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News Comments > LucasArts Wave II on
8. Re: LucasArts Wave II on Jan 20, 2015, 13:23 Scottish Martial Arts
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Jan 20, 2015, 13:12:
PS - As mentioned, the prices are ridiculous for virtually obsolete games.

The prevalence of this attitude among gamers is exhibit A in the case for why any classification of games as art is ludicrous.

I for one am glad to see two of my all time favorite games -- Alliance and Dark Forces -- available in an archival format.
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News Comments > Elite: Dangerous Content Update Next Month
9. Re: Elite: Dangerous Content Update Next Month Jan 16, 2015, 02:24 Scottish Martial Arts
PHJF wrote on Jan 16, 2015, 01:38:
harlock wrote on Jan 15, 2015, 22:51:
PHJF wrote on Jan 15, 2015, 20:58:
Why would a spaceship need wings?

to help navigate a planets atmosphere?

Which isn't in this game...

A facetious question gets a facetious answer? Unless, you weren't being facetious, in which case a "Wing" is the term Frontier is applying to your standard MMO party in Elite.
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
10. Re: Morning Safety Dance Dec 22, 2014, 12:49 Scottish Martial Arts
wtf_man wrote on Dec 22, 2014, 11:48:
they could always call in an 18? Trillion dollar debt

The Chinese hold nowhere near that amount of US debt. According to the US Treasury, as of October 2014, they hold $1.25 Trillion and the amount has been going steadily down for the past two years. Most people don't realize that less than a quarter of US federal debt is held outside of the US. A solid third of it is just intragovernmental debt -- i.e. the accounting that occurs when one department or agency has an under budget year and its surplus is transferred to another agency, thus becoming debt on the latter agency's balance sheet -- and of the debt held by non-governmental parties, the overwhelming majority is held by US individuals and corporations. The idea that we're in hock to China and they can call a debt due like a loan shark simply isn't born out by the numbers.
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News Comments > Civilization: Beyond Earth OS X Patch & Linux Status
5. Re: Civilization: Beyond Earth OS X Patch & Linux Status Dec 14, 2014, 01:26 Scottish Martial Arts
This was such a clusterfuck of a game. What a disappointment. Mechanically a total mess, and the AI barely even knows how to play the game. Basic usability and interface issues are rampant, making you question if you were actually playing a professionally made game from a AAA studio. It felt like a Dune sandworm took a green, purple, and orange shit on Civ V, and the interns were left to make something interesting underneath. And they failed. Badly.  
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News Comments > Titanfall Deluxe Edition Released
2. Re: Titanfall Deluxe Edition Released Nov 19, 2014, 21:33 Scottish Martial Arts
So what ended up being the consensus on this game? Was it any good?  
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
13. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Nov 19, 2014, 14:48 Scottish Martial Arts
BobBob wrote on Nov 19, 2014, 11:38:
How much cheaper is a ridesharing vs. say renting a car? I use sites such as Rental Car Momma and find some really great deals. Other than the occasional hop on a bus or subway, I just can't imagine having someone driving me around -- gives me the creeps.

It depends, but with the rental you also have to figure in the cost of gas and parking, and your time spent driving the vehicle, as opposed to being driven. With the new carpool features that Uber and Lyft have introduced, a carpool ride share is much more economical than owning or renting, provided you live in a metro area.
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News Comments > DCS Su-27 Trailer
10. Re: DCS Su-27 Trailer Nov 11, 2014, 16:59 Scottish Martial Arts
Aero wrote on Nov 11, 2014, 14:45:
Cool as Mig-21's are, I don't want to fly them against F-15's. Cool as the Huey is, I don't want to fly anywhere near Shilkas or even modern manpads.

The F-4, F-5 and B-52, the MiG-21s primary opponents in its hey-day are all in the game as AI objects. The ZSU-23 was also operational during the UH-1s service history, as were most of the MANPADs you see employed in the sim. The fact of the matter is that utility helicopters are extremely vulnerable to even the most rudimentary air defenses. Nap of the earth flight isn't done because it looks cool; its because its the only way to limit the observability, and thus potential to be engaged by air defenses, of a helicopter. Likewise, with the Ka-50 module, if you aren't fighting from cover, and moving from cover to cover like an infantryman, then you're not going to last long in the campaign.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
60. Re: Evening Metaverse Nov 11, 2014, 12:09 Scottish Martial Arts
Prez wrote on Nov 11, 2014, 02:30:
beremot wrote on Nov 11, 2014, 02:02:
Prez wrote on Nov 11, 2014, 01:41:
You should look it up. The Republicans have gotten so good at it, that there were elections where the Democratic candidate actually got more votes overall ... and still lost.

