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News Comments > Valve & VU Games Suits Settled
111. Re: depends Apr 30, 2005, 03:29 Milkman Dan
I have five different computers, and I picked up extra copies of HL1 and CS retail for $7 a piece when CompUSA had them on sale a few years ago. I got the extra copies so when friends came over we could play a common game. When steam became mandatory for CS, I tried putting 2 of the ids into one email account and it counted both CD keys as one. I don't want to try to keep up 4 extra email accounts active just for steam, which would get played once a month or so. Steam made a quick, simple, minilan game really too much of a chore to be worth it anymore.

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News Comments > Valve & VU Games Suits Settled
110. Re: Get of VU Games' Back Apr 30, 2005, 03:15 Milkman Dan
I was really looking forward to Tribes Vengeance as well. I bought it, and, my God, the game was horrible. The single player was so buggy I would crash every time a certain movie sequence came up. Sigh. I don't think the multiplayer community of the game ever surpassed the number of people that were currently playing Tribes 2 or even 1.

Now that I think of it, the last two games that I bought that were so buggy that I couldn't finish the game were both VUGames. And both weren't allowed to release a patch because of VU. The other one was Simpson's Hit and Run for the PC.

Sigh. Steam on one hand, a crappy publisher on the other. Lose lose either way.

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News Comments > Valve & VU Games Suits Settled
33. Re: depends Apr 29, 2005, 15:39 Milkman Dan
There are many reasons that steam sucks. If you don't think it sucks, you must not play that much. About everyone only bitches about it at one time or another, I don't think I have EVER heard I love steam from someone playing.
Here's a couple of examples why it does:

1. If you aren't connected to the net, you can't play single player. I only wanted to play HL2 if I had no other choice for games most the time. If I couldn't play games online, I couldn't also play HL2. In fact, I didn't get that deep into trying to fix it from what I read in forums, that you had to disable all your networking in somecases just to get offline mode to work for HL2. I tried to get it to work somewhat, but, without being able to get online to see how to work around it made it even worse.

2. If you have mulitple copies of the game, you have to have a different mail address for each game. I have 5 copies of HL1. I have to have 5 different email accounts now, or they all get absorbed into the 1 email account. Pain in the ass.

3. Friends is worthless. The idea is a nice one, granted, but I have never seen this piece of shit work for an entire week, ever. It will also not register people that ARE on friends at times.

4. The steam autoupdate feature can bite you in the ass.
A couple of weeks ago, when steam autoupdated people as they got on, it made them incapable of staying on a server for more than 5 seconds before timing out. I was admining our clan server, saw people connecting and timing out as soon as they connected. I wasn't head admin, so I couldn't do anything to update the server. It was happening on many other servers as well. Until the server themselves got updated, it made anyong getting on that night screwed for playing CSS.

I am sure there are many more examples, but I feel the negatives outweigh the benefits.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
24. Re: Cookie Girls Feb 5, 2005, 18:55 Milkman Dan
Sadly, those girls are learning a lesson I learned a couple times when I was a kid, and it's a universal truth:

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

I've gone against that saying quite a few times, and the outcome, unfortunately, usually re-enforces it.

This comment was edited on Feb 5, 18:55.
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News Comments > WoW Testing Sign-ups Open
83. Re: Bummer Aug 30, 2004, 20:59 Milkman Dan
I have dl'd 3 times as well, from the midwest server, and all have been corrupted files, but with different CRC numbers. I have used both winzip 9.0 sr-1 and winxp compression tools, nada. Really frustrating.

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News Comments > Crytek and EA
23. Re: Atari People Infiltrate Gamesradar! Jul 23, 2004, 12:10 Milkman Dan
The immediate impact of this is that CryTek games will now be $15-25 bucks more at release. The fact I got FarCry for $35 bucks is why I gave it a chance, and was glad I did. EA in no way deserves my extra $15-25.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
18. Athlon Slows Down Your iPod: More Reason Jun 14, 2004, 16:22 Milkman Dan
Really stupid problem, expect something like this to make a major article on a Mac site. All you do is switch your laptop into desktop environment instead of laptop in power options. Wow. Problem solved. Another solution, don't use an iPod. I have a Creative Zen Jukebox 40GB for $260, about half the price of the equiv iPod. No AAC files, but that is the way I like it. Die Apple.

