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Nickname SouL_DragooN
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Signed On Jun 7, 2002, 13:48
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News Comments > New DOOM 3 Engine Game
19. hmmmmm Jun 19, 2003, 03:07 SouL_DragooN
""hey! Some of us would maim (or potentially kill, depending on the mood) for a chance to be abused as such. If only some of us had the balls (or degree) to actually apply for any of these jobs.""
I worked several of "these" jobs with a ton of enthusiasm ..... It will only get you so far... work your ass to the absolute bone... No WAIT... LISTEN ...Not the normal kind of work... NOT AT ALL... THE KIND VERY FEW OF YOU HAVE WORKED...the kind of work where I have just done 2 all-nighters looks like a 3rd coming on and I have done this every week for the last 32+ weeks .... the days I have not done all-nighters I have been at work just after the sun rose and saw my bed and shower for a minuite before the sun rises... just to return to work... the end is no where close... I am not being paid crap while my other programmer friends are banking... going into debt... no social life...everyone is pissed at everyone elses work level....I have not seen the light of day... all the while the business types and publishers in and around the company have been working 9-5... if that 9-5 is actually working most of the time they are goofing around breaking your work cycle to show up at 6-7pm with a RUSH JOB they forgot about until they had to leave... ... . . I warn you with the degrees I have and the experience ... watch out for job offers like that.. that is a SCARY instance... I agree to be in the industry it is a MUST and ALREADY A GIVEN to have a crazy degree of enthusiasm... BUT some companies choose to abuse those willing to work like mad for peanuts and EVERYONE... yes YOU.... has a breaking point.. and are life wreckers... even I thought I was unbreakable ... Then it is Complete... the game goes out the door... WEEEE... will it sell well... that will make or break your current jobs future.... welcome to the game industry.. please drive thru...

They may have worded their advertisment wrong.. but when they are not asking for experience worry that your co-workers might have also not have gone through that INFERNAL flame that is game development.. it takes a special breed .. be ready for it...

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News Comments > Ritual Departures
43. Who Knows Jun 15, 2003, 04:44 SouL_DragooN
It is really hard to tell if these guys lacked skill or their drive was not up to the in-humane levels required in the gaming industry. I wish them the best as I know they will not get a game job in dallas.. almost every company there seems to be shifting / shuffling / failing to produce a good product. Blame it on the designers / corperate / publishers / programmers / artists ... who knows... Their mix did not work... The game industry is full of carcases of driven and extremely talented people with bad fortune.... I feel as though I am one of those corpses and I have only been programming in it for 4 and a half years. Let this be a message to you kids... the game industry is TUFF... love it or hate it be sure you know what you are getting into... I am thinking of mowing lawns for a living.. =)

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News Comments > Action Gamers: The Eyes Have It
8. Why No mention of Shadow Bane Hack? May 28, 2003, 17:52 SouL_DragooN
There is no mention anywhere but it is very interesting news... all cept slashdot... Is it advertising money ???
Just wondering... scary stuff if ubi is threatening everyone.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
25. Why No Mention of the Shadow bane Hack? May 28, 2003, 17:50 SouL_DragooN
I was just wondering. It is very entertaining news hear about all the crazy things that happened that night. Is Ubi-soft laying down the hammer and telling people not to advertise the fact?

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News Comments > Game Development & Mods
3. hmmmm Dec 18, 2002, 21:43 SouL_DragooN
SO does that make it just one step now? =)

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News Comments > Vivendi Raided
32. HB is right Dec 13, 2002, 01:27 SouL_DragooN
Many of us that are making games have no choice in the games we make. We really want to make the best damn game ever. However, the "suits" do not see it that way. The suits have never played games but they have a buisness degree and that means they are always right. Never mind that a buisness degree means you drank your way through college while we got our masters to make this game.
O well HB is right.... Blame the suits.... they are the ones that make the teams anyway
Maybe I should have spent 2.5 years getting a business degree instead of the 7 for a programming / visulaization masters.... Some day the world will realize again "plug-in" CEOs do not work... A CEO needs to know the industry they work in THUS THEY NEED TO MAKE GAMES DAMNIT NOT HAVE A DEGREE FROM I DRANK A LOT UNIVERSITY....

This comment was edited on Dec 13, 01:34.
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News Comments > Army Game Fallout
42. And Again...AS A PARENT Nov 1, 2002, 13:56 SouL_DragooN
YES IT ALL COMES DOWN TO PARENTING.... Do not let the child play it watch it get it.... Case Closed.. If you know what your child is into/doing/seeing then you can take care of this.... Selfish parents are one of the problems. How bout porn on the web... EVERY DAY i get a fully naked picture in my in-mail... So does my son... That is more of a problem to me than this. (or have morals be thrown completely away as a priority)

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News Comments > Help Wanted
3. HaHaHaHa Oct 29, 2002, 09:09 SouL_DragooN
No I think they are going to build their next game on a much more advanced SQL/ORACLE Graphics engine. They will be using the latest in ASCII and will be competing with DOOM3.........O and it will be delivered by steam.

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News Comments > Death in a Cyber Cafe, Part Three
20. BLOOD CLOTS... Oct 23, 2002, 19:56 SouL_DragooN
It very well could be a blood clot. Many people die from sitting in a position to long developing a clot in their legs that in turn travels somewhere and kills them. Doctors ask older people on long flights to take asprin to help alliviate any chances of this... Just a thought ... O and to all that I told UT2003 Sucks and is a spam fest...that is before I found the jewel called bombing run.... Now back to the MONSTER KILLS

This comment was edited on Oct 23, 19:57.
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News Comments > Battlefield 1942 MP Demo
192. IS THERE A SUPPORT FORUM!!! Aug 21, 2002, 11:42 SouL_DragooN
I have yet to find a support forum for this game.. EA message boards are horribly slow with no real information. The problem is I have a secondary computer I want to run it on and it will load play for up to 10 seconds then freeze..
pentium 3 1 gig
winfast geforce gts 32 meg (leadtek)
windows 2000
sound blaster live
net gear adapter
all the latest drivers
thanks for any help ( been working on this for days)

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