Can I get a link or three on that? I hadn't heard that before now. And I thought re-districting only benefitted the party in power (which in the Senate was the Democrats)?

I'm not the most knowledgeable guy on this issue either, but here are some numbers compiled by daily kos, which is a left wing website, meaning some will immediately dismiss the data out of hand, but whatever ...

I get what you are saying now. Here's a link that describes it well. As far as sources go, I'll read anything from Breibart to Media Matters and anything in between. I have a finely-honed BS detector that serves me pretty well.

Yeah it's pretty routine now that the Democrats, at a national level, will get more votes in Congressional elections, yet Republicans will win more seats in Congress. In other words, if you total up all the votes in all Congressional elections across the country, you get something like 52-48 Democrat's advantage, but end up with a House with 200-235 Republicans advantage. Partly its a result of Gerrymandering, but more than that is the fact that Democratic voters tend to concentrate very densely in certain areas, i.e. major cities, while Republicans tend to be more broadly distributed. The end result is that Democrats win urban districts with like 90% of the vote, while Republicans win rural and suburban districts with 55-60% of the vote. If Democrats were more broadly distributed geographically, you would see a Democratic House much more frequently, but since they are concentrated, and since you only need 50%+1 to win an election, many of their votes are "wasted" in districts where victory was already assured.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
23. Re: tougher Internet regulation. Nov 11, 2014, 01:04 Scottish Martial Arts
Prez wrote on Nov 11, 2014, 00:26:
I can see this issue eventually making its way to the Supreme Court. In the event that it did, would the Supreme Court ruling be the final word on the matter?

If the Supreme Court were to rule that the FCC does not have the authority to reclassify broadband Internet as a Title II Common Carrier, i.e. a utility, under the Communications Act of 1934, then, absent further legislation, that would be the last word. Lower courts have stated pretty explicitly that the FCC does have administrative discretion in this matter, per the Communications Act of 1934 and the Telecommunications Act of 1996, but the Supreme Court could interpret the law differently, ruling that the FCC does NOT have such authority. If that happened the FCC would not be able to make rules to enforce Net Neutrality, unless the Congress wrote a new Telecommunications Act which more explicitly granted the FCC such authority.

Congress deliberates the issues of the day and writes laws to address them (the Communications Act of 1934, which establishes a regulatory body to ensure that all Americans have access to "wire and radio communication" at reasonable prices, among other objectives), the Executive decides how to administrate those laws and carries out their execution (is internet broadband a "common carrier" like telephone service?), the Judiciary interprets the law to resolve disputes over the law and its administration (after a successful suit by Verizon, a Federal judge ruled in 2010 that the FCC does not have authority to enforce Net Neutrality rules on broadband Internet providers, unless the FCC first reclassifies such service as a "common carrier", i.e. public utility like water, telephone or electricity).
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
14. Re: tougher Internet regulation. Nov 11, 2014, 00:22 Scottish Martial Arts
LittleMe wrote on Nov 10, 2014, 20:37:
But last January, a federal appeals court struck down the regulation because the court said the FCC didn't technically have the legal authority to tell broadband providers how to manage their networks.

The proper way to go about this sort of thing would be to pass a law. I saw no such language in the article. So it appears the pres doesn't care about the rule of law but his supposed authority over the FCC to enforce a 'rule' already found to be not within their lawful authority. This is how kings operate.

The government can only do so much here. This is where a free-er market would give consumers what they want - Internet access without being under the thumb of government-sanctioned monopolistic internet providers. Obama just loves to be the center of attention here as usual. It's superficial flair with no substance.

