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Signed On Sep 3, 2002, 22:57
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News Comments > Carmack on DOOM 3 & Q3A OpenSource
83. Tools Aug 4, 2004, 21:18 Jay
there are many unique features in this game. the kickass 3d engine is just the beginning. the fact that it actually runs should be the No1 advantage compared to the half-assed games we have seen recently that are plagued with problems.tribal is an understatement for some of you tools. go back to the far-cry forum and wait for an update or something. when you are done with that, swing by the DNF site. you will do us all a favour.


This comment was edited on Aug 4, 21:20.
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News Comments > Far Cry SDK
5. far-cry Aug 2, 2004, 13:49 Jay
it is too bad though. i mean i must admit this game has cool stuff. i love the scenery, weapons, and the vehicles. the problem is it is so unstable for me. as far as multiplayer is concerned ... well .. im sure you guys know very well. i actually updated my system a few weeks ago but i still have problems. its ok though. im sure doom3 and HL2 will be worth the upgrades

let the frags begin !

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News Comments > Far Cry SDK
1. yea right.. Aug 2, 2004, 13:33 Jay
thats the last thing this game needs. WHAT ABOUT FIXING YOUR BUGS YOU JACK-ASSES....

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News Comments > Impending DOOM
99. to buy or not to buy.. Aug 2, 2004, 13:29 Jay
a simple solution will be not to announce that the game is gold,
and just when the full version has been sent for
production, realease a shareware. by the time the
shareware is downloaded and played,the full version
hits the shelves. this will not fix the problem
of all deadbeats out there that do not realize
the work involved in software development, but will
at least give most of the gamers that cant wait 5
freaking days, something to chew on. there are cases that
i feel frustrated with games i buy like for example the
half assed farcry crap, that is more like an alpha then a
complete game, but with id and valve we all know we will be
spending endless hours fraging one another. if you take your
girfriend to a movie you easily blow away close to $40 (here
in canada anyway) and the show only lasts 2 hours. for
a little over 40$ you get hundreds of hours worth
of fun. i think its worth it. specially a company like
id. you all know very well they stand behind their product
101% besides... i would love to help see Carmack launched
in space on an armadillo space craft

my 2 cents..

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News Comments > Far Cry Patch Details
10. what about the REAL bugs ? Jun 30, 2004, 22:04 Jay
the small bug fixes are fine, but what about the serious bugs. i, amongst others spent our hard earned cash on this game only to realize that after installing it it runs fine untill you re-bot your machine. after re-boot, it does not load any more. you have to re-install the damn thing again. after some research and endless e-mails, they finally achnowledged that something screwy happens in the registry that modifies driver settings. where is the fix for this !?


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News Comments > More on Greece & Games
55. Yesturdays comments Sep 8, 2002, 09:59 Jay
first off i want to apologize for my far less than mature comments over a post. i am a firm believer in freedom of speech and opinion and my comments were not called for. and yes, i do agree with you guys that people behind silly laws are ignorant and are living in the dark ages. after all is said and done, we love computer games and thats why we visit Blue right ?
any way, take care, game on, and dont let the media insult your inteligence by making you believe manipulated stories. behind EVERY story, post, etc there is both truth and lies.
i believe it was Elvis Costelo that said "yesturdays news is todays fish 'n chips paper". that said, ill see you all on another thread. hopefully for DoomIII


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News Comments > More on Greece & Games
50. Looser alert. Sep 7, 2002, 16:51 Jay
Asmodeos is right. thanks to the internet, and freedom of speech, pimple faced snot nosed inbred pig lovers like him can voice their opinion freely, for people to read, and laugh at his complete ignorance and lack of all knowledge other than pulling up his Pamper Pull-ups after he goes pee pee. maybe when he grows up, and learns to read, he will see what kind of jack-ass he is. people like you are a disgrace to the US. And its because of people like you, we get a bad rep around the world. And people like you, are responsible for all racism, including clashes between black and white people a few decades ago. you see... you.. are... a... LOOSER.

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News Comments > More on Greece & Games
37. Dumb Laws Re-visited Sep 4, 2002, 14:50 Jay
what country had a booze prohibition ?
and just about a year ago, what country banned dozens of songs like John Lennons 'Imagine' from the radio ? is gambling legal all over the US ?
you see guys, it is funny to laugh at Beaurocratic dumb-ass mix ups in other countries, but sometimes we get some crap fed to us here at home too. still though, try to read between the lines. thats what counts


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News Comments > More on Greece & Games
22. Yaawwwnnnn... Sep 3, 2002, 20:44 Jay
doesnt look like games are banned to me
in fact there is an article in here that talks about to idiot cops arresting two teens for playing Age Of Empires online at an internet cafe thinking they were gambling. gambling at internet cafes is against the law, due to credit card scams. later..

Peace out.

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News Comments > More on Greece & Games
21. Re: re: Jay (13) Sep 3, 2002, 19:52 Jay
ZYirAH.. thats part of 2 pages. do YOUR homework. dont worry about me not reading.


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News Comments > More on Greece & Games
16. also.. Sep 3, 2002, 19:20 Jay
as dumb as this or any other articles may seem, keep in mind that the days of freedom we enjoy on the internet are numbered. unfortunately because of the few jack-asses out there, from greece, middle east, north america, asia..etc etc.. (yes, they are everywhere) all normal people are going to submit themselves to repeated violations of their basic human rights of privacy and independance. the US gave the world the most wonderfull tool for comunication, entertainment, and whatever your imagination limits us to, and eventually that tool will be striped down and violated quicker than you can say DOH ! anyways..


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News Comments > More on Greece & Games
13. interesting .. misled by CNET though Sep 3, 2002, 19:04 Jay
the article on the newspaper is for gambling, not general games. feeding the public intelectual diahrea is CNET's specialty. also, Greece is one of the last remaining countries in europe that dont ban online gambling. in fact, they have been repetedly called to, from the EU to ban online gambling. let me remind you that Germany is the first to start outlawing violent games and gambling. nice jokes though.. i sugest you guys log-on to Reuters, to get the true story.


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