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Signed On Aug 21, 2002, 18:44
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News Comments > Destiny 2: Forsaken Released
3. Re: Destiny 2: Forsaken Released Sep 5, 2018, 04:42 Icewind
UttiniDaKilrJawa wrote on Sep 5, 2018, 00:39:
fawker wrote on Sep 4, 2018, 21:50:
Fillion's back, we can call this one a true DLC.

I think you mean Nolan North

I think everyone by now knows they're the same guy.
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > Shadows: Awakening Awakens
3. Re: Shadows: Awakening Awakens Sep 5, 2018, 02:04 Icewind
I played this game the first time it came out a couple of years ago and it flopped. The re-did it and swore it would be better. We'll see. I got it for free since I own the original. Not too excited to try it though. It was an incredibly slow and linear D1 clone.  
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > Gatherings & Competitions
4. Re: Gatherings & Competitions Sep 4, 2018, 15:28 Icewind
So I guess we'll just run tournaments of Mario Kart, Forza, or Madden then.

It's just an excuse for them to squash the talk of esports getting included. They want folk to stop trying and this is their way of ending it.

"Well, we'd let you in and all, but ya know, the violence in your games is unacceptable, sorry."
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > Diablo III Season 14 Ends Soon
3. Re: Diablo III Season 14 Ends Soon Sep 2, 2018, 06:23 Icewind
I stopped when I hit around 440 in Paragon level, that was....season 6 I think.

I never played the seasons because I saw no point, I just took my monk and pushed him as far as I could. He can crit for about 3 billion damage, which is nice. Easily coasts through torment 10...but I don't see the point of playing anymore. I'd rather them just do that Diablo 2 remake they keep hinting at.
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > RAGE 2 Trailer
7. Re: RAGE 2 Trailer Aug 11, 2018, 12:56 Icewind
jacobvandy wrote on Aug 11, 2018, 08:40:
DangerDog wrote on Aug 11, 2018, 02:33:
Gearbox has their work cut out for them to top this with Borderlands 3

Apples and oranges. As cool as this looks, it's still a standard FPS, driven by its story/quest content and canvassing the map to tick all the boxes on your 'exploration' list . You play around with the dozen or so weapons for a while and 100% the game after maybe 50 hours, then you're done. Like Just Cause or Far Cry, etc.

Borderlands, on the other hand, is a first-person ARPG. It's Diablo with guns. Casuals will spend a few dozen hours going through the campaign once, but the randomly-generated loot and multiple character classes will keep core fans interested enough to grind through the same content over and over, for hundreds of hours.

Borderlands 2 drop rate was so F'ed that even Gearbox admitted it and spent a few patches trying to fix it and begging people to come back and try it.

This "casual" beat the campaign of BL2 once and never bothered with it. It paled in comparison to BL1's tighter/more condensed world, better designed levels, and much better drop rate. BL2 was just the developers saying "Hey, let's throw as much as we can in here and make it as big as we can, and who cares if it works, just keep stuffing as much in as possible!"

Plus, as much of a fan as I am of Borderlands 1, the cartoon aesthetic got old quick. We have 1070s or better now and that cell-shaded garbage ain't cuttin' it anymore. I want something that looks 2019, not 2009.
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > DOOM Eternal Gameplay Trailer
26. Re: DOOM Eternal Gameplay Trailer Aug 11, 2018, 12:24 Icewind
I'd like the old style DOOM too, as most people here keep saying, but you can modernize old DOOM a bit by grabbing the Doomsday engine and applying all the texture packs and 3D monster/item models. It won't look as nice as this, but it's as close as you're going to get. Unless you liked DOOM 3's engine/physics and download the classic level mods for that (Which aren't as good)  
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > Blizzard Teases "Multiple Diablo Projects"
14. Re: Blizzard Teases Aug 9, 2018, 05:11 Icewind
jdreyer wrote on Aug 9, 2018, 01:58:
What I'd really like to see is Diablo FPS. I want to shoot firebolts and chain lightning at demons!

