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Nickname anon@207.67
Email Concealed by request
ICQ None given.
Homepage http://
Signed On Jun 4, 2002, 14:58
Total Comments 28 (Suspect)
User ID 13246
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
53. adios Aug 20, 2003, 13:21 anon@207.67
pop ups? whats next porn and penis enlargement ads? Its time to delete bluesnews from my bookmarks... oh well, its gotten exeedingly boring over the last few years anyways.

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News Comments > More DOOM 3
90. omg get a life Aug 15, 2003, 10:58 anon@207.67
all you loosers need to stop talking about games and get a life, try getting a girlfrend, there is more to life than games LOL what a bunch of geeks. have you even ever touched a girl before? I bet not! try going outside and dealing with the real world.

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News Comments > The High Price of Hacking?
56. Re: Hackers, Fry!!! Nov 15, 2002, 06:10 anon@207.67
Hey Yakuza you dick chomper, the US o' A was built by people like me trying to get away from jackass idiots like you. So go on. Leave! GO! Move to Iraq so i can fly over you and drop some napalm on your lame ass sometime in the next few months.

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News Comments > The High Price of Hacking?
44. Re: Hackers, Fry!!! Nov 14, 2002, 20:50 anon@207.67
thats my point. i think they should get death. and you are nothing but a bleeding heart liberal lunatic, so stfu. why is it all liberal morons cry about losing elections and then threaten to leave the country. GO THEN. PLEASE!! you wont, though, youll still be here in 10 years bitchin like always as your party fails at everthing it attempts. we would all be better off with out you. go hug trees with the rest of the fucking french or whoever, you blind fool.

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News Comments > The High Price of Hacking?
41. Hackers, Fry!!! Nov 14, 2002, 20:15 anon@207.67
i think this is a good idea. breaking into other computers to view and take info that isn't yours is just as bad as breaking in to other houses and doing the same. if the law says dont do it, than dont fucking do it. i say to the electric chair with all hackers!

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News Comments > On The DOOM III Leak
126. one lost doom 3 sale Nov 9, 2002, 14:38 anon@207.67
man this is just a terrible demo. im sorry to say but id has lost my purchase. the lack of features, terrible performance, and just shoddy overall feel are embarassing to id. well i guess they couldnt keep it up for ever. i would say dont even bother downloading this demo. its just sad.

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News Comments > New World Order Update
1. lol Oct 18, 2002, 13:43 anon@207.67
beta 2 was probably the biggest turd eva!!
give it up. this is a gauranteed failure.

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News Comments > UT2003 Demo Definitely This Week (Maybe)
160. OH SHIT Sep 13, 2002, 20:00 anon@207.67
ITS OUT......

of this world for you to think the game will ever be realeased or worht this wait!!! LOLOLHAHAHH im so funny ya!

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News Comments > Blizzard's Next Announcement
1. yay Sep 9, 2002, 21:03 anon@207.67
another mindless blizzard pile of ass game with no gameplay that sells 1 million copies cuz everyone is a trndy mindless fool

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News Comments > Battlefield 1942 Tidbits: Not Gold?
1. wow Aug 23, 2002, 18:22 anon@207.67
thank god its a buggy peice of shit with quake 1 networking lag

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News Comments > CPL: Winners Must Go Corporate
1. DONT COMPLY! Aug 22, 2002, 13:36 anon@207.67

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
11. Re: anon posts Aug 21, 2002, 11:14 anon@207.67

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News Comments > Gore Bonus Pack
8. you know this company sucks Jul 31, 2002, 13:34 anon@207.67
because they named thmeselves "4D Rulers". say it slowly to your self and try to realise the retardation of this name. i cant get over just how lame... its like something you'd expect from a 13 year old 3dRealms Fanboy making mods for duke3d (of course thats about the quality of gore). They should be forced out of business just do to the fact that they chose this name (not to mention that gore sucks so hard, has sold maybe 7 copies, and has a total of 10 people playing online at any given moment, 9 of which work at 'THE RULERS OF THE 4TH DIMENSION!!').

