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News Comments > Dear Diaries
10. Creston, you da MAN! Dec 5, 2003, 18:25 Ratty

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News Comments > Dear Diaries
5. Spector kinda patronizing Dec 5, 2003, 13:15 Ratty
Do that, and gamers (most of 'em, at any rate) will "get it."

I guess I'm too stupid to "get it."

We rolled the augmentations and skills systems of the first game into a single "biomods" system, eliminating the UI subscreen associated with skills (and all the classic-RPG number-crunching associated with that system).

I see, thanks for clearing that up. All those crappy RPGs forced us to do "number crunching." How horrible! I guess that makes those of us who liked classic skill systems nothing but accountants.

Another aspect of the Invisible War UI that's met with mixed response is the SHAPE of it! (Who'd have thought anyone would care? I'm truly amazed.)

Probably the most idiotic thing he's said in the whole interview. Why should I care about the one static element that I'm forced to stare at through the entire 15-20 hour experience? He's truly amazed I see. Truly!

But at least he's come out of his shell and directly confronted these issues. His slightly snotty attitude (well as snotty as it's possible for him to get, he's a pretty nice man) is not surprising given the vehemence PC gamers have reviled him with. I don't know, either he's a hopeless moron or he's lying. I'm sorry but that UI was designed for consoles with NO thought or care about the PC. There's no way anybody there thought that UI was better for the PC.

I WILL give the game a chance, once they release a patch that fixes the UI. I just couldn't get past that HUD and UI and try to enjoy the game. There's a lot about other parts of the game I don't like, a lot I'm going to have to ignore, but once the UI is fixed I figure it'll be worth $50 and in the end that's the most I can expect of any game.

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News Comments > GameSpyGN
20. What does this mean for Blue's News? Dec 4, 2003, 16:08 Ratty
Is this merger a threat in any way? Like, are they going to gobble up all the advertisers with their obtrusive advertising models and slanted articles and reviews? Does this worry you Blue?

This comment was edited on Dec 4, 16:08.
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News Comments > Sin But Once
22. Re: No subject Dec 3, 2003, 15:16 Ratty
Yeah, before the patch the game was unplayable. Huge HUGE savegame files, 3-minute loads, monsters that would freeze up. But after the patch it was really a fun game. I loved it and played it through several times.

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News Comments > Sin But Once
16. Couldn't find a publisher? WTF?? Dec 3, 2003, 14:11 Ratty
Something bad is happening to the industry if an established studio with an established franchise can't find a single publisher. I can't help but blame consoles. I'm not sure exactly how they're to blame, but I know they are.

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News Comments > DX: Invisible War Q&As
9. Everyone who played the full game Dec 2, 2003, 14:49 Ratty
... LOVED it! That's what they're saying. They act like they aren't taking us seriously because we've only played the demo and that can't possibly reveal all the things they feel make the game great.

So who all has played the full game and are saying it's great? I'll bet my left nut it's a bunch of XBoxers. XBox butt kissers to boot.

We'll see what the gamers have to say when the full game comes out. Of course they'll still only listen to the XBox crowd, who will no doubt love it.

I don't need to know anything about the full game to know I'll be passing this one up. The interface said it all. It's not worth squinting through that HUD and fighting the moronic inventory interface to get at the 15 hours of gameplay in tiny, claustrophobic maps populated with retarded AI.

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News Comments > FPS Games & Minors
10. Agreed Nov 30, 2003, 16:06 Ratty
Is this the part where everyone freaks out about how an 8 year old should be able to buy Soldier of Fortune 2 without anyone else knowing or caring?

I think it's a good idea to make some effort to put choice back into parents hands. If a parent has no problem with little Billy playing Soldier of Fortune they can damn well go down to the store and buy it for him.

However, there are two problems with these proposed laws:

A second bill would require video game retailers to separate children's games from adult games.

This could unfairly penalize game companies, depending on how its implemented. I'm sure Mr. Yee would love it if the "Adult" games were kept in a dark back room behind a heavy curtain or under the counter. We don't put alcohol in an "Adult" section of the supermarket.

keep minors from purchasing first shooter videogames, where players need to kill in order to advance.

This is the most troubling. Calling all "first shooter" videogames adult. In DXIW presumably you can advance through the game without killing a soul. Can you do this in Grand Theft Auto too? Let's just rely on our existing rating system and enforce it at point of sale. Nobody's First Amendment rights are trampled on by some individual's inflated sense of moral outrage.

