portal system from Prey, I'd ask for it. If I wanted more episodic, completely irrelevant Half-Life 2 content I'd ask for it. I don't think anyone was clamoring for either.

We were, however, and still are, clamoring for Team Fortress. But I'm not salivating enough to give my money away for shit I don't want to get something I do.

"Hey, let's turn on some music. Maybe we can hear that new song by that bad ass band."

PHJF, "Nah, I might hear other music."

Also, I think I figured out what PHJF means. Pretty Horny Jacko Fucker. You remember Jacko right? PHJF fucks him every night.

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News Comments > BioShock SM 2.0 Hack
10. Quboid Aug 23, 2007, 01:22 Zephalephelah
Most annoying is Steam's blatant lie. It says you can play it "as soon as it is available". It will be available in UK shops at 8am. It will be switched on in Steam 13 hours later. This is just an out and out lie.

Reminds me of a terrible-acting child in a grocery store.

"I WANT TO HAVE THE HONEYCOMB CEREAL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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News Comments > TF2 Soldier Movie
9. Re: No subject Aug 22, 2007, 16:06 Zephalephelah
Woah, you see that? I signed my name!!!!!

Is that like my rubber stamp of approval?
Maybe I just like seeing my name?
Perhaps I'm making sure I don't forget how to spell it?
Maybe I need to make sure who wrote it?


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News Comments > TF2 Soldier Movie
8. Re: No subject Aug 22, 2007, 16:05 Zephalephelah
How dare Valve interfere with T2's newsblitz. I demand that this article be removed & replaced with another Bioshock article at once! preferably one in which Creston cries like a little girl & then signs his name like he's our girlfriend treating him badly. I laugh every time I see his name signed.


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News Comments > More on BioShock Activation
25. Re: The Advocate Aug 22, 2007, 15:59 Zephalephelah
Considering that I have 3500 Gigs of programs, pictures, music, games, and everything else that I own; it takes a little while for my tiny 500Gig drive to restore "that bloated image file".

But it's a lot faster than the rows of CDs & DVDs that I would otherwise need to install. I timed that before, and it was pretty close to your figure, except it was hours & minutes, not minutes & seconds.

Well, I guess you don't have a lot of data. Or maybe you keep it on a share at work. Me, I like my shit to remain personal. That's why I have only the data I don't care about so much connected to the net & everything else is on drives that I'll plug in if I require it. I should just build a 3rd computer & quit selling my old stuff whenever I upgrade.

Anyway Advocate, you might be able to install windows in less than a quarter hour; but you're still ugly.

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News Comments > More on BioShock Activation
5. Re: No subject Aug 22, 2007, 14:30 Zephalephelah
I never reinstall. I just pop in my Acronis-cloned drive & the operating system is exactly as I reinstalled it. Then I copy any files over that are new. Then I clone the other drive.

Do people really reinstall OS's???? I guess if a new one comes out & you want that, like Vista. But I don't want Vista yet. Do people really reinstall OS's???? That takes like, all fuckin day!!!!! Acronis makes reinstallation about as difficult as making dinner.

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News Comments > BioShock Widescreen Woes
98. Re: No subject Aug 22, 2007, 13:26 Zephalephelah're talking about monitor size, which is retarded...jesus I don't know why I responded.

27" widescreen here....I'm not going to be more accurate on a 27" 4:3 you retard. It's already taking up most of my view.

Then for you, the monitor is truly bigger because the height is around the same as most other people's decent-sized monitors. So for you, when you play, you just plain see more. Everything is the same size & you get more. Of course, unless you have a really awesome LCD then you have all sorts of other limitations; but I get what you're saying.

But if you did have a 27" 4:3, then enemies would be larger than they are now for you. However, as you say, the effect is somewhat diminished due to the fact that you have such a large monitor. I've been eyeing the 30" dell WS for quite awhile now, but I keep holding off because my ancient CRT is still superior & it's kinda big enough.

Some people balk and say there's no such thing as big enough, but as you increase display size, you also increase pixel size. Ever look at a really gigantic monster TV before and realize that you can notice the pixilation? That's too big. I saw a fight recently with a projector system and a screen over 100inches. He played video games on it too. Besides all the technical problems of those things (lights out to see good at all, etc.), the thing that bothered me was that although people were life-sized just like the guys drinking beer in the room with me, they looked really grainy.

I suppose you could crank up the resolution, but the bigger the display the lower the maximum resolution. Not all the time, but you get what you pay for. I just don't like the soft look of large displays. Again, the only way to really see this is to have two units side by side. Until you do that, then you're just pretending to have good quality because you spent too much money on BIG instead of GOOD.

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News Comments > BioShock Widescreen Woes
88. Re: Letterbox vs 4:3 Aug 22, 2007, 10:56 Zephalephelah
Enahs, you're not being reasonable. You're just trying to rationalize your purchase.

If you are aiming a gun at a person in real life & that person is standing 6 feet tall & 100 feet away from you then he is going to be easier to shoot than if that same 6 foot tall man is standing 150 feet away.

But hey, while you are missing your shots more often, at least you can see more to the sides...

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News Comments > BioShock Widescreen Woes
85. Letterbox vs 4:3 Aug 22, 2007, 10:31 Zephalephelah
Post #78, by Enahs:
A WS monitor shows you more then you see on a 4:3, it is just smaller for the same diagonal size.

So, you're admitting that it is smaller. Good.

Now honestly, think about it. When you're looking at pron or something and you want to "inspect" it, what do you do? You click on the magnify button, right?

So while you're playing Bioshock or anything other game in Letterbox & I'm playing in 4:3, guess what, I can see more clearly because things are "closer" to me than they are for you (all things being equal & we both have 22inch monitors).

You might have a slight advantage by being able to see a bit more peripherially, but if I'm shooting from a vantage point above or below you, then you've lost that advantage. Additionally, you're a larger target on my screen, so again any advantage is lost.

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