Hellgate London?

That didn't go so well.
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > The Elder Scrolls Online Free Weekend
4. Re: The Elder Scrolls Online Free Weekend Aug 8, 2018, 02:53 Icewind
ItBurn wrote on Aug 8, 2018, 02:08:
My friend refuses to play MMOs. I hate them too actually, but I'm a huge Elder Scrolls fan. Do you have a way of convincing us to play this?

The entire game can be played singleplayer, as you would any other Elder Scrolls game that came before this. Then, if you *want* to co-op, you can put in for a dungeon queue and get paired with 3 other randoms for a story dungeon.

There's also "realm v.s. realm" style PvP if you want to do it, but you don't have to. Plus all the "loot crate" stuff is useless fluff that you can get for free by just logging in every day for a couple seconds during the month.

There are only 2 MMORPGs I play. One is FF14, and the other is ESO.

It's fun and you don't need to buy a monthly sub. The storyline in the Morrowind expansion is worth it, IMO. You get to see Vivec really squirm and see how the meteor got where it is, plus learn more about the past of The King of Worms and the Amulet of Kings.
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > Saturday Patches
2. Re: Saturday Patches Aug 5, 2018, 04:31 Icewind
That chrono Trigger patch seems to have broken the game, according to the steam forums. Now save games don't work, two of the endings glitch, and the cinematics aren't loading.

Guessing that won't be the final patch after all.
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
2. Re: Evening Interviews Jul 31, 2018, 22:39 Icewind
*eye roll*  
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > Tweet Backlash
51. Re: Tweet Backlash Jul 20, 2018, 12:17 Icewind
The vast majority of the responses are mad at GOG for apologizing. IMHO, they've made things worse by saying they were wrong, since GOG has always skewed more towards core gamers who abandoned Steam due to DRM. That's just what I'm seeing.

My own personal two cents?

The types they're apologizing to only play walking sims, so I wonder how many extra copies of Firewatch GOG will sell and if it'll make up for the lost sales they're going to see due to this fiasco.

Once Cyberpunk 2077 comes out, people will have forgotten this though, and they'll be bathing in money.
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > IDGA Urges Social Media Guidelines After ArenaNet Firings
17. Re: IDGA Urges Social Media Guidelines After ArenaNet Firings Jul 10, 2018, 19:11 Icewind
Simple fact is that Jessica Price was warned before in a previous job that she shouldn't mouth off on social media, but she did. Multiple times.

Another fact is that she brags about blocking people, but instead of blocking the person she argued with, she continued arguing with him over a couple days.

Also, if you read the logs, you'd see that the person she was arguing with was very respectful and understanding, she is just a narcissist that felt slighted.
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > etc., etc.
5. Re: etc., etc. Jun 15, 2018, 02:37 Icewind
It's funny that the Battlefield Subreddit still wants to talk about it, but Kotaku misleads with the title, since it's really just the subreddit's mods that don't want to deal with it, not the users.

I don't play BF because it's new age shooter trash, but putting women in the game is obvious [current year] pandering.
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
14. Re: Morning Metaverse May 22, 2018, 16:22 Icewind
Bodolza wrote on May 22, 2018, 15:17:
wtf_man wrote on May 22, 2018, 13:33:
Uh... California in general, is definitely far left, and mostly out of touch with the rest of the country.

Thank goodness. It's allowed us to have the 5th largest economy in the world, while still having clean air, clean water, public parks, lots of high-paying jobs, diverse communities, sane zoning laws, a rainy-day fund, and good beer.

The rest of the country should be thankful, too, since California is a donor state.

It's also allowed you to have a hepatitis epidemic in San Francisco due to people defecating on the streets, a homelessness epidemic, and a high unemployment rate.

People are fleeing California in record numbers, but you'll just call that fake news.

