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News Comments > Morning Q&As
44. Cacelling my preorder Oct 22, 2004, 11:25 Ratty
Ordered a collecotr's edition on DVD but I have to cancel it now. No internet connection on my gaming PC. Will there be a phone registration option? Why don't they say? Was anything about an internet connection listed in their minimum specs? I was so excited about it going gold too.

After publicly stating that information about a Steam account and authentication they are obligated to follow that up with more information. Is an internet connection required to play Half Life2? It's that simple. Through the delays and false starts I've ignored all the trolls and have consistently rooted Valve on, but all this being coy about Steam shit is really starting to piss me off now. It's starting to verge on being unethical.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Gold
98. Re: What's the advantage? Oct 18, 2004, 16:20 Ratty
Though I'm not a Steam user since my gaming computer has no internet connection, Like Propagandhi I do see a lot of advantages to Steam. If you buy a game on the web you have to wait for it to get delivered to your house. With Steam you get it practically the moment you buy it. Instant gratification. Plus all the patching and bug fixing happens automatically while you sleep. Also, should Valve ever start selling exclusive Steam content, either their own games or their affiliates, then bye bye piracy (though I know SOME of you don't see that as an advantage, us decent folks do). A powerful company like Valve really could conceivably cut the publisher out of the loop. Thus they could make games the way they wanted to, release them in their own timeframe and make lots more money--though admittedly that part is probably still a bit before its time, physical copies sitting on the shelf at Walmart probably still generate quite a bit of revenue.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Gold
38. Re: huh? Oct 18, 2004, 14:54 Ratty
We will probably be under martial law with the democrats and republicans fighting in the streets about who was elected.
I didn't think about that. I think I'll need HL2 as a way to escape my deep deep depression around then. Luckily I happened to book a week off of work mid-November. It's been a long time since I last lounged around the house naked all day long, taking naps, eating junk food, watching daytime TV ... and playing games until my eyes drop out!

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Gold
4. Where can I preorder it? Oct 18, 2004, 14:25 Ratty
I want to get the collecotr's edition on DVD but I can'ty find it for sale anywhere. Where's a good place to preorder it online in the US?

My new computer arrives next week. Whee! The timing couldn't be more perfect.

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News Comments > C-S: Source Update
2. Can I preorder HL2 DVD from Valve Oct 13, 2004, 13:16 Ratty
Last I heard, HL2 collector's edition comes on a DVD. I went to the site and they seem to only offer HL2 via Steam. Anybody know whether I can preorder the collector's edition on DVD direct from Valve?

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News Comments > Return to Mysterious Island Gold
4. Re: Return to Mysterious Island . . Oct 13, 2004, 12:35 Ratty
I've never understood the point of licensing a game and then building a story which has no particular need of the license
Kiss: Psycho Circus. I actually bought the game and it was pretty fun. There were maybe a couple of those Kiss-style platform shoes and maybe a guitar or two, but really Kiss didn't make an appearance. I don't even think the music was Kiss. Apparently a lot of people who bought the game complained there wasn't enough Kiss.

In the case of Bethesda's Pirates of the Carribean (formerly known as Sea Dogs) I always thought attaching it to a license somewhat late in the game was a good move. Why not capitalize on a major motion picture with a game you've already made? Nothing but more sales comes of that.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
15. Inhaling vomit Oct 12, 2004, 12:17 Ratty
Haven't had a tummy ache for years but until recently I had major bad acid reflux and would often wake up having inhaled my own vomit, completely unable to breathe, eyes wide wide open, flailing around panicked, sucking as hard as I could to get air into my lungs. I knew it was from eating anything fatty at all in the evening and after doing do so the thought of going to bed for the night terrified me. Didn't John Belushi or Elvis or somebody like that die from inhaling their vomit? Finally, a few months ago I cleaned up my act and started eating healthy and I haven't had the problem since. Lost 50 lbs as added bonus.

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News Comments > "Shocking" Irrational Announcement Tomorrow?
39. A dream come true Oct 8, 2004, 12:39 Ratty
Irrational inherited the "emergent gameplay" concept from Looking Glass and I'm glad to see they're finally turning their considerable talents in that direction. I think a System Shock 3 is the only game I would ever have considered a perfect match for an id engine. Doom 3 is practically System Shock 3 anyway (except for being boring, and repetitive of course).

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
34. Re: we don't do Oct 7, 2004, 11:22 Ratty
What really makes me laugh with Shatner is his own ignorance regarding how his cast mates truly feel about him. He gets that 'who me?' look on his face.
Okay, do I want to admit to this? Oh all right, what the hell ...

I rented this:

And it was actually pretty darn good, and I'm not even a big Trekkie. But Shatner and Nimoy devoted a bit of time to the whole cast member thing (verdict: "I just don't get it"). Shatner was relating a story about how he was interviewing Uhuru once, and it was a very pleasant conversation. Finally, he closed his notes and started to thank her for the interview and she immediately said "Wait, don't you want to know why we all hate you?" And then she proceeded to tell him.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
2. What's a firewall? Oct 6, 2004, 12:02 Ratty
Seriously. I'm a programmer and pretty tech savvy but I've just never learned exactly what it is a firewall does or how it works.