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News Comments > Jedi Outcast and Matrox
7. Re: No subject Jul 29, 2002, 16:12 anon@207.67
#2 and #4 you are both fools. i got a parhelia (for free). The triple head mode is fucking awesome in Jedi Knight 2 and AVP2. you really need to try it, its hard to go back to single screen after playing in widescreen. i have a 21 inch monitor in the center and two 17 inch monitors on the side (and a 7 1/2 inch hanging limp between my legs) and the effect is just sweet. But morons like #2 and #4 dont care about anything unless it gets the highest 3dmark score. But thats because they are gay fanboy fools who will suck for their entire miserable existance!

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News Comments > On Matrox Parhelia & DOOM III
74. Re: Matrox Jun 27, 2002, 17:22 anon@207.67
im gonna get one, but im wealthy so i get whatever i want... money is no object!

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News Comments > On Matrox Parhelia & DOOM III
50. huh g400 was swell for me Jun 26, 2002, 15:25 anon@207.67
i had my 32meg g400 max for almost 3 years and i just recently played jediknight2 (shitty game by the way), MOHAA, Soldier Of Fortune 2 (another shitty raven game btw), Dungeon Siege, and im playing warcraft 3 (warez off of mirc) and Neverwinter. all these games run smooth at 800x600x32. how many other 3 year old cards can do this? TNT2 maybe but thats it.

I think the parhelia will run doom 3 and its contemporary games well enough, the carmack said it would himself, but it might not get the refresh of a gf5 or radeon 3, so what the image will be better quality.

I wont pay 400$ for mine though, ill wait till i can find one on price watch for 200-250.

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News Comments > Neverwinter Nights Ships
101. Re: First impressions Jun 19, 2002, 15:03 anon@207.67
haha i'm sure fanboys like you would like to blame anything but the game, but i cant wait till you get it and it doesnt run on your 'finely tuned' machine ("but i have the latest vga bios and i ran the tweak program! why wont it run? waaaah"). go check out the problems others are posting, its not the drivers. although dorks like you probably have more fun maintaining the 'delicate balance' of your machine's stability than actually playing games anyways. Oh well thats why consoles are so much better than pc's...

its tools like you #99 who help make the pc game industry so laughable. the average user shouldnt be expected to do anything other than install the latest drivers for their system. they shouldnt have to be L337 OS tweakers like your brilliant self. besides, you dont have the game yet, so why are you so quick to defend it? fanboy tool, thats why.
This comment was edited on Jun 19, 15:07.
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News Comments > Tech Bits
2. Post below = Nvidia fag fanboy Jun 19, 2002, 13:34 anon@207.67
#1, you enjoy playing your gayporn quake 3 mod on your nvidia at 200fps at 640x480 res on one monitor with jaggies everywhere. refined gamers like me will be basking in the extra features, supreme quality of image, and superior technology of the parhelia running bleeding edge games in 3 monitor surround veiw at 1600x1200 with 16xFSAA and a frame rate as smooth as your hairless gay boy balls.

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News Comments > Neverwinter Nights Ships
96. PIECE OF SHIT Jun 19, 2002, 13:25 anon@207.67
well finally its out and guess what? out of 5 machines here at work (all standard nvidia, intel/amd, and win2k/xp) it runs on ONE! GOOD WORK BIOWARE!! i can only imagine how compatible this trash is with non standard hardware. Well thats 5 copies back to the store...

and from what ive seen the single player looks like dungeon siege with some poor texture work and more of the "pick your response from 4 friendly/evil responses to a million conversations" baldurs gate 2 was so infected with.

Warcraft 3 is gonna bury this shitpile.

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News Comments > Neverwinter Nights Ships
21. atari? Jun 18, 2002, 15:38 anon@207.67
so this will run on my Jaguar with cd rom drive?
thank god im getting sick of battlemorph...
64 BIT!!!!

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