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News Comments > Morning Mobilization

6. Saw this coming... May 3, 2005, 19:06 Wazootyman
...a mile away.
The sheer bulk of continuous advertising alone tells you someone is making lots of money, and the "go to our website for more information (like prices...)" bit is a dead giveaway... The end result is teens paying $5.99* for a crappy .wav file.

*I found that number on jamster's site just for this post... They didn't make it easy to find either!

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits

2. Re: Court Rules Against DVD Copy Prevent Apr 27, 2005, 19:29 Wazootyman
Hehe... people still have their panties in a bunch over Steam.

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News Comments > Sunday Q&As

5. Re: No subject Apr 24, 2005, 16:12 Wazootyman
There are too many problems with penalizing killing of lower level players.
  • Many lowbies can kill a higher player, especially if he can't fight back. If you want to track who attacked first, things get extremely complicated very quickly. What if the low level leaves combat (vanish, FD)? What if a low level heals another low level who is fighting a high level? What about groups? Will potential valid low level kills have to be tracked for every single player on every single lowbie? Etc...

  • Mages AoE all the time... if a lowbie runs into it, should the mage be penalized? In a large battle, should mages have to check every single member of the enemy mob before launching an AoE assault?

  • In a large scale battle, a level 30's DoT, flare or farie fire is just as deadly to a rogue as a level 60's... stealth is essential to survival as a rogue. Will the said rogue be unable to retailiate against low level unstealthers?

  • Players auto change targets after a kill... one hit can kill a lowbie... A high level surrounded with low levels would be able to greif the unsuspecting. Similarly, it would make the honorable kill much more difficult to target (whereas he can snipe from behind his "wall o dishonor".

  • Also - claiming that honor without dishonor is meaningless is an invalid argument. Its like saying "gaining experience from killing monsters is meaningless without a way to lose experience"... I think many people misunderstand "honor"... Honor is about being honored with your faction (as a successful fighter), not being "honorable".

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    News Comments > Evil Dead Regeneration Announced

    3. Re: Pop quiz Apr 14, 2005, 22:33 Wazootyman
    Old Star Wars games...
    Riddick was supposed to be good...
    Ancient Indiana Jones Lucas Arts adventure games...

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    News Comments > Prey Lives?

    3. Re: No subject Apr 5, 2005, 22:16 Wazootyman
    The only things I remember about this game:
    They promised fully deformable terrain.
    They released a screenshot with boobies in it.


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    News Comments > More WoW Woes

    27. Re: No subject Jan 22, 2005, 16:21 Wazootyman
    That adds up to six...

    Five total, but he only does 4 at once.
    Initially fighting 4.
    Kills 2.
    1 Add.
    Kills rest (3).

    BTW- he ends up with 60% health and a tiny bit of mana he regenerated since his final Lay on Hands.

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    News Comments > More WoW Woes

    24. Re: No subject Jan 22, 2005, 15:58 Wazootyman
    Pallies are overpowered in solo PvM.
    No other class can do what they do... I personally have a vid of a pally fighting *four* mobs one level below. He kills two, gets another add, then finishes off the remaining three.
    No other class can do this.

    Pallies are semi-balanaced in solo PvP.
    While it's true they will destroy many classes one on one every class is *not* meant to be balanced against every other. Pallies are weak to being kited, mind controled etc. An experienced hunter should have no problem taking down a pally.

    Pallies are underpowered in high end groups (PvP or PvM).
    Without decent DPS they can't hold aggro and tank. They cannot substitute for a priest due to weak healing. In group PvP the players have no reason to target the Pally till last due to relatively weak heals and low DPS. Auras/seals/blessings are not as good as other classes buffs and do not justify a slot for the Pally in an instance run.

    People who do not play pallidins only see their strengths.
    People who do play pallidins only see their weaknesses.

    FYI My main is a 46 rogue.

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    News Comments > More WoW Woes

    11. Hehe Jan 22, 2005, 14:19 Wazootyman
    I've been on low pop servers and of course have had no problems... but all these news events have given me an idea!

    Start one character on every server... then whenever players get bonus days, I always get in on the action! =D

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    News Comments > George Romero Games

    21. Re: GO GEORGE! Dec 16, 2004, 00:20 Wazootyman
    Lets look at the facts shall we?

    What they are:
    Zombies- Shambling undead, animated by a terrible virus, supernatural powers or some completely unexplained phenomenon.
    Nazis- Hateful agressors bent on domination of Europe.
    Advantage: Zombies (for allowing writers everywhere to use the word "shambling").

    Zombies- Consume the flesh of the living, spreading their terrible influance.
    Nazis- Military victory and ethnic cleansing.
    Advantage: Zombies (Braaaaaains...)

