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News Comments > Battlefield 4 Campaign Details

11. Re: Battlefield 4 Campaign Details Jul 18, 2013, 18:29 eunichron
It's funny, I remember when BF1942 came out everyone complained about how its lack of single player sucked and they didn't want to just play against bots...

Fast forward 10 years and everyone's bitching about how single player is a waste of resources and all the game is good for is multiplayer...
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits

12. Re: Morning Tech Bits Jun 14, 2013, 22:34 eunichron
mag wrote on Jun 14, 2013, 21:00:
eunichron wrote on Jun 14, 2013, 19:20:
A bunch of stuff

Damn, how did I not even notice the obvious--that guns are not registered at all. Gah. Thanks for dropping some knowledge.

No problem, you pick up some things when you work in a family owned business in the firearms industry (my brother is a Type 7 Class 2 manufacturer, manufacturer of firearms including NFA firearms), we build rifles and machine guns for a living.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits

10. Re: Morning Tech Bits Jun 14, 2013, 19:20 eunichron
mag wrote on Jun 14, 2013, 15:52:
Creston wrote on Jun 14, 2013, 14:18:
There is no need to make a new law for that. ANY unregistered gun is illegal, it doesn't matter where it was manufactured or HOW it was manufactured. This is why a redneck who builds his own gun and doesn't register it still breaks the law. So this new law is utterly pointless.

I believe it is legal to make a gun for yourself, and that gun does not need to be registered. It's when you begin selling them that it's a problem.

There was an article about it a few days ago, but a two-second Google didn't pull it up and I lost interest.

There's no such thing as registering a gun in the US on a federal level (other than NFA firearms, but that's a different matter). When you purchase a firearm you fill out ATF Form 4473, this is not a registration form, all it is is a record that a firearm transfer took place, this is also the form that is used to call in background checks to NICS. The ATF does not keep copies of these forms on file, and the FFL (dealer) is required to keep them on file for something like 20 years. What happens if the firearm you bought is used in a crime is the feds track the transferring of that firearm using 4473s and other dealer transfer forms; i.e. using those forms to discern, via serial number, that the firearm was shipped to X distributor from the factory, was then transferred to Y dealer, and finally sold to Z customer. There are some states that may require registration, but that depends on the state.

That being said, it is entirely legal, by ATF regulation, for private citizens to manufacture firearms for their own personal use. They do not need to be serialized, they're not registered, but it is illegal to sell these privately constructed firearms to others. If you ever wanted to sell it you would have to take it to a dealer that holds a manufacturer's license and have them serialize it for sale.

NFA firearms refers to firearms that are controlled by the National Firearms Act. The NFA is what regulates what is considered a short-barreled rifle (SBR), short-barreled shotgun (SBS), or a machine gun, and it regulates suppressors as well. By NFA definition any firearm is NOT NFA if it is a rifle with a barrel length greater than 16", overall length greater than 26", and is semi-automatic. So an SBR or SBS is any rifle or shotgun with a barrel length less than 16", or an overall length less than 26", and a machine gun is any firearm that fires more than one bullet with a single pull of the trigger, or any device that allows such functionality. Per the NFA it is illegal for any civilian to own a machine gun (or device designated a machine gun; things like drop-in auto sears, lightning links, etc.) manufactured after the NFA went into effect, which is May 1986. It is legal for civilians to own newly manufactured SBRs, SBSs, and suppressors, provided they submit to a more thorough background check, and pay a $200 tax. All NFA firearms ARE registered federally. When an NFA firearm is manufactured the manufacturer sends in an ATF Form 1 which notifies the ATF that they have manufactured a new NFA firearm, and the ATF adds it to the registry. They are heavily regulated, many states outright ban them, and many states that allow them still make it so difficult to own one that it's not worth the hassle. On top of that, as far as machine guns go, since the market for them was effectively frozen in 1986, their prices rise exponentially every year as they become increasingly more difficult to acquire legally, and as legal machine guns break down and parts to repair them become harder to acquire. For example, the cheapest machine gun that is legal for civilian ownership is a MAC-10 or MAC-11, usually around $4,000-$5,000. A couple years ago they were about half that. A registered M16/AR15 or AK47 would run you anywhere from $20,000-$40,000 depending on the condition. It goes without saying that it is entirely illegal for any civilian to manufacture any firearms that might be considered an NFA firearm. There are ways around it, such as having an 11.5" barrel with a 4.5" flash hider on it (making the effective barrel length 16"), but the flash hider must be pinned on permanently so that it can not be removed (not easily and without possibly doing damage to the barrel anyway).
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse

11. Re: Morning Metaverse May 21, 2013, 23:13 eunichron
avianflu wrote on May 21, 2013, 14:07:
That wikipedia article was fascinating. At the same time I am not surprised. If by policy, anyone can edit and also edit anonymously.....