So, when are you guys leaving the union? Hope it's soon. We can count those electoral votes out in 2020.
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Released
6. Re: Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Released May 9, 2018, 02:38 Icewind
i played a pre-release reviewer's build starting last month for the site I write for and after a 50 hour playthrough I only experienced a very minor bug with a NPC who was supposed to be "gone" suddenly appearing on my ship and bringing up old dialog and a CTD once while exiting the game. Nothing major. A few graphical glitches here and there but that's more of my fault for running year old nvidia drivers.

Overall, it's probably the most stable game they've launched. Which admittedly, doesn't mean much, but still.

CJ_Parker wrote on May 8, 2018, 23:06:
A few hours in and pretty good so far but like every Obsidian release it has "Bugs Bunny was here" written all over it (cue a fanboi claiming they had ZERO bugs both here as well as the release version of the original game in 3... 2... 1...).

There is one really bad crash early on if you take the "game over" path.
Yes, that's right, you can literally end the game after five minutes by being uncooperative so the crash is not really that bad as far as progression in the game goes but for many people, myself included, it crashes the game and locks up the PC so it's still kinda meh.

Other than that, my save import from the first game seems to have worked fine contrary to many other people (or maybe I just have a really bad memory and don't even get a chance to give a shit), no more crashes in over three hours, decent performance but lots and lots of little bugs and issues that add up.

There is also an official list of known major issues (um, so after having a beta and a delay, why does the game still ship with KNOWN MAJOR ISSUES in the first place, Obsidian, hm? Weeeelll?? Why??? ).

Anyway, guess I'm gonna keep playing for a few more hours, then shelve it for a proper playthrough around xmas when all the DLC is going to be included and when it is hopefully patched up really well.
It's certainly a special game that deserves to be played in its best possible state.
Well, and xmas is a much nicer time of year for such an epic RPG anyway.

So far, so good. Give it a few patches and then this is going to have the potential to be RPG of the Year award material.
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Episode 1
7. Re: Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Episode 1 Mar 28, 2018, 01:17 Icewind
pacefalm wrote on Mar 27, 2018, 23:51:
Getting a definite Ultima 9 vibe from this.

And that's not a good vibe to have.

I was on the owo boards back when it launched and I've never seen a bigger riot then what went on there.
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > PC CHRONO TRIGGER Released
6. Re: PC CHRONO TRIGGER Released Feb 28, 2018, 04:12 Icewind
jdreyer wrote on Feb 28, 2018, 01:57:
MacLeod wrote on Feb 27, 2018, 21:22:
Can someone give me a remastered Chrono Cross please? I'd play the shit out of that.

Says, "updated graphics." How much more remastered do you want?

He said Chrono *Cross*, the PS1 sequel.

And for what it's worth, if you want improved graphics, play it in ePSXe with all the bells and whistles on in OpenGL mode. It looks gorgeous. About as good as a mid era PS2 game, in fact.
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > Your Royal Gayness Comes Out
6. Re: Your Royal Gayness Comes Out Jan 30, 2018, 13:59 Icewind
Every indie game nowadays has to be about sexual identity.

I miss when indie games were just about shooting monsters and walking through dungeons.

If you play games to learn about the world around you, then you need to get out more. You can learn about LGBTQ issues anywhere in the real world, you don't need a game. I think these folks are all shut-ins that need a game to tell them about life.

Me? I play games to get away from all the life i'm over-exposed to on a daily basis.
Avatar 13929
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
3. Re: Out of the Blue Jan 25, 2018, 12:48 Icewind
nobody expects the spanish inq...

Avatar 13929
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News Comments > The Witcher Turning 10
7. Re: The Witcher Turning 10 Oct 16, 2017, 13:24 Icewind
I remember not being able to beat the first boss, the phantom dog, in Witcher 1. Had to restart and re-spec Geralt as a mage to better do it. I learned though. Ended up having a great time going through it a couple times. The game was clunky, but you could see how different it was and how much potential there was for more.

I hope they continue with that forward progression in their design.
Avatar 13929
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