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News Comments > Section 8 Re-revealed
2. Re: ? Jul 3, 2007, 13:16 waxthirteen
sweet, i've been fiending a low income housing sim!!

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
7. Re: 360 Failure Rate Jul 3, 2007, 12:52 waxthirteen
so if i'm the kind of person that uses his 360 about 3 times a week for an hour each session and it's in a well ventilated area, would i not be considered a high risk candidate? i've had it since september without any issues.

love the system, just wish i had more time to play it!

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News Comments > Soldier of Fortune Sequel?
17. Re: PS3 PR Rep Jun 27, 2007, 13:14 waxthirteen
i always love pretentiousness in gamers... expecially those that use the word "fucktard" like it's creative.

anyway, this smells like a collection edition to me... "both SF games for a great value!" i seriously doubt there would be a whole new game being released this fall without anyone knowing anything about it. i'd love a new game in the series, though. i was jus tthinking about that the other day.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Transformers: The Game
4. Re: Rental Jun 26, 2007, 11:37 waxthirteen
quick look at imdb shows there's quite a few voice actors for the transformers. should be interesting to see how cheesy that looks... then again, when you have trucks turn into 3 story tall robots from space, how much more ridiculous is it to make them talk?

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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
2. Re: Manhunt 2 PC Jun 21, 2007, 13:11 waxthirteen
i'm wondering if there's any kind of legal loopholes somewhere... if they were to say "we're selling the original manhunt, get manhunt 2 for free by mail with purchase" or something along those lines.

i remember a while back there was some unreal mod that charged like $10 for a membership/newsletter and sent you the mod "for free". i thought it was an interesting way to get around legal issues, but something like this might be a little more tricky.

i'm just pissed i won't be playing my wii manhunt it's all it's gory detail

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News Comments > Into the Black
18. Re: Missing Links? Jun 21, 2007, 10:34 waxthirteen
[edit] check the evening console news; Manhunt 2 banned from PS3 and Revo. Shame, Revo Manhunt would have been the penultimate in stress relief; national murder rate probably would have plummeted. [/edit]

not that you'll see this as it's from yesterday's post, but the game isn't banned meaning we'll never see it. they just need to tweak it a bit to get an MA rating rather than AO. it'll be out on the wii and the ps2 for sure, maybe just a little later than we expected and missing a few gory details.

and it was never planned for ps3 or 360... just wii and ps2.

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News Comments > Tech 5 Footage
9. Re: osx vs. vista 1 - 0 Jun 12, 2007, 16:59 waxthirteen
yeah, i was wondering that too. reminds me of when they released the quake 3 test on the mac first. wasn't that the last game that came out for a mac?

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News Comments > Tech 5 Footage
7. Re: No subject Jun 12, 2007, 15:04 waxthirteen
Are they making a driving game or an FPS? That'd be a change.

i'm pretty sure it's safe to say they are NOT making a racing game. i wonder how many others are going to be confused by this footage? seems pretty obvious to me it's just to showcase the tech, and not footage of their next game.

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News Comments > Assassin’s Creed Dated
4. Re: No subject Jun 8, 2007, 14:43 waxthirteen
i'd typically agree with that comment... but this is one of those games where i've totally been eating all of that bulshit and asking for seconds. when they say

"We’re confident that Assassin’s Creed will exceed expectations as a ‘must-have’ title this holiday season and will achieve both critical and commercial success."

i believe it!

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
2. Re: # Manhunt 2 Nintendo Wii Screenshots May 31, 2007, 12:58 waxthirteen
senseless killing indeed! there was absolutely no depth to that game whatsoever, but i'm not ashamed to admit it was a lot of fun. they really got the mood right... felt like i was playing the movie hostel. obviously this isn't for everyone!

i wasn't really excited about the sequel since i'm not a fan of the "escape from prison/loony bin" premise, but with the wiimote in hand? yeah, sign me up! read somewhere else when you use the hacksaw weapon, you actually mimic a sawing motion to finish the execution. sick.

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News Comments > World of StarCraft?
1. ! May 5, 2007, 18:06 waxthirteen
and so it begins!

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News Comments > City of Heroes/Villains Chapter 9
4. Re: No subject May 4, 2007, 08:59 waxthirteen
i never played this game, so pardon my ignorance, but there hasn't been crafting and auction houses? what the hell do you do? not that that's all one does in an mmo, but it's a large part of it. do you just battle constantly? sounds boring.

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News Comments > Splinter Cell: Conviction Revealed
3. Re: No subject May 3, 2007, 12:48 waxthirteen
wow that sounds... terrible. i think i'm done with splinter cell. i loved all of them up until the last. they keep trying to bring sam out into the daylight, but the game mechanics just don't work for a shooter... and who the hell wants to sneak around in broad daylight?
as for the plot they're hinting at there... sounds like they're getting desperate.

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News Comments > Gamecock Media Group Formed
1. wow. Feb 12, 2007, 10:21 waxthirteen
that's the best name they could come up with?

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News Comments > JA3D Becomes JAZZ: Hired Guns, Release Nears
8. Re: No subject Jan 24, 2007, 23:01 waxthirteen
jazz? yeah, that doesn't sound gay.


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News Comments > Into the Black
4. Re: Last day of summer Sep 22, 2006, 08:04 waxthirteen
my fiance just turned the heat on for the first time this morning here in CT

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News Comments > Gold - Joint Task Force
2. Re: No subject Aug 16, 2006, 19:05 waxthirteen
yup, that one never gets old

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News Comments > Call of Juarez German Demo
10. Re: No subject Jul 27, 2006, 13:49 waxthirteen
i'm pretty sure more germans speak english than everyone else in the world speak german. not trying to be the arrogant american who thinks he deserves everything before everyone else, it just seems to make more sense logistically.

that said, i can wait a week. game looks nice, but i'm not desperate for it.

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News Comments > Into the Black
4. Re: No subject Jul 19, 2006, 00:34 waxthirteen
back when i lived in NYC in my very first apartment, i had a mouse problem. just one little mouse. at first i thought he was cute when i would just see him sitting there nibbling away at whatever scrap of something he found on the floor. then one day i opened my computer for one reason or another and the little bastard had made a nest right under my pci slots! the jerk had filled it with poop too... man i was pissed. i chased him around that apartment every night in hopes of catching him but he wasn't going to make it easy on me. finally one night i managed to chase the bugger into my bathroom and shut the door. we ran around in some more circles in there for about an hour when i was finally able to trick him into a box... then it was all over. after all my trouble, i had had it with the bastard and he was going down. literally. 4 stories doesn't seem like much, but i have to imagine what was going through his tiny little brain as he plummeted down to the sidewalk below! oh, but he had the last laugh... he hit the ground and without missing a beat, turned around and ran right back into my apartment building.

"bastards" is right.

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News Comments > Sunday Q&As
14. Re: John Carmack Jul 17, 2006, 01:05 waxthirteen
yeah, i guess you're right... kind of sucks that i tend to only associate him with the games id makes in house when his "magic touch" has been in almost all of my favorite games over the years.

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