Having been working on my MLIS degree for the last year this discussion comes up constantly, that is, the reliability and accuracy and Wikipedia. The answer always tends to be that Wikipedia is no less reliable or accurate than any of the other big-name print encyclopedias (Britannica seems to be the one it gets compared to the most in studies).
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News Comments > Steam Top 10

16. Re: Steam Top 10 May 5, 2013, 18:22 eunichron
Cutter wrote on May 5, 2013, 17:09:
Ant wrote on May 5, 2013, 16:03:
I guess my ATI Radeon 4870 video card (512 MB) is no good.

I have a 4890 1 gig, 4g ram, and the proc is AMD quad core 3.2ghz and i run the game on high just fine. For $15 it's not much of a gamble and it's not like you can't play it later when you upgrade.

I upgraded to a GTX 680 from an ATI 5870... the gain was in visuals moreso than performance, being able to play on Ultra rather than High settings, but the 680 was a gift so it was no monetary loss to me. I probably would not have paid for one myself... the ATI 4000/5000 and Nvidia 400/500 series cards are still more than viable for this generation of games.
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News Comments > Another BF2142 Sequel Hint?

16. Re: Another BF2142 Sequel Hint? Mar 6, 2013, 11:41 eunichron
If BF4 is really BF2143, words can not express the level of orgasm I am experiencing right now.  
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News Comments > GeForce GTX TITAN Announced

11. Re: GeForce GTX TITAN Announced Feb 19, 2013, 10:32 eunichron
Quboid wrote on Feb 19, 2013, 10:28:
There are probably games now that would push it, if you're using some sort of UltraHD display and antialiasing. Games are being held back by consoles but this doesn't mean they don't use our extra power in some way, just not as effectively as they could.

Speaking of UltraHD, I would love to see how this thing would perform on a 4K television's native resolution.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation

14. Re: Morning Consolidation Jan 18, 2013, 15:33 eunichron
Yeah, I recently realized I was only using my PS3 or 360 to watch DVDs and Netflix. I ended up selling them both on Ebay and using the money to buy a WD Live TV Hub and a decent blu-ray player, and still had cash leftover.

I'll be skipping this round entirely.
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News Comments > Warface Closed Beta Underway

14. Re: Warface Closed Beta Underway Jan 17, 2013, 17:29 eunichron
Shineyguy wrote on Jan 17, 2013, 15:49:
Yakubs wrote on Jan 17, 2013, 15:43:


Wait, that's been done? Damn.

I'm partial to DOORFIGHTER.
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News Comments > Fallout TV Series?

26. Re: Fallout TV Series? Jan 16, 2013, 19:37 eunichron
dj LiTh wrote on Jan 16, 2013, 18:53:
eRe4s3r wrote on Jan 16, 2013, 18:10:
You could always put Fallout stories outside the US territories though. I would love to see Fallout Europe, Fallout Russia, Fallout China etc. I am actually baffled they didn't expand on the backstory in Fallout 3 and NV.. it's just been stagnating.

Or maybe inside the vault-tech bunkers.

Fallout: russia.....cough: :-metro2033-: :cough

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. was the first thing to pop into my head at that thought.
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News Comments > Fallout TV Series?

14. Re: Fallout TV Series? Jan 16, 2013, 15:20 eunichron
TheEmissary wrote on Jan 16, 2013, 15:17:
Creston wrote on Jan 16, 2013, 14:55:
Verno wrote on Jan 16, 2013, 14:42:
I don't think they could really do it without a totally insane budget though. I don't want something like Fallout confined to the small sets and cheap location shoots I see on TWD. Book of Eli had its problems but they sure nailed the sets and design of a Fallout-ish world, unfortunately the movie cost a literal fortune.

But hey you never know, CGI can do wonders. I didn't think anyone could do Game of Thrones but that show has some amazing CGI in place of the larger areas that aren't feasible.

Yeah, my immediate thought was "there is no way they can afford a TV show based on Fallout."

And sure, CGI can (and does) do wonders, but it's not exactly cheap. The majority of BSG's budget went to CGI, even in episodes where the CGI was only a few minutes of action. Those animators etc cost a lot of money.

