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Nickname Freaky
Email Concealed by request - Send Mail
ICQ None given.
Description Ruby/PHP/XML/XHTML/CSS/SQL bod. Professional slacker.
Signed On Aug 26, 2002, 12:07
Total Comments 17 (Suspect)
User ID 14034
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News Comments > Updated Starshatter Demo
8. Last I heard Dec 17, 2004, 11:23 Freaky
The developer was rewriting the graphics engine pretty much from scratch to add support for DirectX 9 stuff:

Good game btw, and plenty of scope for modding

This comment was edited on Dec 17, 11:28.
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News Comments > IG3 Resurrected
15. Woo Nov 20, 2003, 10:04 Freaky
Sept 2004 though? Damn, they must be redoing a lot of the game.. again. I hope they don't ruin it; the demo showed a *lot* of promise.

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News Comments > More BREED Delays
17. Bah Oct 24, 2003, 08:57 Freaky
Why couldn't they have cancelled this instead of IG3? The IG3 demo really hooked me... the Breed demo made me almost completely lose interest in it.

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News Comments > Colin McRae Rally 3 Demo Patch
13. Still doesn't even start here Jun 6, 2003, 05:19 Freaky
The intro screen comes up and warns me not to copy it, or else (you potential pirate scumbag). Then it drops me to the desktop.

*shrug*, from the sound of things, it doesn't look like I'm missing much.

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News Comments > More E3 Movies
5. Re: 500 mb HL2 presentation May 19, 2003, 16:50 Freaky
FilePlanet's is even bigger; 580MB or so.

Anyone got a .torrent?

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Trailer
107. Re: OH MAH GAWD!! May 15, 2003, 11:51 Freaky
You are stealing, plain and simple.
Stealing is not the same as making an illegitimate copy of something. Don't try equating copyright infringement with shoplifting or stealing cars or breaking into homes and taking personal possessions. That's like equating verbal abuse with murder -- they're not the same, no matter how many times you say it is.

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News Comments > EVE Online Gold
1. Gold? Rusty iron, perhaps. Apr 23, 2003, 10:47 Freaky
Prepare to see what happens when a publisher forces the premature release of a game. Again.

Beta stage 8, now with fee's!
</cynical EVE beta tester>

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News Comments > Breed Demo Delayed Again
15. Re: No subject Apr 2, 2003, 17:51 Freaky
I'm glad they're delaying it. Look at Devastation.
It would take a delay of DNF proportions to make Devastation not suck

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News Comments > IG3 = Galaxy Andromeda
10. Re: Andromeda Mar 29, 2003, 06:58 Freaky
I wonder if there is now any relation between the game and the series.

Personally, though, I think this new name is unimaginably awful. "IG3" has a nice ring to it, and "Imperium Galactica" is quite a cool name. "Galaxy Andromeda" just brings to mind crappy budget sci-fi (like, um, Andromeda), which from what I've seen of IG3, really doesn't suit it.

So, forgive me if I just ignore their stupid decision and continue calling it IG3
This comment was edited on Mar 29, 06:58.
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News Comments > Vietcong Multiplayer Demo
25. Feels odd Dec 14, 2002, 09:44 Freaky
For some reason, I feel really disoriented with Vietcong. I'd probably get motion sickness if I played it for long

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News Comments > Freelancer Q&A
26. Re: Very Disappointing News Oct 28, 2002, 21:14 Freaky
The Space Sim genere is in DESPERATE need of a...well, good ole' space sim.
I-War 2 is the last one I can think of. It was pretty good, if a little slow at times.

I feel the need for something chunkier now, though. I'm sure there much be a nice middle-ground somewhere between piddling little fighters and huge-ass capital ships.. Somewhere you can avoid turning into Homeworld without going down the rather well traveled flight-sim-in-space route.

A good storyline would be nice for a change too. I-War 2 wasn't bad, but..

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News Comments > Hegemonia Demo
15. Re: Worth the download? Oct 5, 2002, 06:13 Freaky
What game are you thinking of that has better graphics than Heg?
IG3, Homeworld(: Cataclysm), I-War 2. Frontier: Elite 2 had more belivable graphics, for that matter. Probably O.R.B. and Freelancer too, but I'd need to see them moving first
I guess it depends on people's tastes.
Looks that way.
This was a gameplay issue. If they made everything to scale, it would be stupid. It would take forever to go from one planet to another.
And you can't think of lots of ways around that that doesn't involve scaling the planets down by a factor of 100? For instance, making missions center around just one planet, or FTL, or whatever.

Either way, there are plenty of ways of doing it without making your game look like it was designed by a 5 year old.

It's better than those 'lines' I've seen in some of those other games.
I disagree.

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News Comments > Hegemonia Demo
12. Re: Worth the download? Oct 4, 2002, 18:42 Freaky
And what was wrong with the graphics in the rolling demo?
The scale in the demo was so... wrong, I've seen more believable cartoons. They could have used flat shaded untextured polygons and not made it look as bad as the stupid scale they use. Don't people know how big planets are?

Then there's the rather lacklustre weapons (little blobs of <insert primary colour>, woopee), the fairly poor shield effects, the boring textures on the ships (one flat overdone metal effect), the dodgy explosion effects (that, um, "asteroid" is a perfect example. Never mind that it doesn't need explosions in the first place, but it's *so* obviously sprite based).

The low texture detail in the demo didn't help either.

The graphics in the playable demo are better than any other 3D space RTS.. including IG3 and ORB.

Not seen the playable demo yet. If it's not improved significantly over the demo, I'm afraid I think you're mad, sorry

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News Comments > Sniper: Path of Vengeance Patch
8. Does this patch make the game not suck? Sep 27, 2002, 06:14 Freaky
I'm pretty damn sure it won't.

There's very little oppertunity for sniping; 99.999% of the time you're running down corridors with a shotgun.

"Sniper" is apparantly the handle for your character as a hitman; only given that this "sniper" seems to be more interested in mass murder than clean kills, I fail to see where a name like that would come from.

Don't get this game expecting something like Hitman 2; get this game expecting something like NOLF, without the AI, humour, graphics, deep involving story, gadgets, and challange.

Xicat should have published Bandits instead

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News Comments > Iron Storm Demo
1. Disappeared Sep 20, 2002, 13:44 Freaky
Got to 13MB, and the entire site dropped off the face of the Earth, to be replaced by the main site of their hosts.

*grumble*, was getting 60k/s too.

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News Comments > UT2003 Demo Patch Planned
54. Re: unadvertised server - ip-to-ip Sep 16, 2002, 14:48 Freaky
Is there a console command that does this?

This comment was edited on Sep 16, 14:50.
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News Comments > UT2003 Demo Patch Planned
23. Re: unadvertised server - ip-to-ip Sep 15, 2002, 19:12 Freaky
System\UT2003.exe unreal://

It'll connect directly to the server.

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