There is a law -- the Telecommunications Act -- and it is the whole basis of the current state of the Net Neutrality discussion. You don't seem to understand the difference between legislation and public administration. Law cannot, does not, and will not ever, describe every detail, with precision, of how the government does its job; this is the difference between law and administrative rules, a difference which should be civics 101. The Congress writes laws, but the Executive branch determines how to "execute" and administer those laws. For example, the Congress passes the Clean Water Act, a law mandating improvement in water quality and authorizing the EPA to administer those mandates; the EPA, in turn, studies the requirements, brings their own expertise to bear, determines the exact regulatory rules necessary to implement those legislative mandates, determines the details of how to enforce those rules, and establishes metrics to measure how well the new regulatory regime is actually achieving the goals set down in law by Congress. Again, this is Civics 101. In the case of Net Neutrality, the FCC has the authority to classify broadband Internet as a Title II Public Utility under the Telecommunications Act. As a regulatory body responsible for the actual implementation of said law, the FCC has administrative discretion on whether or not broadband Internet should be so classified, and whether or not the rule making authority granted by such a classification should be used to write rules which enforce Net Neutrality. The President, who is the head of the Executive Branch, of which the FCC is a part, has come out in favor of classification of broadband Internet as a public utility subject to Title II regulatory authority. This is how government is supposed to work. It's called separation of powers. The Executive branch makes the administrative decisions which actually implement laws, and whether or not broadband Internet is a Title II utility or an information service is one such administrative decision. If Congress determined the precise details of how to run government, government would cease to function because a deliberative body is completely ill suited to solving administrative problems; imagine if the management at your company took a company wide vote on any decision no matter how minute.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at your ignorance of 8th grade Civics, given your complete ignorance of how the Internet developed and how Net Neutrality does and does not relate to government regulation and the free market, but I guess I'm just galled that someone who is always first to pipe up on political topics doesn't seem to know much about government.
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News Comments > Fallout: Shadow of Boston German TM [Updated]
20. Re: Fallout: Shadow of Boston German TM Nov 5, 2014, 11:30 Scottish Martial Arts
Shadow of Boston? That's the best subtitle they could come up with? Jesus.  
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
23. Re: Steam Top 10 Nov 3, 2014, 00:25 Scottish Martial Arts
eRe4s3r wrote on Nov 2, 2014, 22:15:
Creston wrote on Nov 2, 2014, 17:32:
PropheT wrote on Nov 2, 2014, 16:01:
Rossini wrote on Nov 2, 2014, 14:42:
Maybe I played way too much Civ 5. But is anyone else finding Civ: Beyond Earth boring?

I like it really well, but after a first game that went pretty much perfectly I haven't been able to complete any more. I got to a late turn in my next game, and the game just ended with no feedback as to why. The next game, Elodie gives me a dialog about going to war with someone in turn 300-something and the game locks up; can't reply to her, can't get out of it, reloading an earlier save doesn't help. Same thing next game.

Doesn't take much to make you not want to play after getting to turn 300+ in a Civ game and not being able to finish multiple times. I like the game, but it's hard to recommend when that's the experience I keep getting.

Eeekk... Definitely waiting on some patches first then...

Da game insta ends if AI gets a victory.. no screen, no message, nothing..

The game in general is pretty much a mess. Devoid of personality or atmosphere, inert AI, little sense of progression over the course of a game, some utterly boneheaded usability design decisions (trade routes, I'm looking at you!), and remarkably little strategic depth. The game has a few nice ideas, but ultimately it is too stripped down, and what is there doesn't cohere in any meaningful way. Beyond Earth marks the first time in quite a while where I can say I have genuinely wasted my money.
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
2. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Oct 27, 2014, 17:30 Scottish Martial Arts
Agent.X7 wrote on Oct 27, 2014, 14:36:
OUt of touch, out of date, out of purpose government agency seeks to cling to relevance as people realize that government agencies only make their lives worse.

Yeah man, I hate buying a gallon of milk and knowing that it's actually a gallon and doesn't have e coli in it. Shutdown the FDA!

Seriously though, while I love Uber and Lyft and would hate to see them go away, or have their prices go so high that they aren't usable, there are some serious unanswered questions about their business model, particularly with regard to liability. While relatively rare, any car ride can end with you getting seriously injured or killed. How do you know the car is well maintained, e.g. that the tires aren't on their last legs? How do you know that the driver doesn't abuse pain killers? If there is an accident in which you are injured, how much of the liability is Uber or Lyft going to try to offload to the independent contractor (god forbid that the people their service depends on be actual employees) who may or may not have an insurance policy large enough to cover commercial driving liability? The answers to all of these questions may be perfectly adequate, but without regulatory agencies, we have to depend on the companies themselves to provide the answers. Given how predatory the two companies have been in their competition with each other, forgive me if I'm not immediately inclined to trust them.

Still, Uber and Lyft are damn handy.
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News Comments > Alien: Isolation Corporate Lockdown DLC This Month
15. Re: Alien: Isolation Corporate Lockdown DLC This Month Oct 22, 2014, 01:25 Scottish Martial Arts
DangerDog wrote on Oct 21, 2014, 18:59:

You can't kill the alien so having weapons and crafted explosives in your inventory has no affect on the alien coming after you or not - only exception is the flame thrower but it'll only get it to back off ever so temporarily, and piss it off.