So unless they film everything in the same abandoned building, I don't really see this working out very well...


A Fallout or a post-apocalyptic show shouldn't really cost any more money than it would to make say a western. The show Nuka-Cola Break is able to approximate the feel of Fallout all-be-it in a slightly camp way on a shoe-string budget. Then you have shows that cover similar topics like the Walking Dead, Falling Skies, Jeremiah, and Jericho. Fallout doesn't really need huge amounts of FX more likely interesting sets. You don't necessarily need to raid a vault or fire a plasma rifle every episode.

I don't think the costs are going to be that outrageous and the established fanbase will mean it pretty much won't flop immediately.

Yeah, speaking of costs they pulled it off with that time travel dinosaur show on FOX or whatever (the really shitty one that had an insane budget). A Fallout TV show would not require nearly that amount of CGI to be believable.
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News Comments > Op Ed

29. Re: Op Ed Jan 11, 2013, 12:56 eunichron
Cutter wrote on Jan 11, 2013, 12:31:
Meanwhile, back in reality...I'm a firm believer that guns aren't the problem. I do not believe anyone has a right to bear guns anymore than they have a right to drive - it's a privilege. If your argument is hunting then learn how to bow hunt. And people like RT are living proof there are far too many kooks and wackos out there with guns. How thorough is a background check when the feds are running 14,000 of them per day? I think psych tests should be mandatory to weed out potential psychopaths.

I would agree that this is part of it. How many of the mass shootings could have been prevented if the perpetrators had received proper medical treatment? If you agree that guns aren't the problem, then we need to put the focus where these shootings can be prevented; health and mental health treatment and education.

Fines and punishment related to firearms misuse should be extremely stiff. In possession of or used in a crime should be an automatic 10 years for a first offense. Create a strong enough deterrent and then only the most hardcore outlaws will risk it.

They already are pretty stiff. There's a $10,000 fine and possible 10 years prison time just for lying on a Form 4473. I cam across this last night, it's satire, but every regulation and penalty he mentions in it is current US federal firearms law. Many of the restrictions that gun control advocates are debating now are already in place. As the death penalty has proven, strong deterrents don't really work in preventing crime.

The fact is guns do kill - that's their entire purpose - and they do it remarkably well. Just look at that knife attack in the school in China that same day as Sandy Hook. You can always run away or fight back against a knife or a club, not so with a gun. America's culture of pervasive paranoia is the true culprit though. That's why other countries have almost as many guns per capita and none of the gun violence. So until that changes nothing else will change regardless of what's banned or not.

The last figure I saw was 88 guns per 100 people in the US. Approximately 12,000 violent crimes committed with firearms in 2011 (or was it 2012, can't remember, but it was one of those two), and of those 12,000 crimes about 350 were committed with "assault weapons" of the rifle variety. Another figure estimates between 1.5 million and 2.5 million violent crimes are prevented every year by lawful gun owners (of course that figure is hard to track because how do you define a violent crime that is never committed).

Finally, according to this list there have been 64 mass school shootings in the world since 1913. Is it really as prolific as the media makes it out to be?
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News Comments > Op Ed

25. Re: Op Ed Jan 11, 2013, 12:29 eunichron
Beamer wrote on Jan 11, 2013, 12:16:
Also, I really don't fully get what people think pistols and semi-automatic guns will do against the government.

We have semi-automatic guns. OBOOOOOOOOOOZER has tactical drones, attack choppers, tanks, gatling guns, rail guns, nuclear subs, JSFs, etc.

Are we going to take tanks out with lots and lots of 9MM fire?

Speaking as a veteran, it worked for the Iraqis for 8 years, one year which I witnessed first hand, and is still working for the Afghanis. It didn't work out the way they intended, but they did plenty of damage. Don't underestimate someone who has the will.

Not to mention is such a thing did take place (another revolution/civil war), there would likely be many mass defections and refusals to obey orders on behalf of the military (just as happened in Libya).
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News Comments > Op Ed

14. Re: Op Ed Jan 11, 2013, 12:07 eunichron
sauron wrote on Jan 11, 2013, 11:40:
And no, I'm not just following the narrative and am well aware of the specifications of the weapons in question.

If you weren't just following the narrative you would understand that there is no technical definition of "assault weapon". "Assault weapon" is a legal term, and it can be defined in any way that lawyers and legislators want it to be defined as. A single shot break action 20 gauge shotgun is currently not considered an "assault weapon", it's probably considered one of the least lethal weapon designs by the Brady Campaign and other gun control advocacy groups. All it would take is some punk shooting his teacher in the face with one, suddenly that single shot break action 20 gauge can be designated an "assault weapon" and banned.