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News Comments > C-S: Source Next Week
75. Re: Via Steam Sep 29, 2004, 14:34 Ratty
Is HL:Source really all that important to pay extra for for a lot of you? I'd like it - am I just too cheap to pay for the DVD version?
That's just the dilemma. It isn't THAT important but it would be nice. I was kinda in the mood to replay HL1 a little while ago but decided not to so I could wait for the Source version. So the dilemma is, how bad do I want it?

On edit: Just noticed from the comments that the collector's edition also ships on a single DVD. I guess that decides it for me, though I think it's a little unfair to have to pay so much extra for a DVD copy.
This comment was edited on Sep 29, 14:39.
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News Comments > C-S: Source Next Week
42. Crap Sep 29, 2004, 11:59 Ratty
I though HL1 Source came with the standard edition. Now do I get the collecotr's edition? Crap.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Evil Genius
4. Dungeon Keeper Sep 27, 2004, 19:10 Ratty
I was never so bummed as when Bullfrog fell apart and the Dungeon Keeper series disappeared into the void. This game looks like the next best thing. I'm looking forward to getting this one.

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News Comments > etc.
8. Re: Valve hardware summary Sep 27, 2004, 12:42 Ratty
I also bet that quite a few dev's and publishers are looking at this data too, and are going to make some decisions based on it
I suspect only the hardest core gamers will be using Steam for awhile. Casual gamers, you know, the ones who buy their games at Walmart, don't read gaming websites everyday, comprise about 85% to 90% of all game purchases--they wouldn't be represented in this summary and I'm guessing their PCs are even less powerful on average.

It was pretty fun to see that my current PC (my new one comes in a couple weeks) isn't as stone age as I thought it was.

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News Comments > Saturday Tech Bits
1. Conservative group savages anti-P2P bil Sep 25, 2004, 14:58 Ratty
At first I was WTF? Why would a pro-corporate, let's trash the bill of rights, all music after the Beach Boys stinks, bunch of ultra right wing conservatives have so much against this Bush-supported anti-P2P bill? It occurred to me that some conservatives are conservative in the classical sense, more libertarian, more respectful of the constitution, not trying to amend the constitution every two weeks to outlaw things they don't like. Then of course I saw this statement:

"This is the Hollywood liberals trying to crush innovation,"
Aha! If super-liberal Hollyweird, with the likes of Barbra Streisand, Ellen Degenerate, and Rosie O'Donnel, is for something then they MUST be against it. NOW it makes sense.

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News Comments > UT2004 Editor's Choice Edition Bonus Pack
33. Must have new computer! Sep 24, 2004, 17:26 Ratty
My new computer doesn't arrive for two more weeks! I have nothing to play! Absolutely loathed UT 2003 but I really can't wait to get this. Some of the best stuff about the original UT was all of the absolutely kick ass mods that practically put the original stuff to shame. Rocket Command, Atje's Towers ... many many months of enjoyment from just those two.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
5. Re: Do we really need ANOTHER web browse Sep 23, 2004, 13:06 Ratty
A lot of very knowledgeable people in IT and computer science are always railing on about how primitive our browsers are. The internet is still in the stone age they say. They spout all this stuff about how linking should work, browser history, adaptive browser intelligence ... all kinds of crap I don't understand half the time and don't agree with the rest of the time. I'm skeptical. Maybe what these people use their browsers for isn't what the rest of the 99% normal computer users use it for. Then again, now that I think of it, some browser AI that can help me locate good porn among all the worthless crap that's out there just might be worth something. Last time I searched for "grandmas breasts" most of the sites had absolutely nothing to do with eother grandma OR her breasts.

Anyway, maybe this google browser is the eggheads' attempt to finally create a browser just for them. I for one ain't terribly impressed with Gmail, so I have my doubts.
This comment was edited on Sep 23, 13:18.
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News Comments > etc.
3. Mac games in Japan Sep 22, 2004, 12:31 Ratty
Weird. I was doing a presentation to some visiting Japanese guys and a question was asked about platform support for some software I was describing. I said it ran on Unix, Linux and Windows but I wasn't sure if it ran on a Mac. They laughed out loud. They made some comments between them in Japanese--I heard the word "Mac" tossed about amid smirks and chuckles--until they settled down and politely returned their attention to me.

I guess the Japanese REALLY don't like Macs.

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News Comments > Valve versus Sierra
12. Re: regarding steam.. Sep 20, 2004, 11:58 Ratty
I bitch and moan about Steam because my gaming computer has no internet connection and I'm afraid I won't be able to play SP games or mods or get patches or whatnot.

In theory though, Steam seems like a good idea, to cut the evil publisher out of the loop. I'm sick of crappy games, dumbed down to appeal to the widest audience, and publishers who refuse to take any risks on anything new or not part of an established IP. Maybe Steam will bring back a golden age of PC gaming (queue Bambi music)

This comment was edited on Sep 20, 11:59.
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News Comments > Valve versus Sierra
9. Re: Sierra.... Sep 20, 2004, 11:51 Ratty
Just when you thought we were nearing the end of the saga
Just my thought. The pain for Valve never seems to end. I was hoping after HL2 is released and they start to rake in all those 10 ton bags of money from Steam that maybe they could just sit back, relax, and enjoy their success.

Could you imagine if they actually lost the HL IP?

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