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Email Concealed by request
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Description Risen from the dead.
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Signed On Jul 8, 2002, 02:37
Total Comments 17 (Suspect)
User ID 13567
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News Comments > Battlefield 1942 in Stores
44. Re: YAH!!!!!!! Sep 13, 2002, 12:25 Disembodied Voice
Nice spelling. From the looks of your diction ability I dont think I have much to worry about when it comes to your game skills.

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News Comments > Battlefield 1942 Gold
86. Re: No subject Aug 25, 2002, 02:00 Disembodied Voice
"It is totally impossible to fire two pistols like that and hit ANYTHING with any degree of accuracy. Just because Steven Seagal does it in one of his shitty movies doesn't mean it's realistic..."

Wrong, wrong and wrong again. I can fire two pistols blindfolded while holding them in my feet and hit a buzzing mosquito at 200 the dark and under water no less. Anyone want a piece of my rhubarb pie?

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News Comments > DF: Black Hawk Down Beta
52. Holy Cow Aug 9, 2002, 13:41 Disembodied Voice
Haysoos marimba, its a fricking beta! What the hell do you expect, a new release, fresh from the box game? Its a fricking beta! Cry all you want, but they are not going to master up a beta with the best sounds, graphics and gameplay and all the work that goes into that kind of process, thats what the final game is for. I understand some beta releases are better than others; however, be smart enough to know that with an early test release you may get some garbage. If you do get crap, then sit back and wait for the full release, then go online and get some real-world reviews. Patience.

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News Comments > America's Army Marksmanship Pack
89. Talking Heads Aug 7, 2002, 19:05 Disembodied Voice
Well well well. Yet again I come here to get some game info and instead I run into pages and pages of paper tigers. You aholes wouldnt last one minute in the ring with a blind, one-armed female dwarf.
Now, anyone having any luck with the game? I seem to be running into performance problems on a regular basis. Are the patches even worth downloading since the full game has not yet hit (and I would presume) the full game should have more of the problem bugs worked out. Any useful feedback would be appreciated.

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News Comments > Professors Romero & Hall
96. Re: Only reason I can't stand Romero... Jul 12, 2002, 23:50 Disembodied Voice
Actually the USA is the best country on earth, we are responsible for everything good in the world since the dawn of time, our people are the brightest and the bravest, we have won every war ever fought and the entire universe looks to us for examples of leadership and strength. There, now everyone can be happy with the truth out on the table. Back to game talk!! YYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYY
By the way, you are an idiot. God Bless the USA

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News Comments > Professors Romero & Hall
78. Re: Only reason I can't stand Romero... Jul 11, 2002, 19:27 Disembodied Voice

Yup, bombing those innocent Iraqi rerpublican guard units...and those innocent taliban/al queda units. Those poor, poor people...just trying to get along...and exporting terror along with dark ages mentality. Wonder where you would be if we hadnt done a little bombing in WWII. Oh wait, that wasnt a third world country now was it?
I suppose we could just wait until europe decides to have another international conference to try and talk ol' saddam into giving up his mass destruction weapons. "Please with sugar on top Mr. Hussein sir?" LOL, if the Irish were in charge over there they would be kicking ass! Long live the USA and Ireland.

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News Comments > Professors Romero & Hall
77. Re: Only reason I can't stand Romero... Jul 11, 2002, 18:28 Disembodied Voice
Hehehe. It was 1943 and sorry we were a bit late. We had a little thing called the Pacific War Against the Japanese Empire on the other side of the world to deal with. You can understand how we may have been a little pre-occupied having to fight on two major fronts. Maybe we wouldnt have had to fight two wars at once if all of europe hadnt rolled over when the germans came knocking. Only the brits, poles and russians had any balls to stand and fight.
Maybe too if the brits hadnt surrendered Singapore and 100,000 men without a fight the pacific war wouldnt have taken so long to finish up, but I really have no problem with the brits as they are willing to put boots on the ground with our guys in the middle east. Too bad the rest of europe is too busy kowtowing to saddam hussein to recognize the threats all around. Wake up you fools, if terrorists can hit us they sure as shit can hit you.
Ring Ring...Hello this is the United States...whats that europe?...your having terrorist problems and need our help?...ok we will be happy to help...again...because Americans arent about to let ANYONE push us around.