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News Comments > C-S Condition Zero Patch
6. Re: 30min later... Jun 3, 2004, 03:43 Milkman Dan
wow, that will be amazing to see, especially since the "scientist" hostages are too stupid to climb a ladder.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
67. Re: New computer installing woes Dec 16, 2003, 03:12 Milkman Dan
Hey, thanks for the info! I will definitely do that next time I need to reformat. I was looking for someway to do that online, but apparently missed it in MS's knowledge base. Since I am building two 200GB+ drive based computers anyway, I wanted to get a copy of XP Pro. I managed to get one drive installed without the sp1 by using one of the many features I normally don't use: my mobo's built-in RAID. I will probably use it someday when I get a TB worth of drives. Heh.

As for the "I hate you Milkman Dan" comment, thanks! It's why I chose the name.

Edit with P.S.
Thanks Bunko! My 2nd computer I was going to make was a Shuttle SFF based on a OC'd XP 2500+ and the Nforce2 ultra 400 chipset. Discovered the cpu is a week 44, meaning it's multiplier locked, and the PS on the Shuttle Nf2 looks too weak for a 9800 AIW. So, I am returning them to get that cpu you pointed out and the Nf3 shuttle. I was on the fence on buying that but didn't see a decent cheap cpu for it. Thanks for the heads up! At least you saved one person some upgrading regret.
This comment was edited on Dec 16, 03:31.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
62. New computer installing woes Dec 15, 2003, 03:05 Milkman Dan
I was fortunate enough to buy a AMD2500+ back when the multipliers weren't locked in Nov. I couldn't make it into a 3200 simply by changing the FSB like a lot of people did, but I did manage to make it into a XP3000 by lowering the multiplier to 10.5 from 11 and changing the fsb from 333 to 400. For $256 for a motherboard, cpu, and ram I made a barebones faster than a p4 3.0 in benchmarks.

I also had problems with my Radeon 9800 Pro when I installed it. It would lock up in the 3dmark 2003 tests, but work flawlessly in the prime test, 3dMark 2001, etc. I thought it was the ocing, but it had nothing to do with that, still did that underclocked. I turned off fast writes in the drivers and that seemed to fix my problem.

Now, I got 2 dirt cheap big drives, after rebates and black friday specials, a Maxtor 200GB and a WD 250GB drive. I am having a hell of a time formatting them because of the 137GB barrier, and I have the original version of WinXP Home, before the sp1 pack that addressed this. I want to use these drives as the only drives in the system, which is where my problem lies. I got them formatted using a slower 30GB as the master drive, then tried installing XP on the formatted but empty 250GB then, only to have it say the drive was only 137GB during setup. I partitioned it into no more than 100GB a partition, but it still didn't work. Really frustrating. I will probably have to break down and buy a modern version of XP with sp1a on it already. Just goes to show you Blue, there are many of us that feel your pain, or a similar pain in anycase in upgrading.%)

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News Comments > Big Mac Attack
8. Re: Poor Mac Owners Dec 10, 2003, 03:39 Milkman Dan
dude, you can eject the cd by dragging the shortcut into the garbage can!! pwned j00 CD!

Sadly, that is one of the best Mac exclusive games out there.

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News Comments > RTCW Platinum Edition
11. No subject Nov 7, 2003, 15:32 Milkman Dan
The funny thing is, I feel the opposite way about RtCW and ET and BF1942. I found ET quickly boring after a couple weeks of release, and deleted it. I won RtCW at a CS tourny a year and a half ago and never even bothered to open the box based on the gameplay I had experienced from the demo. It was basically the same game you get in almost every other paramilitary game. Yes, the soldiering in 1942 is kinda boring, but it's all about the vehicles. It's the one thing that makes it stick out vs. the multitude of paramilitary games that have patterns of weapon fire and amount of damage produced as the only variation from game to game.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
6. Re: OotB Oct 18, 2003, 15:42 Milkman Dan
I agree with what you are saying Blue. I was just thinking they should do the same thing last night. The CD swapping bug is even worse for me. I only have the SW and original CDs, and after I play a SW game, it won't recognize either CD for a normal server. It will say "Please insert either Battlefield 1942 CD." I do that and it still won't work. I have to quit out of the game and restart it to get it to work. BIG pain in the ass.