And the founding document has nothing to do with it. Last refuge of the NRA apologist.

It has everything to do with it. The Second Amendment wasn't written for sporting, it wasn't written for hunting, it wasn't written with muskets in mind, and "militia" does not refer to the National Guard. When the Second Amendment was drafted the founding fathers had just finished a war against a government they perceived as oppressive, tyrannical, and authoritarian. The Second Amendment was written with oppressive, tyrannical, and authoritarian governments in mind, it was written to give the people a means by which to defend themselves against an out of control government. I'm not saying our government is at that point, and I'm not advocating revolution, but to suggest that the Second Amendment means anything other than that is ignorant.
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News Comments > Op Ed

9. Re: Op Ed Jan 11, 2013, 11:26 eunichron
As a firearm enthusiast and video game enthusiast, fuck the NRA. I have never given them a donation, and as long as they are just another wing of the Republican party I never will. The "debate" about gun control in the US is absolutely ridiculous on both sides, and is absolutely devoid of any logic or reason.

The best form of gun control is education, and no one seems to care about educating themselves anymore.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue

7. Re: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Dec 10, 2012, 12:53 eunichron
jimnms wrote on Dec 10, 2012, 12:22:
GMG has Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 50% off, use the 25% code GMG25-CZPYL-D5MQ6 to get it for $9.38, or take a survey to get a single use 35% off coupon and get it for $8.12.

Thanks for that heads up. I had a $10 credit at GMG and just got it for free.
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News Comments > Game Reviews

3. Re: Game Reviews Nov 28, 2012, 14:00 eunichron
Rift really is a decent MMO, it's just sad it never really caught traction. It seemed like everyone else was only playing because they were, "Waiting for SW:TOR," or "Waiting for GW2."  
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News Comments > PlanetSide 2 Bans All Client Mods

17. Re: More Big Picture Details Nov 28, 2012, 13:43 eunichron
jdreyer wrote on Nov 28, 2012, 13:34:
Have totally modifiable game clients gone by the wayside? Will we ever see another mod like AIX for BF2?

While I agree with your sentiment, there's a difference between a total conversion mod for a standalone game like BF2, and a competitive MMOFPS like Planetside 2. PS2 is meant to be played a certain way, so that all 2,000 players on a server start from the same baseline and receive the same experience. Some of these mods could be perceived as giving players an unfair advantage over other players.

Your post would be better suited for a BF3 thread, in which case I'd agree with you wholeheartedly.
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News Comments > On Sale

39. Re: On Sale Nov 23, 2012, 20:53 eunichron
Dev wrote on Nov 23, 2012, 20:22:
The Half Elf wrote on Nov 23, 2012, 18:45:
As for the boyfriend part... I want another gamer boyfriend. My ex was one of those types that really liked watching me play cause they couldn't play the games but really liked the story (Mass Effect and Red Dead Redemption), and became a 4 box EQ player after I introduced him to it (yeah didn't see that one coming).
I think there's a surfeit of gamer boyfriends. Its the gamer girlfriends that there's a shortage of

Every girl gamer I've met fits that terrible "Gurl Gamer" trope. It makes me glad that my girlfriend isn't a gamer.
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News Comments > StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm in March 2013

21. Re: StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm in March 2013 Nov 13, 2012, 15:36 eunichron
Flatline wrote on Nov 13, 2012, 15:13:
Optional nickname wrote on Nov 13, 2012, 15:06:
What happened to the installments of this SC2 game that were supposed to come out yearly, as opposed to triyea-rly? I mean rly? don't matter, Diablo 3 welded shut the coffin on Blizzard, rip, thanks for the gaming memories, no re.

Blizzard has so much operating capital that they just say "whenever the f*ck it's done it's done". Which sounds awesome, but without any kind of enforced discipline, projects that should have a yearly turnover take 3 years. The only thing I can surmise is that the project leads have absolutely no sense of discipline.

The real problem is that Blizzard's mantra of "whenever the fuck it's done" used to mean that we would get an awesome quality product on launch day, that would then be improved via expansion packs. Since WoW and Diablo 3, and to a lesser extent SC2 (I like SC2's campaign, and played mp quite a bit when I had time for it; I haven't decided yet if I'm going to buy HotS day 1), "Whenever the fuck it's done" has turned into, "Let's see how many extraneous features we can add that don't add to the gameplay."
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