I know this guy, I know his type. Once, before going back home for Christmas, I stopped off in a neighborhood toy store to pick up some cheap plastic dart guns and squirt guns for my brothers and sisters and me (we're all growned up but dart gun fights are kind of a Christmas tradition in our house). I ask the lady behind the counter if she had any, and the sneering look of smoldering disdain she gave me was unbelievable. "We don't sell ... GUNS in this store," she said before turning her back on me.

This comment was edited on Nov 30, 16:09.
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News Comments > DX: Invisible War Movie
65. Maybe I'm getting old Nov 28, 2003, 13:09 Ratty
Games just don't excite me anymore. The last game I bought was the Morrowind expansion. Yawn. Before that it was NOLF2. Yawn. Oh and there was Unreal 2 in there someplace. Unfinished. I don't buy 7 or 8 games a year like I used to. Now I'm lucky if I get 2. And when I do buy a game I'm more likely to give up on it and never finish it. I've just bought more disappointing pieces of crap lately than I ever used to.

I don't even *look forward* to games anymore. I was psyched about DXIW and Thief 3 and now I don't care. HL2 and DNF are just about all there is left for me on the horizon. Games I would have cared about are either out of business (Dungeon Keeper, Lands of Lore, System Shock), or gone over to console-only (Starcraft).

Could it be that *this time* it's true? Is the era of PC gaming finally coming to an end? Have astronomical production costs, rampant piracy, and publisher monopolies simply put a stake through its heart? Gaming is a 7 billion dollar a year industry and growing rapidly. Dollar signs pop up in corporate CEO's eyes whenever the word is mentioned. They all now want a piece of that pie, but that pie is almost all console. They don't even know PC games exist for the most part.

I used to shop at Electronic Boutique but they closed all their stores sometime ago. But they eventually came back. Lately, not one but TWO EBGames opened in my neighborhood and I was really excited the first time I went in to shop. It was all console games. One of them didn't have a single PC game anywhere. The other had a small handfull of titles on a lower shelf somewhere.

Are PC games doomed to become a small niche industry? Or is it me. Am I just becoming a cranky old man, hitching my pants up and complaining about how things were in my day? Seems like that's all I'm doing nowdays.

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News Comments > Gold - Deus Ex: Invisible War
110. Re: still sucks Scottish martial arts Nov 26, 2003, 14:01 Ratty
I thought the same thing until I looked more deeply into the .ini file:


You gotta set that puppy to False

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News Comments > Frontline Reports from the Invisible War
25. I just can't help it Nov 26, 2003, 13:56 Ratty
I told myself I'd just let it go, but then I see this bit:

"The day is now almost at hand when gamers no longer follow the leader being spoon fed their experience
when they pick up the

Ahhh! It's like the PC doesn't even exist!

This comment was edited on Nov 26, 13:58.
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News Comments > Frontline Reports from the Invisible War
24. Unrealisticness Nov 26, 2003, 13:51 Ratty
Oh c'mon! I laughed out loud when I saw that word in there. It was *Great*. It's only embarassing when the author doesn't know it's not a real word. I'm embarassed for the people who jump all over this kind of thing, like somebody who just doesn't get the joke. It was a great touch IMHO.

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News Comments > Deus Ex: Invisible War Demo
270. Re: Ratty, Please Respond Nov 24, 2003, 16:08 Ratty
I really doubt they'll change it much. It sure would be nice if we could use the mouse
I dunno. I still hold out hope they may change this. Unlike unified ammo and the skill system, AI, etc., it's the one thing they could do most easily. I assume it's all in the game code (too bad they won't release the SDK).

I liked one person's comparison of the old interface vs. the new. They pointed out what it took to upgrade a weapon in the old system vs. what it took in the new. In the old system it was one step. Just drag the upgrade onto the weapon and you're done. I don't even remember how you do it in the new system but it sure as hell was more than one step.

Really I think it's only the interface that's personally keeping me from considering buying the new game (and yes, I tweaked the ini files to death and forced myself to play completely through the game several times). I wish I wasn't so picky, but I am. Oh well.

There's a lot of little things about the gameplay which, collectively add up to great suckage, but I can get past those. I hesitate to comment on them because it's mostly pointless without knowing more about the full game. But I've decided I don't like the unified ammo system. I don't HATE it but, well, here's an example. When I was going to take out that lady I wanted to use my by far favorite weapon of choice, the mini crossbow. Er, the boltcaster I guess it's called now. Unlike the first game, a single shot doesn't eventually knock someone out even if you wait long enough (but there's those weapon upgrades and biomods to consider!). So I knew I would need about 3 to do it. I started to agonize a bit over this (should I waste three shots of my favorite ammo or should I look for a different way to take this lady out?). Then I remembered it didn't matter anymore! So I just pumped her full of four or five and after a bit, nighty night lady. Strangely, instead of feeling exhilarated, I was disappointed that it turned out to be so easy. Then I just went around and shot everyone that way, hid a few seconds for them to drop, and that was that. Oddly, I didn't really like the boltcaster so much after that.