The molotov and pipebomb will also scare it off for about 30 seconds. In general, the flamethrower seems like more of a "you fucked up, but you won't die for it... yet" thing than an actual weapon. When I would have to use it, I'd use the couple second break to find a good hiding spot, then I'd wait for it to come back, search for me in vain, and return to the vents. Occasionally I'd also use the flamethrower or a molotov to get that 30 second break, and then I'd make an all out dash to the next objective, although I'd only employ this strategy when near the end of a level.
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News Comments > Alien: Isolation Corporate Lockdown DLC This Month
7. Re: Alien: Isolation Corporate Lockdown DLC This Month Oct 21, 2014, 16:03 Scottish Martial Arts
The Half Elf wrote on Oct 21, 2014, 15:22:
I'm not sure why but still my biggest reason for not getting this game (besides money) is that the Alien is walking. Now I know it's been awhile since I last saw Alien, but it just seems so unnatural especially of the game videos I have seen.

It's how it moved in the first Alien film. You generally only caught glimpses of it, particularly early on because they intentionally wanted to hide the fact it was humanoid until the third act. When you do finally get a couple of good looks at it, however, it's standing and its mode of locomotion is walking. The latter films generally have the aliens crawl and leap, but in the first one it walks. Scott has talked a lot over the years about how he envisioned the alien as being far more sophisticated than a mere animal, but wanted to only give hints of that sophistication while keeping the details fuzzy; part of hinting at that sophistication was giving it a humanoid shape and allowing it to walk.
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News Comments > Game Reviews
5. Re: Game Reviews Oct 15, 2014, 12:07 Scottish Martial Arts
Do you guys not read criticism outside of gaming? The whole point is for the author to react and interpret. A mere recitation of the facts may be useful for making purchasing decisions but it's not the function of criticism, which is to record an impression of a work of art that hopefully gives some insight or a new angle with which to either appreciate or reject said piece.

The problem with game reviews, as I see it, is that people, both the audience for reviews and the people who write them, don't know whether they want a consumer product review, like a review of a vacuum in Consumer Reports, or an art criticism piece like what you would see in a literary magazine or film review section of a newspaper. Gamers like to harp on and on about how games are art, yet the fact that most gamers have been conditioned to treat game criticism as a consumer product review, and that on the rare occasion a review strays into the world of ideas its to point out nothing more sophisticated than a sexist portrayal of a character, is pretty telling about the medium's relative sophistication and artistic merits. Either we want games to grow up or we don't, and increasingly it looks like we don't.
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News Comments > Saturday Tech Bits
4. Re: Saturday Tech Bits Oct 11, 2014, 19:00 Scottish Martial Arts
Creston wrote on Oct 11, 2014, 16:16:
What users want to change about windows 10 TP.

I'd hope the first thing is the keylogger... Sadly it isn't. This baffles me, though:

There's a bit of a niggle that Windows 10 users are encouraged into using a Microsoft account rather than a local one, but as this is central to the idea of syncing Windows 10 between computers, requests to make local accounts "easier" to implement are likely to fall on deaf ears.

You HAVE to sign in with a MS account? You can't make local users? W.T.F?

Since when does "encouraged" mean "forced with no other option"? The option is there, but non-obvious. A legitimate improvement would be to make it more obvious, which is what the article suggests.
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News Comments > Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion Announced
23. Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion Announced Oct 7, 2014, 01:43 Scottish Martial Arts
Uh, you guys are aware that this is all made up right? As in it's just the product of various dudes sitting at their desks over the years trying to come up with a story and characters that people will like? That there's no "how it really happened" because, you know, none of it has actually happened? If you liked a story that's all that matters, because that's all it is: a story.  
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News Comments > DCS: Su-27 Announced
4. Re: DCS: Su-27 Announced Oct 6, 2014, 20:44 Scottish Martial Arts
I just wanted to echo bigspender. If you have any interest in military aviation, DCS is where it's at. I would describe the learning curve with these sims as quite long, but not overly difficult, and immensely rewarding. If you are willing to accept that it's going to take some learning, study, and practice before you get that first kill, then give it a shot, because while this sim makes you work at your proficiency, the thrill of getting that kill is unmatched. Heck, I always feel pleased with myself when I run through the start up sequence of an aircraft by heart and see the cold plane come to life, ready to fly and fight.  
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
2. Re: Morning Tech Bits Oct 6, 2014, 12:34 Scottish Martial Arts
eRe4s3r wrote on Oct 6, 2014, 11:45:
Am I the only one finding it hilarious they need to release a new KERNEL to support a single USB device?

Or was it previously supported and needed hacks and this is just the sane version of that?

The feature list is longer than the headline.
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