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News Comments > America's Army Recon Demo
273. Re: Expert Marksman? Jul 7, 2002, 09:02 Rosco
Really? Lacrosse area? Interesting, I was born in Lacrosse, heh heh.

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News Comments > America's Army Recon Demo
244. Yes..... Jul 6, 2002, 16:53 Rosco
#234....that is correct, I was talking only of personal experience in my original post with what i have seen with my own two eyes here in Wisconsin and the surrounding states. I'm just saying that they were able to make a bad situation good (with the help of a native american lawyer who found a few law loopholes and such and so they were the only people who could make casinos at the time.)

And the college thing, if they WANT to go to college they get scholarships and grants from the state they live in and the tribe they are a member of.

So, please, before we resort to all-out name calling and bashing lets take a little time to consider what a person really said and the true meaning of their point they were trying to get across.

The Western reservations are horrible. I agree. I never said they were not. I said that native americans are the richest minority, because there arent many of them compared to other minorities, but they do have A LOT of money (in the east) which makes them, percentage wise, the wealthiest minorities. You can look that one up....

So, what Im trying to say is....stop getting angry. It's a message board for a video game.

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News Comments > America's Army Recon Demo
241. Sigh. Jul 6, 2002, 16:42 Rosco
#229 post....I was just using Native Americans as an example, at least we acknowledge them, I was trying to say, unlike the Germans...I agree they are treated poorly, but where I live (My relatives ARE native american, including MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME, heh) but not very isnt too good out in Wisconsin either, BUT the casinos make up for that. Like I said, you have NO idea how much money they make with the casinos, it is mind blowing. So where ever you got YOUR information I would like to know, considering I have been on reservations and my uncle in law is a full blooded native american (I have a little blood in me), but yes, out West, it is not too good, just watch the movie Thunderheart, that depicts the conditions out there better, in Wisconsin...its different. These casinos somehow get big name musicians to come and preform in their casinos, in somewhat small towns, such as Green Bay, Wi. Showing up to these things would be really hurtful to artists careers, considering its a casino in a small town, but guess what they STILL show up. You know why? MONEY. LOT'S OF MONEY. I'm really happy that the native americans have this too, it's nice to see them making so much money on these people around here. It's a pretty good payback. =)

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News Comments > America's Army Recon Demo
239. Well. Well. Well. Jul 6, 2002, 16:32 Rosco
Did I say all native americans were rich? A lot of them live in poverty still, BUT, I said they are the richest minority (percentage wise), stop twisting my words, and try and find the real meaning of the words I use before you "tear em up" heh. Nice try at a comeback, by the way.

Hey,to the guy from Wisconsin.... where do you live in Wisconsin? Heh heh. (I live in Wisconsin, too).

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News Comments > America's Army Recon Demo
224. Wow. Jul 6, 2002, 13:56 Rosco
Well, I love to see these sort of arguments... Let me start off by saying, the foreign people on this board I respect a lot, because they can speak english AND their native tongue, and probably even more languages. Most of the Americans on this board can barely speak English...with that said, I have to say most foreign people I have met, (In the U.S. and other countries) are quite nice and are usually aware of whats going on. But...all of this talk about we (The U.S.) stole the land and we are complete morons who think that Hitler is still the ruler of Germany is just irrelevent information, obviously you are just trying to get under our skin, or deep down think that something is really, really wrong with your own country. Yes, we did steal land from the Native Americans, but did you know that now they are the RICHEST minority in America? Do you have any idea how much money they make with casinos? Its astronomical. Plus, they can go to any college in there state for FREE. We had a war with the Native Americans, we won, and now we treat them as equals and everything is a lot better since the days of General Custer.... Now, its time to look at Germany. Did they have a war with jewish people? Or did you round all of them up and try to exterminate them from the face of the Earth...I dont see Germans giving any Jewish people special bonus offers....heh. Better next time not to talk about "stolen" land. I think Germany's atrocities are far worse. Oh, and why is it that when the name "Hitler," or "Nazis," are mentioned within a ten mile radius of ANY German, they go CRAZY. I mean, they lose it. I have seen many a german yelling and screaming, shouting profanities, etc when I mentioned Nazis. If you act like you dont care, then do so. Jeesh. Do you see Americans going postal everytime the annexation of texas, or the vietnam war is mentioned? No, you dont. You know why? Because we have thicker skin. I agree, our government is screwed up with Bush (I hate "ideas" and his leadership with a power of a thousand suns, heh). your country any better? Probably not, every American has the chance to get ahead and be rich, and powerful, but in dont with socialistic governments, you are all the same and cant get ahead (or behind) in I guess I can see why you are all so jealous of the U.S....and like theres anything you other countries can do about it...Does Germany even have an army? Heh heh.

Okay now to talk about this game, Ill make it short.

This game is the biggest load of propoganda bullshit I have ever seen, I fear playing it for the fact it may have subliminal messages in it telling me to join the army or die, heh.

well thats enough of that. please respond so I can counter your opinions yet again. =)

-Rosco: The Prince Of Space

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