But that's definitely not a showstopper for me, just a little, tiny letdown.

Another thing which is really useless to speculate about without knowing more about the full game, but I will anyway. The incredibly tiny size of the maps. When they said the maps would be smaller I thought to myself, Okay, Liberty Island was kind of big and there was a lot of running around. It didn't bother me, I liked it, but okay, I can see the point. No HUGE levels. But I never expected what was in the demo. It was positively claustrophobic and rather unpleasant. Somebody mentioned that this was due to the dynamic lighting (I have no idea whether this is true). There is simply no way to dynamically light a large area [and have it be able to run on the XBox, I add]. So I rather suspect the entire game will be cramped, because this seems like a very reasonable and likely explanation. When I played the demo the first time and at the end when the pilot said he would meet me at the landing pad I thought maybe there would be a door or something that was now open where I could find this new area, this landing pad. Then when I actually saw his tiny little jet squeezed into that pad no larger than my patio I laughed out loud. You have GOT to be kidding me! But who knows, maybe there are more spacious maps in the full game.

I hesitate to add this at the end, but, just my own personal opinion and playstyle, I liked not having to worry about reloading. Please, don't hit me! I bruise easily!

This is definitely the last I'll post on the demo. I have to just let it go now and see how things turn out in the end.
This comment was edited on Nov 24, 16:29.
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News Comments > Deus Ex: Invisible War Demo
268. Re: Ratty, Please Respond Nov 24, 2003, 15:16 Ratty
Just so you know, I'm not a dev so what do I know? I'm only reading several sources.

As far as the interface goes, all we have to go on is that Chris Carollo said basically that there were several excellent suggestions and they would be looking into the interface.

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News Comments > Deus Ex: Invisible War Demo
264. Some facts Nov 24, 2003, 15:03 Ratty
  • Locational damage is in. Yes, you can kill with a head shot. IS has said the demo doesn't accurately reflect this and some tweaking is likely called for. See next point:

  • Weapons are intended to be used with the biomod/weapon upgrade system. This is not reflected in the demo, so, yes, many of the weapons seem weak and watered down, but as you progress through the game they will become more powerful **if you use the appropriate biomod upgrades**. This is very much like the skill system of the old Deus Ex

  • Stealth is also intended to be used with biomods. The demo did not reflect the actual stealth that will be available in the game because all of the stealth modules and upgrades were not available

  • Yes, the new riot prod is useless. However the baton is significantly improved from the old Deus Ex for those silent, stealthy takedowns

  • Hacking is trivially easy in the demo because the devs gave us a full complement of hacking biomods. I have no idea how hacking will work in the full game without all of the biomods, but there you are

  • You CAN bind your keys. The demo was released with a bug that made the user.ini file read-only. Obviously this will be fixed in the next demo/full game

  • Many more video options, e.g., 32 bit textures, volumetric lighting, detail textures, etc., are available to tweak in the .ini file via a text editor. No, it doesn't seem that they can be changed through the in game options menu. No idea whether the next demo/full release will be tweaked for PC

  • You can ctually edit the ini file to give yourself a variety of different biomods and upgrades, if you want to experiment with how the full biomod system will work as the game progresses (thanks JediLuke!)

  • I still hate the demo and won't buy the full game unless there's significant changes for the PC, but I just wanted us all to at least get our facts straight.

    There are rumors that the demo shipped with lower quality textures to save space but I've never heard this attributed even informally to a dev.
    This comment was edited on Nov 24, 15:19.
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    News Comments > Deus Ex: Invisible War Demo
    256. XBox conspiracies Nov 24, 2003, 13:07 Ratty
    DX2 on the other hand is based on the same version of Unreal as Splinter Cell and UT2K3 (as far as I can tell) and runs like a dog

    Okay, I'll say it.

    That's because they optimized the thing to run at 640 x 480. Any further optimization would be pointless. Nobody plays their XBox games at any higher resolution than that. Same with Pixel Shaders 1.1. Why should they support anything below that if it works great on an XBox?

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    News Comments > Deus Ex: Invisible War Demo
    201. Interface Nov 23, 2003, 13:02 Ratty
    In an enthusiastic post I made about DXIW a couple of months back I ended up by saying, Wouldn't it be weird if it turned out to be crap? Meaning, I didn't believe there was a possibility it could happen, but, like, wouldn't it be weird in some alternate universe or something.

    Well it's a piece of crap, folks.

