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Comparing the WW2 games
Jul 24, 2002, 19:11
Comparing the WW2 games Jul 24, 2002, 19:11
Jul 24, 2002, 19:11
Ok, I'm goona get flamed I know it, but here's my take on the thre big WW2 action titles (Bf1942, MoHAA, WW2O)

MoH works quite well as a pure FPS. It's good fun but, like all FPSs, gets dull after a while. To keep things interesting they threw in the missions where you got to drive a Tiger tank, but that just left me wanting MORE vehicles, especially in multiplay.

WW2O was a great concept, but was just too ambitious for its time. I did enjoy playing it for a little while but I found it increasingly frustrating, especially at night.

I think Bf1942 is a health compromise between the two. It has a much smaller field of operation than WW2O, but much larger than MoHAA. It doesn't have as many vehicles as WW2O, but many more than MoHAA. It's graphics are far better than WW2O, but not quite as detailed as MoHAA. It has the simplicity of MoHAA's gameplay combined with the variety of WW2O.

Overall I think that BF1942 is a winner. By focusing on a smaller theatre than WW2O they have been able to work on better graphics, sound and gameplay. Yes, it's a little arcadish compared to WW2O, but this allows new users to jump in and get the hang of things quickly. It's one of those "Seonds to learn, lifetime to master" games.

Give me MP demo or give me death!

Re: No subject
Jul 24, 2002, 04:27
Re: No subject Jul 24, 2002, 04:27
Jul 24, 2002, 04:27
Actually there are six vehicles in this demo:

Axis: Panzer IV (light tank), Tiger (Heavy Tank), Wespe (Artillery)
Allies: Sherman (Light Tank), Wolverine (Heavy Tank), Priest (Artillery)

Re: good (#67)
Jul 21, 2002, 10:22
Re: good (#67) Jul 21, 2002, 10:22
Jul 21, 2002, 10:22
I have the text problem too. Difficult to read at any res other than 800x600, but i get better framrates at 8x6 anyway so I'm happy to stick to that res.

This game certainly seems to be like WW2Online, without the Massive Multiplayer thing. And this game seems to work better than WW2O - ie: if I point my gun at someone and fire then I actually hit them!

And I LOVE the sounds! It sounds like archive tapes I've heard of WW2 battlefields, but it's all being generated in real time. Distant explosions actually sound like distant explosions, rather than just quieter versions of close explosions. And there's even a realistic delay in distant sounds reaching you! Eg: Using mobile artillery I'll fire halfway across the map. I'll see a flash of light far away where my shell has impacted and then a few seconds later I'll hear the thud of the explosion. Great stuff.

My setup: Athlon XP 1700, 512 MB DDR, Geforce 3 Ti200

Hey, my friend has a Kyro 2 card and the game won't run for him. Has anyone else managed to get it working with Kyro 2?

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463 Comments. 24 pages. Viewing page 24.
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