    Special abilities:
    Zombies- Can suvive near total dismemberment and maintain motor function. Can spread their influance through infection.
    Nazis- Scream humorous German phrases when they die.
    Advantage: Zombies (Nothing beats an enemies arms and legs and watching them squirm around on the ground, still trying to bite you)

    Zombies- Slow speed, limited mental capacity.
    Nazis- Can't ever seem to hit the broadside of a barn, especially if Indiana Jones is around.
    Advantage: Tie.

    Games that involve them usually also involve:
    Zombies- Shotguns.
    Nazis- World War II.
    Advantage: Zombies Zombies Zombies!!!

    I think the conclusion is obvious. Killing the undead is much better that playing another WWII game any day of the week. =D

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    News Comments > George Romero Games

    12. George Romero... Dec 15, 2004, 19:15 Wazootyman
    But will he make me his bitch?
    Only time will tell.

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    News Comments > etc.

    1. Warning... Dec 15, 2004, 18:17 Wazootyman
    Bloodline gaming competition video =
    40% Lame commentary
    50% Advertisments
    10% Actual game footage (abridged) *with* lame commentary

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    News Comments > Half-Life 2 Updates

    56. Re: Gamespot Dec 11, 2004, 18:43 Wazootyman
    The problem is that, just as you said, B&W was over-rated. Everyone (practically) rated it highly when it came out, including gamers, because it just seemed so new and cool when you first started playing.

    9.3 is a bad score, but the scores were pretty bad across the board on that game.

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    News Comments > Saturday Tech Bits

    2. Re: BitTorrent Dec 11, 2004, 15:17 Wazootyman
    While I understand the logic, I'm just not sure that the argument that piracy occurs largely because there is no legitimate alternative (such as buying recordings of TV episodes immediately after they air) really encapsulates the majority of piracy. Despite MP3 buying services and online game distribution, piracy in these areas continues unabated...

    I think that it just boils down to this: Given the choice between paying for something and getting it free with (what is percieved as) very little risk, the average person will choose not to pay. This really helps explain many anti-piracy groups' actions... Random lawsuits, Kazaa viruses etc are all aimed at increasing the percieved risk.

    Note I said "explain" not "excuse"... I won't state my opinion on whether these scare tactics are legitimate.

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    News Comments > etc.

    1. Hey! Dec 11, 2004, 14:07 Wazootyman
    More people need to play Zap.
    If adding some comments to attract readers is what it takes...

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    News Comments > Half-Life 2 Updates

    35. Re: To the monkey in the corner Dec 11, 2004, 00:11 Wazootyman
    Yes thats about the responce I was expecting. A differing opinion leads to insults rather than actual debate.

    As for the points made by others, Gamespot neither kills my browser (Firefox) nor has more ads than Blue's. The Deus Ex review is a valid point, but that and their review of Halo for the PC (9.something) are the only reviews I have really taken issue with. A better track record, for me, than most sites.

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    News Comments > Half-Life 2 Updates

    24. Re: Gamespot Dec 10, 2004, 21:59 Wazootyman
    I always hit and read a few of the lowest reviews and see what I think of their complaints and a few of the average reviews as well.

    Gamespot is just one site I always try to hit.

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    News Comments > Half-Life 2 Updates

    20. Gamespot Dec 10, 2004, 21:37 Wazootyman
    Gamespot has long been my most trusted site for reviews. No other site has agreed so well with my opinions of both old and new games, and few sites attempt to see each game from as many angles as Gamespot.

    That said, I have read a lot of people ragging on Gamespot, it seems, but I could never find someone who would pin down a reason. If someone could clarify, I might have to rethink my trust...

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    News Comments > Morning Consolidation

    1. Dress-up Dec 8, 2004, 15:07 Wazootyman
    I'd rather dress up like a zombie.
    More personality. =D

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    News Comments > Updated UT2K4 EULA

    2. Re: No subject Dec 6, 2004, 17:12 Wazootyman
    They said "Unreal franchise" games.
    That said, I somehow doubt they would be too pissed if ya did it anyway.

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    News Comments > WoW Hax0r Crackdown

    13. Re: Yeah it's good, but.... Dec 4, 2004, 15:49 Wazootyman
    Interestingly, Valve does not ban till about a month after the infraction, presumably to detect whether it is a false alarm, but also to keep hackers in the dark as to which methods can be detected and which can't.

    As for infallable software, it is fairly easy to write software that avoids false positives. Look at virus scanners. If an antivirus reports a file, the odds of a false positive are very low (which means the odds for a false negative are, unfortunately, higher).

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