    I can't believe I actually won't be getting the game! My world has turned upside down. But it's simply unplayable on the PC. If there's revolutionary gameplay down there someplace it just ain't worth digging through the steaming layers of putrid interface to get to it. And I don't mean just the HUD, which you can sorta tweak with that FOV param thing in the ini file, I mean the whole goddam mess.

    I also said something a few days ago that I take back. I desperately take it back. I said I believed the dumbing down they did to the game wasn't due to the XBox in any way. That what they did they did because they truly though it made for a better game independent of platform.

    What a load of diarrhea. They sold out plain and simple. Expect Deus Ex 3 to be console-only folks, and be glad of it. We can pretty much write off Thief 3 while we're at it.

    Back to looking forward to Half Life 2.

    This comment was edited on Nov 23, 13:06.
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    News Comments > Deus Ex: Invisible War Demo
    86. 1 GHz: Game runs great! Nov 22, 2003, 13:10 Ratty
    I can't believe it. I didn't expect to be able to run it at all, but here I am at 1280 x 1024 with everything cranked up and it's running great for me!

    PIII 1 GHz
    256 MB RDRAM
    GeForce Ti4600

    I think it must be way more dependent on the video card than on the CPU. Ti4600 can be had for as little as $50 on eBay.

    So far, I'm not enjoying the demo, for a variety of reasons. Yeah, I'm hating the circular interface, even with opacity turned all the way down. It's not exactly "obtrusive." It's not like it blocks your view or anything like that. It's like the screen is always there between you and the world. I'm finding it hard to enter the world and become part of it. Playing the game feels like trying to drive a car from the back seat. Or, to make a more subtle distinction, like looking out of someone else's eyes rather than your own. But some of that could be the motion, which is ... different. I'm going to be playing it a lot more and try to see if I can get used to it and forget it.

    A lot of other stuff people have complained about don't bother me. I haven't used weapons enough to comment on the unified ammo and no reload. Since I'm a stealth player I imagine I won't miss it. The graphics seem great to me, but I don't play games for the graphics so what do I know? I don't mind the multitool popping out automatically to unlock doors or some of the other simplifications. They're nice actually, whether or not they were done for the XBox. I mean, in the original game, you'd have to select your multitool or lockpick or whatever, then apply it to whatever you were fiddling with. I like that I don't have to care. A right click just does everything.

    Everything in the demo is so damned cramped. It's very uncomfortable, like the environment is too busy. I don't like it. Yeah, I know, no huge levels, but I hope the maps in the full game are more spacious.

    I guess my biggest issue is the interface. And it's a show stopper for me. If I can't become part of the game, there's no point buying the full version. But I haven't given up yet.

    Lord, though, I hope Thief III isn't done this way.

    On edit: I now see that many of the interface features can be tweaked in the cfg file. I'm going to give that a try.
    This comment was edited on Nov 22, 14:11.
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    News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
    4. Re: LCD question Nov 20, 2003, 12:29 Ratty
    low contrast ratios (dull drab colors)

    Oh, that explains why a lot of the pricier screens boast "ultra high contrast ratios." I'd not heard about problems with contrast in LCD's. In fact I'd always heard contrast was great and colors super vivid (depending on viewing angle of course). I sure would love to get rid of that enormous, heavy monitor but not at the expense of gaming.

    All the things I've heard about XP Pro had to do with networking, which I don't care about. But one place, which I don't remember, said XP Pro was faster and more stable. I only heard that one place, which got me to thinking about it in the first place, but they could be full of it.

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    News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
    1. LCD question Nov 20, 2003, 11:53 Ratty
    Is an LCD screen a good choice for a gaming platform? I've heard a lot of good things about it, small and light (duh), much more vivid colors, uses less power, etc. But I've heard a few bad things too, refresh rate too slow, problems when not playing games in the native resolution, blank pixels. It's getting time to buy a new computer and I'd love to have the smaller, cooler display but I want to get what's best for games. Any opinions?

    Oh, also, second question. Why is Windows XP Professional supposed to be a better gaming platform than the home edition (assuming I don't care about networking)? Is it faster and more stable?

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    News Comments > DX: Invisible War Interviews
    57. MJ12 Nov 16, 2003, 16:05 Ratty
    I heard the term 'MJ12' for the first time outside Deus Ex not even a week ago. There was one of those horrible Unexplained Phenomena type shows on UPN or Fox and as I was flipping past I heard them mention Majestic 12. WTF? It was a show on Area 51 and Roswell. The Majestic 12 was the team of scientists charged with studying and covering up the UFO. I never knew that.

    Deus Ex would make a great movie.

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