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News Comments > Steam Update
19. Steaming POS? Sep 25, 2003, 14:25 Milkman Dan
I would advise anyone updating to Steam to make a copy of their HL dir before doing so. I have seen Steam make a bad install on 3 occassions, and a majority of servers are still not upgraded to Steam (2/3). Steam WILL convert all of your old HL files that are needed for gameplay over to Steam, there is an option to do this or not. If your clanmate friend did that, he is probably going to need to reinstall everything if it got corrupted.

The program is still pretty buggy, but it does have some nice features. The IM built into Steam is probably the best improvement. When you hit ESC, it doesn't have to readjust the resolution, it just shows an overlay of menu options. When you get an IM msg in game, it just lets off a little bell. You hit ESC, and can see the IM msg right away, and switch right back into game if you want to. Very nice. It also allows you to see if the person you are chatting to is in a game, view the game's info, and join that game from the IM if you wish.

The biggest complaint right now would be the shield exploit that allows someone to be invulnerable. Yes, it was in the beta before they released 1.6 public, but they must have felt a need to rush Steam out the door to try to get their Sept. 30th deadline that didn't happen. The exploit makes playing on a server without an admin a pain in the ass. Even so, I do like seeing how pissed off the people that do nothing but awp get when the shield is in use. Heh.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
81. Re: Fly catcher Sep 1, 2003, 23:57 Milkman Dan
Isn't there an option to ignore users or whatever? If not, can we get it?

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News Comments > etc.
3. Re: *drool* May 3, 2003, 15:44 Milkman Dan
Crap, I still haven't played Thief 1 and 2 yet that I got free with hardware. Always meant to, but when you upgrade frequently as me and have 2 to 3 computers... *looks at his pile of 30+ unopened games and sighs*

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
32. Re: Daily Linkage Nov 4, 2002, 16:45 Milkman Dan
Blues gets his links from mail sent in by readers of the site. If it appears on another site first, how is Blue to know that they had it first if the emailer just sends the link? Plus, as hard as it is to believe, some of the links DO get found without the other newssites ever being a factor in the equation. There has been plenty of times I have found stuff randomly that later got put up as a LotD here. Whomever might have reported the story first isn't entitled to props if they weren't a factor in the item being reported to Blue.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
4. Famed hacker hawking historic laptops Oct 10, 2002, 07:46 Milkman Dan
"Once held for eight months in solitary confinement because the FBI feared he could launch nuclear missiles from a prison pay phone, Mitnick recently started a security consultancy called Defensive Thinking."

Rofl. That would give new meaning to "Reach out and touch someone."

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
59. Re: Sorry Charlie Oct 8, 2002, 07:06 Milkman Dan
I would say, if you came to a gaming site dedicated to games about PEOPLE SHOOTING PEOPLE online, you can expect to see things that relate to PEOPLE SHOOTING PEOPLE.

(Sorry, but if I just said the site was a FPS gaming site, it would be too easy to dismiss what a FPS game is.)

If images of PEOPLE SHOOTING PEOPLE disturbs you right now, avoiding the subject, including websites devoted to it, might be your best bet until you're in a state of mind where it wouldn't bother you as much.
This wasn't meant to be a flame or anything, just an observation.

Edit: spelling correction.
This comment was edited on Oct 8, 07:10.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
17. Re: Thai woman beds down with scorpions Sep 23, 2002, 04:49 Milkman Dan
Actually, I think it would be safer to be around 3,000 scorpions than a woman scorned. And, for some reason, I seem to scorn women a lot.

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