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News Comments > Professors Romero & Hall
65. Re: Only reason I can't stand Romero... Jul 11, 2002, 00:30 Disembodied Voice
Geez...get some bad camel dung for dinner last night? Wrap your turban around your head and breathe easy. Or are you european? Better find someone to surrender to before the terrorists get you, or you can come to the U.S, we still have the balls to stand up and fight.

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News Comments > America's Army Recon Demo
417. Re: No subject Jul 11, 2002, 00:23 Disembodied Voice
I like the ice cream myself. It has to be Rocky Road or I get the hives.

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News Comments > America's Army Recon Demo
416. Re: Yellow Press Jul 11, 2002, 00:21 Disembodied Voice
LOL, the internet news sites are the liberal media. How about some game talk or are you only interested in acting as an all-knowing creature of incredible enlightenment? LMFAO!

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News Comments > America's Army Recon Demo
414. Anon Weenies Jul 11, 2002, 00:17 Disembodied Voice
Please please please can we have game discussion. I want to talk about this game with some others who are interested in it. There are so many anon assholes here I have to sift five pages to find any game talk. AOL and Yahoo have TONS of chat rooms for you dolts...go find other dimwits like yourselves and chat all night long. Leave this site for the gamers. Paper tigers and polisci/warfare/culture experts all of you. One whiff of gunpowder and you girls would go running, screaming for mercy and telling your attackers whatever they wanted to hear. Please...with all the fuck USA chat, you morons dont like the USA thats fine, go back to your sandpit homes and chant away. Leave this site for the gamers.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy: WarCraft III
32. Re: Not worth it (yet) (to #28) Jul 9, 2002, 23:27 Disembodied Voice
Are you dudes seeing that price all over the U.S or concentrated in one area? Games here dont seem to be that expensive comparitively and the stores always seem to have a price war going on the hottest ones.

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News Comments > America's Army Recon Demo
386. Re: Yellow Press Jul 9, 2002, 23:23 Disembodied Voice
Goddam all of you, can we have some game discussion? Cheese and Rice, I came here and found a bunch of anon's yacking about politics; read that as teenage dolts and pothead college know-it-alls. You dimwits would believe the moon was made of lasagna if you read it online. How about some game discussion for the gamers and you poli-sci whiz kids can hang out over at AOL with the other lame asses. I hate you fuckers clogging up this site with pol talk. Go away and go away now.

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News Comments > Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Demo
73. Re: Duke Jul 7, 2002, 23:56 Disembodied Voice
I have to agree to the basic idea here. Its a budget price game thats ok to play, if you are looking for something more then go out and find it. There will always be some guy out there who will say "what the hell??" every time a game hits the shelf because it doesnt have exactly what he expected. If you dont like the way the game is constructed then dont buy it, and it you did buy and got burned, then think more wisely next time. Or you could start your own gamimg company and make your perfect game because believe it or not, those developers out there are not thinking just about you when they cut the code.

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News Comments > America's Army Recon Demo
312. Re: The truth about the gulf war Jul 7, 2002, 23:46 Disembodied Voice
Goddam it! Just like the other thread for this game, I came looking for decent game news or feedback and I find some aholes arguing about the revolutionary war! You fools need to go somewhere else and go there now. Cant we just have one damn site on the net to talk gaming and not have idiots take it over with socio-political dialogue about which they really know very little anyway? AOL is waiting for you twits...go there and talk about your useless babble to the other clueless, teenage dolts. I hate you people. And just a little aside...America, love it or get nuked.

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News Comments > America's Army Launch Details
66. Its the Twilight Zone Jul 7, 2002, 23:00 Disembodied Voice
I came here for some fun and sun and what do I get? A bunch of paper tigers thrashing about and yelling at each other about oil pipelines. You want political discourse go to the dimwit chatrooms over at AOL (Dumbass Headquarters) and leave the game talk for the rest of us.
Suppose I do need to be a bit of a hypocrite though; USA and Britain all the way, the rest can surrender to the terrorists at your earliest convenience. For many of you surrendering is what you do best anyway.

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News Comments > America's Army Recon Demo
308. Re: MORONS Jul 7, 2002, 22:47 Disembodied Voice
Right on.

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